Pocahontas Was a Mistake, and Here's Why!

Lindsay Ellis
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But there's a benefit to losing... you get to learn from your mistake. So don't worry, we're gonna fix colonialism, y'all!
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Jul 16, 2017




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Cyberpunk 2060
Cyberpunk 2060 7 hours ago
Every single race is capable of Racism I Mexican I know this better than anyone also it’s funny it’s always white people talking for minorities with pretty blue eyes etc.....🙄🙄🙄🙄
AlucardaLaCarte 9 hours ago
Both Sides-ism: a trend that continues in American media to this very day! Because to believe otherwise would be to confront things like privilege, laziness, and a whole heap of other things that just aren't very comfortable to be taught in high schools... ...also holyshit, Taika Waititi's annoyance at "native peoples communing with ghosts" makes that whole, "PISS OFF, GHOST!" line have whole new meaning. And yeah, appropriation VS accurate portrayal is REAL tough. I remember reading reviews of Luke Cage from African-American writers that ranged from, "This show opens with black dudes in the barbershop talking basketball, HOW FUCKING SURPRISING" to "The show opens with a scene straight out of my childhood: dudes talking basketball at the barbershop." And they're BOTH RIGHT and that's what makes this so fraught to talk about. Especially as outsiders. And makes it so easy for shitheads to weaponize into "YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT, SO YOU MAY AS WELL HATE!"
An enemy stand
An enemy stand 23 hours ago
Honestly we should really strive to be the America Bollywood sees us as instead of the one we are
Iacy Castro
Iacy Castro Day ago
I love your channel sooo fucking much.
elena nojkovic
Did you know that wearing neckties is kind of a form of appropriation? So, I'm from Croatia and one thing people here are really proud of is the fact that the tie, you know the thing we see everyday is kind of our product. So, during the 30 years war in France Croatian mercenaries wore traditional neckerchiefs around their necks. It interested the French, got adopted by Louis XIV and thus the trend was born. The word "cravat" actually comes from a word "Croat", a french word for "Croatians". We actually call a tie "kravata", which is weird when you think about it-we call a piece of clothing by the name that came from appropriating the name of our people. seriously, look up paintings of kings and other important men of the pre 30-year war era- NONE wear any kind of tie-they have those ruffled collars. Don't worry however, most Croatians are actually really, really proud of this, We literally have "a tie day" on October 18. Often a tie is worn by kids, both girls and boys, to school that day, many statues are decorated by a tie and one time they even put a gigantic tie on the tower of a pre-medieval castle in my own city.
0siris Day ago
idk why y'all niggas mad so much about the jasmin, pocahantas and Esmeralda. You can't erase it so just look at it from a different perspecitve. Just take it as that the hottest disney characters are colored baby😊 But i will agree with you that they shouldn't have sexualized them
Dyo Day ago
see how i glitter
TheLawrence Homestead
As a kid Pocahontas made me long to be closer to nature, had me thinking about the damage we do to the earth, and how animals are more like us than we realize.... and I was a child. People do too much
What's up with all the dislikes?
itsbk11 Day ago
The way i said Moana is a remake of Pocahontas remake a couple days ago
Con Artyst
Con Artyst 2 days ago
Fantastic video, and the last song actually made me laugh out loud 😂
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 2 days ago
I wonder how the movie would've gone if it was original, and didn't try to be a re-telling of the real-life story. Edit: Or if they went with the original idea.
