Pooh Shiesty - Neighbors (feat. Big 30) [Official Music Video]

Pooh Shiesty
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Pooh Shiesty - Neighbors (feat. Big 30)
'Shiesty Season' 🐍 Available Everywhere Now
Presented by @No More Heroes
Director: instagram.com/lakafilms/
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Feb 4, 2021




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Comments 100
Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane 3 months ago
Isaias Santiago
Isaias Santiago 4 days ago
@CTM LD I fuck with yá
Ja'Kavion Pratt
Ja'Kavion Pratt 6 days ago
guucci mane
Jeremy Chambers
Jeremy Chambers 6 days ago
Luis Santana
Luis Santana 7 days ago
D Money
D Money 8 days ago
@CTM LD qaq
leroy jinkins
leroy jinkins Hour ago
Steady StacknTv
Steady StacknTv 6 hours ago
Birds come from. Where the spurs play . big 30 giving tha tone a shou out
KojoSkateOrDieGuy 8 hours ago
He told the police close my door!!!
dumFN_ _
dumFN_ _ 9 hours ago
Why his nose so big
Justinios Von Daywalker
If Bruh and yo Gotti's little brother idk who is lol it's uncanny #Murrzik
Laconia White
Laconia White 17 hours ago
He's cute
Tcurry814 Yt
Tcurry814 Yt 18 hours ago
Smoke Bone
Smoke Bone 19 hours ago
Jay Chanel
Jay Chanel 20 hours ago
Davien Terry
Davien Terry 21 hour ago
Why lil baby look like a old man
OMGitzKB 23 hours ago
@ittzkb:God is good
Hoxar Exeyツ
Hoxar Exeyツ 23 hours ago
Tell me why lil baby is dis but didn't feature it be would've spit heat
Alador Getachew
I bet u haven't seen shiesty normal
Onico Ahyew
Onico Ahyew Day ago
This video funny asf
Ryan Sabastan
That beat hard af!!!
William Brace
Hahaha I’m dying I never noticed the stimulus check behind him in the mailbox
PGB Tez Day ago
PGB Tez Day ago
Annette Ortiz
Right and pooh big 30
Nikaya Hursey
I lovev this song this great I love is
milk poison
milk poison Day ago
Pooh gets along with the neighborhood
AIKINOOB 702 Day ago
Gabe Day ago
Lil baby made this video 10x harder
YungChicken Day ago
brrr brrrrrr
Jared Gines
Jared Gines Day ago
This is awesome
abdi jr
abdi jr Day ago
baby bar was hard ngl
Kid wolf
Kid wolf Day ago
Lil baby showing up in a video and not rap but he be sounding like he miles away when he drops a ft
Shoddy Boy
Shoddy Boy Day ago
2:02 bruuuh 😂😂💀
Christmas Robinson
All of your songs are hard no cap
lil alco
lil alco 2 days ago
Ain’t gon lie pooh shiesty fire but all his songs sound the same except for back in blood
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 2 days ago
John Lewis
John Lewis 2 days ago
The beat goes hard.
Chris T.
Chris T. 2 days ago
the homie never miss ong
A_sneaky_ear 2 days ago
Coop slatt raze energy
Toxic Jay
Toxic Jay 2 days ago
He look like he has a lisp 😂
Jaysiah Brown
Jaysiah Brown 2 days ago
big brlddrddr
Julia Guffey
Julia Guffey 2 days ago
from the beat to the lyrics to the video, shit go hardddd
Vernon Johnson
Vernon Johnson 2 days ago
Hardest beat of all time
Dakota cseh
Dakota cseh 2 days ago
Yo I feel like mike Jones ft would go crazy on this too
cdot b
cdot b 2 days ago
This nigga fits shiesty to a tee 😅
Lavrans 2 days ago
why the mom so big though
jaden 2 days ago
One day I hope I get a chance to chill and lean with future, durkio, pooh, double 0 and lil gotit and metro if he's not busy
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 2 days ago
All sheisty’s songs sound the same but there all so fire
nexxt up
nexxt up 2 days ago
fr he got that gucci mane style
David Villareal
David Villareal 2 days ago
Where’s lil baby’s verse?
