Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them

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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.
Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.
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Jun 15, 2019




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Danny L
Danny L 51 minute ago
Good job, accurate information. The heat from the compressor and fan motor are also being added to the room. Thanks for the education.
Penelope Vargas
Penelope Vargas 2 hours ago
A few years ago I had one of these and in the middle of the night I kept hearing this noise in the hose. I had made this joke earlier about pigeons potentially getting into it because the hose is pretty wide so you can imagine when I'm hearing this noise I start freaking out. When I went to go check on it I kind of pushed against the hose for a second I felt like a jolt of movement and then out the window I see a squirrel pop out ! And the worst part is he was chewing through the hose !!! A couple more bites and that thing would have been in the house!!!! Anyway after that the hose was damaged and even if it wouldn't have been damaged I never wanted to use one again the though of an animal potentially getting trapped kind of bugs me.
Ricardo Calzada
Ricardo Calzada 5 hours ago
Daikin japanesse minisplits are the best ,heat and cold.
Benjamin Zimmerman
Benjamin Zimmerman 13 hours ago
This man really murdered me within the first 2 seconds of the video
dejadk 14 hours ago
How do you think that fly died at 6:18
Aaron Devereaux
Aaron Devereaux 16 hours ago
Mini-splits 😎
trigger happy124
trigger happy124 20 hours ago
A better way to view "coldness" is that it is the rate at which you are are lossing or adding heat. You feel cold touching a slightly chilled metal, but that same temperature of dry air does not feel cold because you are not losing heat at the same rate, you lose at a higher rate with the metal. Thermodynamics and heat transfer are awesome topics, i'm a mechanical engineer
Gregory Peterson
Gregory Peterson 23 hours ago
These should be used for emergencies. I used mine when the house ac failed and it took a week to get it repaired. Now I have it and keep it in case it happens again. at least my daughter and I can a few nights of sleep without going to a hotel.
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart Day ago
"That place where you can save big money" haha. Midwesterner I see ;)
Colin Grant
Colin Grant Day ago
Sir, you'r arguments are valid. With respect to the dual hose units, one consideration needs to be made, in that the hose end nozzles should be separated by as much distance as possible, and the outlet is directing it's hot air away from the air inlet hose.
silmearendil Day ago
Dan Malec
Dan Malec Day ago
This goomer spends 3/4 of this riveting video giving a dumbed down class of AC 101, (at least he didn't try to assign homework), starts rambling again, then more wisdom,"oh yeah, I should tell why not to use them", then a minutes worth of a verbal demolition derby , " so this thing needs to blow out an increased volume of air"(only I paraphrased, his was a ,goofier, dumber, explanation).
RFC3514 2 days ago
Correction: they sit inside the room, so they don't suck (the air out of the room). They blow.
christfrrr 2 days ago
nice Spaceship earth shirt 👍
M &Ems
M &Ems 2 days ago
I have a very effective air conditioner. It's called my freezer, where I freeze tons of ice packs and place them around the room. Preferably with a fan circulating the air. Maximum efficiency, for sure.
seigeengine 2 days ago
It's more efficient if you just get in the freezer. Do not do this.
chakky 2 days ago
We have an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE portable AC from the year 2000 or so. It's as tall as and probably weighs as much as your average 3-year-old child, lol. And presumeably costs as much to maintain😂
kitsuna77 2 days ago
"if you're trying to sleep in the room with one of these" I like that white noise, it will put me to sleep
szymonn 18 hours ago
also it's not really that great when it constantly cycles between cooling and not cooling
seigeengine 2 days ago
It's not really white noise though.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 2 days ago
You just confirmed everything I suspected!
Sam Plautz
Sam Plautz 2 days ago
Me: "This video seems interesting" First 5 seconds: "Air conditioners are pretty COOL" Me: Aight ima head out
B L 3 days ago
I already have three split aircons and have no use at all for portables but i watched this whole video glued to it the whole time because you are so informative and engaging. Respect
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson 3 days ago
They could hide two smaller hoses in that one hose, and they don’t... Real genius
seigeengine 2 days ago
They could, but smaller hose means less air flow.
PkGam 3 days ago
I'm glad you mentioned they do have their uses even if they aren't as efficient as a window-mounted one. By the title, I was expecting a total bashing of them and I was going to add some conversation balance, lol! But yeah, speaking for myself in regards to portable, I ended up picking portable because of two reasons: Installation and the windows we have. They are horizontal-closing windows so to install one that sits in the window would also mean making a custom-sized board of some kind to block off the rest of the opening above the unit. With a portable one, that plastic bar that goes between the window and window frame where the tube sticks in is easily extendable so it can be put in both vertically or horizontally. Whichever is best for it. Then you just close the window around it. Since we only need a portable air conditioner for an upper floor room (our central air is weak upstairs but fine downstairs due to the bad design of the house's ducts routing around support beams.), you could imagine it's dicey to do this on a ladder or roof because in order to install that blocker board, it has to be done from the outside as the window-mounted ones are bought to fit in your window frame (so they don't fall out on either end due to vibration) and your fingers can't. So I think that is what made portable air conditioners so popular: Because they are just easier and safer to install in many cases as not everyone has a vertically-opening window that you can just sit up on the ledge and then close the window on top of it. They do take up some extra foot room and can be nosier, but I'll gladly accept that over the risk of falling off a ladder or roof, lol! If you need it to be quiet while you sleep, you could just turn it off as oftentimes the room has enough cold air to stick around for the night anyway since nights are cooler than days or maybe just turning it to a lower fan setting so it runs quieter (assuming a model has that option of course).