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Meh, pocahontas is still one of my favorites. Together with Mulan, hunchback of note dame and lilo and stitch
SaveMeMoon 2 days ago
I actually didn't get emotional about when Moana's grandmother tells her how the family supports her no matter what until 4 years later. That reflects my own situation so much now that just seeing it in this video made me tearbend O_Q
Hammondish 3 days ago
From one well-meaning idiot (your words) to another: Please don't stop whatever it is you're doing here. Taking on the Disney machine and its global cultural impact on all, from its own stars to the far reaches of the earth it seeks to tell us all about. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for all I've learned through Disney's efforts - I'm just concerned at how much info is missing from behind the scenes, and is missing from the effects of Disney's.. Erm.. Well.. Everything. Your videos are genuinely the only thing currently making this tired, not yet old, but very much enforcably aged, brain happy. Seriously. Your videos make me brain happy. Not face happy. I'm so sick of the damage caused to all and sundry, by sheer virtue of most humans preferring face happy to brain happy. And, all the things they're willing to 'claim' from other nations, cultures, religions, societies, etc along the way.. Brain happy vs Face happy - I know which one I choose! I'm lucky, being white and English, that I have the option to be angry. If I had a different complexion, I'm sure that choice would be putting my life - and others' - in imminent danger. Regardless of whichever country I'm in, except perhaps New Zealand. It seems.. 🤦‍♂️ Aaaanyway.. Just wanted to say: Keep em coming, please, Lindsay. P.s. Sorry for being such an incognito profile btw. I'll eventually link my two RUvid accounts, right now I'm enjoying the 'anonomity' (which, given that I've already shared my surname, is surely almost non-existent..) of this particular account. Not intended as a plug, as I'm not making any money, more as a basic appeal towards humanity. Even if it is via RUvid.. 😳😬🙄🤦‍♂️ Happy to put anyone still reading by this point on to my other fledgling RUvid channel, which I never wanted to set up, and regret very much doing so, if you're interested in watching reflections on my life falling apart? It's funny. I guess. The shattered - but still very valuable - remains of my life. Making some kind of comedy out of this farce is all I have left. No money to be made there for me, so if you - Lindsay - or anyone else can make a fortune from my humiliation, then by all means please do let rip. Public shame and humiliation are both forgone conclusions, in terms of my life. Just leave me with some degree of creative rights and, ideally, some control over my face and voice. I saw your video about Robin Williams, so I doubt that's likely! Aaarrrgggh. Humans. Sorry for the rant. Did, genuinely, just want to say keep doing what you're doing. Despite the tirade above suggesting otherwise, your videos do still make me brain happy. Just not - yet, currently, often - face or voice happy. Again, to wrap up (at long last): Please, at the very least, just keep doing what you do. I, for one, am very grateful. Amongst a load of other confused and angry emotions, I'm glad I identified being grateful to you. Just wanted you to know :)
Alfonzo Garbonzo
Alfonzo Garbonzo 3 days ago
If the rich white people being nice in The Princess and the Frog was meant to say that's all that happened, that'd be bad. But is it possible it did happen sometimes and this story includes it? Most stories are dependent on unlikely but possible things happening, I think you're projecting something extra on to this. I love your perspectives and I enjoy your content, you just seem like someone willing to think about different things :)
Alfonzo Garbonzo
Alfonzo Garbonzo 3 days ago
Brother bear is my favorite movie and it makes me cry every time. It makes me think about personal responsibility, and shows me a culture that values integration with nature. Fictional or not that movie changed my life
Miara Godbell
Miara Godbell 3 days ago
Can we appreciate that Spirit did a better job portraying the way colonialism was such barbarity.
Amber Jayde
Amber Jayde 3 days ago
I love Pocahontas, it is my favourite Disney movie - yes, it’s COMPLETELY historically incorrect. I think what makes the movie touch me so much , and make me love it so much - is the MUSIC! The music is so touching and beautiful. If they made it historically correct, it would traumatise children.
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 2 days ago
To be honest, I will always love "What's Around the Riverbend."
Abigail LaFey
Abigail LaFey 3 days ago
I'm not Native American, but I am Mexican of Mesoamerican descendence. As a little girl, I was upset that there was no Mexican Disney Princess (I was not well versed in Mexican history as a child, obviously) and I loved Pocahontas because she was the Disney Princess that looked most like me. In hindsight, the movie is definitely problematic, but it meant a lot as a child
Arty 3 days ago
It annoys me when people say *_Argh, cultural appropriation! Bad! Evil! You can't do that!_* like cultural appropriation and exchange has existed as long as cultures have had contact...literally as far back as the ancient Sumerians! It's part of cultural development, and an unavoidable one in this day and age of global contact. Thank you for talking about it in an objective and rational manner.
