Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them

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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.
Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.
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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 60
zeus lim
zeus lim 6 hours ago
We don't like them but we don't have much if an option in temples. They aren't built to have air conditioning and that's probably a good idea since they're full of incense smoke. So once a year when everyone who has offended grand duke Jupiter goes to get blessings, they pull a few of those out so it can cool the place down .
Jermicidal 6 hours ago
What's your thoughts on the new DOE BTU rating standard? It seems like this fixes the issues with judging single hose units by taking into account the negative air pressure and how much heat the unit itself generates.
Logan 7 hours ago
My HOA doesnt allow the ones that hang out your window so i need to use a portable one
Michael Jay
Michael Jay 15 hours ago
In AZ when it's 113 degrees and your central air breaks down an it will be 36 hours to get the repair, a portable AC is a good backup unit to cool a room till the central AC is fixed.
John Whyte
John Whyte 17 hours ago
He shouldn't of made this video
Farrukh Ali
Farrukh Ali 19 hours ago
awesome video, I've learned how air conditioners work
I have 2 units. One window mounted which I use for cooling. The other, a mobile one, I use as a dehumidifier. I find that on that setting I get better cooling than when it's on cool. The big factor in my area is the intense near tropical humidity levels even though I live in Québec.
Venomous95ss Day ago
Bought this very portable unit in the vid because our compressor went out on our central unit
Cart Man
Cart Man Day ago
window ac or bust i got 3 portable id rather sweat my nuts off they are fucking garbage
dedge511 Day ago
What about the annoyance of getting rid of condensation
E Randco
E Randco Day ago
I’ve bought 3 different brands of standing air conditioners with more and more btu’s. They all do a horrible job cooling on a hot day. They’re just better than nothing.
Teeney Peabody
Those devices don't even work. Don't buy one
Spectro Man
Spectro Man Day ago
Love the SSE shirt!
ultimate26 Day ago
would love for you to make a recommended brands and AC units video to help people get something that is good bang for your buck. my rental house has no space for a standard AC unit so i need to get a portable one. I understand that they are not the best from what you explained but maybe you can tell us what are the stats to look for?
NordoCeltic Day ago
Sadly a year later, and the dual hose models are not catching on.
Island Cave
Island Cave Day ago
Blah blah blah, I got a portable air conditioner for my bedroom and it has made a huge difference. Gone from unbearable temperature and humidity to comfort and ability to sleep!
Lynda Stiefvater
You can put insulation around the hose and it helps a lot.
AA RC Day ago
Yeah I disrespectfully disagree. Portable ACs are the best man.
Dacia Sandero guys
My portable AC produced more hot air than cold air. It would be ideal to use it in winter or cold days BUT the awful thing is extremely noisy your neighbours will even think you has a saw mill in the house
Luvin' Xiao Zhan
I've been using a portable one hose Haiar AC for nearly 9 years. Love the portability of the unit the most. I only use mine during the night and it cools like a charm with another fan to help circulate the cool air to a larger area. Yep, all the outside HOT air is drawn back into your walls during the day. The air is cooler at night so it naturally cools better. As far as high electric bills, the bill stays relatively low because I only use it at night. It also has a heater for winter use 🤔 I never attempted to use it during the winter ....hmmm...🤔 guess this winter I'll give it a try. But so far, so good. It serves my purpose for humid, summer evenings and nights. Happy AC hunting everyone!
Elamontel Day ago
I wish I had watched this video before I ordered one last week, I would have gotten one with two hoses. :-( Even though the two hoses are like $100 even more expensive.
Jamilah Hamilton
This guy is so right. I have a portable AC unit in a pretty big room. It’s loud, it leaks, and it doesn’t cool very efficiently. I can actually feel the hot air in the hose going out the window meaning that there is heat coming right back into the house. These are not made for rooms other than maybe a small bedroom. I am ready to get a window unit. I know I’ll be a lot happier.
bryce 2 days ago
If you set them up properly and make sure all air leaks are sealed, they can work very well, and for me, i enjoy white noise.
Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor 2 days ago
I was surprised how hot the hose got on my portable ac unit. I ended up insulating the heck out of it and it became a lot more efficient at cooling the room
ToujoursJacques 2 days ago
Fantastic video. Thank you.
5Dale65 2 days ago
Living in a part of Europe, where we use only vertical windows. So a window unit is not an option. Just bought a portable unit and it works ok. Its better than no AC at all. And btw. it works with the R290, as all the them have to do, thanks to the EU directives...
Big Tone
Big Tone 2 days ago
My portable ac unit works great. 7yrs 💪
Chriseurosong 2 days ago
You forgot to mention another downside of the portable units. They need to DRAIN THEIR CONDENSATE WATER! The outlet valve will invariably located at the bottom of the unit, so in order to drain the water into a container, you have to lift it up; or otherwise hang it over a step!
Darkness Comes
Darkness Comes 2 days ago
Just saw this and had to comment. Dual hose inside units, pull in hot air from the outside, and then send the hotter air outside. With two hoses and hot air, you are also getting radiant heat transfer from those hoses, now doubled, into the room you are cooling.
Francisco Duran
Francisco Duran 3 days ago
I live in Las Vegas nevada where the temp.in summer (like right now),,,can be 115 ° no humidity......guess how hot it feels inside your house??!!,,,,,,,, whooooo!!!! You dont care about cost,,,noise,,nothing,,you just want to not cook inside your place..that's all you care about.....
A Miah
A Miah 3 days ago
Portable AC gets my room temperature down, without it its uncomfortable and humid.
Addie Mojica
Addie Mojica Day ago
tiny cat I guess it just depends on the user. I rather pay more for the convenience of being able to put it away quickly. A window ac is much harder to put away even though it cools better.
tiny cat
tiny cat 2 days ago
um yea but it costs more to use and is way less efficient then a window unit which was the whole point of the video =\
Gary pic
Gary pic 3 days ago
Absolutely the worst thing I ever bought never worked horrible horrible horrible by window air condition your way better off this guy is so right on
Larry Crain
Larry Crain 3 days ago
Duh, how about installing a mini split system?
Tim Corrigan
Tim Corrigan 3 days ago
That was really helpful... I just bought one of these and was surprised by how ineffective it was for the weight and size.
JohnnyTheCache 3 days ago
one more thing i hate about portable ACs: there is only one single model with inverter technology (DCI Ulisse 13). Even the mobile split system you showed (sold as EUROM AC here in europe) is an on/off type which is very annoying to sleep with. Please somebody develop these mobile things further. until then, i would only go for a real split or DIY one into a mobile unit.
singleman805 3 days ago
Could you make a video on the ac systems used in Europe and Japan ? They are expensive but they kick ass ! ruvid.net/video/video-1f9CnPvSJsg.html
gary fairbrass
gary fairbrass 3 days ago
I just got one and its great. I think yoy should shut your mouth.
Luvin' Xiao Zhan
Pheonix1328 3 days ago
Me, without any kind of A/C T-T
day tripper
day tripper 3 days ago
While all you've said is true try carrying a window sc unit from room to room!. Man, it's exhausting! ( No pun intended) A portable saves my lower back for more productive pursuits
Chris Tedfield
Chris Tedfield 3 days ago
It takes him until @8:55 to say it. Use them as last resort.
Saturn 4 days ago
Why don't they convert the excess heat energy into mechanical energy, instead of just flushing out the heat to the outside. Theoretically it should be possible to cool the air in a room without the need for a hose, but why isn't it done?
