Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

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So today Craig is going to look at political ideology in America. We're going to focus on liberals and conservatives and talk about the influencers of both of these viewpoints. Now, it's important to remember that political ideologies don't always perfectly correspond with political parties, and this correspondence becomes less and less likely over time. So, sure we can say that Democrats tend to be liberal and Republicans tend to be conservative, but we're not going to be talking about political parties in this episode. It's also important to note, that there are going to be a lot of generalizations here, as most peoples' ideologies fall on a spectrum, but we're going to try our best *crosses fingers* to summarize the most commonly held viewpoints for each of these positions as they are used pretty frequently in discussions of American politics.
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Oct 17, 2015




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Comments 5 557
Avraam Georgiadis
Avraam Georgiadis 16 hours ago
ahh... delicious lower taxes.
Daniel 76
Daniel 76 Day ago
Mario Party?
Pranay Kumar
Pranay Kumar 4 days ago
Explained in a simple way!!! Thanks
Anarcho ohcranA
Anarcho ohcranA 5 days ago
Conservatives are crazy, Liberals are useless. Post-Capitalist Social Eco-Anarchist Syndicalism is my ideology! No but really, that's my ideology. Screw American Politics.
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 5 days ago
When he placed the groups into Conservative and Liberal. I laughed hard when he said, "White Catholics tend to be the most Conservative." That is sadly accurate. Coming from a White person himself.
Mat Pankararu Kanindé
Futebol Religiao e Politica nao se discute
xXShedHeadXx 5 days ago
I know I’m probably going to be bashed from both sides, but I think the best America is balanced America, and I don’t mean same amount of voters on the far left and far right, I’m talking about both sides meeting close at the center
Sam Grey
Sam Grey 6 days ago
I, for one, am mostly left leaning. I support equality and believe in a strong central government, but I also believe in a strong standing army, which is more right leaning.
Yh Hh
Yh Hh 12 days ago
I dont agree with any of em
Dr. Jiggles
Dr. Jiggles 12 days ago
I can't watch, the jokes are so cringy 😆
Ender 15 days ago
*Sees comment section on political video* Insert Michael from the Office “no god no”
Ender 15 days ago
0:16 stop socializing our politics you commie!!!
SandyOrbArchive 9 days ago
MrJesseBell 16 days ago
The divide comes down to how each party attempts to curb the nature of mankind. Conservatives are too obsessed with magical thinking (religion). Progressives are too obsessed with empathy (female). The truth lies in the fundamentals of our species. The truth is, morality is instinctually objective, free will is an illusion, and the way nature deals with glitches in DNA, is by eliminating them with force (male). We have to allow men to maintain the hierarchy. Sometimes when decisions become ethically difficult, good men have to get rid of bad men (glitches) to protect our species as a whole. We cannot change mans nature to better suit societies comforts or females serotonin levels. Let men be free men and we will all survive. Let women control us, and things will be peaceful for a short time, then suddenly the end for everyone. Conservatism has its flaws, but what it doesn’t attempt to do, is neuter it’s men by taking away their complex roles in society. Liberalism has its flaws, but what it doesn’t attempt to do, is forget that we are a very emotional right brain dominant species.
loosingmymemory7 16 days ago
I do not fit any where in that graph it seems. I see certain governmental institutions as corrupt or corruptible despite torts claiming exemption. I also see that completely unregulated markets often end with the winner taking all the money out to another economy. I am also disgusted by any social or cultural enforcement by the threat of imprisonment or death. So I seem to be that little dot in the center.
Mohammed Rustum
Mohammed Rustum 19 days ago
You speak way too fast mate.
Cristina Bernard
Cristina Bernard 19 days ago
Republicans/conservatives & democrats/Liberals are idiots.
SandyOrbArchive 9 days ago
Which is why I prefer democratic socialism
whatwhat3432523 20 days ago
One thing Europeans should know when watching American political videos. They don't use the political terms in the correct way, they have made their own versions for it. Liberal in the US means progressive left leaning politics, it don't actually have anything to do with liberalism at all.
XTL Mars
XTL Mars 20 days ago
I used to believe I was liberal until I got into politics, What a surprise to myself I am Republican.
XTL Mars
XTL Mars 18 days ago
@Pack -A- Punch That is interesting.What policies did the Republicans used to stand for that Trump dose not cover. and What do the independents do that Trump hasint picked up. I would be truly interested to know, not trolling.
Pack -A- Punch
Pack -A- Punch 20 days ago
I used to be Republican but I'm now independent.
