Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them

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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.
Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.
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Jun 15, 2019




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SlyNine 3 hours ago
I found a two hose and it works good. That room is also cold during the winter and I use the heat pump during the winter. Much better than a space heater.
jhaybz29 Day ago
Awesome video sir!! would also do a video on those "Evaporative Air" fans? Thank you!
MrSeppieD Day ago
Excellently explained and a pleasure to listen to. Bravo.
Finch Harper
Finch Harper Day ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I bought a Single Hose GE indoor portable air conditioner, for $400.00 for a Master Bedroom and HATE IT. It has made everything damp and now mold and fungus are growing on the walls...will return it.
Rebirth Resurrection
I don’t like people who say “you shouldn’t like things” as part of there personality. that is experienced based usually. Fuck off
Ra Stev
Ra Stev Day ago
I wish they made with a manual reversing valve and we could use window ac units like a window heater. Feel free to send me royalties when you make them. 🙋😝🍻
Ra Stev
Ra Stev Day ago
I pulled out the thermostat on mine. I set the unit outside in winter and route the hose to inside my house. Heat my whole house with it for about one quarter of my old heating bill. Darn I'm bright. 😉
paul ketting
paul ketting Day ago
wow a fact i din't know but now i know and this guy just gave an idea now i can ingrease the output power of my portible unit tnx dude
Hot80s Day ago
Did you even mention the portable machine has to be as high as where the condensation water drip hose has to exit in the same spacer for the heat exhaust otherwise you'll go NUTS dumping a full bucket of water on the floor every few hours. As for the noise I would remove the 2 exterior housing parts & spray them with sound deadener or install some dynamat because they are so noisy. I will never buy a portable unit ever again.
Haskell Moore
Excellent video with a clear explanation based on sound science. Well done!
Eric Owens
Eric Owens 2 days ago
I love my air conditioner. Who cares if it looks like shit. It keeps me from feeling like shit.
Est _
Est _ 2 days ago
there's a kind that evaporates water.
agriperma 3 days ago
Mini split system ( installed by AC people ) are the most popular in other countries. those self installed units would fail, and get leaks for sure. the ones I am talking about, the copper tubing is soldered. a vacuum is used to get rid of the moisture and air in the line, then refrigerant is added to that sealed system. these small splits are more efficient, the "inverter" type units are even more efficient. the fan of the evaporator unit is very quiet . and that's the only thing you have inside, they can be mounted against the wall facing up, or hanging from the ceiling, so they do not take floor space. the other problem with the window units is, they are an eye sore, the take up the view once available through that window. it also adds a security risk to your home, as most of the time these can easily be removed. that includes the portable units. push that plastic hose holder out, now stick your hand in, and open the window, easy access for crooks.
Falk macht Sachen
The landlord might have an other opinion, when you live in a rent.
1O1ZERO 3 days ago
problem is most houses (~99.9% i know) here in germany have not not suitable windows for window mounted units
R M 3 days ago
I taped a cardboard box around the vent that expels the hot. I then taped a hose to that box and vented outside. Dramatic change in the comfort and low humidity in the apartment.
Fred L
Fred L 3 days ago
Sir, I love your channel. These are all the things I always asked myself but got too lazy to google. But hey, there's a good second-hand market for those if you don't plan on keeping it for anything else than a visual aid hahah
Canuk Travels
Canuk Travels 4 days ago
I really enjoyed all the great information thank you. Having said that I have had a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner for 10 years now and although you have made really good points I still love my portable that does a great job for me and doesn't cost allot to run. After seeing your video though i am now saving up for something more substantial hopefully i can buy it before I leave this blessed earth. Thank you again :)
Steve Sans
Steve Sans 4 days ago
I bought one, got sucked in, NO they don’t work! Don’t get ripped off.......
