Political Campaigns: Crash Course Government and Politics #39

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So political campaigns are a pretty big deal in the United States. For instance the 2012 presidential election clocked in at the most expensive ever - at around $6 billion dollars! Needless to say, money plays a very big role in American elections. So today, Craig is going to take a look at why we have campaigns in the first place, why the campaign seasons run for so long, and of course why campaigns cost so much.
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Comments 80
Emilio Reyes
Emilio Reyes 20 days ago
7:02 Bloomberg LOL
Chase Brown
Chase Brown Month ago
I still dont understand why campaigns need to raise hundreds of million of dollars for hotel rooms and flights....maybe a commerical here and there.. still things ain't adding up.
Daniel Xie
Daniel Xie Month ago
LMAO 2:18 Samsong
PE D Month ago
Just like the rest of the DNC/liberal mainstream media (aka propaganda mill), PBS has been corrupted by the democrats (aka liberals/globalists) so its info is unreliable. The lighthearted humor doesn't sufficiently disguise your misinformation. Why not do a video on how politicians get rich via donations running for office (e.g. Bernie Sanders and ALL of the others)? Wouldn't want to expose the truth, right?
eric vulgate
eric vulgate Month ago
'contributions are not bribes' based on what? what do you suggest they are, charity? corporations showing civic responsibility?
Nathan Page
Nathan Page Month ago
Craig, I knew John Green. John Green was my friend. Craig..... You are no John Green
exotic gaming elephant
How many are watching this for test coming up for civics
Taylor Garrett
Taylor Garrett 3 months ago
Is it legal to make a youtube video advertising a presidential candidate without working or volunteering at an organization?
BlueprintAndYou 4 months ago
Doesn't trump have a written note written in all caps that's says, everything is PERFECT! Hard to argue with all caps.
My Alias
My Alias 4 months ago
I love PBS!
Misha Miller
Misha Miller 4 months ago
So, if the donation goes to a "good cause", the donation can essentially be unlimited, and candidates can join these "good cause" organizations in order to receive more money per individual. Am I correct in my assumptions based on this video?
Rainb0wWarrior1 5 months ago
If Craig only foreseen how Trump changed everything
Kayla Snow
Kayla Snow 5 months ago
Talk slower bruh
Owen Welch
Owen Welch 2 months ago
Just slow it down on the settings button. I do it all the time.
Terra Bee
Terra Bee 5 months ago
I see a lot of “money shouldn’t equal speech,” but the thing is that Political Speech is the MOST protected type of speech under the First Amendment. SCOTUS ruled to get rid of spending limitations because it infringed on freedom of political speech. Whether you believe this is good or not, it is a product of Judicial Activism and is how SCOTUS decided to interpret the Constitution.
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 5 months ago
Iowa is a swing state... making it pretty important in the presidential election :)
ontledingen 5 months ago
I hope I don't come across as mean, but I think this video is undermined by the extremely unfunny "jokes".
Owen Welch
Owen Welch 2 months ago
You are coming across as mean.
angry 4 months ago
It's for kids. And I agree too
kricketcraze EXCO
kricketcraze EXCO 6 months ago
ERIC RANGEL 6 months ago
sksksk and i oop
berit branch
berit branch 7 months ago
I am scared of beards but you have the cutest baby I ever saw. Soon you will need a Nanny. I am NOT available.>(((*>
Matthew Bradshaw
Matthew Bradshaw 7 months ago
Help my campaign be the most transparent, for God's Glory, grass roots funded campaign ever! Matthew E. Bradshaw ThePOTUSof2020
John Doe
John Doe 9 months ago
Punching the eagle is just cringy
Jeffrey Morton
Jeffrey Morton 9 months ago
Also be warned that if you donate to a candidate via a phone solicitation, odds are good that none of the money you thought will help your candidate will actually ever reach where you wanted it to go. Instead, most of it will be eaten up by the "marketing costs" and "administrative fees" incurred by the call centers & their owners. I think by law, only 2% of donations actually have to go to the cause or candidate. Don't ever give money over the phone...
