Politics: Crash Course Sociology #30

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While politics is generally seen as the domain of a civics class (and Craig did a great job of teaching US Government & Politics elsewhere on this channel!) it’s something that sociology is interested in too. Today we’re looking at the sociological approach to politics, different types of authority and political systems, and different sociological theories of power.
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Oct 23, 2017




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Comments 306
NickTheWinner Month ago
its gooood to have straight A's.
Please slow down, your talking speed is like someone put the gun on your head....
p H
p H 2 months ago
I thought all Americans had good teeth?
brett knoss
brett knoss 3 months ago
Is Public Choice theory or the Virginia School ever used I Sociology?
mizzmusicthief 4 months ago
Pray for me, I'm cramming for an exam
Wajid yassar Official
Hello text me
Cody A. Lee
Cody A. Lee 9 months ago
The left right spectrum is so void of nuance--a framework suited for simple minds.
niko 155254
niko 155254 10 months ago
in indonesia, political spectrum spread from cebong to kampret. got that indonesian? no? okay, byeeeee
Toka Agamy
Toka Agamy 10 months ago
"you might not think of your government as a threat " as an Egyptian, THEY ARE THE THREAT. :'D
Begim F
Begim F 10 months ago
. Is there any theory that explains, why government neglects some social problems and acts only when the problem becomes very serious????????????
Keerthi L.S.
Keerthi L.S. Year ago
Thank you ❤️
vvn Year ago
Always love these videos when revising, amazing quality and revision material. :)
Mohsin Bahoto
Mohsin Bahoto Year ago
very informative and comprehensive lectures. thanks a lot
gillian owens
gillian owens Year ago
I been more education if I did politics and society in school only a new subject this year
Zac H
Zac H Year ago
You guys really could've educated us more on the right wing benefits to their laissez-faire attitude towards government intrusion. For a channel that "wants" to show us more and teach about topics, it is really incredible that you would not show both sides of the argument. Showing only one side of the benefits basically presents the opposite side as having zero benefits. As an "education" channel, you should know that, no matter the political stance of your channel or staff, you should still show both sides instead of forgetting or purposefully misrepresenting a side you disagree with. To not show both sides shows your intent to educate is not entirely true because you also want to discredit the side you lean against. As educators you ought to be ashamed and this very bias is similiar to how the Nazi's brainwashed people. Ironic considering how many leftist and liberals despise the swatztika.
AKDGsonic Year ago
sorry, in our country, we do not "elect". we throw one onto the throne
l60449 Year ago
Great Video again!!
Luis garcia
Luis garcia 2 years ago
The left is given more credit than the right they dont go more into detail on the economic issues, the right believe we shouldnt share everything equally amonh everyone or else the more lazy would, key word, ABUSE of it like its happening, the right also believe in equality among sexs but it would depend on what jobs, you cant expect women to get paid more if it were a construction job, most women wont be able to lift more or have as much endurance as men, but in a job where you need to think more women tend to get paid equally or more, depending how much work everyone puts in
CUM2america 2 years ago
Oversized glasses = freak. You heard it here first.
Dai Qibao
Dai Qibao 2 years ago
Oh, you highlighted Marxism from a biased Leftist perspective. It's fun to pretend stuff, like Marxism and Social arts.
Dai Qibao
Dai Qibao 2 years ago
To think Leftist: politics includes protesting, and excludes people wanting to buy stuff.
Spencer Lopes
Spencer Lopes 2 years ago
when you don’t vote you lose your voice. access is one issue and age is another but if you have easy access to voting like most americans do and you’re are of age and not a felon and you still don’t vote you have lost your political voice
EozTheNew 2 years ago
A note on boycotting: what a lot of people don't realize is that, while boycotting CAN lower the profits of a CEO and/or the shareholders, whose views you find disagreeable, that is always the last resort for the company. Before it gets to that point, there are procedures for de-escalation and mitigation of profit losses, which often include 'streamlining the workforce' AKA letting employees go. Just remember that in order for you to hurt the pockets of the people who run a company, your would usually first need to make people lose their jobs.