ÓSCAR ROSALES 23 days ago
How fascinating and very educational to know more of which party I belong to. Watching this video also brings a sense of nostalgia of PBS shows (not to mention SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK) I’ve watched growing up in the 80’s and 90’s like: READING RAINBOW, NOVA, WISHBONE and SQUARE ONE. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
John West
John West 23 days ago
Thanks to our politicians and the MSM, we have become a country of love or hate.
Michae Thompson
Michae Thompson 25 days ago
I support gay married interracial couples right to compete in the free market, go to church, and protect their marijuana crop with AK-47s. Am I a Conservative Liberal or a Liberal Conservative?
electro 24 days ago
liberal conservative
黄昏 26 days ago
Im a spaghetist
LG Acv
LG Acv 12 days ago
That makes two of us
loosingmymemory7 16 days ago
May you be blessed by the noodles!
Dope Boy
Dope Boy 26 days ago
i feel like im conservative
Joe Silkwood
Joe Silkwood 27 days ago
the kissing is annoying I'm trying to learn. Turn him to a woman IF he is gonna kiss something..... SUPPER ANNOYING MY TESTOSTERONE HAS DROPPED
Joe Silkwood
Joe Silkwood 26 days ago
@IN51GHT had to thumbs you up for that man lol 😂
IN51GHT 27 days ago
Joe Silkwood how could it drop if you all ready have none
drinkmoresoda Month ago
left creates more poor right creates more wealth
iVince905 24 days ago
drinkmoresoda fake news spotted. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco are wealthiest cities and are left leaning.
IN51GHT 25 days ago
drinkmoresoda i dont know what you mean by that but i will try. Melbourne voted for the "Greens" in the 2019 federal election who can be seen as left. According to your logic melbourne would be a slum but is actually the second most liveable city in the world. how is that a slum
drinkmoresoda 26 days ago
its true look at leftist cities vs normal cities. which one has an area called "the slums"
IN51GHT 26 days ago
sure buddy
Joshua Hutton
Joshua Hutton Month ago
Very WELL done video. Definitely giving it a like. Btw I'm Conservative.
Belthazor22 Month ago
Dumbest video I've watched this week because of how blatantly US-centric and anti-academic this is but still tries to pass it off as based in political theory Liberalism and Conservatism are not two dichotomies. You can be a conservative liberal Liberalism is characterised by an emphasis on private property, markets, small government, low taxation & regulation. It is not defined by whatever the Democratic Party in U.S. is up to these days
bryan pedrosa
bryan pedrosa Month ago
Joseph Rubi
Joseph Rubi Month ago
crash course isnt even even crash courses anymore
Matthew I
Matthew I Month ago
How is it that I mostly agree with both sides
IN51GHT 26 days ago
Matthew I because now days the political spectrum isn't as easy to explain as it was before with left, centre and right
Pfff, nothing compares to 100% tax Comunnism, pathetic Americans.
Forgot to mention white supremacy and the 'southern strategy'.
'Conservative' is not an ideology.
KingOfShenanigans 15 days ago
@IN51GHT just think about what the word means. It just means that the person appeals to tradition or habit. In other words, apposed to progress. In America today, if a person tells you they are "conservative", they are basically just saying that they are a Republican.
IN51GHT 25 days ago
KingOfShenanigans how so im not disagreeing with you im just curious
Anthony Harness
Anthony Harness Month ago
You can't talk politics unless you know the new world order agenda and how dangerous it is.
Zoey Soos
Zoey Soos Month ago
this is very helpful on my part i go to classen sas i need to learn all i can on political views i have a report to do that is worth a huge grade in my western hemisphere class . You can learn a lot on political views wish me luck on my report .
Ese Bams
Ese Bams Month ago
Hailey Baer
Hailey Baer Month ago
Am I the only one who at 5:19 thought that was the middle finger lol
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
Ideology lol wanting freedom is not a ideology
Y.C. Direct
Y.C. Direct Month ago
80% of Orthodox Jews are conservative and vote republican (in the general election)
Pat Stallsmith
Pat Stallsmith Month ago
So conservatives actually think that cutting domestic spending would lower taxes? Are you sure they won't just spend more on the military and then give the rest to their wealthy friends.
Tamerlane Month ago
Cons: Cats cant have salami Libs: Cats can have a little salami Socialist: Cats can have alot of salami i know were my vote is going to go
Tamerlane Month ago
Im an Anarcho Nazbollah
Not clear at all
Ethan Sprague
Ethan Sprague Month ago
Why limit oneself by the label liberal or conservative. Why not think for yourself for once instead of relying on a silly political template.
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith 15 days ago
Yes, I am neither liberal or conservative...I am the great Cthulhu
FLOWER Month ago
Whites receive the most benefits from social programs. Welfare for farmers 2019.
