Police Explain Why Naya Rivera's Missing Body May 'Never Be Found' in Lake Piru

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Ventura County Sheriff officials discussed how Lake Piru's "terrible" visibility is affecting the search for the former Glee actress.


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Jul 10, 2020




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andrew dylan jones
andrew dylan jones 24 days ago
She got killed,she prolly knew too much,look into it
B.B Gambini
B.B Gambini Month ago
No More Buckets Of €um For This €um Bucket
Aaliyah Morris
Aaliyah Morris Month ago
It makes me soooo sad that I will never be able to meet her 😩 I always wished I could met or seen her in person and now that’s she’s gone I’m just heartbroken 💔 I’ve been watching All seasons of Glee and Watching Step Up to feel close to her and I just start crying watching her scenes whether she sings , dance, or just tell somebody off 😢 This is a hard lost and I don’t think I’m ever gonna really get over it. Praying for her Family , Friends, and The love of her life , Her son Josey 🙏🏽 #RipNayaRivera #NayaRivera💔
Mazher Mir
Mazher Mir Month ago
RIP Naya. En Amazon, 'ThatSmile' es una historia sobre la madre que se ahoga junto a su hija
Bugaboo Noir
Bugaboo Noir Month ago
Well two days ago a 16 year old boy died because he drowned in the lake near our town . Our town is small so we know each other but i don't think he personally knows me but i always saw him at school when i was 8 and 7 grade he was one year older than me. Here's how he died he went on a small boat with two people and we all think that they all jumped in the deep and two of them came out but he didn't.The beach didn't even own any life guards or jackets and to this day i blame them May he rest in Peace 🙏
Rae Month ago
I feel so sad
George Berrian
George Berrian Month ago
truth hurts
Steven Tipton
Steven Tipton Month ago
You know what piru means in Spanish, let the devil take you
Jeff Mathew
Jeff Mathew Month ago
Well this video is a complete embarassment now is it?
gigi villasana
gigi villasana Month ago
may she rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏
Frankie Bella
Frankie Bella Month ago
That bitc- is gone 😝
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes 2 months ago
Always remember when watching mainsream media coverage on these incidents, there is a LIE somewhere in all of it.....ALWAYS.....Don't be fooled.
Cathy B
Cathy B 2 months ago
Trist ,rip a family 🤔
malachi brown
malachi brown 2 months ago
Headline ".......... ........ has passed at age....." Sam: " Damn, it's a shame, I could be GONE at that AGE too Jade: I may only have X amount of time, to chase my dreams, f*** all this other S***" Mark: "Somebody dies everyday, it's just a shame, that it takes being a CELEBRITY or FAMOUS, to get some recognition"
Uriel Jurado
Uriel Jurado 2 months ago
SORRY GUYS...ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A VERY SMART GUY TO SEE LAKE PIRU IS NOT A PLACE TO SWIM AND VERY DEEP...40 METERS IN THE MIDDLE SO...THE SON TOLD IN DIFFERENT WAYS ^^as soon as she got in the very horrible waters he never saw her again ^^ SO...SHE WANTED TO END HER LIVE AND NOT BEING FOUND...that's it...a reason: for me a bad romance with the father of her son...maybe he has well placed his p.....ts....so he never would be a dummy...and many women...99.99999% look for that...sorry ladies...uriel, panama canal, july-21-2020
Nicole Telford
Nicole Telford 2 months ago
This must be old. I thought they found her. Autopsy revealed she drowned
Bethany Cho
Bethany Cho 2 months ago
well that didn't age well
Maggie M'Gill
Maggie M'Gill 2 months ago
🌹🌹🌹🌹 R.I.P. NAYA . 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Teresa Wood
Teresa Wood 2 months ago
shorturl.ca/lovesex377assssx දැනුණේ මමනම් කන් දී බව නව ද මම ආදරය වී
Michelle Kam
Michelle Kam 2 months ago
Omg you cant change what happened lets let the family mourn their loss.
Hope Moore
Hope Moore 2 months ago
I thought they did find her body
ikrame bout
ikrame bout 2 months ago
Don't swim alone.be surrounded.
beverly wade
beverly wade 2 months ago
Found her body
Ada Sinanaj
Ada Sinanaj 2 months ago
Dear, Naya. Rest in Peace💔
Z 2 months ago
1:49 made me cry
Elsie Cabural
Elsie Cabural 2 months ago
Very informative thank s for sharing
frewiny tsegay
frewiny tsegay 2 months ago
Iliana Martinez
Iliana Martinez 2 months ago
What do you know? Is it fake?
Zeenat Khatri
Zeenat Khatri 2 months ago
Your video is useless because you keep tapping for the longest time and don’t get to the point. If you call this public service you should be ashamed of yourself.
Alex Plays—Roblox and more!
It hurts me to say but if you watch inside edition there’s a video that said she might be dead :(
eddie s
eddie s 2 months ago
I bet it was some ugly or unknown creatures that took her
Angela Binn
Angela Binn 2 months ago
Why is this just popping up on my notifs now? I already know this stuff, they found her and she’s dead. Now Josey has to grow up without a mom.