Unknown gacha
Unknown gacha 4 days ago
As a black person I agree with your point on the princess and the frog movie it's ridiculous we have to watered down things for white people
cole poston
cole poston 4 days ago
Disneyfication to me is taking direct cultural and historical context so the white audience doesn't have guilt
PiratePineapplez 4 days ago
i get kinda sad when ppl bash brother bear i used to watch that movie on repeat nonstop when i was little
Shubham Luhadia
Shubham Luhadia 4 days ago
Did not expect to see Shah Rukh Khan here!!! Lost context of the entire video and that's all I care about right now! 😂
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 4 days ago
Nice to see someone not accepting Depp's bullshit
A Google user
A Google user 5 days ago
You lost me at trying to drag Avril through the mud. That was not cultural appropriation, it was made for her Japanese fans and controlled by Japanese people. ONly white people were "offended" and made these claims while her japanese fans defended her. You shouldnt talk about something you're ignorant about.
natty features EVERYTHING
i subscribed before watching a single video your channel lol i saw you comment on another fellas channel lol so this is technically the first video on this channel of yours I have seen and I m not disappointed I missed you girl whispers you were always my favorite hugs
Mara Henao
Mara Henao 5 days ago
Lilo and Stitch really is an under appreciated movie.
Jenny Khenven
Jenny Khenven 5 days ago
So Megara is not sexualised?
First Last
First Last 7 days ago
this is probably the best way anyone has described cultural appropriation in away that I could understand. so honestly, thanks.
Seret Dhanoa
Seret Dhanoa 7 days ago
I know I’m VERY late to this, but when Disney realized they had made a mistake about the movie and they were getting hate from it, while it wasn’t very accurate either but still was more true than the first- Pocahontas 2 (My favorite of the two movies, don’t hate me) was released but everyone hated that since it changed up her relationship with Smith. Basically, someone was gonna be mad either way Different thing now- I honestly love Pocahontas 2, because despite it’s characters history, it teaches a good lesson: You don’t always need to fall in love with the first person you meet. Disney movies go “You find someone, you love them forever” (I love every disney movie and don’t at ALL hate this idea, just saying that’s how most of them go) but Pocahontas is different. She and Smith loose interest, and she falls for Rolfe, which I ship her with more than Smith. Again, this is just my opinion and your free to feel however you want :)
Seret Dhanoa
Seret Dhanoa 7 days ago
This doesn’t make such sense now that I reread it, but hopefully you get the point lol
NTH THN 7 days ago
Disney remade Pocahontas and no one bats an eye. 😬
No 7 days ago
the film sucks, some of those songs are a bop, but even the singing voice of Pocahontas was a white woman. at least her speaking voice was voiced by a native woman.
75ur15 7 days ago
To be fair, natives are not a single group, so it wasn't them here first, different tribes took different parts at different times.
Fiona Lyons
Fiona Lyons 7 days ago
I think the take away is that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.
BiggiN483 7 days ago
So I'm a german who spent a year in nz, so please bear with me and my limited knowledge ;) The way I understood Moana and the mix of polynesian cultures is that the plot is set when those cultures weren't really formed yet and they were still travelling, so they took the myths that all cultures have in common, because that is the base tale they all have. That time on the island between travelling was just a pause out of fear. Maybe moana set sail at the end and they found new zealand? Or fiji? And, maybe someone can explain that, but I don't really understand the issue with the coconuts and simple life (I mean, as much as her saying colonialism played into it, this is set way before colonialism and modern technology). Them being happy at singing doing chores is just Disney at its core. Please enlighten me :)
Clare McCrory
Clare McCrory 7 days ago
Even Brave that focuses on native celt tribes has someone turn into an animal to learn lesson, slight obsession there 😂😂
Carlos From Earth
Did someone summon me regarding Mexican music in LA? :D
untitledjuan 8 days ago
One word: ethnocentrism
rjd1922 9 days ago
9:24 Disney doesn't actually consider Esmeralda a Disney Princess anymore, probably because she's too sexualized.
Chris Myers
Chris Myers 9 days ago
so basically, lilo and stitch is still the superior disney movie... got it. in all seriousness, im glad you made this video, very eye opening, also im curious as to why youtube is only just now recommending this to me!
random 9 days ago
Probably unpopular opinion on this channel, but Moana was pretty... meh. I didnt like The Rock's character tbh and the main theme song is pretty annoying. 100 times better than Pocahontas for sure, but that was not hard to achieve.
K 10 days ago
Having grown up in the impoverished, gods-forsaken shadow of Disneyland I really feel Lilo on a spiritual level in that deleted scene.
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter 10 days ago
Sadly, I still love Moana
Discord’s Apple
Discord’s Apple 10 days ago
A wise Megamind? Me: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
When do we get to burn things? I heard crusade.
