Poor to Rich: Losing Your Job! ( A Sad Roblox Story)

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Jan 25, 2020




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roblox Gamer
roblox Gamer 10 hours ago
I use star code Shaneplays evrytime
Chastity Rowe
Chastity Rowe 16 days ago
Cool videos
Debbie Dang
Debbie Dang 26 days ago
And huskybux.com and robloxarmy.com and rblx.land
Xxbeatz Official
The scariest part about this, is that people really will do this to you, ppl who don't want to see u succeed.
lsdreamer :3
lsdreamer :3 Month ago
What game is that???? Pls respond
ilyas Bukhari
ilyas Bukhari Month ago
I use code shaneplays
Sunday Iyekekpolor
Sunday Iyekekpolor 2 months ago
Please a part 3 clay should go down
Jordan Massin
Jordan Massin 2 months ago
Jordan Massin
Jordan Massin 2 months ago
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 2 months ago
1 like=100 punches for the spoiled girlfriend
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 2 months ago
Use starcode ShanePlays when buying robux and Shane this was a great video!!
Saja Lotfy
Saja Lotfy 3 months ago
Briana, cat: I eloiese I think we all know who he is talking about
yekbunYT LOL
yekbunYT LOL 3 months ago
what the, briana playz in this
Co Jason
Co Jason 3 months ago
You have to make another part
plaggomg22 YT
plaggomg22 YT 4 months ago
Cant wait for part 3
Nicolas DeBari
Nicolas DeBari 4 months ago
I love shane
Ali Hussen
Ali Hussen 4 months ago
Star Gamer
Star Gamer 4 months ago
i am a true fan of Shake i love his youtubevideo
kerly Sterling the truth
This is not the end
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson 5 months ago
It’s sad how this probably happens in real life! It’s sad how evil people are!
Loudly Rami Rami
Loudly Rami Rami 5 months ago
Woah woah woah did you say Brianna is your friend !!??
WildCardFortnite 5 months ago
Aaron saying her name: Bernadette Her saying it: Burrrnaddddeeeeettteeeee Me saying it: Bur nad Ette, wait how do I say it again?
Clint Grech
Clint Grech 5 months ago
Make sure to use star code shaneplays or I'll come in your closet tonight
Breeann Palmer
Breeann Palmer 5 months ago
hey shaneplays what is that place on roblez
Lesuan Lesuan
Lesuan Lesuan 5 months ago
You kool
Agnes Sheen Aguilar Rollon
ummm shane do you play roblox
SuperTastyNoodles 6 months ago
Please name the world's meanest fire fighter hunter huckleberry please
SuperTastyNoodles 6 months ago
Shane I have a awesome idea for your channel why not use the fire fighter from this video and please make him robloxs meanest fire fighter please thanks dude
babytwinz11 6 months ago
Outbreak coronavirus
babytwinz11 6 months ago
babytwinz11 6 months ago
David Gaming
David Gaming 6 months ago
Dairany Garcia
Dairany Garcia 6 months ago
wait briannas cat i know that cat i subscibed to brianna shes amazing go shane go shane go go go
baby old-aml-796 ツ
It's a nice video Shane plays.
Zack leaf
Zack leaf 6 months ago
Baseplate 6 months ago
Idk Shane’s vids from the start he was pretty old voice but now he sounds like my brothers best friend who is 11 years old Xd
Valorant i love online games
cmon shane just give me becuese im so poor i have two robux
Da luthfi Luths
Da luthfi Luths 6 months ago
Is this a part 2??
Juan evangelista Empeynado
Im new here
Mads101 6 months ago
Who else just wants to role play in that town? Just me ok
Naromie Boucicaut
Naromie Boucicaut 7 months ago
only 105 disliked wow im not hating or saiyng this is bad but i havent seen less dislike in 100mill years
_x_kaylee_x_ X
_x_kaylee_x_ X 7 months ago
Your removed
Metro Meteor
Metro Meteor 7 months ago
Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga 7 months ago
Use this code while buying robux ShanePlays
Steve S
Steve S 7 months ago
And how do you go to court with evidence
Steve S
Steve S 7 months ago
How does a lower ranking person fire a higher up
Noob Flamingo
Noob Flamingo 7 months ago
The youtuber
Megan Gebur
Megan Gebur 7 months ago
Shane I’m a big fan can u friend me on roblox
sergio gonzalez
sergio gonzalez 7 months ago
Go to part 5:16 see what it says
Aiden Vate
Aiden Vate 7 months ago
Hey I really like your RUvid channel I need robux please I really want to play bloxburg my username pinksheep1e3 please
fortnite tickets
fortnite tickets 7 months ago
Why did his girlfriend steal money from his bank account???!
