Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

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So today Craig is going to look at political ideology in America. We're going to focus on liberals and conservatives and talk about the influencers of both of these viewpoints. Now, it's important to remember that political ideologies don't always perfectly correspond with political parties, and this correspondence becomes less and less likely over time. So, sure we can say that Democrats tend to be liberal and Republicans tend to be conservative, but we're not going to be talking about political parties in this episode. It's also important to note, that there are going to be a lot of generalizations here, as most peoples' ideologies fall on a spectrum, but we're going to try our best *crosses fingers* to summarize the most commonly held viewpoints for each of these positions as they are used pretty frequently in discussions of American politics.
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Comments 80
PatchesRips 9 hours ago
I'd like to know how the US missed the memo the entire rest of the world got that RED means leftist/progressive and BLUE means rightist/conservative.
Major Yeager
Major Yeager 3 days ago
Constructive criticism: The humour is more distracting/annoying/forced than it is humorous
yeet 5 days ago
its okay to be a cishet white healthy rich-ish guy. just check your privilige and do some reflection
When i was kid which was during the recession of '08 i remember that school for me was patriotic and rebelious, but then as i got to middle school and highschool i noticed it got more liberal.. Like we would not stand for pledge allegiance, police brutality was a big thing, idk when i was a kid famous people i looked up to was mlk , and abraham lincoln But i guess what im saying is im a conservative-liberal But like a liberal in a unify and unite way. It was a really confusing time growing up 🤣🤣😂😂
Ian Thomson
Ian Thomson 5 days ago
Philosophically a libertarian is the same as an anarchist matter of fact anarchists coined the term libertarian also they are both leftist ideologies.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 4 days ago
Yeah, I've also thought about that.
Living the Dream
Living the Dream 6 days ago
Not extremely biased and against conservatives at all
Mugly Mae
Mugly Mae 6 days ago
In conclusion, politics and people confuse me.
J.L. Goodman
J.L. Goodman 7 days ago
Right wingers= (generally) Wealthy,white,racist,violent (every mass shooter in 2018 had ties to white nationalist organization) pro-war (on predominantly minority countries) religious bigots,bigots,misogynistic,homophobic,xenophobic,etc.. Leftists=(generally) None of those things. In fact,if you share any of the core ideologies of right wing extremists,you,by default,cannot consider yourself a leftist. If you find yourself defending neoliberalism,racism,war,cops,the troops,imperialism,colonialism,American exceptionalism,nationalism,or the idea that "poverty is a choice", you are a right-winger. Modern liberals tend to share more in common with right wingers than they do with leftists,hence the DNC rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders in favor of warhawk candidates that nobody likes. Republicans and Democrats are both "party over people" right wing political parties.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 5 days ago
I can't help, but look at right wing values and think that right wing politicians seem to just go with whatever sounds worse.
Queen of Sorrow
Queen of Sorrow 8 days ago
He sounds half sleep trying to be peppy😪
Joshua Saltværk
Joshua Saltværk 8 days ago
And that's why I'm a libertarian
Lóránt Farkas
Lóránt Farkas 8 days ago
Ideological judgement? That's a downright crime!
Mr.Classified 600
American liberal: anything to the political left of Darth Vader.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 7 days ago
Exactly. The Republican Party seems to label anything that isn't far-right as "leftist".
Daimean Martinez
Daimean Martinez 9 days ago
No one probably cares, but I was raised by a very openly liberal parent and a parent who didn't much care about politics. I loved and respected them, still do - but I found I aligned more with conservative ideas and principles. It's a bit awkward bringing that up at home since going back there means I'm surrounded by my liberal mother and friends who think very differently than I do and I've seen them openly chastise Republicans without a second thought. I laugh about it but I often refer to myself as a closet conservative
mrArchduke 9 days ago
So, smart people vote liberal. Makes sense.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 7 days ago
Yeah, it seems that conservatives just go with whatever sounds worse.
Ed !
Ed ! 9 days ago
Because they can think for them self Conservative can't
Celryst IV
Celryst IV 11 days ago
6:58 conservatives support women’s rights. Women have all the rights that men do in America today. We just don’t think women should be allowed to kill their unborn babies.
Celryst IV
Celryst IV 7 days ago
And what makes it okay to end that life?
Celryst IV
Celryst IV 7 days ago
Conor Stack are you saying a fetus is a plant? If it’s not human, what else could it be?
