Pokimane Reacts to LIVE EVENT Monster VS Robot! Fortnite Season 9!

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I decided to react to the new fortnite Monster VS Robot live event off stream! 😲 That was really cool to watch! Can't wait for season 10 :)
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Pokimane Reacts to LIVE EVENT Monster VS Robot! Fortnite Season 9! - Full Fight


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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 5 202
Pokimane 29 days ago
That was pretty cool O_O What did you think about the event? Let me know ^_^
Betim Alimi
Betim Alimi 5 hours ago
Tanishia Gammons
Tanishia Gammons 2 days ago
Mimi Lewis
Mimi Lewis 3 days ago
Pokimane you cute
amos alayon
amos alayon 3 days ago
Pokimane when the robot dashed the monster to the water I was like what the
Ajusted Bard820
Ajusted Bard820 4 days ago
It was dope rip monster haha😂
shedumaster playz
shedumaster playz 5 hours ago
4:18 JAN KEN BOOOOM gon is back
Dave Sandy
Dave Sandy Day ago
So yea
Dave Sandy
Dave Sandy Day ago
Yeah the team robot win so cool robot if epic game make a video again it will be so dope
Dave Sandy
Dave Sandy Day ago
Im team mec
Petlin Stewart
Team monster
Jay Ibanez Garcia
Dang I wish I was there I wasn’t
Nemo민우 2 days ago
I'm so curious y didnt the mech pulled his sword at the beginning? Hmmhmm
Kel Lor
Kel Lor 2 days ago
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 wa👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Annie Weigum and Shawn Lee
You were in the same game as TG
Wood up
Wood up 2 days ago
Mecha team Leader
Mirian Simon perez
zahra norouzi
zahra norouzi 3 days ago
Team mech!!!😉😉👍👍
Fabiula Reis
Fabiula Reis 3 days ago
We c
Raymond Gutierrez
Give I’m in the Battle pass my name in fortnight is 😭
Mariglerta Gjeta
Mariglerta Gjeta 3 days ago
Your are soooooooooo beayty
Aidan Aucamp
Aidan Aucamp 3 days ago
Karen Zapata
Karen Zapata 3 days ago
Meghan Pearson
Meghan Pearson 4 days ago
Jake Boii
Jake Boii 4 days ago
team mecha
Micah Maxwell
Micah Maxwell 4 days ago
I am Team MEC
Jonathan Hernandez
Been Playing since season 7. And this girl is like is this the monster the came out of the eggs ? Smfh. She killed me.
Wyatt Penwell
Wyatt Penwell 4 days ago
Wasn’t that cool by you dummy
Gerson Hernandez
Gerson Hernandez 4 days ago
The robot his hand got destroyed
Cassie Meltesen
Cassie Meltesen 4 days ago
My friend Has a crash on you
umar ch
umar ch 3 days ago
Tell ur friend to shag his mum
124678 johnny plat
Andrea Tanuzi
Andrea Tanuzi 5 days ago
Very good
Bechot TV
Bechot TV 5 days ago
Poki means vegena in Phillipines loll
umar ch
umar ch 3 days ago
Shag ur mom
smi smi
smi smi 5 days ago
Monster:give me your but
Mason Carter
Mason Carter 6 days ago
I cheer for Panda robot
jr galvan
jr galvan 6 days ago
Emelina's World
Emelina's World 6 days ago
I’m team Mac
Emelina's World
Emelina's World 6 days ago
Nick is going to take the statue
endless dream
endless dream 6 days ago
Yeah...I'm a bit of a legend 🤷
Rocco OMG
Rocco OMG 6 days ago
the Cattus just wanted to meet his alien friends -_- the stupid mech had to kill him ;-;
Cecilia Castro
Cecilia Castro 6 days ago
Cecilia Castro
Cecilia Castro 6 days ago
I love you are cute AND hoy☺️☺️😅
Wood up
Wood up 6 days ago
Team mech
Jaimie Bravo
Jaimie Bravo 6 days ago
Team mech cause I already saw the event so there’s my answer
Riley Brenner
Riley Brenner 6 days ago
I was team robot
Lincoln's Playtime!
Team robot
Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez 7 days ago
Who's watching in in season x
Jayden Blanco
Jayden Blanco 7 days ago
the robot is gonna win
Ram Dhungana
Ram Dhungana 7 days ago
But monster go in the swim in water
Ram Dhungana
Ram Dhungana 7 days ago
I think the monster is ded
Ram Dhungana
Ram Dhungana 7 days ago
I am meck team
Uzumaki NARUTO
Uzumaki NARUTO 7 days ago
I just love ur voice 😍😍😍😍😍
ViberzzYT 7 days ago
I know I’m late but I wish it was monster who won
XDr. Unknown X
XDr. Unknown X 7 days ago
What keyboard do you use?
Anthrax108 7 days ago
Connor MacPhail
Connor MacPhail 8 days ago
The mec
Lucky Luciano Angulo
I'm team mec
Caroline Atherton
You swead
Echo. 8 days ago
Team Mech because power rangers used to be my child hood and it reminded of the mega zords...
Peyton Barnett
Peyton Barnett 7 days ago
Laura Pence
Laura Pence 8 days ago
im team robot
war hawk gaming
war hawk gaming 8 days ago
Tang ina mo gago
war hawk gaming
war hawk gaming 8 days ago
Poke ka
war hawk gaming
war hawk gaming 8 days ago
Keenan quirke
Keenan quirke 8 days ago
Obviously the mech won
Trubo power
Trubo power 9 days ago
I'm team mech
Omar Shawky
Omar Shawky 9 days ago
Team mech
niqua harris
niqua harris 9 days ago
Taylor Waterfield
Mason Covell
Mason Covell 10 days ago
Ahmed Al-Baghdady
Ahmed Al-Baghdady 10 days ago
I Saw That Ball Its Like Makes U Fly
Julian Edwards
Julian Edwards 10 days ago
Kori Hollifield
Kori Hollifield 10 days ago
I don't really like that from that much because they're in the half way in the event it's the power went off
Goku Gaming
Goku Gaming 11 days ago
Aidan Santana
Aidan Santana 11 days ago
Team meach
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 11 days ago
Team Godzilla
Landon Hill
Landon Hill 11 days ago
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz 11 days ago
Team teddy forever
SuperiorBeing 1
SuperiorBeing 1 12 days ago
harvey hunter
harvey hunter 12 days ago
Bami1100 12 days ago
Team mech
Bami1100 12 days ago
Team meac
Israel TREJO
Israel TREJO 12 days ago
MrbigDuck0 duck
MrbigDuck0 duck 12 days ago
Your nice
Jtcoolman 12 days ago
Team mech
Acacia Gunson
Acacia Gunson 12 days ago
I love your vids
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