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Kitchen Nightmares
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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 2 805
LPc Slush
LPc Slush 2 days ago
Gotta love Ramsay's enthusiasm. He knows foods going to be shite but he always goes there with an open mind
Hexy Ko
Hexy Ko 2 days ago
I don't understand these big restaurants with half decent decoration but shite food.
Julian Schmidt
Julian Schmidt 3 days ago
Someone can not take any kind of criticism well. Guess who...
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon 5 days ago
Honestly it's gonna hurt to be on the receiving end of Gordon because he really says things over the top instead of just saying no this is blegh
I love how he says he wants to smash a plate over his head but still calls gordon chef😂😂😂
Porreca Cesar
Porreca Cesar 6 days ago
00:34 he looks like chris "oz" ostreicher from American Pie haha
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 7 days ago
Chef Mike.... Does that make two chef mikes in the kitchen?
Laurent Carlizzi
Laurent Carlizzi 8 days ago
*Gordon orders Crab Cakes* Me: Ah shit here we go again
jans belerts
jans belerts 11 days ago
4:15 press like who agrees with "my 8 year old daughter could cook better than that" well make it 3x better
jans belerts
jans belerts 11 days ago
he have to be glad gordon didn't spit food out, that's already something in kitchen nightmares
Nathanael Aldred
Nathanael Aldred 11 days ago
Gordon: *Asks for water* Also Gordon: "Bland, tasteless, dry..wow. what a shame."
Naomi Sha
Naomi Sha 12 days ago
Unbelievable an episode I haven't seen yet
Ashley Sutherland
Ashley Sutherland 12 days ago
Why do the yanks get so defensive and abusive when a world renown chef gives brutally honest feedback, the brits take it much better and seem to be keen and grateful for the help
Codi Horohan
Codi Horohan 14 days ago
what episode is this from ?
Romain H
Romain H 16 days ago
What a lot of people tend to forget is that if these places are rally as shitty as depicted, it also means whatever amount of clientele they have eats shit.
friskydingofan 19 days ago
Please don't make me Nino any more
Will Siu
Will Siu 19 days ago
Frozen crab meat it not a resturant is more like School Canteen frozen food XD
Kshitiz Mishra
Kshitiz Mishra 21 day ago
4:28 when it comes out
Tea King
Tea King 21 day ago
Gordon : are you chewing gum me : swallows my gum
Christopher Wallbank
Haha the chefs name was Mike......... Was that deliberate
The Exotic pickle
The Exotic pickle 23 days ago
This may look awful but makes me hungry
Jiks 23 days ago
Who don’t chew gum 😂
Devil Dante
Devil Dante 24 days ago
Fortnite DefaultSkin
Gordon is super funny
Rogue-Spear 24 days ago
Ramsay; nice to female waitresses, asshole to male waiters. Lol.
John Killum
John Killum 25 days ago
The owner is Sylvester Stallone!!!
Dale Breakwell
Dale Breakwell 26 days ago
Looks like someone's had a shit in a bag and put it in the oven ..dead
Júlia Dobó
Júlia Dobó 26 days ago
2:34 i lost it😂😂😂💀
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 26 days ago
To be honest I used to work as a waiter at a 4 Star Resort and even the managers would walk around chewing gum in the restaurant etc. But that place was a shit hole anyway 😂
ReeceWD 27 days ago
that waiter turned into fucking terminator when he said fresh crab meat
Just Me
Just Me 28 days ago
I can't believe this, people are running restaurants when they don't even know how to cook.
Shan and Gin
Shan and Gin 29 days ago
What restaurant is this?
Kai jr
Kai jr 29 days ago
"so far I don't think he's liked the food" No shit?!
Vini_:3 Month ago
Why is the guy chewing gum is wrong??
JackBhoy Month ago
I get some people view chewing gum rude and unprofessional, but really, sweating the small shit. Especially when i use to be at school. Fucking irritating it helped me concentrate. And nice breath 😉
Anne Nielsen
Anne Nielsen Month ago
Never mistake honesty for harshness. The truth may hurt, but accepting it, will help you evolve.
Josh Scorpion
Josh Scorpion Month ago
4:27 The way he said "OHHH SHIT"😂
Jamal Hzaife
Jamal Hzaife Month ago
Can any one make good food in America
Gulmehak Kamboj
Gulmehak Kamboj Month ago
Gordon Ramsey: eats a taplespoon of salt Gordon Ramsey: *iTs fOOkIn bLaND wHaT tHE fOoKin bLoOdy hELl*
Bainbow Month ago
"He was in my house, and he was embarrassing me." Don't invite him into your house then, you utter turnip!
Killed By A Cumshot
"We need help, we must call Gordon to help us" "how dare he embrace me in my own house." What a bunch of mangy muggles
Clemintine Month ago
How do I stop I’ve been watching so much of Gordon that my recommendations are literally only kitchen nightmares
Da Bla
Da Bla Month ago
4:18 Honestly...your food's crap. Loooool 😂😂😂
Maddie Jayne
Maddie Jayne Month ago
0:12 when you’re talking to your crush at the bar and your friend watches from a distance to make sure he’s not a murderer
My Mafia Videos
My Mafia Videos Month ago
@0:44 Ramzee talking to pole
puffyseokjin Month ago
gordon:please don’t make me eat all this shit I feel bad when tilapia stuffed with lobster comes out me:looks like diaper full of diarrheas
Viji Sr
Viji Sr Month ago
you are a really chef don't waste food please
Mr Salt
Mr Salt Month ago
I thought the Title Said So don't Eat me Anymore! Wtf have I been smoking!😂
James P
James P Month ago
0:13 Guy in kitchen door portal: okay....he said fresh crab meat. Just like we taught him. Other Chef: Yo! I can't find tha tin opener!
Shefali Nigam
Shefali Nigam Month ago
Krabby patty
Mandara Srinivasan
Gorden : an I have some cold water? Server : hope he likes it ! Gorden : tastes it ....... what the **** this is bland , loose , dry ugh
kaboom Month ago
when chef mike is the actual head chef
Macker51 Month ago
Why is Gordon drinking a glass of jizz?
Bradigans D
Bradigans D Month ago
Did Gordon like the shrimp, why did he eat it again when he was dragging the owner
Tunkkis Month ago
4:28 Oh, shit, it's chef Mike!
sartorian darkstorm
i know he has to be impartial when he orders food but towards teh end of kitchen nightmares do you think hes just thinking sure fresh crap ill believe that
Luke TN
Luke TN Month ago
Damn why he gotta confront him on the gum it was hella awkward
Sandy Heesom
Sandy Heesom Month ago
@Luke TN , I disagree with you and obviously Gordon was not impressed either.
Luke TN
Luke TN Month ago
Sandy Heesom not really
Sandy Heesom
Sandy Heesom Month ago
Because a waiter should NOT be chewing gum while on the job, just unprofessional.
alex jomain
alex jomain Month ago
Waiter : The food is fresh Gordon : ya sure man ? 😏
Piers Lendon Bushaway
2:23 😂 why he’s so funny
FutureChaosTV Month ago
Food in a *BAG* in a RESTAURANT??? Are they fucking insane?
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