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 7 days ago
@Celryst IV It's new life, but so's a plant. It's still not a person.
Celryst IV
Celryst IV 7 days ago
Conor Stack no, a fetus is an unborn baby. It’s a new life when it’s conceived, not before.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 8 days ago
@Celryst IV You might as well say that people should conceive all of the time, because an unfertilized egg's an "unborn baby".
Crimson Cuttlefish
Crimson Cuttlefish 12 days ago
hello johnson
strangebeave 12 days ago
Conservative raised, current trade union member.
Leonardo Pereira
Leonardo Pereira 12 days ago
Dude you are so bad. OMG
Pera P
Pera P 14 days ago
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JM Cowart
JM Cowart 14 days ago
Oh! I just looked at the Date of the creation of this clip. While in principle I sort of agree with you...humm. No I don't. I've noted over my own lifetime that almost all politicians no matter the party or ideology go into Any seat in Congress. House or Senate with whole lot less money than they come out of it when they retire, or get caught. There are very few and far between that just leave. And the attitudes displayed towards the American people? We who are supposed to be and used to be "We The People". Yeap, I'd say we'd all been pretty well ****** over. And no, I didn't put in 6 asterisk's for the heck of it folks.
Lenin’s smurf account 3
*sniff* *sniff* Pure Ideology
ccheetozz. bopit
ccheetozz. bopit 15 days ago
his voice is oddly satisfying
Emma Kitchen
Emma Kitchen 15 days ago
anybody else here for online school during quarantine??
Exisist 17 days ago
I know this is Crash Course politics. But it’d be interesting to see the trajectory of different groups’ ideologies and at what points they were that way. Basically I’m intrigued at what point White Catholics became a part of the Republican Party. Because as seen in the post 1900 pre-1930 years the immigrants, most of them being white Catholics, were usually really poor and probably supported FDR.
Joseph LaFrance
Joseph LaFrance 19 days ago
Yea Hitler said the same thing when He came to power in 1933 lol we all know how that went.
The Oreo
The Oreo 23 days ago
Watching this for politics class
ikakika 25 days ago
This dude Craig is better than any host I've seen on Crash Course
Katherine Linares
Katherine Linares 27 days ago
I’m catholic, mexican, and conservative because I follow my values. ❤️
anthonyt4154 28 days ago
Ok so, in the USA, we have Democrats and Republicans. The Democrat Party's goals and viewpoints align more with liberals and the Republican Party's goals and viewpoints align more with conservatives. So I just thought Democrat and liberals were synonymous and so were Republicans and conservatives. People say this is not necessarily true, and here is where I need help understanding. Apparently conservative Democrats exist and also liberal Republicans. So help me understand, what exactly is a conservative Democrat and what exactly is a liberal Republican? Why is it not true that just because you're a Democrat doesn't mean that you are a liberal? Why is it not true that just because you're a Republican doesn't mean that you are a conservative?
BoHjalmarGames 6 days ago
xfritz5375 It's an argument directed at the opponent as a person instead of the opponent's argument. Now stop making useless arguments, it's not helping your cause. One more useless comment, and this isn't a conversation on politics anymore.
xfritz5375 6 days ago
BoHjalmarGames I don’t think you know what an ad hominem is
BoHjalmarGames 7 days ago
xfritz5375 Nice argumenten ad hominem there. I don't think you know what a real argument is. Maybe prove that you know it?
xfritz5375 7 days ago
BoHjalmarGames I don’t think you know what communism is
BoHjalmarGames 9 days ago
xfritz5375 They do that though. Even Trump hold that promise (which sacrificed his kurd allies). And what you're describing is exactly what an ideology is. It's not what you do, but what you say you want to do. Take communism as an example. The communist ideology promised food for everyone, but booth China and the USSR had massive food problems shortly after begining their rule.
Narvin Meherun
Narvin Meherun 28 days ago
American politics REALLY get me confused and I've read on it a few times but still can't wrap my head around it. So conservatives are all about private ownership and freedom and capitalism as much as possible? But...they will enforce Christianity instead of secularism and also tell people what to do aka anti-abortion and are against legalizing marijuana? Isn't that....against freedom?
Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations 29 days ago
4:08 conservative morality = reciprocity.... liberal morality = equality. Reciprocity - the golden rule: the requirement that we limit our actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, free of the imposition of costs by externality, upon that which others have obtained by the same means.