Michael Spooner
Michael Spooner 11 days ago
The last film I saw was Cats.My poet nonform mentality is still somewhat stuck in ----------,now find brain scanned into chip(BrotherChip) , downloaded into slip.Via time slip 500 year future women's dictatorship.Thats the only way I would know any of this AI future women smartmouth,no or minimal disrespect.Yeah,the collective.Sorry to bore anyone.Take a break.I don't know where some people are native or other.
Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray 11 days ago
Ah, yes, the notional "Native American" ancestor. I have that story from both sides of my family, actually. Interestingly, when I got my ancestry report from 23andme (and yes, I know that kind of thing isn't perfectly accurate, but it's still interesting) it didn't show any Native or even Asian ancestry, but it *did* show African ancestry. Interesting that my southern grandparents never said anything about *that*, huh?
L B 7 days ago
Actually, its often true about people having that Native American in them. Even if your great granddad was 100% Native and the rest of your family was European. You could be anywhere from 12%-2% native despite it being 1/8th of your ancestry. Most DNA sites explain this, hence why siblings can have varying ancestry. The Native American would take VERY few generations to breed out when yous only interacted a few centuries ago. Whereas, us Africans, Europeans and Asians being in close proximity for 1000s of years mean that we can all be very mixed despite our recent family all being the same race. THAT is probably why they never mentioned it.
McFinnaPants 11 days ago
I should have probably watched either of these movies first, huh?
Sky Pidge
Sky Pidge 11 days ago
Once again, my hatred for Jeffrey Katzenberg know no bounds
jayda huntley
jayda huntley 12 days ago
What makes me so mad about the Pocahontas movie is that John Smith was a liar him and Pocahontas weren't friends. He was horrible and she was only 11 when she met him. Also John Rolfe is disgusting. Y'all should look into the real story of Pocahontas it's truly tragic and sad she didn't deserve what happened to her. I also hate how Disney slandered and romanticized her story and made John Smith out to be a hero when he was the true villain of the story.
Aren Sereathy
Aren Sereathy 12 days ago
From what I can gather a common theme to a lot of this comes down to using a cultural setting as the backdrop to the story vs actually being the story. In pocahontas the culture is _very_ central to the whole story and ends up being very preachy about the whole "On both sides" In emperor new groove peru is very much just the setting while the characters and the interactions being center stage instead
Lioness Princess Bear
Well she wasn’t a woman in the true story...(she was only 12 & there was no love affair)
jayda huntley
jayda huntley 12 days ago
John Smith and her were also not friends. He lied about everything he was a horrible man. He expolited her story by lying. He was an awful man. You should look into her true story she was forced into marrying a white man named John Rolfe and was taken advantage of multiple times. Also her real name was Amonute. Her father was the one who actually gave her the nickname of Pocahontas.
Abby Turner
Abby Turner 13 days ago
“Compass ex machina” is one of the best ways of describing that particular plot point I have ever heard! 😂 Well done on this whole video!
Al Fiona
Al Fiona 13 days ago
Idk if you guys know this but... WATER IS THE METAPHOR
Porpoise Power
Porpoise Power 13 days ago
Decades of driving natives off the lands? Try centuries.
Billie 13 days ago
Re: the Brother Bear soundtrack. Im Bulgarian, and my mom researchers Bulgarian folk music as a professor, so I've been exposed to it a lot. Seen this movie twice, would NEVER recognise Bulgarian folk music in there.
Erza Sakurashi
Erza Sakurashi 13 days ago
I liked the movie as a child. Was pretty shocked tho when I found out that the white people didn't leave america and instead...treated the natives like crap.
Nicole Din
Nicole Din 14 days ago
Yeah using Pocahontas as a Disney Princess is messed up considering the rape and torture that girl endured 😢 I love the animation art style in the movie and the colors of the wind song and around the riverbed because it sounds beautiful. but the movie is a complete insult and hiding important history that white people should repent for and talk about instead of covering it up and exploiting it.
Werecynical Whywolf
Love Bumps
Love Bumps 15 days ago
Ok, as someone who's half white and half Native American though, while it is painfully wrong and stereotypical in so many ways, I do like the movie since I crave any type of representation so much that I'll accept nearly anything that'll at least make us look somewhat positive. I know that's sad to hear, but I wasn't able to see my Native family members much growing up and hearing the white side of many family look down on my sisters and me just made me desperate for pretty much anything good
FunkyMonkeyMachine 15 days ago
I'm genuinely upset with myself for not discovering your videos until yesterday, I can't get enough. Everything you bring up is so spot on, please keep bringing the hot takes!