Main A
Main A 3 days ago
Saying that it gets its heat energy sucked out of it makes it way cooler sounding than actually is. pun sorta intended.
creshiell 3 days ago
I'd been watching these videos without my glasses on, and thought the entire time that the host was a woman lmao doesn't matter either way, I'm bi, none of this gender shit matters to me
You CAN store (“bottle up”) heat energy, though.
Lou Simms
Lou Simms 3 days ago
Well I can't because I smoke in my room and need the window open. But I never knew you had to vent portable AC's which kinda defeats the purpose for me so now I'm sad again.
Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers 3 days ago
I worked at sears and used to try and explain this to everybody, I felt like a madman
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub 4 days ago
I've never owned a bad window unit even the 110 volt or 125 whatever you want to call it
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub 4 days ago
They are a pile of junk because the lower condenser cannot be gotten to to clean the upper one can be cleaned or it has a filter the Lower one doesn't even have a filter and you can't even get to it without taking half of it apart believe me I picked one up and it was clogged up the compressor would seize up about every 10 minutes but it would never ruin itself
glenn t
glenn t 4 days ago
I have one of these portable air conditioners and they don't cool the square footage professed by manufacturer.
Nay Nay
Nay Nay 4 days ago
I wish I watched this, this morning.
Ralph J Huntington
I have one. Paid about $350 for it some years ago. It works great! Very effective. The only downside (to me) is that you must collect the water extracted from the air. This requires a 5-gal (or whatever) bucket or stock pot. Empty it a couple times in 24 hours.
Parthadeep Bera
Parthadeep Bera 4 days ago
I'm sure this dude is hiding dead bodies in his house somewhere !! Who needs so many air conditioner !! My god !!
chris toey
chris toey 3 days ago
Parthadeep Bera someone making a video about air conditioners, I guess
Honklerton 5 days ago
lol - whatever. The portable unit in my room can get my WHOLE room down to like 68 decrees F in the middle of summer - and I LIVE IN PHOENIX ARIZONA - the thing is over 6 years old - and STILL preforms like it is new! I DO NOT CARE how inefficient it is!!!!!! THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that but I got it for like 300 when it was new - and DAMN it STILL keeps me whole room cold when I need it - the only thing I had to replace was the hose (because those can get old and crack) - and THOSE ARE EVERYWHERE and they are CHEAP! I like how you explain how these devices work - but the premise of the video itself IS DUMB since the products CLEARLY work - and WORK WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you explain HOW HARD it is to install a portable unit verses one of the other units? THEY ARE WAY EASIER!!!!! And to move it into another room (since it's on wheels!) - all I have to do is disconnect the power cable - unhook the hose from the window - AND THEM MOVE IT TO A DIFFERENT ROOM it takes like 5 or less minutes! How long would it take if you wanted to move those OTHER units to a different room? EXACTLY!
seigeengine 2 days ago
Just delete your channel.
Selena Marie
Selena Marie 5 days ago
The sound of the indoor AC unit is putting my ass to sleep...
Doc Hawk
Doc Hawk 5 days ago
i never minded the sound, liked it to an extent
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly 5 days ago
Great job on the explanation of how refrigeration works. I have a minor background in residential and commercial HVAC and it was a very easy refresh on how it all works. I mainly handled duct systems so other than my initial tests I didn’t see much action with the refrigeration system itself
Joe Dollinter
Joe Dollinter 5 days ago
Mine is better than none at all, I'll keep my Haier.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 5 days ago
It's a reasonably easy fix to make a portable single hose air conditioner more efficient, by converting it to a 2 hose system. I've done it to one that hardly cooled our bedroom down, now that it is a 2 hose system it's extremely efficient. You have to buy one that is easy to modify into a 2 hose system with a flat area to attach the box and still be able to clean the filter, the one I modified is a Dimplex Dc10 and used mdf board, light aluminium angle, a 150mm pvc pipe to attach the hose to and silver flexible ducting, which I also used to cover the other hose. I screwed it to the side and sealed it up with silicone. Watch this video for more information ruvid.net/video/video-LlX-iKldMY8.html
seigeengine 2 days ago
I wonder if window ACs might potentially be more efficient than not having any AC if you don't run it?
Cheeseburger 5 days ago
Why am I even watching this... I'm european and 99% of us dont have AC in our houses.
Jakub Huber
Jakub Huber 22 hours ago
Even those we do have are usually split systems.
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