Dr RBO Month ago
Calling the left "liberal" is such an American thing 😂😂😂
Where is Neo-Anarcho-Monarcho-Communism with Ingsoc characteristics (/s)
Travel to Discover
Good source. But speaks too fast.
stendell09 Month ago
Sounds weird to me, that in the US, the Liberals and Conservatives are almost opposite. In Denmark, The Liberal parties, and the conservative party are very friendly, and share similar ideas. They/we all hate the socialistic parties on the other hand.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack 29 days ago
Well, there are liberals on both sides of the political spectrum, because they're generally all for trying new ideas unless they conflict with human rights. That's why the Democratic Party mainly consists of liberals who oppose how far-right the Republican Party's become.
Tiago Buchadas
Tiago Buchadas Month ago
Everyone knows communist is the best.
Ed !
Ed ! 9 days ago
Indeed my friend
x o
x o Month ago
What are the distinct diffrences? Anyone wanting to add to the explanation pls comment
Mikołaj Kaim
Mikołaj Kaim 15 days ago
In America? Stance on abortion, gun control and minority rights, everything else is exactly the same
Ryan Bilodeau
Ryan Bilodeau Month ago
This man punched a bald eagle 🦅 call the po po
john silver
john silver Month ago
I noticed the soy -boy punched the eagle (the symbol of the USA) twice. PBS= hate USA. One more reason to end it's gov. funding.
Mr. Anti-Social
Mr. Anti-Social Month ago
jewish, libertarian and pro life
Julian Wright
Julian Wright Month ago
we need to fight for egal rights
An untrue definition
Wish my country uk voted more for social liberals
Mikołaj Kaim
Mikołaj Kaim 15 days ago
Uk two party system is one of the best 2 party systems out there, one of the few that allows the left any influence
thou ist
thou ist Month ago
For me, i learnt my politics more from my brothers than i did my parents. My mum brothers from a young age taught me lefty ideals, and whilst i have changed a lot from what they had originally taught me (my brother when he went through his edgy phase indoctrinated me into communism, which i believed in until i was 13. I’m now a social democrat if anything). My parents never really taught politics to me, and my mum was basically a moderate (being majorly supportive of tony Blair in my country) and my dad being tactically the same in everything but climate issues (whenever i talk to him about the labour party in my country he’s always rather anti-radical labour ideas (as epitomized by corbyn’s leadership). Whilst i think he’s generally quite similar to these ideas, he just thinks they’ll never win and won’t support them). He’s quite strange in this way, because he is always quite moderate for tactical reasons, but is very radical on climate issues and supports the green party, despite them total inability to win in our governmental system, and definitely not in our constituency. i’m much more radically left than my parents are, and whilst i’m certainly no communist any more, i’m no fan of modern capitalism, and believe in strong government regulation, public ownership of key industries like rail mail water health and social care as well as strong welfare states to help people. A lot of this is based upon the teachings of my brothers over the years, and whilst i’ve made my own ideas myself overtime, my brothers have had a great impact on my viewpoints.
Moses Karlos
Moses Karlos Month ago
Craigist, Youtubist, facebookist ,twitterist.
KatieKattt9 Month ago
What are you if you like/dislike ideas on both sides?
hi Month ago
Aron Bryan
Aron Bryan Month ago
Im conservative and am not religous, is that a thing? Abortion debate to me is a science and morallity issue that why im pro life.
C S Month ago
🤓😎👍👊 So vote/support the issues that are most important to you. Not the party that doesn't represent you
Poppy Millward
Poppy Millward Month ago
I’m a liberal! On the right wing!! I know!! Can you believe it??? We exist!!
Poppy Millward
Poppy Millward 9 days ago
Ed ! i’m actually just a centrist liberal now but that’s okay you can still hate me
Ed !
Ed ! 9 days ago
Jesus hate you
Derek Schumacher
So neither government controlled health care or affirmative action are conservative ideologies. The video is wrong.
Lee Kenyon
Lee Kenyon Month ago
Liberals are for equality for everybody but the Caucasians population and those who disagree with them.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
@Lee Kenyon Oh yeah, there definitely aren't Caucasian people on the left of the political spectrum. Maybe what you're thinking about is the desire of left-wing politicians for racial equality and their hate for discrimination from Caucasian people against minorities which doesn't mean that they want discrimination against Caucasian people. You can't end discrimination with discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr put it well: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." As long as we don't like discrimination, we're cool, but you can't just say that left-wing politicians discriminate against Caucasian people, because they want to end discrimination against minorities from Caucasian people.
