Pop Smoke - Aim For The Moon (Audio) ft. Quavo

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Pop Smoke - Aim For The Moon (Audio) ft. Quavo
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Directed by Tillavision

#PopSmoke #AimForTheMoon #Quavo
Music video by Pop Smoke performing Aim For The Moon (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Victor Victor Worldwide


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Jul 3, 2020




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Comments 3 329
Luz Marina Barbosa
Luz Marina Barbosa 9 hours ago
Que tristeza que maten a un cantante tan bueno ,lo que hace la envidia
aladns dad
aladns dad Day ago
💫 rip woo
Nathan Galicia
THIS SHIT SUCKKS! what it sucks that he died man what did u expect.
NumeroKyrie !
this song go dumi
Thug Life
Thug Life Day ago
Unreleased Pop Smoke "Hold On" Leaked !!🔥🔥 ​ruvid.net/video/video-0G5Hpq67ECE.html​
K.M Hemmans
K.M Hemmans Day ago
Yeah, teah, yeah yeah
Don Falcone
Don Falcone 2 days ago
RIP bro🙏🏿🙏🏿
ggxnick ,
ggxnick , 2 days ago
Big drip like spit from a big rick Fendi on my collar, I'm a real rich prick (wet!) Just like some extra pee, shake em' off my dick (aye!) Too much sauce, broke my hip (ay, ay) Caution, you might need emergency kit (ay, ay) Coffin, anything I fuck went real (Real, real) Feeling like a tongue, cause I'm moving like a lick (aye!) One thousand dollar shoes, same color Pickle Rick (feelin' like a) Yohji Yamamoto Diamonds like sudoku (sudoku) Runnin' round the city in a toga eating noodles (Runnin' round the city eatin') Think I'm a star, chill in there Pluto (water) Huh, yuh, you knew though (you knew though) I'm on a roll, just like a lobster (look at it) These niggas imposters, acting like the coppers (water) My diamonds wetter than damn Davy Jones locker (yah, yah) Sir Ski Slump, yup, bad motherfucker They feel me like braille (they feel me like) She wet like a whale (she wet like a) I pull up, they bail (bail) Well (deet, deet, bail, deet) They wishing me well (well) I don't fuck with 12 (12, I don't fuck with) Cause that is a L (ooh) L's (L, L, L, L, L, L), yeah I'ma take your bitch out to Denny's (I'ma take your bitch out to) Trappin' like I'm trapping in Benny (Trappin' like I'm trapping in the) Beat? That bitch, came from woah, Kenny (Beat? That bitch, came from woah, aye) My bitch same color as Henny (Henny) Order same color, it's pennies (ay, ay, ay, pennies) Spank that bitch like I'm her nanny (ooh, nanny) Pack up on a nigga like a fanny I'm in a Phantom like my name is Danny, huh (Hey, Danny!) VLONE (ay, ay, ay, ay), cost a nigga green like Ceelo (C, C, Ceelo) I pop up with the pistol like a cheat code (Phew, phew, phew) And that bitch bust it like a freak hoe (Phew, phew, phew, wet, wet, wet) Ooh, mink coat (mink coat, mink coat, yup) Cost me a cinco (cinco, cinco, huh?) Jewelry it be wetter than a sink hoe (wetter than a) They think that I'm Cuban cause the links hoe, uh (Huh, huh, huh) They feel me like braille (they feel me like) She wet like a whale (she wet like a) I pull up, they bail (bail) Well (deet, deet, well, deet) They wishing me well (well) I don't fuck with 12 (12, I don't fuck with) Cause that is a L (ooh) L's (L, L, L, L, L, L), yeah They feel me like braille (they feel me like) She wet like a whale (she wet like a) I pull up, they bail (bail) Well (deet, deet, bail, deet) They wishing me well (well) I don't fuck with 12 (12, I don't fuck with) Cause that is a L (ooh) L's (L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L), yeah
SBMEDIA 777 2 days ago
Pop smoke x Ariana Grande 🔥🔥🔥ruvid.net/video/video-hPivtnp1gk8.html
LaFlame Rager's
LaFlame Rager's 2 days ago
phineas McClentock
I’ve never been as mad at myself for discovering someone after their death as I am with him. One of my favorite artists his music belongs in movies