Elle Seamster
Elle Seamster 9 months ago
I hope trump wins I think he's got the balls
Elle Seamster
Elle Seamster 9 months ago
Who is going to be the only one to stand out and stop geo enginerring the chemical assult that's going on everyday on US Citizens and the the food poisioning with GMO Monsanto loaded foods that r desinged to kill people like rat poisons kill rats who's got the balls,,??????????
Hunni Sem
Hunni Sem 9 months ago
1:40 HOLD UP, is that Hank?
R. W
R. W 11 months ago
Its Left Wing policy of government meddling in the economy that encourages corruption. Take politicians out of the economy and there won't be any more money in politics
baracki4 11 months ago
Why do you punch eagle?
Dawn Tache
Dawn Tache Year ago
This video doesn't mention that US elections are the world's most expensive. I think its an important comparison. It should also be updated to include the growing number of candidate that are refusing PAC money.
Very nice explanation.
Orion M42
Orion M42 Year ago
Helped allot with understanding my homework thx
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford Year ago
Down with super pacs!
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford Year ago
They should be based off actual ISSUES and policies, not the candidates’ personalities and ID politics.
Ana Martinez1998
RIP John Mcain
Aiden Levin
Aiden Levin Year ago
bea legata
bea legata Year ago
lol manny pacquiao spotted
Gary Alexander
So by what he just said and I watched a video on impeachment every candidate in the United States can be impeached they all are breaking the law oh I forgot they make the laws so they get a getaway free card that's what you get when you got Crooks making the laws
Max London
Max London Year ago
Why does he say TV so weirdly???
Ric Sta
Ric Sta Year ago
Always skeptical of billionaires as politicians, yet non politician President Trump US elected. Indeed, retaining former business associates as current political associates is never in the public's interest. However, influencing elections outright is even worse. Campaign finance reform is what the US should also be investigating as recent midterm elections had Tom Steyer contributing $120 million.
Edith Hernandez
Heck, I'll vote for wheezy
Soojong Ha
Soojong Ha Year ago
Gil Cisneros..... Who else sees this ad? RUvid’s algorithm is scaaarrrry.....
Gary Lupinacci
Money = speech came to us from all the republican appointed SCOTUS Justices. Thanks republicans. Of course rebubs would say in campaigns there should b no limit on PACs that “money is free speech”!!
Julia Wang
Julia Wang Year ago
Bring back the table of contents?
Eleventh Ave Productions
This dude actually makes me learn AND laugh hahaha
Ishi 123
Ishi 123 Year ago
Campaign contributions are bribes, plain and simple. You can call it something else, but it's legal bribery.
Stokley 135
Stokley 135 Year ago
“I blame the eagle” LMAO!!!
Isabella Chardiet
I've been a huge fan of crash course for my entire high school career. I'm honestly beginning to wonder if Stan is a real person, or just a figment of imagination both John Green and K-dawg like to talk to.
Kent Whitson
Kent Whitson Year ago
why is this cursed meme even in my learning
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 2 years ago
Informative video, but you are so unfunny it is literally painful.
Adam D
Adam D 2 years ago
We need publicly funded elections to buy back democracy, and we should treat members of congress as harshly as college scholarship athletes. Where they can't take money from anyone, for any reason, at any time.
Calvin Hemmers
Calvin Hemmers 2 years ago
I ShamanComedy l
I ShamanComedy l 2 years ago
Crash course alright... heavily glossed over about which elements in campaigning should run in hundreds of millions of dollars. Campaign buttons and signs... Seriously? One would think that the digital information age would make it cheaper and easier to spread. Is it necessary to shell out 10's of millions of dollars to GoDaddy for website production and RUvid channels? Network television time slots shouldn't mean as much as they once had, in fact they're becoming more archaic after each cycle, and that should be considered a good thing!
Joker Locks
Joker Locks 2 years ago
do you guys understand what a permanent campaign is?
Alex Qui
Alex Qui 2 years ago
How would I cite this?? MLA
byron2521 2 years ago
Hmmmm...... Iowa doesn't matter? Its caucus only decides who will be the candidates in the nationwide primary.
byron2521 2 years ago
Yeah, but "freedom of speech" for corporations does not translate into "freedom of speech"for the people.
