PlayStation 5 Controller: Major Key!

Marques Brownlee
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Why PS5's controller feels more next gen than any other piece!
PlayStation 5 Unboxing: ruvid.net/video/video-QtMzV73NAgk.html
Dave2D video: ruvid.net/video/video-tIqlu4sm5OQ.html
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: On and On by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5
Console provided by Sony for review.

Science & Technology

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Oct 31, 2020




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Andrew Mausisa
Andrew Mausisa 2 days ago
3:10 what nostalgic space shooter does that remind me of 🤔🤔🤔
Alan Jagroop
Alan Jagroop 4 days ago
When will sony and xbox do like amazon and make console firestick for a portable cheaper price gaming experience so everyone can buy it. The amazon firestick is the piece of tech that I think xbox and playstation can follow suit in 2021 moving forward.
Gabriel Dennis
Gabriel Dennis 5 days ago
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Abhishek Sreedhar
Loka Ibra
Loka Ibra 10 days ago
.Name of the song please
John Yamamoto
John Yamamoto 12 days ago
Already got analog drift,only played around 50 hours total. Over here playing cod and boom I start drifting to the right.
Yash Patel
Yash Patel 15 days ago
anyone whos into stocks IMMR is behind this haptic technology and they receive royalities for every ps5 controller sold
Bruce Illest
Bruce Illest 17 days ago
As someone who is getting into gaming bc of the lockdown. The controller is enough to make me get a ps5
Girl On A Quest
Girl On A Quest 17 days ago
Most Advanced Controller with the worlds most shitty packaging and presentation. Hell even Chinese controllers have better packaging. SHAME ON YOU SONY.
MrSugeX 17 days ago
I just hope the ps5 controllers are not as horribly bad as the ps4 controllers. The ps4 controllers were poorly built and breaks down all the time. Every single one I got had problems. FU playstion for that.
Opgamer 76
Opgamer 76 18 days ago
cntollr loks gud
Jay Wizzle
Jay Wizzle 18 days ago
yep playstation took it next gen. microsoft needs to catch up SON
Sa As
Sa As 18 days ago
Hey my ps5 controller i can feel the spring more than the yesterday is that a problem
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp 20 days ago
I'm so glad that Sony now produce a new controller design for each new Playstation generation. Not like in the bad old days when the Playstations 1, 2 and 3 all had the same controller design.
David Silva
David Silva 22 days ago
Yeaaahhh booii get you a ps5, everything about em it litt especially the controller!!
Luckless 22 days ago
I hate the ps 1 ps2 ps 3 ps4 controller it just doesnt fit me. I have had my xbox one for 7 years and now i upgraded to the new series x and the controller difference is good. The refressed one is lighter smaller and has the dot pattern everywhere. I am actually starting to like the ps5 controller alot more
Bailey Betty
Bailey Betty 23 days ago
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Zeo heck
Zeo heck 24 days ago
fantastic video
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 24 days ago
BlueCJ 24 days ago
I'm choosing that in like 5 years 😂 Got no money
Israel Ayeni
Israel Ayeni 25 days ago
Wow! Two months now, and no one talked about MKBHD's @Jabbawockeez intro at the beginning of his video?😅🤔😂
Peacemaker 26 days ago
PlayStation 5 controller feels so big in my hands
Daniel Tiwana
Daniel Tiwana 29 days ago
Great intro :)
Cruzian D
Cruzian D Month ago
Looks innovative
Aakif Rashad
Aakif Rashad Month ago
Fort. 3604
Fort. 3604 Month ago
That intro was wack
JUMINO Month ago
The intro is like the word from URDU and HINDI "Kon hai" which means " Who is it?".
dean lynch
dean lynch Month ago
Hate this controller, the sharp edges poke into my pinky finger
Cr8ive Tekno
Cr8ive Tekno Month ago
Give me a nice phone 📱
Eugene Putin
Eugene Putin Month ago
Copied sound from botw at 3:41
Rajsathwik Karampudi
we never knew that marques was a hacker !!!
darrell wright
darrell wright Month ago
Look at that TV in the background, it's older than MB.
Andrew Month ago
Jesus is always amazing!!!!!!!!! Read the Bible!!!!!!!! And repent from all of your sins!!!!!!!
Syon YT
Syon YT Month ago
kazuhiro nishikawa
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Jolene Ann
Jolene Ann Month ago
Wow white face (just kidding)
NFSDriver Month ago