George Rivera
George Rivera 2 months ago
the most horrible way to perish, drowning or fire, I don't swim, almost drown in the rockaways NY, and fire if you survive, you will be disfigured for life .
okow tina
okow tina 2 months ago
R.I.P Naya. You were so very talented
Terri Sillia
Terri Sillia 2 months ago
I am sorry this young mom lost her life .but no life vest..4 year old son..swim in middle of a lake. no life vest..i am sure when you rent a boat they come with vest... cant swim?..dont know how to float??..senseless death...respect water
okow tina
okow tina 2 months ago
But it was found
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 2 months ago
Rest in peace and paradise Naya Rivera ☹️🕊️
UFO's Nostradamus & Predictions With Dr. Turi
www.drturi.com/naya-riveras-suicide/ its all a lie! Can you handle the truth?
Iliana Martinez
Iliana Martinez 2 months ago
Her death is a lie? For what reason? Did she plan it?
Nikita Alita
Nikita Alita 2 months ago
I'm confused, this was posted after they said they found the body, confirmed the identity and did an autopsy.
danrick nicki frivaldo de castro
Just weeks ago Im just listening to her song with heather morris "one hand in my pocket" and now this news!
xX Ellie &Diya Xx
xX Ellie &Diya Xx 2 months ago
Haven’t they said they found her body washed up?
yuble 2 months ago
*I’m still confused on how the Police don’t have cameras all around Lake Piru.*
kercad2010 2 months ago
So sad! Praying for her family 🙏💔
Miss Baker
Miss Baker 2 months ago
Lazer 2 months ago
No they found her I still can’t believe it she can’t be gone
okow tina
okow tina 2 months ago
shorturl.ca/lovesex474mmasss ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කරයි ෂෙලී නමුත් දැනගෙන
mira aunt
mira aunt 2 months ago
This story is so heartbreaking, she had such a great path ahead of her. She did everything so then she can save her son, Naya had such a great laugh, smile, he’ll miss her forever and always, but at least he’ll know that she died a hero.
Lis’s Lifestyle
Lis’s Lifestyle 2 months ago
so sad i wish Naya was found alive🥺❤️
okow tina
okow tina 2 months ago
I just do not understand WHY she did not have that life vest on God Rest Her Soul
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 2 months ago
Rest of peace
madeindadecounty 2 months ago
But it was found
Connie Rodriguez
Connie Rodriguez 2 months ago
R.I.P Naya. You were so very talented
Nasty FingurZ
Nasty FingurZ 2 months ago
How irresponsible can a mother swim with her child in these type of conditions. No life guard deep waters why would she do that makes no sense.
celeste matthews
celeste matthews 2 months ago
My PRAYERS are with her son 🙏
Phil florence
Phil florence 2 months ago
Pauvre femme,prudence mefions nous de l eau qui dors.
Joan Witscher
Joan Witscher 2 months ago
I have no sympathy for her mother did does not put her lifestyle and she was irresponsible stupid and she died very irresponsible mother not to wear her life specialist I have no sympathy for this woman at all Eitheranother zilch
Purified Water
Purified Water 2 months ago
Maybe their were currents at the bottom of the ocean or something pulled her down. Watch Jeremy Wade.
Maria Aguilera
Maria Aguilera 2 months ago
If her n son were swimming where were their life jackets n why she couldn't get in dont seem were waves
Elohim's servant
Elohim's servant 2 months ago
RIP Naya Rivera. 😢😢 ruvid.net/video/video-SsEawD1TgY0.html
Sean til dawn
Sean til dawn 2 months ago
this is suicide....hero? gimme a fucking break!
Brandye Nycole
Brandye Nycole 2 months ago
I just do not understand WHY she did not have that life vest on God Rest Her Soul
Alyssa Barnes
Alyssa Barnes 2 months ago
shorturl.ca/lovesex474mmasss ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කරයි ෂෙලී නමුත් දැනගෙන
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 months ago
unconscious and at as much peace as possible. She was a beautiful force of nature. 💙
Beech neega skrt big poppa
They found her within 4 days😐
Melissa Daniel
Melissa Daniel 2 months ago
I can't swim.that's why i never go into a river or a pool..R.I.P NAYA RIVERA💐u will be really missed
Ana Rodriguez-Ogismo
Another thing, this woman said, she wanted to always be there for her son, nothing to miss one day in his life. It really really doesnt do d like she wanted to die, you might have to rule out suicide!!!! Think man, think, it doesnt really take much, try it, you might be surprised. It's going to take an investigating journalist to find out the actual truth, because law enforcement only works for those who pay them up front and personal!!!!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 months ago
She could swim
Pink_kirby_matt Skits
They found her liar
Mario Alanis
Mario Alanis 2 months ago
No pictures of wet son, nothing about asking the son what happened. Quick to say "recovery mission" quick to say "body may never be found" News of her confirmed death on 07/14/2020 "777" Which is a topic of special emphasis with witches and rituals. As you know Hollywood is plagued by them like maggots on a rotting dead rat. also, just a feeling that her death of just being 33 years old in 2020.has a skull and crossbones feel to it. I don't buy this shit. Release the name of employmeng history of the one who did the 911 call Release who appointed these divers, why them in particular, release the name of the one who made the call to appoint this particular officer to address television and look at all motives and their history I bet you 100% you'll find nothing but shadiness trying to block the light of truth
Davis Suggs
Davis Suggs 2 months ago
the way we found her ❤️
Anna Bruh
Anna Bruh 2 months ago
ugh my heart is broken. gone but never forget. I don’t wanna say much. because I don’t wanna have my eyes fulfilled with tears. god decided she needed peace
gnasty Widdit
gnasty Widdit 2 months ago
Why did 'Entertainment Weekly' on July 3rd posted an article saying that Naya Rivera was found dead from the search if she went missing on the 8th of july ???? Something ain't adding up this can be a cover up.