AmenNoose 2 years ago
Andrew Fernandes
Andrew Fernandes 2 years ago
Ikoikjji 2 years ago
It annoyed me how he kept referring to the presidents as he
Willie Clark
Willie Clark 2 years ago
If money is speech I refuse to pay taxes for wars I don't agree with
Larry Lawrence
Larry Lawrence 2 years ago
why is there no comparison to other governments and campaigns finance reform? is there a link to a less biased video?
animalia555 2 years ago
This is a series about US Politics
Apuntes 888
Apuntes 888 3 years ago
It´s their people who they want to freed and not necesarilly their politicians (political science works diffently and even in a contradictorian way in comparison to social science), so their bets goes to the effects of their contradictorian actions rather than the immediate socially spected by rules O.O
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 3 years ago
So, what he is saying, is that big companies are unable to provide very much funding to individual campaigns and people running (a.k.a. a small 3rd party) however instead they are encouraged to provide "not a bribe contributions" to major political parties? Sounds less like an ethics law and more like a law restricting any third party from ever reaching the public.
Chels M.
Chels M. 3 years ago
I love these videos they help me understand what i am learning in class. Thank you.
WeirdWorld 3 years ago
Politics = Influence = Power = Wealth = Knowledge
sofia chavez
sofia chavez 3 years ago
the eagle gets me every time lol
Levi Howell
Levi Howell 3 years ago
We live in a modern aristocracy
Eden Smith
Eden Smith 3 years ago
Craig is my favorite! These videos are so awesome, I wish he was my government teacher. :D Thanks crash course!
Ben Toth
Ben Toth 3 years ago
"...When a congressman who receives millions of dollars from the oil industry then works hard to weaken regulations on oil companies so they can make more profit." Hey, you mentioned the senator from my state. :P Seriously though, that's Senator Inhofe, sadly.
Ben Toth
Ben Toth 3 years ago
@***** I plan to, if nothing else our other senator's seat is up for grabs and the candidate running against him is someone I've known for years and thus know will be more responsive.
MD Starfaith
MD Starfaith 3 years ago
Woo Pizzamas happy dance
medibooty 3 years ago
Minimum wardrobe, no makeup, and a receding hairline. (Sarcasm.)
IAmTheAce5 3 years ago
...okay... I haven't been watching CrashCourse long, but... what's his problem with the eagle?
Puppywinkles I
Puppywinkles I 11 months ago
Nobody knows
roseslikemusic 3 years ago
It's just a inside joke
Grace P
Grace P 3 years ago
Marco Rubio withdrawal is real
BearOwl 4 years ago
"Money equals speech" would work as an argument if the United States was communist, but it's not. As a capitalist state some people are going to have more money than others (which I'm not against as I think a meritocracy is the best system), so if money equals speech then some people will get to speak more than others, dismantling the foundations of democracy. I would argue that the current campaign finance system goes against the fourteenth amendment which is supposed to guarantee equal protection under the law. It's not equal if the richest people can be more protected against regulations than common people. This isn't a diss on the video, by the way. I'm just stating my opinion on the issue.
Benioff1 3 years ago
But you're acting like the poor don't have a voice at all or that the rich get extra votes. Everyone gets at least one vote.
A Creepy Muffin
A Creepy Muffin 4 years ago
Koru 4 years ago
you have a red tie in the intro so are you a republican?
desertsn0wball 3 years ago
+Sen Choi really? a color is copyrighted by a political party?
Bethan Laughlin
Bethan Laughlin 4 years ago
This series is wonderful, but is there any way of getting hold of the sources for the statistics being mentioned ?
Roman Wing
Roman Wing 4 years ago
Even as an American I am very confused why the election takes so long
Rick Apocalypse
Rick Apocalypse 4 years ago
If the Supreme Court already prohibited the limitation on campaign donations, how would congress prohibit it ????
Mawgan S.
Mawgan S. 4 years ago
Ahh, US politics. The most complicated system of politics
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