Novem's Natural Roll
So... uh... should I feel bad about The Emperor's New Groove and Brother Bear being two of my favorite Disney movies?
Caffinator 16 days ago
So what is the "right" choice here? Attempting to have a respectable portrayal of a culture = you're appropriating their culture for your benefit vs ignore other cultures = what's with the lack of representation? To be clear, I have a lot of distain for the mighty house of mouse, but these same ideas could be applied to any media producing organizations largely run by non-minorities. I don't see what would be considered a socially acceptable action here short of handing over their organizations to minorites or closing shop. Even funding minority-run productions would be frowned upon if the funder takes a cut of the profits.
Aslan 16 days ago
"My grandparents used to brag they were 1/64th native American and that makes me proud" - Johnny Depp probably
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel 16 days ago
I love Brother Bear! I liked the absence of white saviour characters which were dime a dozen with Disney.
Marizza Escobar
Marizza Escobar 17 days ago
Personally I have no problem with "cultural appropriation" in fact I like cultures to expand, I like more people to know and be interested in other cultures. I don't think it's important who appropriates that, but that cultures that for decades were unknown can finally be appreciated. but i have problems with the representation... Well, I am from Latin America and I sincerely hate the representations of Latin America, I would prefer that there were no more characters from this area in movies and series, it is very forced, they are always Mexican (there are more countries here, you know?) they are always brown (there are more races here especially Whites and Blacks) and it seems that they cannot go 30 seconds without speaking in Spanish. They are really annoying. Besides, it seems as if we were part of a shopping list, as if we were only put there to be more "inclusive", that's what really seems racist to me, instead of putting a character of a certain group because he contributes something, putting him just to raise your morale points, pathetic.
Booty Crusader
Booty Crusader 17 days ago
I know so many people who tell me "why don't you like Pocahontas? It's such a good movie!" I... always kinda hated it... It felt a bit disingenuous , and the only thing I really remembered from it was "pretty animation". :/
Ayy Lien
Ayy Lien 17 days ago
Norse viking culture is appropriated by am*ricans all the time smh
Nia Wohl
Nia Wohl 18 days ago
If we want more representation and not just stories about white people, telling major companies like Disney to stay away from Native stories is completely counterproductive. Children need to see characters of all backgrounds and cultures. We should encourage positive attempts at diverse story telling like Moan and Lilo & Stitch while pushing for even better representation in the future.
Unknown gacha
Unknown gacha 4 days ago
No you should encourage POC and black writers and story tellers
Robert Bowles
Robert Bowles 18 days ago
Is that you singing at the end? It's pretty good
Robert Bro pl
Robert Bro pl 18 days ago
i’m high
Robert Bro pl
Robert Bro pl 18 days ago
high five
Lil Anon Official
Lil Anon Official 18 days ago
All I got from this is that the Federal Government is terrible.
andyh027 18 days ago
Oh Lindsay you sounded so smart until you said "blood quantums." Check that plural one more time.
Wild Ice
Wild Ice 18 days ago
So we could have gotten something cool and historically accurate until katzenberg katzenberg’d all over it?
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez 18 days ago
I think most of us people comming from other cultures love to see some representation of our culture in popular media as long as it is respectful
rosemarry the soft demon
is it bad that Pocahontas was my fav disney movie when i was 5
maggie quinn
maggie quinn Day ago
No .
fruitbythebecbec 19 days ago
ok but imagine of Taika Waititi had had a bigger part in Moana
Jennifer H
Jennifer H 20 days ago
Janeane Garofalo, is that you?
Astjaeger 20 days ago
im not american
The Conductor Esplin
Hecc u i enjoyed the film
yanamar 21 day ago
"I'm going to have to omit a lot of stuff in the service of streamlining this thing" **prepares to hear that this video has a second part**
Pandora & Friends
kinda wish all these scrapped ideas would get produced now, would love to have seen how these wouldve been
Sela Lewis
Sela Lewis 21 day ago
I turned off _Pocahontas_ after 10 minutes.
