Pop Smoke - Gangstas

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Pop Smoke - Gangstas (Audio)
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Directed by Toonboi

#PopSmoke #Gangstas
Music video by Pop Smoke performing Gangstas. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Victor Victor Worldwide


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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 3 887
7 0
7 0 44 minutes ago
Sounds like an intro to a rapper movie
Adam Slatt
Adam Slatt 59 minutes ago
Rest in peace💙❤️
kodi kodista
kodi kodista Hour ago
It's like Jesus walkin' 🔥
Phxthead 5 hours ago
Heavily inspired by 50, this sound isn't exactly easy to nail 💪 Only 50 & Pop could do this shit!
Simone Cazzaniga
Simone Cazzaniga 6 hours ago
Spacca un fracco questa song🔥🔥
SBMEDIA 777 6 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-TO8PROBilVQ.html&feature=share Pop smoke x Juice WRLD x Xxxtentacion 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥
Chimmy Chonga
Chimmy Chonga 9 hours ago
Why does this not have millions of likes
New Talent C.R
New Talent C.R 10 hours ago
Quien en cuarentena🇨🇷
Versario Not you again
Pablo Lisbôa
Pablo Lisbôa 14 hours ago
Brasil 🇧🇷
Gage Irwin
Gage Irwin 14 hours ago
Straight fire
Darkline GNG
Darkline GNG 21 hour ago
Any New Yorkers in this bitch tell us what Tander mean !?
Pancake Beats
Pancake Beats 21 hour ago
Imma be heated if this doesn't make it on the GTA 6 radio
Hooman Day ago
We want a music video like the one for "got it on me"🔥
Linda Ramona
Linda Ramona Day ago
rina charmz
rina charmz Day ago
New Music Video 🚨 🚨 🚨 MUST WATCH NOW!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-Nr6PIpvmqL0.html TheRealisttDan Money Mission 💰 💴 💵 💰
Daniel Jack
Daniel Jack Day ago
che peccato che sti 4 codardi ti hanno ammazzato... ancora più codardo chi er CON TE E NON HA MOSSO UN DITO.NELLE TUE INTERVISTE ,FACEVI RIFERIMENTO AL TUO AMICO COME FOSSE UNA PROTEZINE IN PIU' QUALE NON E' STATA... SONO TUTTI BRAVI A PAROLE MA POI QUANDO SI ARRIVA AI FATTI,TUTTI SCAPPANO.Spero vivamente che almeno davvero ci hai lasciato del materiale,che la tua musica e' essenziale.Purtroppo non mi faccio capace perché sempre i migliori ci lasciano... RIPOSA IN PACE THE EVERY KING OF THE NEW YORK.
Corey Brown
Corey Brown Day ago
This should be the new power intro
Mrs Gusta
Mrs Gusta Day ago
Eric Nassibu
Eric Nassibu Day ago
I can listen to this song a million times and never get tierd of it
4 telll
4 telll Day ago
Them niggas gotta hear what the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout (woo, woo) (I be in New York) Feel me, Lil' Z? On your set with some real shit, nigga (I be in New York with the gangsters) (Swirv) I don't want none of that extra loud shit This ain't none of that rainbow hair shit Know what I'm sayin'? (I be in New York with the gangsters) This the real streets shit, yeah, nigga (I be in New York with the gangsters) Fuckin' voice of the streets, man It's like Jesus walkin' (oozin' automatics) More like Christopher Walking, man (I be with the straights and the apes) Y'all know what's up (talkin' stone to stone) (Runnin' backs, we don't wanna hear nothin' 'bout it) Free all my niggas, free all the streets I be in New York with the gangsters Know a nigga that'll shoot you for a 'Tander (grrt) If my opps is chillin' in the foreign (bah) Then my niggas shootin' up the Phantom (bah, bah, bah) I be in New York with the gangsters (woo) Know a nigga that'll shoot you for a 'Tander (bah) If my opps is chillin' in the foreign (you lackin' ass niggas) Then my niggas shootin' up the Phantom (grrt) .44 got a kickback (bah) Click-clack, get back (bah) Shots at your rib pack (grrt) Or you can get chin checked (woo) Them twirlin' niggas actin' up (actin' up) So niggas packed him up (pack him up) Brazy was actin' tough (three) 'Til niggas slapped him up (pussy) Pop Smoke on top (haha) Niggas mad as fuck (mad) Six by six, big Benz on my wrist (grrt) If you don't got your nails