Erik Kovacs
Erik Kovacs 4 days ago
I charged my car AC with propane as a middle finger to the EPA and CARB for making r134a so damn expensive, especially CARB for their 10 dollar 90 day can recycle refund, effectively making keeping any on hand taxed.
Erik Kovacs
Erik Kovacs 4 days ago
Water condenses on the evaporator and if you spray water on the condenser it evaporates. Is that clear?
Jay Koerner
Jay Koerner 4 days ago
Still recommend a mini split over any windows/portable ac
Risque Fiasco
Risque Fiasco 4 days ago
I agree these portable type air conditioners are inefficient. However, I have a Levante unit, leftover from when I was renting. I find it exceptionally useful to quick cool a hot room, due to the external venting. A 6.6kw Solar system ensures I'm not paying for daytime cooling when this unit gets most use anyway.
dlfon99 4 days ago
This is the pokemon blue to the space heater era's pokemon red.
I967 4 days ago
Excellent content. Triple thumbs up.
Rex Positor
Rex Positor 5 days ago
Your shirt. I’m partial to Jeremy Irons myself but... 👍
doctir daddy
doctir daddy 5 days ago
really wish you woulda made this video last year when i bought one.
Cereal Man
Cereal Man 5 days ago
Steven Crowder sure gians some pounds.
ACTS 5 days ago
I have one of these damn things. I wish I'd seen this video before I bought it. It would pull the very hot air out of the attic faster than it could cool the air in the room. The air coming out of the unit into the room was quite cool but because it sucked super hot air from the attic using the unit actually heated up the room. There were two times of the year that it worked well ... For heating. In the spring and fall I could monitor the temperature in the attic with a remote thermometer and if the room was say, 65F and the attic was 95F because of the sun beating on the roofing, all I had to do was turn the damn air conditioner on to warm up the room quite nicely. For that room I ended up getting a small window air conditioner, cutting a hole in the wall and installing it that way (no convenient window in the room). Electricity bills plummeted and I could thereafter keep that room at whatever temperature suited me. I had to check myself at first because I was so used to it being too hot in there that I was freezing the room once I got a small, relatively cheap "real" air conditioner.
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 5 days ago
Don’t forget to mention the condensate. Some Indoor units have to be emptied of the water it condenses.
Tayro Thinkingoutloud
Ammonia NH3 was/is and probably will be the best refrigerant. "O' but ammonia can kill you!" Yea and so can water. If it's SO lethal why don't you hear about more deaths by NH3 poisoning? What, did you think they stopped making NH3 units? After all safety was the excuse used to usher in the Ozone killer...Freon....dumb, dumb, dumb!!! No that had to do with DuPont making money. So yea they're still out there. Why? because Freon can't do what NH3 can. And that's cool without ELECTRICITY! Everything is a lie. But not what I've just said. YOU CAN COOL A HOUSE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY. PEOPLE HAD CENTRAL AIR BEFORE THEY HAD ELECTRICITY. i.pinimg.com/originals/35/21/de/3521de1b149c5c9ae3489d4b1f4160a1.jpg Replace the gas heater with a solar mirror or Fresnel lens and boom... Free AC. This is two hundred year old tech.
David Morris
David Morris 5 days ago
why not just makeshift a hose onto the intake?
Ned 6 days ago
Even worse, all the stray heat emitted by the motor (copper and iron losses in transformer jargon) ends up heating the room air thus further reducing efficiency.
beartunes 6 days ago
What he's saying is not wrong, i had a need to get a portable because my window sill rotted and the window unit leaked its condensation into my downstairs neighbor's apartment wall and ceiling, so i got a Hisense portable and one thing about the pressure is, it sucks in warm air through the other rooms' crevices and my other rooms get hotter, and, i go to bed with a comfortable 40% relative humidity in the room and wake up to 60%. Ick. Think cold clammy basement feeling. So. Yes it cools and it's noisy and expensive but at least my bedroom is 68/69 instead of 82-84.
