Pokimane Reacts to LIVE EVENT Monster VS Robot! Fortnite Season 9!

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I decided to react to the new fortnite Monster VS Robot live event off stream! 😲 That was really cool to watch! Can't wait for season 10 :)
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Pokimane Reacts to LIVE EVENT Monster VS Robot! Fortnite Season 9! - Full Fight
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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 5 191
Pokimane 4 months ago
That was pretty cool O_O What did you think about the event? Let me know ^_^
Mikaela Rivera
Mikaela Rivera 10 days ago
that was so cool
Mikaela Rivera
Mikaela Rivera 10 days ago
Smart Cell
Smart Cell 11 days ago
It's the best mec won it was awesome the best event ever thanks for filming I didn't see the event👍👍👍👍😅❤❤
Smart Cell
Smart Cell 11 days ago
It was great👍👍👍👍❤❤❤
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 23 days ago
Just wanted to say you’re an inspiration to cringey content everywhere.
friendly toys
Mohammad Naill
Team mehc
THATkid664 71
THATkid664 71 2 days ago
Monster dies Then sSpons back to the lobby saying I need a freaking squad next time
Ur Mother With Two Subscriber
You Look Cute! First Time Seeing! Pls Dont Mind Me Saying Your Cute pokimane me shy
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 3 days ago
I'm team Robot I hate the monster ,
noobking11 4 days ago
Team mech you better say ur team mech
carlos mass
carlos mass 4 days ago
Monster: NARUTOOOOO mech : sasukeeee
Koda Oink
Koda Oink 4 days ago
minecrafter & robloxer
There is a shin Godzilla yeah my name is shin for real exactly like the shin Godzilla right?
elle scott
elle scott 5 days ago
it was fun i love you
Elliott Woodward
Elliott Woodward 7 days ago
blackxxalies 360
blackxxalies 360 7 days ago
Bruh when I saw this I WAS SO HYPED
100k subs with 0 videos?
Mega team leader Looks so cute poki
moon_shadowx12 8 days ago
I would choose mech
Maximiliano Pérez
Team mech
Arsenio Caalim
Arsenio Caalim 9 days ago
Team team Meg
Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 9 days ago
I love you my user is Matthew166_ and I am 8
sarah dela cruz
sarah dela cruz 9 days ago
Your so cool and pretty
Zamarion Grimes
Zamarion Grimes 10 days ago
Petch Cabansag
Petch Cabansag 10 days ago
Pokimane i love you
its lancedarrin7
its lancedarrin7 11 days ago
Team monster
Smart Cell
Smart Cell 11 days ago
Team mec is the best👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤
dat kid from school
Know I'm late to the comments but great vid
Carpsi 12 days ago
Team Robot
NOOBGAMEING _Alex 13 days ago
Anthony Desimini
Anthony Desimini 13 days ago
Muhammad Faraz Khan
Team mecaleader
yoniel Alicea
yoniel Alicea 16 days ago
I love it when your in player select
Marion Hughes
Marion Hughes 17 days ago
Pokimane if you didn't notice you had a perfect timing in this video
Radicle Doughnut
Radicle Doughnut 19 days ago
Hi poki can ou sub to me
Kaeven Cham
Kaeven Cham 19 days ago
Legit fart XD
مختار محتار
مختار محتار
مختار محتار
مختار محتار
Alejandro Guzman
Alejandro Guzman 22 days ago
Dave Dunkley
Dave Dunkley 22 days ago
team mech bro
Pep Gaming
Pep Gaming 24 days ago
The monster should have 2x bigger more power
ea ej
ea ej 24 days ago
My song: mech and dinosaur What will you choose the mech or the dinosaur Youu chose the mech and i chose the dinosaur The mech pushed the dinosaur to the water and i kinda drowned The mech came back up like he won And the dinosaur came back up he soon tackled the mech Bit her arm out.. out of her But the mech pushed me back but then layed down loot lake Then came back again then she did the floss dance then flew to theee air (You probably dont know the tune but here ya go)
Jessica Bishton
Jessica Bishton 25 days ago
Robot would win because it has a abnfantege off thre monster
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