Popping Off In The Fortnite Cash Cup (Win Highlights) | Bugha

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Hey guys, didn't do as well as I hoped in this cash cup, however, there were some pretty good games, so I decided to share them with you, I hope you enjoy!
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 1 064
Jose Sandoval
Jose Sandoval 23 hours ago
No one gives a shit about fortnite
God's Prayer
God's Prayer 4 days ago
Carissa Matthews
Carissa Matthews 5 days ago
What fun wrap is that
Lorenz Backmanツ
does this man stream on mixer or twitch
kawani Jakes
kawani Jakes 7 days ago
Kid your washed just stop
1vpone bugha my name GGabriel
Juan Pablo Roy
Juan Pablo Roy 11 days ago
.todos los de habla hispana revelense con un like
Lucas el Pro
Lucas el Pro 11 days ago
Yo soy mejor que. Tu
iAmGod YT
iAmGod YT 9 days ago
Jaja buena crack malisimo :)
Lucas el Pro
Lucas el Pro 11 days ago
Bugha klo chúpalo rico
Retro Nero
Retro Nero 12 days ago
I like your videos bro! Mind out checking my highlights and videos similar to this! I'll always follow back!
Cun Nuc
Cun Nuc 13 days ago
Knock knock who’s there ? Buhgas here and he’s here to end your career
Mary Kay Georgia
Mary Kay Georgia 15 days ago
hi i subed an trned on post notfcashens
dangelo nascimento
dangelo nascimento 15 days ago
what would bugha do if his fornite account got hacked
Diego Pablo
Diego Pablo 15 days ago
StriiKe9 15 days ago
9:08 what was that
Garbariusthegreat fan
StriiKe9 aim assist
BeastyBenTV again
BeastyBenTV again 16 days ago
There is better things to do with your life then gameing
Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez 16 days ago
Every body gangsta until buagha kills them
Denzel Gwmball
Denzel Gwmball 17 days ago
It's nota a highlights
karo pro be the best
He is better than mongraal
Jamal Jani
Jamal Jani 18 days ago
Jamal Jani
Jamal Jani 18 days ago
Very Well Played Bro.... I Like To Become A player Like You But My System Doesn't Support me!!! Keep It up
Tidal Clan
Tidal Clan 20 days ago
red and blue? u had one job.
Konge-geden 20 days ago
Bugha is the Best player In the World number 2 is Ninja
AM Gaming
AM Gaming 20 days ago
Bugha is so good but it just makes me angry because when he is in a fight he doesn’t reload, then it just scares me
Recon767 21 day ago
Me thinking of Bugha: MEMES Jimmy Fallon: he it’s my old friend... Buuga
Lapo Biancalani
Lapo Biancalani 22 days ago
Grande bugha
Lowkey Faze
Lowkey Faze 22 days ago
He never reloaded his scar after a fight lmao 😂
MT SMOKE 22 days ago
Wake Legend
Wake Legend 22 days ago
Can we do a dow
HMx Infernal
HMx Infernal 22 days ago
What a skill!!🙁
Dog 23 days ago
Cristina Yeverino
Cristina Yeverino 24 days ago
I died in the start of the Game
MT SMOKE 24 days ago
ATXFX اتس فكس
1v1 lD:atxfx
STEVEN manuel mendoza
Bugha vs pgod 🤙💪
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez 25 days ago
Sten Villenthal
Sten Villenthal 26 days ago
What pix you have
YUSX 27 days ago
Dork_bear YT
Dork_bear YT 29 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks his voice is so satisfying :0
Dork_bear YT
Dork_bear YT 15 days ago
@CurryBoiz XD oh nice.
CurryBoiz XD
CurryBoiz XD 15 days ago
Just you dude
Dork_bear YT
Dork_bear YT 16 days ago
@Anna Kadak oh wow. Ok
Anna Kadak
Anna Kadak 16 days ago
Yes only one
Bryan 24 days ago
Smokygerms 996 😂
Cutie Crxn
Cutie Crxn Month ago
This is why I no longer play cash cups
EtErNItY Saizi
EtErNItY Saizi Month ago
xX_Alex Ytb_Xx
xX_Alex Ytb_Xx Month ago
Gapple gameplayer
Xzy. Fortnite
Xzy. Fortnite Month ago
I watch dis because I am bad
NoT Andre
NoT Andre Month ago
ツghouleys Month ago
this is y your a cutie
FaDe_Clan Month ago
Hey Bugha, I wanted to tell you thank you. You helped me keep grinding and showing me not to give up!! Also, subbed and turned on notifications!!!
king 3bood
king 3bood Month ago
you're insane 🔥🔥
Vincent L
Vincent L Month ago
Imagine you in this lobby 🖤 this would be me (xx)
Matin Jamil
Matin Jamil Month ago
Not you bugha
Matin Jamil
Matin Jamil Month ago
You are trah
Sensaii Matt
Sensaii Matt Month ago
The best player in the world Greetings of Mexico
Brenda O'Kane
Brenda O'Kane Month ago
Gg I would be surprised if you were killed
Imran Kalvath
Imran Kalvath Month ago
bugha whats your favourite colour?
carl Diel
carl Diel Month ago
carl Diel
carl Diel Month ago
carl Diel
carl Diel Month ago
carl Diel
carl Diel Month ago
FNS King
FNS King Month ago
When I popped off, then your girl gave me just a little bit of lockjaw Baby so cold, he from the north, he from the Canada Bankroll so low, I got nothing else that I can withdraw Ran out the door I shine my wrist, it go like shashasha, shashasha I got your bitch singing, "Lalalala, lalala" I shine my wrist, it go like shashasha, shashasha I got your bitch singing, "Lalalala, lalala" How I stride like that? Amex, no cap, eight hundred score They wonder how, how I guap like that I rap my lyrics when I perform They wonder how, how I stride like that Married to the grind, I brought my ring I'm corny but your girly want the dick Modest with my jewels but check the bank
Connor Maltby
Connor Maltby Month ago
Can I play duos with you
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