done, you are not it (woo) Automatically on the blocked list (blocked, bitch) Niggas talkin' 'bout they guns (guns), but never shot shit (cap) Might as well put a cap on it, all over with a chopstick (pussy) Run up and I'm brandin' them, take a nigga shoppin' (bitch) Reach and I'm branchin' it 'cause I don't know who watchin' (I'm on point) It's a ginger ale and Henny day, eased up on the crème brûlée (hahaha) .38's on the block (block), a nigga won't hesitate (bah) Had to move these bitches up (move up) 'cause they was in the way I wouldn't want them to get shot by an enemy I be in New York with the gangsters (and what's up?) Know a nigga that'll shoot you for a 'Tander (grrt) If my opps is chillin' in the foreign (bah) Then my niggas shootin' up the Phantom (bah, bah, bah) I be in New York with the gangsters (woo) Know a nigga that'll shoot you for a 'Tander (bah) If my opps is is chillin' in the foreign (you lackin' ass niggas) Then my niggas shootin' up the Phantom (grrt)
King King
King King Day ago
Nigga sound like 50 cent
Silaz is a space gangsta
this beat go hard as shit R.i.P POP SMOKE
WidmoCiała Day ago
redouane Boulman
Wulfmarrr Born again
Man this song woulda bang if it was done live 😓 rip pop smoke 🌟
Capo 2x
Capo 2x Day ago
this song is proper n all but the adlibs were not it
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez
KING OF NEW YORK 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💫💫💫
Jay sauced
Jay sauced Day ago
Fuck that rainbow haired nigga🤣💪🏿
yooohen Yoo
yooohen Yoo 2 days ago
May he Rest In Peace 😓😓
SBMEDIA 777 2 days ago
Pop smoke x Ariana Grande 🔥🔥🔥ruvid.net/video/video-hPivtnp1gk8.html
jenelle Esters
jenelle Esters 2 days ago
Fnn n ah b def NBC fed this v ft bath NBC J has😇
Ja La
Ja La 2 days ago
You lack in’ ass bit**
Drey Stlouis
Drey Stlouis 2 days ago
If you think this sounds like anything other then a old school fif beat ur to young an can’t compare this to shit 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Lil Neym
Lil Neym 2 days ago
Everybody is gangsta until he lost his cheat paper
Gaxxez ¿?
Gaxxez ¿? 2 days ago
The most underrated song from the album tbh
TheLitLighter 2 days ago
Dude was becoming so versatile. he had his: - Drill vibe ( Dior, WTTP, CW, etc. ) - 2000s gangsta rap 50 cent/Dr Dre Vibe: ( Gangstas, Got it on me) - Trap ( For the Night, Creature, Snitching, etc.) - 2000s smooth R&B style: (Something Special, What you know about love) And he was just getting started, 20 years old, first album 😣 RIP WOO 💫
CA Ramiroo Soria
CA Ramiroo Soria 2 days ago
Ufffffff idoooo
karambar Avakin
karambar Avakin 3 days ago
Rip pop smoke❤💍
Ronaldo Nzario
Ronaldo Nzario 3 days ago
Whoever Popped Pop Smoke 💨 🚬 I Wi$h U Get Smoked 💨💨💨💨🚬
walla 3 days ago
That Piano from g unit poppin' them thangZ
مریم کاظمی
6ix 9in 😐
Tzouli Toska
Tzouli Toska 3 days ago
Eric H
Eric H 3 days ago
EHAAA A 4 days ago
Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your voice have left on our hearts
4T Breezy
4T Breezy 4 days ago
He really do sound like 50 Cent old shit
38_lizzy 4 days ago
Gangstas > Punani
Tina Williams
Tina Williams 4 days ago
Loving my cd can't stop playing Pop Smoke 💙💙 💙💙 💙
blahzay 4 days ago
SpiritualMind 3 days ago
Your Father is Garbage
TheLitLighter 4 days ago
Pop Smoke brought 90's and 2000's gangsta rap back. 50 cent and Dr Dre/ Scott Storch vibes. RIP BIG WOO
King M
King M 4 days ago
" The real ones are dying the fake ones are lit"
Wolf Rap
Wolf Rap 4 days ago
Den Den
Den Den 4 days ago
S R 4 days ago
I like the silver bird😁
Juckt nicht Hs
Juckt nicht Hs 4 days ago
Pop smoke is a Motherfucker Germany Love him
Shash 4 days ago
Beat sound like still dre
BLD-Jayden-ω- 5 days ago
Eine Legende R.I.P ❤
Dontrustinrust 5 days ago
1.40 il dit creme brulée lenculé aller oir les parole
Schamona Knight
Schamona Knight 5 days ago
90s rap feeling!!! Rip pop
RugbyReligionAl 5 days ago
This that NY shit. I'm not going to lie, that Dior song is complete garbage. This shit however....hit different....
