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FIRST -DST Smallen- NO TICKET! Caught by Police for doing Wheelies - ruvid.net/video/video-0P4c-HWK_RU.html&lc=z23aixwzjmbgvjxnyacdp432v0kbqdsst5aiq201kqpw03c010c.1502216862577655
1:41 -- The illestrator -- This is how the Police OVERREACT in NYC. - ruvid.net/video/video-G3EXFLKqGeY.html&lc=z23aixwzjmbgvjxnyacdp43104iffwnahprl2k5lsyhw03c010c.1502198439107814
6:08 -Supermoto Jay- Drz400sm Motovlog Electric Motard+BUSTED BY COP+WHEELIES! - ruvid.net/video/video-M3jOlawiN18.html&lc=z23aixwzjmbgvjxnyacdp434wkb0vr5mydwtlfrwys1w03c010c.1502222912897611
8:01 -7luckystud7- Getting Pulled Over + Fremont Troll - ruvid.net/video/video-XqhsuJO8ZRQ.html&lc=z23aixwzjmbgvjxnyacdp432p4gisa2atezkemdhkx5w03c010c.1502207112160733
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Aug 10, 2017




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Comments 80
Nikola Skoco
Nikola Skoco 5 hours ago
Malachi Anae
Malachi Anae 6 hours ago
2:00 that is just racism
Eagles Network
Eagles Network 8 hours ago
i will burn your house cop
Clark K
Clark K 12 hours ago
moral of today's stories, don't be like the second guy. stay calm, cool, collected, and the people with a badge and a gun will become calm, cool, and collected. the second guy's mistake was, he sounded like a smart ass right from the start: Cops: do you have your license and registration? Biker: Yeah I have all of that, what's this about? The correct way would be: Cops: Do you have your license and registration? Biker: Yes officer/sir/ma'am THAT'S IT! If they ask you "off the wall" questions, it is to see how your body language is, as well as speech. If you avoid answering any of their questions, it looks like you are hiding something, and the more they will try to dig. Solution? just tell the freakin truth! if you were just trying to inform the driver his tail light is out, just say so. the cops will then go to the back to see if your story matches up, check your credentials, and leave you alone. and for the love of all that's holy, EVERYTHING, IS NOT A DAMN RACE THING!! Note: the reason why "so many" cops pulled up, was probably because recently there may have been a shooting or carjacking from a black male on a bike, that pulled the same maneuver you did. yeah, if I was a police officer entrusted with the safety of the general public, and saw you do that, I would most definitely do the same thing.
Vatoxic -anime
Vatoxic -anime 19 hours ago
Why were they following you for the past few blocks this is racism and they don’t need six people for this and they stopped the other cars they really have nothing better to do
Opensource Day ago
8:33 Ok hold my beer!
Carter Reid
Carter Reid Day ago
Do you not learn???
Carter Reid
Carter Reid Day ago
The second was was your fault. I know you were trying to help an guy but you should have told them that. The cop was being reasonable
John Barton
John Barton Day ago
It's OK...Your an ass on a motorcycle. then when you get spread allover the highway it will be the cops and other drivers/riders fault that was following the rules of the road #whyIdontride.
xNet Flow
xNet Flow Day ago
They seriously needed over the 4 cops to pull over 1 dude bruh😂🤦‍♂️
weston mcmillan
why all the text
winter ramos
winter ramos Day ago
I got 458 tickets and haven't paid one yet...lol.
daniel rodriguez
Lol if you’re lane splitting in stand stilll traffic and the cops try to light you up .... keep pushin what are they gonna lanesplit their Ford Explorer ???
7:50 : if it was a black dude the cop would say bc your very honest i’m only gonna give you a ticket and not arrest you.