LularoLife 22 days ago
Honestly the movie would have been better in its original plan.
Amela Dzinic
Amela Dzinic 22 days ago
Pocahontas is frst maked
Akawaio Girl
Akawaio Girl 23 days ago
Eric Hickman
Eric Hickman 23 days ago
All of Lindsey's video topics are made so she can put in "See how I glitter"
Guillermo Macias
Guillermo Macias 25 days ago
“I’m losing to a bird.”
M. Campbell-Sherwood
Did you know Maui wasn't originally from the Polynesian Islands. He's taught about in New Zeland history. According to the Maori People, he came there from Egypt to conquer everything east of Egypt and the entire world back to Egypt for his Pharoah. He got as far as what is now known as the America's when he realized just how impossible his task was and turned around going back to settle in what is now New Zealand. He didn't go home because he feared the consequences of failing his Pharoah. There are documentaries that can be viewed with the entire story based on the perspective of the ancient New Zealanders that are pretty cool.
Xarena Not my real name
I really wish people would stop giving Pocahontas crap for daring to to be self aware enough that it takes two to tango and nobody and group is perfect now here's the thing everybody forgets it was a different time everybody back then was fighting for land including the Native Americans they were fighting each other for it too and the whole reason white people were trying to get new land was because they wanted to escape a system they hated and wanted to start new lives and it's really unfair to judge them for that and what I'm about to say is super not PC but it is very true the Native Americans also were terrible to us as well and sometimes it wasn't warranted I liked as a kid that the movie tried to convey that it was both sides fault it didn't pull punches with either side I also really liked how they treated the Native Americans with a bunch of respect fine they they probably weren't accurate but I remembered them I liked them and what they said and did also lets remember something really quick IT'S A DISNEY MOVIE!!! FOR KIDS!!! Disney already has a record for not following source material so get over that and really think if you want little kids to watch a movie about what really happened during that time ok now that my main rant is over I do get why people think movie is boring but I still liked it as a kid and still do a bit now I like the music the animation is gorgeous and as a kid I didn't feel talked down to which I really appreciated plus Pocahontas herself at that time didn't feel like any other Disney princess which again I super appreciated anyway I do get why people don't like the movie for it being boring or just not to your taste but I am getting really sick of people calling it racist when it really isn't I am willing to say it's trying to rewrite history and really, really, really oversimplifying an issue but it's not racist whatever happened to people watching movies just to enjoy them?
Xarena Not my real name
@Unknown gacha Also I'm legit curious what about my comment said 'oh woe is me' to you?
Xarena Not my real name
@Unknown gacha Oh my bad I could have sworn this was about a movie let's try to stay on topic also what makes you think I'm white?
Unknown gacha
Unknown gacha 4 days ago
Oh my God you win most oh I'm white woah is me comment! Self aware?!? Poco was literally 12 year old tortured by white people Jesus
Say 26 days ago
I knew the plot line of Moana felt so... familiar
Pomme843 27 days ago
Now do "Frozen".
Kaity Jones
Kaity Jones 27 days ago
Lowkey this is why we keep saying that disney should never try and make a live-action pocahontas... we will go insane if they do this to our people again
zxKAOS1 27 days ago
Amongst all the Disney princesses at the Disney theme parks, Pocahontas is the most hit on because she's also the most scantily clad of all of them
Joeru 28 days ago
I could’ve lived my life perfectly unknowing about Avril Lavigne singing “Mina sako, arigatou, kawaii”. Why have you done this to me?
SaveMeMoon 2 days ago
If those of us who were there and saw it on MTV when it came out have to suffer SO DO YOU!!
Joeru 28 days ago
As it seems, 10K people didn’t watch the video and were instead blinded by their nostalgia... leaving a dislike. *sigh*
Jamie Fitzgerald
Jamie Fitzgerald 16 days ago
or maybe we just think her arguments are dumb
Kevin Abroad
Kevin Abroad 28 days ago
Thank you for this video. Very informative
hello 29 days ago
I wonder if anyone notised that gypsie-prostitute in "the heat" and the broken bulgarian they tried to talk with (wow, the English title has nothing to do with gentle police- the bg title). Well, noticed enough to be really annoyed at that kind of toxic cultural appropriation.
KibKibble 29 days ago
No one wants to talk about the guy at 19:12 who can apparently fly?
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