Lee Kenyon
Lee Kenyon Month ago
This is unlikely since the left publicly opposes and hates the Caucasian race and attempts to give other races advantages over them and this helps dispel the illusion that their for equality.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
The fact that they disagree with people who don't want social equality ( and happen to be Caucasian ) doesn't mean that they don't want equality for everyone, but as long as people want social equality and justice, that's what matters.
Lee Kenyon
Lee Kenyon Month ago
You left out nationalist.
Ed !
Ed ! 9 days ago
What is it
Steven Month ago
I'm an Anti Corporatist, Anti Conservative, Anti Christian, Anti Moderate, Independent.
Oumu Month ago
Aloni Brothers
Aloni Brothers Month ago
I am Jew and I am proud republican!
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect Month ago
It's weird how Americans see democrats as the left wing but in Europe their both seen as far right.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
Well, there's unfortunately an awful lot of division in the Democratic Party at the moment, because many Democrats are wary about moving further to the left, while others think that doing so with Bernie will gain support like what happened when the Republican Party went far-right.
Under God1776
Under God1776 Month ago
Liberals: F the Police we don't trust them or the government. Also liberals: Here government take my guns :)
hi Month ago
Well people have different interpretations of “gun control” so not everyone thinks that
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
Well, gun control actually does seem to decrease gun violence. Japan, Australia and Switzerland ( which have very strict gun laws ) have far less gun violence than the United States. If it's more difficult for people to get lethal weapons, fatalities logically diminish.
Bub Huynh
Bub Huynh Month ago
This is absurdly reverse in 2019, the left love free market, the right isn't.
Merritt Johnson
Merritt Johnson Month ago
Liberals support anything but Equality. The only Equality they truly support, is everyone is equally beneath them. They do everything they can to stifle other viewpoints, because they know they can't win on the merits of their arguments. "Socialism has as it's only virtue, the equal sharing of misery." - Sir Winston Churchill So no, this guy's portrayal of Liberalism is inaccurate.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
@Merritt Johnson No, it's not. Public health care works fine in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. It hasn't destroyed them, because people would pay far less for it than to an insurance company. That's the case because everyone would have to pay taxes to the government, while an insurance company couldn't possibly be payed by everyone. Penniless people who can't afford private health care would also not have to pay taxes, but they would still receive public health care. Public health care can save lives. It was introduced in Britain, largely due to the casualties of World War II. How are social equality and justice not good things? They would just put an end to discrimination.
Merritt Johnson
Merritt Johnson Month ago
@Conor Stack Government involvement in health care destroys the health care system everywhere it's implemented. Medicare is bankrupt, Medicaid is squeezing state budgets, and both of them drive our enormous deficits. People love their private insurance for a reason - not much government involvement. And what's this "social equality and justice" you're talking about? You mean, the war on white men that's going on right now? You social justice warriors are a crazy bunch of loons.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
Well, as long as we want social equality and justice, that's what matters. There are many enforcements of socialism, but not all of them end in misery. Universal health care and education are pretty socialist concepts.
hallie milliron
hallie milliron Month ago
I think it's ironic because the left say they favor equality when in reality how is taxing the rich more considered equal or fair? Stealing from the rich is exactly that STEALING and not OK. Equality means equal opportunity NOT equal outcome and that in fact is a conservative view. So I must disagree that the left represents equality, they simply represent socialism.
Conor Stack
Conor Stack Month ago
The rich should be taxed more than the poor, because they have more money so it's equal. Socialism strives for social equality. There are many enforcements of socialism and not all of them end in misery. Public health care and education are pretty socialist concepts. As long as we all want social equality, though, that's what matters.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Month ago
It's ok to have diferent view point. As long as I can have my constitutional rights specially the second amendment to protect my rights agains those who wish to take them away.
Jonah Blackham
Jonah Blackham 8 days ago
@Jose Garcia also, i do think abortions are immoral, but the government has no right to not allow a woman to have an abortion
Jonah Blackham
Jonah Blackham 8 days ago
@Jose Garcia no, it doesnt have the same rights as a fully grown human. Do u think a tiny group of cells has the same rights as a fully sentient, intelligent human? Also, nice straw man fallacy. Hitler did say jews werent human. However, a fetus literally doesnt have the same rights as a baby or a fully grown adult, BECAUSE IT ISNT ONE. ITS A FETUS NOT A BABY.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 8 days ago
@Jonah Blackham so you are saying a fetus who has Human DNA has no rights. Is that how Hitler justified his killing of the Jews when he said they were not human. I see were your reasoning is going. Let's hope they dont designate you as non human since mother earth does not like you in her world contaminating it.