Jhada Chambers
Jhada Chambers 2 days ago
My bday is on july 18th
chris jraige
chris jraige 2 days ago
Did everyone jump wen they seen lil baby
Marvoun3 don't delete this account plz Davon
🔥🔥 ooooooooooooiih
Bencobestanz 2 days ago
pooh shiesty you look better than me
ceatuu 2 days ago
when the whiteboy started lip syncing i lost it
Desmond Ford
Desmond Ford 3 days ago
PoloSavage 3 days ago
No cap I was lookin at poohs teeth the whole time
Ali Ghannawi
Ali Ghannawi 3 days ago
Bounty3point0 3 days ago
Logan 28
Logan 28 3 days ago
Big 30 needs more respect hes fucking FILTHY
Goat_DFS 3 days ago
Whoever disliked this. Don’t listen to music again.
Zerkz 3 days ago
first time seeing Lil baby in a music video without spitting bars
Paul McKiernan
Guwop - young thug
Zyion Arias
Zyion Arias 3 days ago
Idk if it's pronounced pooh or po cause he said po in the song at 0:50
Oni Anon
Oni Anon 3 days ago
Does he really talk like that
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 3 days ago
U don’t need to hate on them White people, u know Mike runs you . .. I ain’t scared , I ain’t never seen you n Memphis, I’m the 1 . Y’all talking a little hard U lucky I like your daddy lol
SheLuvHateMiguel 3 days ago
1:20 "think you can beat me in spades" 😬🤣
Fenalix1k 3 days ago
You know this man high asf when he take the blunt nd pass it straight back 2:07 💀💀
Mike Ray
Mike Ray 3 days ago
I'm not where I'm spose to be because my momma raised me
Jermaine Dragon
Jermaine Dragon 3 days ago
VON ❤️❤️🔥
JoshyJosh 3 days ago
Borack Obama
Borack Obama 3 days ago
this went from 1 4.6M to 32M
IG: az Fozz_
IG: az Fozz_ 3 days ago
Why this video took me to early 2000s 😂😂
BigErik53 _YT
BigErik53 _YT 3 hours ago
cause it gives a gucci vibe lol
xkliney1414x 4 days ago
2:57 not bro walking around the corner and dropping the L😭
Kaelan McCarter
Kaelan McCarter 4 days ago
this shit on repeat every time 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ryno0614 4 days ago
Lowkey gave me comethazine vibes
Julian Jimenez
Julian Jimenez 4 days ago
Straight flames
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain 4 days ago
The momma tho 🤩
Rick Malave
Rick Malave 4 days ago
Lil baby just like wassup
Kenneth Rivas
Kenneth Rivas 4 days ago
i’m a real gangsta this some shit you can’t rehearse
Truth 4 days ago
big brrrrr
Chloe Funk
Chloe Funk 4 days ago
Will Jackson
Will Jackson 4 days ago
yonathan seyum
yonathan seyum 4 days ago
lil babys verse was hard
BayyBee ana
BayyBee ana 4 days ago
B gang always sport dawg 32
Lr123 Orev
Lr123 Orev 4 days ago
He has a old school hip hop demo quality.💪 Good🎵🎶🎵🎶
YS_Homie 4 days ago
Man’s look like mater
Joyful Love
Joyful Love 4 days ago
Henry A
Henry A 4 days ago
This is some good shit
Jmark 15384
Jmark 15384 4 days ago
Big bdrrrr 😏
Guapdon 4 days ago
Got damn 🔥🔥
Hayley Jury
Hayley Jury 4 days ago
I love how white dude falls out the window like dude r u already high? Lol
Emery Ntungwe
Emery Ntungwe 4 days ago
So that's spades ♠️
Imanuel Marrero
Imanuel Marrero 4 days ago
Why is baby there but not singing
robin-yt 5 days ago
Wsp cuz come get me
notoutcome 1
notoutcome 1 5 days ago
Pooh shiesty das my dawg, but Pooh you know I’m really shiesty
iji hero
iji hero 5 days ago
girl Instagram
iji hero
iji hero 5 days ago
plz i need KARA Instagram
Marrio Rippy
Marrio Rippy 5 days ago
Any time lil baby sitting in the video I already know it go hard but pooh sheisty really doing this shit 💯💯💯
Wasabii Ayers
Wasabii Ayers 5 days ago
Pooh shiesty fka shock g😂
This video is actually has a strong message 🧐
Dawndra Draper
Dawndra Draper 5 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶🥶,turn up ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Roker
Joshua Roker 5 days ago
I to aggressively shake my head with my 4 neighbors in a small room
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen 5 days ago
This video fire it got me weak how the neighbors daughter and son came over and lit up lol white guy shared big 30 verse with him was supa hard lolol
JDaArchitect 5 days ago
The Don Way T.V.
The Don Way T.V. 5 days ago
The Whiten people should have been called the Choppers 😂♠️
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