Don Baxley
Don Baxley 4 days ago
What if your broke or your wife does not want a big unit in her front window or bedroom for the neighbors to see? A good portable will work just fine. Here is the key to making one work. You have to have a compatible room. I mean the exhaust tube should not be more than 36 inches to the window. If you need 3 or 4 or 5 feet that hose will get hot! Also the unit should be rated larger than what the size of your room you need cooled by 1/3. You should have a pusher fan near the unit to push air throughout the room. Buy a quality brand. Look for noise and the guarantee! That is it. I have 2 in separate rooms and they work fine and save me a ton of money on cooling. One is permanent and vents 20 inches through the floor. It is in a corner and not noticed. The other is only used in rooms we are going to be in and taken down during the winter. Both work great!
Luvin' Xiao Zhan
Daniel Rehn
Daniel Rehn 4 days ago
Can't bottle that energy up? But why couldn't we? Couldn't we instead of transferring the coolant to the condenser and just vent the heat to atmosphere use a heat exchanger connected to say your water heater for example? Or perhaps use a thermoelectic generator to produce electricity? It' won't be enough to charge your Tesla, but if the AC could use some of it's own electricity to run the compressor it could make it more energy efficient. Maybe it wont do much, but a saving a little energy is better than just wasting it.
George Carrasquillo
Can I leave that thing outside and jerry rig the hose to bring the cool air in providing no one steals my shit
Life Master365
Life Master365 4 days ago
Great. Video.
Jay W
Jay W 4 days ago
So I bought one and this came up? Fuck outta here RUvid. Also they work great I could express how much I was smiling due to the cool air it was producing all day in my room. I would sweat before just waking up and sitting at home. These things are great chill out with all the bullshit bro science.
Odima16 4 days ago
12:05 *rimshot*
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 4 days ago
Great video. I'm glad I bought a window unit. I had considered a portable.
Samantha L
Samantha L 4 days ago
Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled across this video. Super informative and helpful while avoiding being condescending, narcissistic and annoying. Nearly impossible to find that these days!
Dayron Leon
Dayron Leon 4 days ago
I have two in my apartment. They suck. I pay +$300 every 1.5 months in electric in Los Angeles. And the noise! I swear I’m losing my hearing.
Ralph Ogerly
Ralph Ogerly 4 days ago
This was an awesome piece.Thank you.
Dr. MD
Dr. MD 4 days ago
An attempt at explanation, but you missed the reality of the situation, and that is, they work and are very convenient....
Philip nik
Philip nik 4 days ago
I have one portable, and I place it out on the balcony, made a piece of wood with hole for hose that blows cold air inside. Works better outside the apartment. As the heat is released outside. Do they are weak... Not enough cooling
Rachel C
Rachel C 4 days ago
The captions for this video were great. Thank you for making your videos accessible
David Yanagisawa
David Yanagisawa 4 days ago
Awesome information! Thank you for creating great content with useful info. I came across a new U-shape type of AC window unit from another youtuber and immediately thought of your window setup. Midea makes a window unit that allows for better weight distribution. www.amazon.com/stores/Midea/Homepage/page/4F6A19CF-5B7B-4D5A-A739-6EA8B46D4560
InfernosReaper 4 days ago
Modifying one to have a second hose can resolve some of the issues, but that does add to the cost. It's still cheaper than a mini-split system, but isn't something one should use unless they don't have any better options.
Peter Kamakia
Peter Kamakia 4 days ago
My estate in Nairobi called kabete is the world's largest natural air conditioner I know. never too hot. never to cold. no sudden storm like I saw in Juba Sudan. the most hospitable place on earth.
barbikinkin 4 days ago
Ridiculous...if they were so bad or incompetent ppl would not use them.
Nicholas Homler
Nicholas Homler 4 days ago
Why do you need 2 hoses next to each other. Have one tube inside the other the smaller tube pulls air in and the larger tube pushes air out. Adjust the sizes of the tubes to achieve similar CFM flows.
DigiTrailz 4 days ago
I wish I could have a window unit. I own one from when rented in a place that could fit one. But now I own a condo with hoa that doesnt like them and I have crank windows. Which man... crank windows are difficult to put even portable acs in.
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