The Lightgamer
The Lightgamer 7 months ago
From these videos
The Lightgamer
The Lightgamer 7 months ago
Is this the first or second video
The Lightgamer
The Lightgamer 7 months ago
How can that girl hack into his bank account without a code 8:33?
Roblox Teddy Bear
Roblox Teddy Bear 7 months ago
what is this game
AlessiaGachaRoblox 7 months ago
Im thakful that my friend told me about this channel that were some nice stories you did i could even make one like that
Alsubhi Adham
Alsubhi Adham 7 months ago
wait briana like Preston's wife
Jordan Bethards
Jordan Bethards 7 months ago
Nani!?!?!?!?!?!?! at the night dinner thing it say nine and I was watching at nine
K Robertson
K Robertson 7 months ago
I used your creator code on roblox love your videos all of your videos our very inspiring to me love you:D
It’s ari TV
It’s ari TV 7 months ago
Guys don’t put to code if u do he will be your rubox
L'oreal Wright
L'oreal Wright 7 months ago
im unsubscribing because they let them get away yea so now you know
best boi roblox
best boi roblox 7 months ago
Wait what how does she know his passcode on the bank what!!
Moon light
Moon light 7 months ago
I put the code that you said that said start it said removed support you have to give me Robux. My username is 24blue27
Munier jinbaz
Munier jinbaz 7 months ago
Can you make part 3 pleeeeeaase
KingJordan930 7 months ago
If you love this video like my comment
민 로블록스Min Roblox
They need FBI
Silicon 7 months ago
This movie series should involve Finkleberry, Roofus, Minion, Unis, & Shane!
Mc Lester Lising
Mc Lester Lising 7 months ago
9:03 hahaha!:D
Mc Lester Lising
Mc Lester Lising 7 months ago
Shane you almost 1M!!! Keep it up!!:D
Mc Lester Lising
Mc Lester Lising 7 months ago
Mc Lester Lising
Mc Lester Lising 7 months ago
5:4 :O
Mc Lester Lising
Mc Lester Lising 7 months ago
Shane you owe me 😉😏😏 25robux Shane:D
Cynthia Nava
Cynthia Nava 7 months ago
She's acting to be nice
Cynthia Nava
Cynthia Nava 7 months ago
I thought the girl wanted to date him and be nice
JW Warner
JW Warner 7 months ago
Wasn't that rich to poor?
Danuta Sokalska
Danuta Sokalska 7 months ago
Is there a part 2
Lol Superman
Lol Superman 7 months ago
Shane why do u never finish ur video I may stop watching u
KiaPlayz 7 months ago
Make PArt 3
zzkqz 7 months ago
zarah kanno
zarah kanno 7 months ago
Shan can we have a part three please?
Pesoid 7 months ago
whats roblox
Pug Playz
Pug Playz 7 months ago
This is Rich to poor
michal nemcek
michal nemcek 7 months ago
Shaneplays is the best I love his roblox sad storys
Sergeant Badger
Sergeant Badger 7 months ago
Hey Shane I don’t know why but I keep on thinking that guy on the thumbnail is Officer Roofus 😐 I don’t mean this as an insult and Officer Roofus is very Rich though
Tariq Mahmood
Tariq Mahmood 7 months ago
Are why did you do that?!! It's a desaster Aren do not trust other people that be mean to you
AvacadoHacks Adopt me
How does the robux work?
santo chow
santo chow 7 months ago
Make erance revenge
Fierce 7 months ago
I hate people who say 'It was you!' even if it is not true
handsome spongebob
handsome spongebob 7 months ago
this video made me cry
Victoria Fioribello
Victoria Fioribello 7 months ago
ScratchTuber 7 months ago
I hope Bernadette and Clay gets arrested in the end!
Young Skies
Young Skies 7 months ago
1like = one punchy in the face to clay!✊🏽🤬😡
Bader Alrowithi
Bader Alrowithi 7 months ago
Why do you include brinna from Preston
Misheel Ganbaatar
Misheel Ganbaatar 7 months ago
0k cool i love your roblox movies best guy ever yayyyy
Isaac y julissa
Isaac y julissa 7 months ago
I did not get robux??
mohamed gamer s r over
Who use code if you do that tell you got rubux or scaming
elflaco _0428 NAUTTP
You have terrible at robux and scamming
Laquita Henry-Sohail
You’re copying preston’s Wife
ashy dashy
ashy dashy 7 months ago
5:14 Preston reference?
tonyoblaze6970 7 months ago
Do getting your job back please
Aiysha George
Aiysha George 7 months ago
You know what. Let's put a like on Aaron and a comment on clay.
TheRealOne Coming
TheRealOne Coming 7 months ago
Part 3 please
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