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans 2 years ago
Is it really fair at all to collapse all political viewpoints into the binary left/right dichotomy?
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans 2 years ago
wow assuming so much about me in the first sentence...
Dai Vexed
Dai Vexed 2 years ago
being a liberal doesn't mean you want equality of outcome it means you want equality of oppertunity dont equate liberal and left because they are far from being the same thing
Dian Guan
Dian Guan 2 years ago
Passey's Perspective
She's hot
Mage of Void
Mage of Void 2 years ago
Political science student here, it's neat to see very familiar concepts framed through a new sociological lens :)
MetalZeat William
MetalZeat William 2 years ago
I liked that
aggrocrow 2 years ago
Love this unit, but the weird time signature in the theme music drives me nuts.
timothy cochran
timothy cochran 2 years ago
Ok guys there are classical liberals and modern liberals. They're different in that classical liberals want the government to have as little power as possible, because they believe that the government will use its power to oppress people. Modern liberals believe that the government should be strong enough to protect the less powerful and wealthy groups in America. From what I understand, classical liberals are pretty much libertarians.
Followmybliss2013 2 years ago
You are SO watchable! You just draw me in to your subject.
Effigy Faraj
Effigy Faraj 2 years ago
Hey guys, listen to what she's saying; don't just talk about her looks.
Johnny Herbert
Johnny Herbert 2 years ago
Was she trying to hide bias? She did a poor job.
Johnny Herbert
Johnny Herbert 2 years ago
Daniel Hall it’s crazy to consider but I believe it. Back in college (2011) my sociology lecturer didn’t believe in grades. They were a negative construct she said. Instead we all were given A’s if we submitted a picture of us making the world a better place. No homework, no tests, I submitted a picture of me placing (my own) empty bottle into the recycling container and got an A.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 2 years ago
Compared to typical sociology courses and professors, this episode was far right.
Shawn Ravenfire
Shawn Ravenfire 2 years ago
Another reason for public demonstrations is that it clarifies public views on policies. (Voters are rarely given the chance to vote on policies, just candidates.) For one thing, if a candidate runs on a platform of lowering taxes and stopping gay marriage, and he gets elected, until the public make their voices heard, the elected candidate has no way of knowing which aspects of his platform got him elected. (Maybe they don't want a gay marriage ban, but voted for the candidate to avoid a tax increase.) Second, it shows how strongly people feel about the issues. If an opinion poll shows that a majority of the public said yes to a new policy, a demonstration may show that the people who said no feel very strongly, while the people who said yes weren't that interested, and probably wouldn't notice if the policy didn't go into effect. On a side note, how exactly do free market and traditionalism both fall under "conservative," other than the fact that the political party leaders said so? In my experience, most of the free-market people are more libertarian in their thinking, which aligns them less with tradition, and most of the traditionalists (mainly older people) are also more authoritarian.
Patrick Salvador
Patrick Salvador 2 years ago
I almost create a dictatorship in our classroom because of this series....
Tayfun Saral
Tayfun Saral 2 years ago
will there be a pedagogy crash course??
liban Omar
liban Omar 2 years ago
Can you do a crashcourse on the history of Somalia :)
John 2 years ago
liberalism shouldn't be refer as left leaning, it its a centrist ideology that will always be connected to its relationship with capitalism
Elaine Samarasinghe
Please do more of the Crash Course Literature...
CrashCourse 2 years ago
We're working on it - the next run of literature episodes is starting soon!
Francisco García González
Monarchy is not a type of authoritarianism. What about all the liberal monarchies we have now? This is like saying republics are a type of democracy, and then ignore authoritarian republics like Syria or North Korea.
Nicole B
Nicole B 2 years ago
im 12 i cant vote and im mexican soo
SPORT 2 years ago
This is funny... I've just meet a girl I'm trying to know and she's studying sociology. Crash course saved my next date.