Jonah Blackham
Jonah Blackham 8 days ago
@Jose Garcia first of all, its not a baby, its a fetus, second of all, even if you gave the fetus all the rights of a fully grown adult citizen, it still doesnt have the right to occupy a womans body for 9 months without her consent, third of all, maybe if conservatives would teach contraception in schools, there wouldnt be so many damn abortions. You cant have it both ways homie. You cant have the constitutional right to own a gun and then not acknowledge a womans constitutional right to an abortion.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 8 days ago
@Jonah Blackham That still does no take the fact that you are killing your own baby. Also guns are in another subject related to the right of self preservation.
Suzette Urbano
Suzette Urbano Month ago
My mom started conservative, went liberal, then now more conservative. She had 7 kids. 3 are liberal, 3 are conservative and 1 is more moderate. Religions range from agnostic, christian, to pagan. I think she did well in raising us to just do whatever we want politically and religiously. We dont agree on many things but we still enjoy our company with each other.
ThuleDragon 666
ThuleDragon 666 Month ago
Us paleoconservatives think we should have the highest individual freedom possible, have more american goods, restricted immigration, no interventionism, and federal government allowed not too much power. Believing in the constitution as the highest law of the land.. that being said we care about unlimited freedom of speech, unlimited freedom to bear arms, unlimited freedom of religion, and so on. All that being said we are not against homosexuality, drugs, and we have no national religion for such is forbidden. What we aim to conserve is our freedom, our national sovereignty, our sense of moralism, our hearth and home, and our very american culture.
ritil raj
ritil raj Month ago
Situation is somewhat same in India also.
jean.n o
jean.n o 2 months ago
I support some policies from both sides (both groups of people) but I wouldn’t call myself a liberal or conservative.
Solé Parkin
Solé Parkin 2 months ago
Anarcho-Syndicalist gang rise up
AnarKitty 2 months ago
You should do something like this again, but touch more on fringe parties like anarchism and fascism and compare and contrast them
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 2 months ago
“Will people who were forming their political outlook during the Great Recession develop liberal or conservative views?” No.
It's Me
It's Me 2 months ago
what a digustingly uninformative piece of garbage
★ Froggie Animation ★
It must be sad to be such an aggressively useless failure. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves for bringing you into society.
Jedediah Challenges
Jedediah Challenges 2 months ago
Women aren’t normally liberal. A third is liberal. A third is conservative. And a third is undecided.
Fargo 701
Fargo 701 2 months ago
🇺🇸 an amazing nation.
Dolfa Lither
Dolfa Lither 2 months ago
Lmao on the thumbnail there's a Jewish hat on the liberal. Very stereotypical.
Gear5 ZYF
Gear5 ZYF 2 months ago
Conservatives want a small gov but a huge army. what a joke.
Jessa Gallaza
Jessa Gallaza 2 months ago
There’s not really an absolute political ideology. We should be as it applies, and we’ll always have these 2 forces that balances each other and that’s totally okay.
Zombie Panda
Zombie Panda 2 months ago
Politics never played a big role in my life I believe in keeping Traditional Values certain Traditional Values and and changing as well kind of a balance like premarital sex you should get married before having sex I believe you should endure Rose should change like the man being head of household shouldn't really be but then it should be shared freedom of expression is or should be acceptable like colorful hair colorful clothing dark hair and dark clothing tattoos piercings
Morten Kjell Reitan
Morten Kjell Reitan 2 months ago
Libertarianism is right. American libertarianism is social democracy.
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs 2 months ago
Our country is so goddamn divided
Mr Dub Crazy
Mr Dub Crazy 2 months ago
You are a nazi
Ethan Brigode
Ethan Brigode 3 days ago
No, he's a Craigist
Arjun Sinha
Arjun Sinha 2 months ago
Are mar gaye sab ke sab
Avraam Georgiadis
Avraam Georgiadis 2 months ago
ahh... delicious lower taxes.
Daniel 76
Daniel 76 2 months ago
Mario Party?
Pranay Kumar
Pranay Kumar 2 months ago
Explained in a simple way!!! Thanks
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