Johan Kling
Johan Kling 7 days ago
Try a Mitsubishi spit-unit system, its way quieter and really effective.
sx9 7 days ago
One could create a design where two separate hoses with smaller diameters are wrapped into a single hose to be space efficient and more compatible. You could also put a little thermal insulation in the big hose between the two hoses and the outside border to increase efficiency even more and avoid a hot uninsulated hose flopping around in your room. I mean cables work like that for ages.
Paul Marsh
Paul Marsh 7 days ago
Don't need them in the UK. Even the air con in my car only got used once or twice this year, usually even in summer the heater (even at home) is required in a damp and cold UK.
jack hewitt
jack hewitt 7 days ago
We don’t have the ac window units here in the uk if you want one you have to import one and that can be expensive that and you need 110 to power it. The portable units are very common in the uk and can be done plugged into a 240 volt uk outlet
TONY HARD-D 7 days ago
i agree with what he said.... great information ..... i own a rollibot portable and it works pretty well ...... but only use it in my bedroom ....... but since i live in an older house and i can't afford to fix the furnace thats burnt out .....mine works amazing because it has a heating option as well as just a dehumidifier..... one thing he didnt say is having to drain the water all the time from the portable unit hints the window unit you dont have to since it just drains out the back outside
Hotdogman 7 days ago
That thing kept me up all night... but boy was it cold in the morning
Ben 7 days ago
Couldn't there be some way to replace the hose of a portable unit with some sort of flexible cable for power and coolant to an external compressor, with window braces or whatever, and devise some sort of portable split system?
Ben 7 days ago
Seems you can... www.coolbreeze.net.au/air-conditioning-rentals/air-cooler-hire/split-system-hire/item/34-porta-temp-4500w
Andrew Edis
Andrew Edis 7 days ago
These are just ridiculous just get a split system you cheap ass! You could even build a pretty decent one with the parts you already have. Also you could even convert it to Propane or Butane and make it refillable if you wanted. Once you understand the principles you're only limited by your own engineering capabilities
zzasdfwas 7 days ago
Why don't refrigerators dump heat outdoors?
Eric 吴 K
Eric 吴 K 6 days ago
Fair point! But I think that refrigerators are usually small and insulated enough that they don't work as hard as an air conditioner to cool the much smaller space inside. Compared to an air conditioner, how often does your fridge run? Unless you open the door a lot, it's probably not very often relatively speaking.
Clayton Carter
Clayton Carter 7 days ago
Wait what home doesn’t have central air?
TheWaaaagh 6 days ago
Every single home in Eastern Europe for example. Here in Bulgaria, central air for homes is unheard of. We use split units with an inverter compressor in each room, mostly for heating during the winter.
Augusto Severini
Augusto Severini 8 days ago
I'm baffled by the care and work you put into this stuff. You are doing god's work pal. Thanks.
Kowyn 8 days ago
Guess I'll go buy some dryer venting and mod my air conditioner.
Nissan Boi
Nissan Boi 8 days ago
Kowyn lmao
mercster 9 days ago
Very interesting, thank you.
jothain 9 days ago
I agree on movable single hose systems that they're not very efficient. However I have to defend some of them as most aspects are indeed mentioned in some devices manuals concerning how they should be installed, like that you should always try to use unit in front of air vent to get that replacement air and to evacuate air hose at like behind curtain to have some insulation. At least portable I got had quite good tutorials on how to use it most efficiently. Thing of course is that it can be challenging to meet these tips in practice. But if possible, get split system with inverter technology instead of ancient window systems. I guess only americans use them these days. It's convenient to use same system for cooling or heating if needed.
jothain 9 days ago
What the fuck is wrong with that split system :D I laughed my ass off. I have Mitsubishi Electric which is almost impossible to hear even next to outdoor unit when in moderate load. But even with full load it's really quiet.