Danny Hidayat
Danny Hidayat 2 years ago
why are you so white... your hair is white, your hands are white, your teeth are white, your lips are white...
Daniel Astillero
Daniel Astillero 2 years ago
After watching this video, I don't get why people from United States would support "the right".
markbom 2 years ago
This made my left hand cramp.
markbom 2 years ago
Right in my left-handed brain
Leo Arenque
Leo Arenque 2 years ago
Politics is another lonely word because everyone can be so untrue..
Suvi-Tuuli Allan
Suvi-Tuuli Allan 2 years ago
Strange that in humour punching down is frowned upon but punching up generally isn't, yet violence to bring down hierarchical systems of power is seen as morally wrong. It's almost as if those systems are fighting back.
i smoke ghosts
i smoke ghosts 2 years ago
i like lamb.
Diphyllum 2 years ago
Liberal is not left, wtf are you even talking about what century do you think this?
Diphyllum 2 years ago
A bunch of alt-rightists who are pretty close to fascist in reality call themselves classical liberals nowadays, and they use liberal ideology to justify their freedom to oppress minorities. And neoliberalism is the main object of critique among academic leftists. Actual leftist ideologies include socialism and communism, neither of which are liberalism. The term "liberal" is just used interchangeably with "left" among lay people and almost never in academia, which makes it so weird to show up in the context of this video. I thought Crash Course wanted to educate people, not reinforce popular misconceptions.
Francesca Mercedes Guilliod
*classical liberalism is not left. A bunch of leftists are calling themselves liberals now so I guess this follows the logic behind feminism.
ユーネ / Yuune
ユーネ / Yuune 2 years ago
constitutional monarchy definitely isn't authoritarian.
Tamizh Pasanga
Tamizh Pasanga 2 years ago
plz do playlist about maths
As Cra
As Cra 2 years ago
That answer to all the questions at the start of the video was NO
J. Renard Leather
J. Renard Leather 2 years ago
when discussing the different stances of the Liberal and Conservative governance, the host spent nearly 3x longer discussing the former than the latter. there was also no attempt to explain how it falls to the government or citizenry to guarantee equal outcomes. i find this VERY disheartening and a bit disingenuous on the part of Crash Course and the Green Brothers, who’ve vehemently endorsed this channel and its productions. frequently during this “season,” (to call the many episodes merely a “topic” is an drastic understatement) the host has seeming refused to present conservative and liberal talking points on an even plane. be it equal time, or (especially) the change in tone when speaking about the two sides. things with a more “liberal” slant to them are addressed with a more positive tone, but more conservative talking points are addressed flatly or blandly. i hope this is unintentional, but it should have been addressed by the host, director, producer, AND sound sound editor. anyone should have had the professionalism by this episode to have caught it and done a retake/dubbing. i have come expect better from CC and the Green Brothers, and i trusted this avenue of learning to be fair, and free of bias as . i’m starting to feel like that trust was misplaced. not because i AM a right-winger (as i’m certainly NOT), but because i KNOW both side have talking points worthy of calm rational discussion.
Anre Dickerson
Anre Dickerson 2 years ago
J. Renard you wrote all that just go start your own course you seem to know so much
August Heinrich Barbarossa
I think the left-right dichotomy is hard to use and even harder to translate between countries. I like the political compass better and explained it and how to use it in two videos: ruvid.net/video/video-p6IZz-I7wqI.html
Knowledgeable Reaction
sander sepp
sander sepp 2 years ago
Knowledgeable Reaction therefore no government
Knowledgeable Reaction
sander sepp Anarchism means no rulers not no government.
sander sepp
sander sepp 2 years ago
Knowledgeable Reaction what is there to talk about? There is no government, the end
G Eazy
G Eazy 2 years ago
Nice blond hair
Hristo.Bogdanov 2 years ago
First minute questions and my answers where: No, no, no, no, no... no? :D
Rodney McKay
Rodney McKay 2 years ago
Understanding Politics: "poly" = many, "tics" = blood-sucking parasites.
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