Ce Phelps
Ce Phelps Month ago
That video was awesome
BumOn TheCorner
BumOn TheCorner Month ago
But conservatives don't support Liberty, the liberty to kneel for a pledge, the liberty to marry who you want and however many, the liberty talk about all aspects of our job even pay rate, the liberty to put what I want in my body, or the liberty to to take something out abortion or living organ donation. Conservatives think they support Liberty but in realty by its definition they step on others liberty fo the sake of there own. LIBERALS DO TO THO. I was born in the 90s and have seen the corruption and self indulgence from the majority of people on either side. I have also come to belive that in order for a Democracy to work it's voting populace must be intelligent and informed. However our lives are so busy we don't have time to think or learn about politics, and that there is so much information we could never be informed unless we worked in politics. So with the very foundation or our democracy gone it is no longer functioning as intended. The size and corruptablity of it has made it oppressive in nature, and we all know what has to be done at that point. Revolution peaceful or violent is the only solution we have. What's the point tho our planet is dying in just 5 generations it will be a different world entirely. All because our leaders have been to corrupted to act, and because most of of us can't see past, YOU and NOW.
Nibba Nibba
Nibba Nibba Month ago
Democracies are doomed to fail. All of you people shouldn’t even be on this continent, that is why I’ll will raise a royalist army, take back my throne, and expel all other races out of these two continent. Each race should stay in its own continent, if they coexist then ideologies, traditions, and cultures will clash against one another. But mixed races are the worst, I must save my race, or it will perish, like it once was so close to being extinct. Republics are so flawed, especially republics in poorer countries, these revolutions for “freedom” like to French Revolution just end up with bloodshed and radical political parties and factions in power. Look what happened to France during the French Revolution, Iran when the shah was overthrown, look at all these stupid revolutions that end up with worst people in power. Look at all the corruption in Latin American countries, African countries, and Asian countries, a strong monarch would be able to keep those government officials in line. I wish I could expel all other races out of here and restore these continents to their rightful states. Imagine, blacks stay in africa, whites in Europe, Asians in Asia, and us in the Western Hemisphere, and Australia can do whatever it wants, there will be peace and they will be less divided.
Orange man bad
IN51GHT 25 days ago
PiethagorasTearem american politics summed up in three words
DunaMoose Month ago
whoa the fascist symbol is in the house building?
Sawyer Month ago
Video: is made by PBS PBS: gets roughly one billion dollars over the course of 4 years from the government Government: "needs more money"
Ninjaizauwsum Month ago
Equality and Liberty? well is it too much to ask for both?
Ninjaizauwsum Month ago
@Julian T. Heh, good point
Julian T.
Julian T. Month ago
Because the two values pull in different directions, so the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. Example: If you let people be free to start and run their businesses and trade with each other however they wish, then some are going to make a lot more money than others (inequality). If you want equality, you're going to have to intervene, take some people's stuff, give it others, regulate their affairs, mandate wages, etc. (less liberty).
xoofftoneverl4nd 2 months ago
My parents are conservatives but I'm a liberal
Anonymocha Month ago
I was born conservative but ended up centrist
Julian T.
Julian T. Month ago
You'll likely get more conservative with time
Razak 2 months ago
I first read "crash goverment and politics"lmao
Sawyer Month ago
Hey, George Washington stared the American Revolution over 2% tax, why cant we do it over 36%?
Edwin Escobar
Edwin Escobar 2 months ago
You forgot the huge impact of media
Annalise Shaw
Annalise Shaw 2 months ago
With all due respect to all parties, I’m only curious but why is protecting the environment and taking care of people even if it mean sacrificing some of our money to taxes? If i can be of service to others, I’d be more than happy to pay more taxes.
Flarelia 2 months ago
As a canadian that thumbnail deeply confused me at first then i realized.
Randall Martin
Randall Martin 2 months ago
So Republicans believe everyone has the opportunity to succeed regardless of race, religion, gender, etc...., while Democrats believe everyone besides white people are victims.
WiseSilverWolf 2 months ago
One thing that all government officials have in common = their all corrupt and find loopholes to line their pockets with money while not going to jail (usually taking donations from corporations to vote on stuff or multi million dollar speaking fees to give a speech).
A Comet Moth
A Comet Moth 2 months ago
Craigists for the win
Gabbie Hanna Fan
Gabbie Hanna Fan 2 months ago
I have a mixed household (I think that’s what it’s called) my dad is a conservative and my mom a liberal. It’s kinda rough because if I agree with one of them the other seems upset.
Marie Anne
Marie Anne 2 months ago
I’m craiglist
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