Slim Thick Fitness Virgo
Quavo killed it ❤️
Castrocuba 3 days ago
Once again, Gunna ruined a song EDIT: I thought this was legit Gunna since they are equally trash, I meant Quavo. Tbh Quavo, Migos, Future, Gunna and all then trash ass rappers sound the same. Pop smoke, a boogie, roddy, 50 cent, tupac, are better
Bill Crodi
Bill Crodi 3 days ago
Beats era went crazy on this beat rip Smoke pop
DES 3 days ago
Rip pop man smh
Tina Williams
Tina Williams 4 days ago
Pop Smoke and Quavo did good music together
kid in da hood
kid in da hood 4 days ago
Who else is listening to this at midnight
GK 4 days ago
King Nasir😂😂😩
mekhi wright
mekhi wright 4 days ago
Pop been on repeat since February no cap
DKTB yt 5 days ago
092 forever
Jama Yusuf
Jama Yusuf 5 days ago
💫💫 this Hard to listening in Africa. King of NY Woo💫 rip
Crazy Youtuber
Crazy Youtuber 5 days ago
POP SMOKE - Armed N Dangerous (Charlie Sloth) Music Video ruvid.net/video/video-F73vIRdZm70.html
Joe Cashin
Joe Cashin 5 days ago
So young and talented, gone to soon SIP🎯
Mikayla Rivera
Mikayla Rivera 6 days ago
quavo should do a music video for this song
Adelia Farmer
Adelia Farmer 6 days ago
shrtlink.ca/359xxxamateurvideobabies සාක්ෂි සියයක් අත්විඳ ඇත එය කෙටියෙන්තවත් බොහෝ අය අතර විය
Mureen Jeson
Mureen Jeson 6 days ago
One of the best of POP'$ Songs. Pop the king of NY.
Ale Fah
Ale Fah 6 days ago
Only when Popi saying "yeeeeah yeeeeah yeeeeeah yeeeeeeeeah" sounds incredible biaaaaatch
Dd’s World
Dd’s World 6 days ago
Pop smoke didn’t make dose braids
DKTB yt 7 days ago
808Melo 7 days ago
Hurricane Isaias is just Pop Smoke thanking us for the support and album
YOUR NEXT 7 days ago
Yea yea yea yea
Zack Nur Dirie
Zack Nur Dirie 7 days ago
I listen this song when I am smoking mood
Alicia Painter
Alicia Painter 7 days ago
Listening in 2020.
LevelUpBeatz 8 days ago
Shoot for staaaaaaaarrrrrss "Shoot shoot" aim for the mooooon! "The moon" 🔥
Angel 8 days ago
Who bumping this in 2020💯🔥
GK 8 days ago
GX-QE 8 days ago
Who ever watching this on 2050 this guy was a legend
Hellcat Squad
Hellcat Squad 8 days ago
I Wish Travis Scott Hopped On This
ITZ_Starslayez Boiz
This beat is harder then when I get whooped by a wooden spoon
XKami. 8 days ago
So far my best on the album
Jequan Nelson
Jequan Nelson 8 days ago
this song go hard ❤️ RIP The Woo 🙏🏽
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez 9 days ago
Long live” pop smoke”....
Jace Simmons
Jace Simmons 9 days ago
YUNG DTREY 9 days ago
Alijah Rhodes
Alijah Rhodes 9 days ago
1:08 is the best part of the song I don’t care what nobody say!
Alijah Rhodes
Alijah Rhodes 3 days ago
Jama Yusuf
Jama Yusuf 4 days ago
I agree
Taviyonn Cross
Taviyonn Cross 4 days ago
I agree
Luke Appleton
Luke Appleton 9 days ago
Kid kudi Travis mix
nandinha black
nandinha black 9 days ago
Smmm Dddd
Smmm Dddd 9 days ago
Pop smoke the new future
xTwinsOfMercuryx 9 days ago
My man Pop murdered this, but Takeoff wouldve killed this beat too ☠️☠️
CT Zay
CT Zay 9 days ago
Mr Doir Doir They Know Where it STARTED 🔥 🔥 🔥 goin Dumb SONG OF THE YEAR 🙏🏾‼️🤘🏿💫
Savage Nobert
Savage Nobert 10 days ago
BB3 10 days ago
It's crazy I started listening to to the woo in summer of last year the day he died I was listening to gatti and when pop smoke chorus came on I saw the news on my phone still can't believe aye pop smoke you made it to the moon bro and back bruh fly high 🕊️💫
Órion Flores Leal
Órion Flores Leal 10 days ago
têm que lançar o duzentão rsrs 200
James Oriakhi
James Oriakhi 10 days ago
I really don’t understand how people can dislike this song frfr
mrAstaice 10 days ago
Aim for the stars smoke
Amara Cole
Amara Cole 10 days ago
ruvid.net/show-UC-dVlj1qPkOleyfu8SNiUQg?view_as=subscriber Pick A song and Listen to it!!!