Who is here after 69 said this was about him
big d
big d 2 days ago
Fuck 69 💯🐀
Sniper Smith
Sniper Smith 5 days ago
Forever RIP NY Caribbean mentally Strong love Pop Smoke
FoTiSmP HD 5 days ago
piano melody is a slower version of G-Unit Poppin them thangs
Shaozi 5 days ago
He can be the newest 50Cent
Kris Rozz - Vinyl Records Poland
Diss 6ix9ine
celal ayar
celal ayar 5 days ago
Mekanın cennet olsun kardesim
celal ayar
celal ayar 5 days ago
Türkiyeden selamlar
Nemanja D. Kidzin
Don't say it... don't say it... don't say it... *G UNIT*
Diego Orozco
Diego Orozco 5 days ago
Super fire💥 NY All Day 914 ^R.I.P. Pop🙌 top 5 dead or alive?
Rui Caesare
Rui Caesare 5 days ago
G g g unit. I feel this kid flow man
Jose Erick Medrano Carrion
Is 6ix9ine the ghost writer ? ....
Jinxx 計
Jinxx 計 5 days ago
If this don’t get 100m views by the end of this year idk what people thinking tbh this needs to be world wide
Drake Turner
Drake Turner 5 days ago
69 say dis song fo him.🤦🏽‍♂️
DaV_almighty5 5 days ago
He sounds like 50 cent but better
Jason Wright
Jason Wright 3 days ago
He was nowhere close to the artist 50 was, he had potential though
Tony Cuadrado
Tony Cuadrado 6 days ago
Anybody hear the 69 diss at the start
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 6 days ago
Pop smoke is a .50 cent wanna be! Not a legend! Not an original style and only got fame for dieing! Just sad
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 6 days ago
Pop sound like a young 50 I see, why 50 fucced wit him..RIP Woo
Roseannalee Davis
Who here after Tekashi 6ix9ine said that Pop Smoke made this song about him
Dylan Shaw
Dylan Shaw 6 days ago
RIP: 50 is why
Elmo 6 days ago
Xzunt 6 days ago
Pop smoke a real one✊🏽👑
Goat Thoo
Goat Thoo 6 days ago
Rip the legend
David Garxia
David Garxia 6 days ago
This should be on the next creed movie
live instagram compilations maroc
rip brother
NBA capolat38
NBA capolat38 6 days ago
Pop was a real G
NBA capolat38
NBA capolat38 6 days ago
Thats classic 🤯
Grove-St D
Grove-St D 6 days ago
Alelogu10 6 days ago
Like si vienes de 6ix9ine | |
Ynfl. litty
Ynfl. litty 6 days ago
He said " 44 got a kick PACK ( BOW ) BEST PART OF THE SONG THT (BOW) hit different long live pop smoke💙🥺 W💫💫💙
Volkan Aydin
Volkan Aydin 6 days ago
Denisa 69
Denisa 69 6 days ago
Omg he talk about 69
01svetlio01 6 days ago
Who's here after the 6ix9ine news?
Marcel Sasonow
Marcel Sasonow 6 days ago
Jeboii144 6 days ago
Who else does the adlibs, they on point nocap
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 7 days ago
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 7 days ago
NBA capolat38
NBA capolat38 7 days ago
He be trolling on him
NBA capolat38
NBA capolat38 7 days ago
69 think je better than 6ix9ine 😂😂😂
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