PLEASE HELP: What Should I Do With All These FIRE ANTS?

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I need your help! My massive pet fire ant colony (the 'Phoenix Empire') is growing at such a rapid rate now and I have to decide what our next step will be. Today I show you how big the ant colony is now, what they're current housing is, and what our options are for the fate of our beloved fire ants. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Jul 11, 2020




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AntsCanada 23 days ago
AC Family, thanks for watching and helping me out! As mentioned in this video, please look for my hearted posts in the comments and *LIKE* the option of your choice to leave your vote! You can vote for more than one option, and you can also give feedback under the post! I can't wait to see/read your thoughts! Let's give the Phoenix Empire the best life! Ant love forever! EDIT: Apparently, the three posts to vote are being buried! I'm still jaded that RUvid removed the voting function in the videos. It makes things so hard. I may try #hashtags next time and use an outside app to count the votes. Sorry about this AC Family!
Pie King 1
Pie King 1 10 days ago
You should move them now it would be huge and a new experience
Aubrianna Abbema
Aubrianna Abbema 17 days ago
Cool Kidz Fun Club
Cool Kidz Fun Club 23 days ago
Move them NOW
jax garrett
jax garrett 23 days ago
I can't find the comments to vote on
LOUIS RAY TURNER 23 days ago
Move them now!
D i N o.
D i N o. Hour ago
Fire the fire ants
Daniel Leung
Daniel Leung 2 hours ago
Sell em
Jessica Unicandy
Jessica Unicandy 10 hours ago
The like count is...545!!!
Joyce Reyes
Joyce Reyes 12 hours ago
pahege ako ng Qween ant 1
Šes 13 hours ago
Now you could do that thing that one German guy did in world war 2.
Envyisasin 17 hours ago
Keep them in the farm i would love to see the queen! This is all so amazing i love fire ants
fish dude
fish dude 20 hours ago
THIS is why I'm only keeping slow growing species right now
Danielle B.
Danielle B. 21 hour ago
Cant find the ❤ to move now* that's my choice
Javan Rattan
Javan Rattan 22 hours ago
Keep it going but keep control
Mint 23 hours ago
I saw a queen ant crawling on my second story balcony a recently, but I don't have any set up to start a colony
Davato Day ago
Just spray a little bit of raid in there, that should dwindle down the population
Sharky the Granada
Your channel has grown so much since 4 years ago
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Day ago
Anytime someone says watch till the end I immediately leave
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 19 hours ago
ok... it's just him explaining and so his editing won't go to waste
a person owo
a person owo Day ago
It’s the fire nation all over again
Nadine Wray
Nadine Wray Day ago
Ey ye ye too many ants just too much just wow
Mohan Rajesh Elara
you can give people the ants
Arnold Davies
What you should do is call in the pest control people. Our government is doing all they can to eradicate these fire ants here in Australia and here you are keeping them as a source of entertainment.WTF.?
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 19 hours ago
you can't overkill or eradicate Fire Ants and he is in Canada not Australia
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 19 hours ago
i see someone hasn't watch any of his videos and he said he will explain WHY
Lola O.O
Lola O.O Day ago
We need thanos to snap his fingers and half this colony
Addison Zhu
Addison Zhu 2 days ago
Big a bull frog and grab a bunch of ants and feed it to it
Ivanov S
Ivanov S 2 days ago
Wow in the start it looked as if I was watching the video in 144p
When they feasted the roach my eyes extremely hurt (THEY'RE SO MANYYYY)
K-P0P Edits
K-P0P Edits 2 days ago
please don't give away any ants can u keep doing this for a few more years it's so cool can u add more tubes ??
Face reaveal
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 19 hours ago
he already did
Omgod im eating snakes
Pineapple King
Pineapple King 2 days ago
Feed thum a pineapple frert
Pineapple King
Pineapple King 2 days ago
Feed thum a pineapple
Paul Ignacio Lao
Paul Ignacio Lao 2 days ago
Use the infinity gauntlet its easy
Mark The Ranger
Mark The Ranger 2 days ago
Here from off the ranch LMFAO
Jearrod Fountain
Jearrod Fountain 3 days ago
this reminded me oof the company man lol
ShampotheSpider 3 days ago
What should you do if you build more sections but ants population grew more?how are you going to be able sacrifice them to cut down if sacrificing cow is no longer alive??this is bad!
ITZ_Mhyper pinto
ITZ_Mhyper pinto 3 days ago
Do an epic fight battle for the land fire ants vs ants
Carmen Rotaru
Carmen Rotaru 4 days ago
Double the ants and then ants needed to wait for other ants to enter the nest other wise the ants would need to go on the other ants
keith banks
keith banks 4 days ago
Anna Marie Mangulabnan
Move now
keith banks
keith banks 4 days ago
Bears them
Rainstrider Streamflower
Why don't you sell some of the 🔥 ants online 4 💰!
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 19 hours ago
no selling ants online is bad for them
Miss. Brock
Miss. Brock 5 days ago
I like cockroaches-
Angie Yonaga
Angie Yonaga 5 days ago
I stepped on a fire ant nest on accident and oh boy... that was not pleasant...
Logan Johannssen
Logan Johannssen 5 days ago
Ike 5 days ago
No one: AntsCanada: Guys!
Games_grinder 5 days ago
How'd the numbers grow SO FAST?
Falconsillplays 6 days ago
Soulshocks 6 days ago
I am seriously allergic to ants and I somehow always end up back on this channel watching these videos.
Cherra Yebron
Cherra Yebron 6 days ago
I think when there’s a lot of fire ants you need to buy a biggest aquarium for the ants because there is a lot it looks Like a colony of the biggest ants looks like the colony but do it now
The Boi
The Boi 7 days ago
Put a ant-eater plant like in past vids to control the population. It may sound cruel but its out of control.
AmethystRose 7 days ago
I wanna see the queen
AmethystRose 7 days ago
Wait for the ants to grow
epic boss 919
epic boss 919 7 days ago
This is my favorite RUvid channel!
The Guest
The Guest 7 days ago
I like seeing insects and how they live. But i certainly not happy about seeing insects and pests in real life.
Alildoaddictedtoediting Thumbnailsandphotos
I have and idea:ship some to ants perfectionals And use for small jumping spiders
Jamealeh Edwards
Jamealeh Edwards 7 days ago
.,. I’m..im just speechless... .,.
ChannelAnonymous 7 days ago
One word Flamethrower, The strongest live
kanatapaw 8 days ago
ac: hey guys check this out. *"ad plays"* look at this yummy slice of bacon.
Frankie Babyee
Frankie Babyee 8 days ago
your brain is so big
Matt 8 days ago
I'd watch more of these videos if he didn't speak to me like I know nothing every video
Random Person3690
If you got rid of the queen ant then it would get out of control but also less ant babies, but if you did get rid of the queen then the ants would most likely die.
Aki Yasuda
Aki Yasuda 8 days ago
Aki Yasuda
Aki Yasuda 8 days ago
Colors. 8 days ago
Make a different colony. After a few years start ww1 for ants.
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