THE JOACO GAMER 2 days ago
No entendi una mrda xd hablo español🇦🇷
KungLao 2 days ago
6.10 music guys ? somebody pls
no22sill 2 days ago
just here after the George Floyd incident
ASWIN THILAK K 2 days ago
If this event was in india cops should have your keys first and a slap second then talk😂
Black lives Matter
OG-85 2 days ago
bikers = stupid
Corvette5 2 days ago
Land of the free... unless you're black in NY.... dafuq? im a polar bear white dude and i find this offencive af... and i just started biking like a week ago
Ryan Byrd
Ryan Byrd 2 days ago
I like this channel. Probably for the wrong reasons. If you're in a bike driving like a dick, expect the same reaction from law enforcement as if you were in a car. You're not as special as you think you are.
ABHISHEK V 3 days ago
The first cop was reasonable man...
Nemo DK
Nemo DK 3 days ago
CommanderTaco 3 days ago
Black guy: *goes between lanes to tell guy his taillight is out* Crew of 6 fucking NYPD: *"NOW THIS IS AN AVENGERS LEVEL THREAT"*
Greg Horn
Greg Horn 3 days ago
No they know who you are and what you do. In other words quit being a asshole and acting like your the only one in the world that four wheelers don't see.
Jon Koelble
Jon Koelble 3 days ago
Dude ur videos are amazing and I'm becoming a bike rider soon myself
Zman 3 days ago
You were racially profiled through and through. 6 cops, 5 white that I can tell, to pull over 1 black motorcyclist? That's the very definition of paranoia, over kill and power tripping. P.s. I wish honesty could get you out of a ticket in Australia. Fat chance of that, too much money to made.
MightBeFluffy 3 days ago
Second clip was so stupid. 6 cops pulled him over cause was in the middle lane than start go on but not using blinkers. Then takes like 15 min to run his damn registration. Holy fucking shit wright him a ticket and be done with it. Fuck cops man
TheSlavicGuy_CZ 3 days ago
4:46 i think they are racists but none can tell.
Jenifer Alexis
Jenifer Alexis 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-vt3cniSyJ5o.html bike series
Chris montgomery
Chris montgomery 4 days ago
Most cops are good guys. The ones who act like angry 12 year olds need to spend some time in Afghanistan.
morto da 019
morto da 019 4 days ago
as I wanted Brazil to be like this, Here the degree is given, the bike will be seized without mercy
SPC disciple
SPC disciple 5 days ago
I dont understand cops wanting keys after they have your license you have my name im not running dipshit
Glock-man to Marz
For the last one I was like fuck I can not do that
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 5 days ago
NYPD cops are gay. They just came from a gay orgy. Thats why they are all acting weird.
Gregory Parker
Gregory Parker 5 days ago
In the amount of time they spent holding that biker in New York, 6 people were shanked, 4 shot, 1 old lady accosted, 3 business robbed and 1 case attempted arson by accelerant, but at least they told you about proper blinker etiquette.
Stoney Bolonga
Stoney Bolonga 5 days ago
Then stopped doing stupid stuff...
Green Grugach
Green Grugach 5 days ago
6 pigs for one bloke who has done nothing wrong?! No wonder everyone hates the coppers, they are lowlifes with a few exceptions.
Green Grugach
Green Grugach 5 days ago
Wtaf?! On about not using blinkers and being in the middle of a fecking lane?! What ac@$$, you did nothing wrong brother and these two pig bastards should be shot...into space, lying wankers, blessings from Dublin Ireland to you all 🇮🇪🙏
Coal Bach
Coal Bach 5 days ago
Officer to Dispatch - can I get additionals down here we have a guy on a motorcycle not using his blinkers. *Whole Department Shows Up*. What a great use of resources.
Markhai Brown
Markhai Brown 5 days ago
Idc cuz my nigga got pulled over for no reason 😤😤
creater tech
creater tech 5 days ago
This is fully drama
Matthaios Kyprianou
Idiots cops
YouTube Reviewer
YouTube Reviewer 5 days ago
I love giving tickets for wheelies all day.
Awesome Skull
Awesome Skull 5 days ago
I would slap that guy's hand and say don't touch my bike 3:55
gabriel ortiz
gabriel ortiz 5 days ago
u really think i’m going to get a $130 ticket when i can easily get away?😂😂😂
Vega Personal Trainer
I was thinking that but I'm not in PuertoRico anymore hahahaha
bechir OM
bechir OM 6 days ago
fk those pigs
assassinated assassin
So your telling me there is 8 cops in one vehicle to stop a black guy from informing this guy his taillight his out? The fuck? Some cops think they have so much power nowadays.