Guduane Bucuane
Guduane Bucuane 10 days ago
Party after party🔥🔥💙
Da HoodedSage
Da HoodedSage 10 days ago
One of the best songs Quavo has been on
MALCOLM - 3 10 days ago
The woo niggaz fuckx wiff #🇹🇹x🌎 niiga my IG @malcolmthe3
Franzloco Peter030
Franzloco Peter030 11 days ago
So ein geiles Lied
XKami. 11 days ago
Man he got huncho on his song there's no way to be a bad song
shamus Eccleston
shamus Eccleston 11 days ago
U ain’t cool until I say you W💫💫
Michael. ?st
Michael. ?st 11 days ago
Join as i 11YEAR OLD record my first Gospel Drill session without even having to read off my Lyrics @
Young Peso
Young Peso 11 days ago
Go show some love ruvid.net/video/video-8SgwlGOrbIg.html 🔥🙏🏾
CT Zay
CT Zay 11 days ago
Kathrine Bozeman
Kathrine Bozeman 11 days ago
Mi my name samya Bozeman l Detroit mi love you Pop Smoke 🙏🙏🙏🤎🤞🏽😇😇😇💔💔💔
oscar cruz
oscar cruz 11 days ago
We both bust a nut now leave me alone 🥴
Keylin Taylor
Keylin Taylor 11 days ago
Keylin Taylor
Keylin Taylor 11 days ago
Luis M
Luis M 12 days ago
You ain’t cool till I say you cool
I Kno Greenz
I Kno Greenz 12 days ago
I need help is listening to his music before he died and didn't know who he was a real fan or not?
retag Alawawda
retag Alawawda 12 days ago
Fhcddhhdsg😎😘😱👧💖💕💛❤💗💜💜💕🧡💖💛💕💛jjiugjfhggitt ig rugvjusvggdhrd☺🙂😊☺💜
hollyred pluto
hollyred pluto 12 days ago
Watching this at night makes me feel like I’m in New York and the moon at the same time
Tech Space
Tech Space 12 days ago
Pop Smoke's biggest dream was To go to the Moon?
LoNaGa .
LoNaGa . 12 days ago
Kamogelo Chiwayo
Kamogelo Chiwayo 12 days ago
1+1= PoP Smoke & Quavo
JoshuaHorry Molongi
‘Mr Dior Dior they know where we started’ FUCKING HELL🔥🔥🔥 so basic yet it bangs
RetroDontVape 12 days ago
“You talkin too much baby pour up a 4”🥱
Cheikh Niang
Cheikh Niang 13 days ago
Rolling shoulders on the yeaah. Woo forever 💫
Cinemachoice 13 days ago
Brooklyn young king
PotatoGamer7462 13 days ago
One of the only pop smoke songs i actually like
AJ Koroma
AJ Koroma 13 days ago
This is the best song on the album change my mind
Eternal Destinee
Eternal Destinee 13 days ago
idk what it is about 1:07 but my ears & brain both cum every time!!
ישראל israel
ישראל israel 13 days ago
Connor Clarke
Connor Clarke 13 days ago
1:06 is it me or that’s KSI
justin Hubbard
justin Hubbard 13 days ago
can never stop listening to the wooooooo RIP
Asad KHAN 13 days ago
Jake D
Jake D 14 days ago
Loved this song til the second dude came on.. it went down hill with his "one, two, buckle my shoe" tempo 🤦‍♂️ try again... rip pop
Microwave 14 days ago
He didn't die he was just invited to another party 😪
JR JR 14 days ago
I personally appreciate Pop's music because I've been keeping my ears close enough ever since he dropped welcome to the party. Woo
rasaja sharpe
rasaja sharpe 14 days ago
RIP WOO 🗣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
High Grade
High Grade 14 days ago
Ox1de 14 days ago
Dest 14 days ago
So ouço esse som no talo .
Yolo Gaming
Yolo Gaming 14 days ago
Smoke that shit pop do it 🔥🔥🔥
Lledroc Kralc
Lledroc Kralc 14 days ago
Lledroc Kralc
Lledroc Kralc 14 days ago
SLIT WRIST 14 days ago
Could y’all check out my music and leave feedback plz🙏🔥
New Yorks Finest
New Yorks Finest 15 days ago
Am i the only one who listened closely to the beat, that shit cold asfff
JayTai 15 days ago
I didn’t even listen to him at one point, but now that I listened to his music, his music is 🔥, my sister got me into him and, ever since I been listening to his music. R.I.P The W💫💫
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