Flavia Hillary
Flavia Hillary 2 months ago
Nikkole S. Molina
Nikkole S. Molina 2 months ago
The reports from the police department are so vague. Something seems off about this and I just can't shake that feeling.
Elaine Donaway
Elaine Donaway 2 months ago
Sounds like suicide to me...swimming alone no life jacket son asleep. Too many doors open that she felt she didn't deserve...there are and were talented Black kids out there..they were over looked. Bless her..
Hebrew Israelite benjamite
When selling your soul goes wrong.
Woke Soul
Woke Soul 2 months ago
Bull shit
NICI LOVE 2 months ago
She said I want to be here for him and I'm going to navigate how to do that everything is already numbered in order well if that ain't the truth
Benjamin Elliffe
Benjamin Elliffe 2 months ago
Wow :(
The Perverted Monk
The Perverted Monk 2 months ago
They can never figure out what happened when its caucasians who did it.. disgusting
ebony b
ebony b 2 months ago
Rest In Peace Naya
Relaxington University
She could swim
Cardigan 2 months ago
Listening to If I die would be so hard now ☹️
Karen 2 months ago
They've located the body of a female. They assume that is Naya's because no other females had been reported missing. The son was found and is with his family. All of this as off 7/14 @ 3:44 PM. So very sad for Naya's family and friends. I was hoping that she would be found save:(
Bailey Graf
Bailey Graf 2 months ago
Update: They found her body, sadly she was dead. The son also said Naya pushed him on the boat, and then disappeared into the water. Such a sad story. 😔
TierraAllNews 2 months ago
I knew it! I knew Glee was cursed because of the tragic history. Rest In Peace Naya Rivera good women. Can’t believe she is gone she will never be forgotten. She was a role model for me I admired her and I still do. She was only 33 years old so young and sassy. She ruled the world and she was my favorite character on glee the sassy lesbian. R.I.P a beautiful strong woman who died a hero saving her son.
Joann Hardy
Joann Hardy 2 months ago
1million subscribers before december challenge
Cherish the ones you have in your life before it too late
sweet0955 2 months ago
Yall be lying...1st yall said the son said mommy jumped in the water. Now yall saying she drowned saving her son. Gtfofh! I get yall trying to keep her Legacy. But yall should be honest because there are people out here with the same problems. (Mental health!) I refuse to follow any of yall story's from here on out! 🤞🏽🚮🚮
Ariel V
Ariel V 2 months ago
She was found
Nuris M.
Nuris M. 2 months ago
Elvis grandson, Naya, kelly preston, rip
Master-n-Teach Virgo
Did y'all really think she was alive🤷
Leaveme Tfalone
Leaveme Tfalone 2 months ago
"Everything is already ordered & NUMBERED so I'm not to worried about it" #CHILLS May her soul be at peace!
They just found it
Miriam and Twins
Miriam and Twins 2 months ago
Am worried that some thing isn't adding up, she loves her Son, she wants to be there for him, storyline is hunting' praying 🙏🏽
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
Don’t go swimming alone and without a life jacket. Dang
Master-n-Teach Virgo
She had the jacket,left it on the boat, because divas don't wear those,unless they match her outfit 🤷
J French
J French 2 months ago
iicami. xo
iicami. xo 2 months ago
And it was found haha dumbos
Master-n-Teach Virgo
Leah Nash
Leah Nash 2 months ago
Couldn’t it be possible for her to be on the land by the lake?
Pearl Mouse
Pearl Mouse 2 months ago
her body was found inside the lake
0PointZero1 2 months ago
Not when she's drowned
Bobby Traynor
Bobby Traynor 2 months ago
When she was her sons age they look like twins
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
Kathryn Garza
Kathryn Garza 2 months ago
Found her body on Monday 💞💔
Erica Kodjoe
Erica Kodjoe 2 months ago
How? I heard the news but didn't know it was this lady. I've her movies a few times
sheila nies
sheila nies 2 months ago
Naya Rivera
crybxby4life 0
crybxby4life 0 2 months ago
Just to announce, they did find her body
Elvire Red
Elvire Red 2 months ago
Awe damn Josey looks so much like his Mom. R. I. P. Naya Rivera
Melina C
Melina C 2 months ago
Next videos