Manu Vs
Manu Vs 9 days ago
Thanks bro!!! What a Clear explanation. U actually save a lot of guys 😀
accountname0 9 days ago
Portable Air Conditioners are only good for spaces that can't take a window unit. (i.e. most high rise apartment rooms)
James Butko
James Butko 9 days ago
I have a double hose portable air conditioner. The output hose is insulated, but it tears really easily compared to a non-insulated plastic or rubber hose. I've used a lot of duct tape on that thing.
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 10 days ago
Here in Florida we all have generators in case of hurricanes. We also have 3 window units ($300 or so). The starting current draw on our central air is too large for our generator. With the window units, we just start them one at a time and the generator has no issues at all. To get a generator that could handle central HVAC would be a couple of grand. So even though we have a modern home, we have 3 window shakers visible in our backyard. I do not understand why more people here have not thought of this.
Rob Allen
Rob Allen 10 days ago
The split system HVAC systems now being installed into homes are now at least 14 SEER (~12 EER), yet these companies are allowed to sell products that simply vent household air out the window? That's just *ridiculous* . In fact, I looked around on Amazon and cannot even *find* efficiency ratings listed for any of these products! You can calculate EER yourself as BTU/watts, *but* the BTU ratings for these products are exaggerated and thus misleading (dishonest). Even still, the BTU ratings shown on Amazon give an EER of around 8.5 for most portable air conditioners, which is 30% less efficient than the best window air conditioners. That means that using a portable air conditioner may cost you 50% more on your electric bill than a window air conditioner! Many window air conditioners are above 12 EER and earn Energy Star approval. However, I cannot find efficiency ratings for window units listed on Amazon, either! This seems to be a problem with shopping online, since EnergyGuide labels are *required* on all relevant appliances in U.S. stores, but apparently the regulation does not include online stores as I cannot find ratings of any sort at Amazon. This is not just a regulatory flaw, though, as Amazon is likely being *purposefully* irresponsible by choosing not to share this information with consumers, at least in countries where such info is required in brick-and-mortar stores. This appears to be a *choice* made by Amazon. As someone who worked in the HVAC industry for more than a decade, I'm saddened that these "air conditioners" are oddly becoming more popular. The industry has constantly moved towards *higher* efficiency and both industry agreements and government mandates *force* them to, yet now we have all these junky things in the stores??? Why not bring back the horse and buggy while we're at it? Yes, I have occasionally recommended a "portable" unit to customers - for example in a situation where a lady had a medical condition and *required* air-conditioning - but these single-hose A/C units should incur some sort of "luxury" fee, just like the gas-guzzler tax does for cars. Even the double-hose units are not terribly efficient, because it's inevitable that some of the hot air going out will be sucked back into the cold intake :| . Yes, they can try to divert the air in different directions, but there will always be some crossover, especially if the area outside the window is somewhat enclosed by fences or bushes. These are terrible, terrible devices and should be used only in emergencies. Period.
David G Austin
David G Austin 11 days ago
Absolutely awesome Spaceship Earth t-shirt! (Cool video, too!)
rene marino
rene marino 11 days ago
Very well explained. My Honeywell portable AC is very noisy and glad I used it only during summer.
Jay Santos
Jay Santos 11 days ago
The downside to window units is that it gives a burglar an easy entry point to your house. Simply push the AC unit in and voila! Burglar is in.
Freeze014 12 days ago
and for nearly a 1000$ you can have a battery charged one on the go that is actually handheld! It totally isnt horrible /s :D
michael randall
michael randall 12 days ago
Following Richie Godsil's form. Me: It is 3:46 a.m. Exhausted. Facing 5 + major situations that cannot be ignored but I do not have the means nor a clue on addressing them until I found this tutorial of which this is one of the" subtuations" #6. Thank you. I now know how an AC operates! Thank You. How cool is that?! Good night...Morning!
jezz2k 12 days ago
That unit at 5:25 seems to be held together with gaffer tape and stuck in place with the aid of a glue gun. Looks rather unprofessional and doesn't inspire much confidence.
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