Florida Man
Florida Man 6 days ago
If only 1% of cops acted like the lady cop on the first video they would get so much more cooperation and respect.
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 6 days ago
The last cop wtf
Jamie Grey
Jamie Grey 6 days ago
Damn you see the difference how white ppl are treated than us. Sometimes I wonder was the world suppose to be like this white ppl and Chinese ppl are the worst sometimes
Greg nolastname
Greg nolastname 6 days ago
Nice cops, idiot driver
8ightMileCreations Photography & Imaging Co.
Yea all other than the unmarked we’re responsible.... click bait much...
J Rekic
J Rekic 7 days ago
They was like "Fk hes recording, we cant have fun now. We followed him since he left his house, but this dam mfker is recording."
Mateo Torres Dedullen
2:54 he starts like "what is this about" very bad
Mateo Torres Dedullen
1:49 you see black men you know beef
daniel RC522
daniel RC522 7 days ago
The shelf's pretty cheeky.
Joe Gallegos
Joe Gallegos 7 days ago
Cops shouldn’t be able to take your keys, you’re not a child. Leave the keys alone, they are t going to take off with you right next them
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 7 days ago
The cops that were "undercover" most likely weren't actual cops
Abir Bansal
Abir Bansal 7 days ago
i thought the cops at 2:38 were going to kidnap the guy...
mato filaro
mato filaro 7 days ago
I see so many cars and pickups doing stupid things that almost get me killed in my car. The bikes? They don't bother me.
Sammy Delux animations
3:54 that cop taking out the keys to the bike thinking he is going to start up his bike and run everyone over LOL
TheGreatMoses 7 days ago
Most pathetic excuse of those cops its like there caputering o.j.simpson on a bike poor dude i feel for ya
Isydia Vibes
Isydia Vibes 7 days ago
The officer at 7:45 is a great cop.
Aaron Watkins
Aaron Watkins 7 days ago
Riders like u give everyone a bad name ! Driving like shit cutting people off doing dumb stuff u deserve to get in trouble!!!!!!
Ahmed Akram
Ahmed Akram 7 days ago
In Egypt, all these things are not crimes.
FIN EPE 7 days ago
Thank god I don’t live in America with cops like that
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 5 days ago
@FIN EPE then don't judge a whole country based off of cops Nobody here likes em either but the good majority which you never hear ab because nobody cares cuz it doesn't get views or follow a political agenda
FIN EPE 6 days ago
Patrick Star bro how could’ve I known? Again I don’t live in America
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 6 days ago
Incorrect that's just the NYPD Majority are fine Thank God you and your ignorance isn't here
Myown Business
Myown Business 7 days ago
The second stop was BS, everything else is on you; don't ride like a fool in public, and you'll usually be ignored.
Andreas Beaverman
Wonder if these cops was racist or just dumb what i heard from people sometimes cops are more agressive at black People.
William Lin
William Lin 8 days ago
Still most were resonanble since it’s for their safety and when they get injured or killed for their own stupid actions they blame the road or other people
Paolo Anthony
Paolo Anthony 8 days ago
"at least i made a woman cop smile" lol
Michael Readling
Michael Readling 8 days ago
those cops are idiots
Błū._. QUy
Błū._. QUy 8 days ago
Mr Lion
Mr Lion 8 days ago
Second deserved to be pulled up on and the shit beat out of him. He was wrekless riding ,splitting lanes, and acting like a douchebag loser
J D 9 days ago
Why is it that these idiot motorcycles are like citizen patrol and think they drive perfectly
importvision 9 days ago
“Atleast I made a woman cop smile.” XD
Centurion Colossal
The second cops where like retarted
Роман Барков
0:12 why? You're just waiting for a cop to arrest your ass. Doing wheelies I mean come on. We already have enough numbskulls in the world don't add another
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