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Got It On Me - (Official Music Video) by Pop Smoke
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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 60
aednan S
aednan S Hour ago
Everybody gangsta till the quite kid whispers the end of the song
Aïcha Adr
Aïcha Adr 2 hours ago
RIP W 💫💫
Barni Homolya
Barni Homolya 2 hours ago
"i don't look to the sky no more" 'cause your up there, LEGEND 🙏💫💫
Maggie Long
Maggie Long 3 hours ago
Man how we lose pop, Tupac, Nipsey, but still got tekashi
Laser Beam
Laser Beam 3 hours ago
Has anyone noticed that this is a copy of miny man bye 50 sent but still fire
Ned Miller
Ned Miller 3 hours ago
sad i never knew him before he died broski was a big talent with a lot of different styles. Future great
tanner vollmer
tanner vollmer 4 hours ago
Pop got smoked
Saint Csm
Saint Csm 4 hours ago
50 cent and pop smoke are the goats
Jessica Mcfarland
Jessica Mcfarland 4 hours ago
hoo R.I.P. pop
Vaughn Vesco
Vaughn Vesco 4 hours ago
Who realized that that is the house he died in....2:35
arnold vasquez hurtado
R.I.P pop 🙏🏼
Beny._.h 6 hours ago
Rest in peace ✌🏿
BillyBalaclava 7 hours ago
Those 11 year olds do be wooin back
Laertis Balas
Laertis Balas 7 hours ago
Mysterious White Wolf
I thought he had it on him
I.K 8 hours ago
"I don't look to the sky no more, cause I got it on me" - didn't work out too well. Learn from this kids, only fear God.
Savonte Auld
Savonte Auld 8 hours ago
I forgot how he died
nsjrei #
nsjrei # 9 hours ago
Big WOO foreever💚💚💚💚💚💚😥😥😢
Mr.Chicken99 9 hours ago
I just started listening to his music but I’m not gonna act like I’m his biggest fan but damn it’s sad knowing he had so much potential and skill RIP Pop smoke
O K 11 hours ago
the mix is low from the beat
Oluwaseun Majekodunmi
Funny how pop smoke fans saying polo g copied pop smoke when pop smoke really copied 50 cent and polo g so what are guys talking about?
Sosa 13 hours ago
The beginning lyrics were inspired by Polo G
Alyson Grant
Alyson Grant 13 hours ago
Woo 💖👍🏾💪🏾
Drippy_Imran 13 hours ago
RIP Was A Legend Died A Legend
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 13 hours ago
50 cent to Polo G To pop smoke
La'Mya Hicks
La'Mya Hicks 14 hours ago
That’s like 50 cent song meny men
reanna k
reanna k 14 hours ago
i wanna say one thing . f*ck who killed him :)
Kimberly Spencer
Kimberly Spencer 14 hours ago
Pop smoke I never no you but R.L.P but your a good at singing my bother said you died and I’m very sad 😢 bye now R.L.P
Bryce Gaming YT
Bryce Gaming YT 15 hours ago
Rest In Peace w💫💫
donmark toledo
donmark toledo 16 hours ago
plus size haul
Teech 16 hours ago
Pop smoke in heaven saying have mercy on the guy that popped him 🙏
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 17 hours ago
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 17 hours ago
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 17 hours ago
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff 17 hours ago
Pipes are trained in radio foreign he's return drilled nxt. Mr just ducked it a couple of days ago
Nathan Bayless
Nathan Bayless 17 hours ago
I get chills when he says “you can run up if you want” 😢😢
Jaylon Charles
Jaylon Charles 17 hours ago
İbrahim Karatekin
İbrahim Karatekin 17 hours ago
oglım öldhü yha..:( -kanat.
Lametra Recess
Lametra Recess 17 hours ago
Pop smoke you are my favorite rapper pop smoke.....I want to be you 😭😭🙏🏼💫💫💫
Eric Guido
Eric Guido 18 hours ago
I like this song
Kelly Patricia
Kelly Patricia 18 hours ago
Leeann Frasier
Leeann Frasier 19 hours ago
The whole crew was there God Bless heart and soul greatness will never die!
Sky guy 25
Sky guy 25 19 hours ago
Big woo
Rahim Rahman
Rahim Rahman 19 hours ago
I don’t cry no more because he was born
Rahim Rahman
Rahim Rahman 19 hours ago
I guess they didn’t have mercy on him
Zen Harris
Zen Harris 20 hours ago
rip big woo :(
Juan Lazaro
Juan Lazaro 20 hours ago
who else saw what happened to barca😔💔also rip pop smoke💙💫
Da Real Jedereon
Da Real Jedereon 20 hours ago
The ending is sad bc its where he died
Chakra Boss
Chakra Boss 20 hours ago
he shouted out kobe and craig sager, dam
Merancy louinest
Merancy louinest 21 hour ago
Merancy louinest
Merancy louinest 21 hour ago
I like what’s going on there are 50cent stuff
Jazmine Mean
Jazmine Mean 21 hour ago
The last part just triggered me that the house that he got killed but that triggered rest in peace pop 😭💙💫🕊
Abraham Bowah
Abraham Bowah 22 hours ago
Pop smoke is the only guy in rap that makes you sound like a 6 yr girl
DIBOO 22 hours ago
Jayden Briggs
Jayden Briggs 22 hours ago
king jordan mapumba
king jordan mapumba 22 hours ago
RIP the goat no cap
Y.A.D_UCHIA 22 hours ago
He has the same intro as polo g gang with me Just rembered 50 cents
Drea Drea
Drea Drea 23 hours ago
hi love your video
ZXLOCITY 23 hours ago
Would appreciate it if people check out my Pop smoke got it on me montage on my channel. Not the best but it took me so much time. Rip Woo 💫
Antoine Johnson
Antoine Johnson 23 hours ago
Your a legend bro I wish u was still with us.😔r.i.p.
mele talamoni
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