yes the controller is enough to convince me to chose ps5 over xbox, but i cant be too sure because i have other reasons that might be a bigger factor in my decesion, like having all my games on PS so switching would mean buying new games since i cant just play them on the xbox. i love my games.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Month ago
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John Geffrard
John Geffrard Month ago
I’ve played with it and I just want to say it feels awesome in person 🤩
HANG DARA Month ago
Yes! Welcome 🙏🏻 to helps Support ME! #@!
Doreen Mendez
Doreen Mendez Month ago
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Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks Month ago
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anthony reynoza
anthony reynoza Month ago
I just got my ps4 and this controller is next level. I'm so glad I didn't get a xbox and waited for the ps5 because this controller is crazy.
kurmatt Month ago
ofc you cant put the sony back paddles on.. :facepalm:
Mary Duncan
Mary Duncan Month ago
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Gui Month ago
I want to know if it works with Apple Arcade.
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman Month ago
Marques: So I've been playing games with this PlayStation 5 for about a week now and here are my thoughts
Luca Stoke
Luca Stoke Month ago
Eve Garner
Eve Garner Month ago
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10 Billions
10 Billions Month ago
Trust me this controller is diff and awesome 👍
Rampant Jarl
Rampant Jarl Month ago
Them gloves giving me “the relaxing end” vibes dude
Hope Mkunte
Hope Mkunte Month ago
Its the mini dance at the beginning for me. I thought it was Jabawockees.
Michael Marshall
plastation 3 came out with a revolutionary controller... didnt really do much... i expect the same thing with this one.
Pumpkin Panda
Pumpkin Panda Month ago
so basically hd rumble
I’m glad I watched Bc I was thinking about how I didn’t like how the controller looked but now I don’t care sense it has better features than just how it looks
spring reception
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Rick Astley
Rick Astley Month ago
Alexander Guild
Alexander Guild Month ago
This product of sony's is a game-changer and I we don't know if Microsoft has even got a "counter" to this product differentiation of sony's.
danny lin
danny lin Month ago
That controller is just BEAUTIFUL!
Mugger Pugger
Mugger Pugger Month ago
3:42 it's called swimming Marques
Ho Duc Khai
Ho Duc Khai Month ago
ps4: controller vibration off ps5: controller vibration on
RB DGR8 Month ago
just realising there is icons skin in the thumbnail background... Nice 👌
Christian Brown
Christian Brown Month ago
I was so undecided until which one I should get that I camped out at GameStop and was the second one and went with my brother and I gave him the money to get the Xbox and I got the ps5 so now I have both Edit: I’m sorry I’m not tryna flex
URMY HERO Month ago
Is this the guy who made ONE OF THE BEST PC Build Videos ever?
Ak47 Month ago
its heavy dont get it
Pierce Farrell
Pierce Farrell Month ago
Am I the only one that hates how much it vibrates and the resistance when I play COD I can’t shoot as fast as others because the ADS and the shooting resists against me
Bab Month ago
This feels to me like DS´s dual screens, Wii remote, 3DS´s 3D... Looks cool and all now but I´m not sure if it will stand the test of time, let´s not forget that controllers have had vibration for ages and most players turn them off because they turn out annoying.
Erpw Wosbmk
Erpw Wosbmk Month ago
All everyone wants to know is, what retro TV is that? 😲
Ethan Bradley
Ethan Bradley Month ago
That intro music made me really happy to have a 2.1 speaker set up
Aakash Naskar
Aakash Naskar Month ago
Well I was expecting a Michael Jackson move in intro better luck time frisbee player 😉.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Month ago
I’m honestly having a hard time choosing between these two consoles, they’re both nice but the ps5 controller is just sexy asf
ajay jadhav
ajay jadhav Month ago
Who is the best tech reviewer in the world ? Like Comment 👇 👇 Technical GurujI MKBHD
ArionLOL Month ago
How come no one is takin about how Sony has designed the analog sticks on DS5 to have less drift then the DS4. For Xbox players who don't know what I'm talking about, on DS4, there is a jitter problem, which can happen to anyone on DS4. It's annoying, especially for more compititive gamers.
Rizze Month ago
Imagine feeling the weight and tension behind a sniper or shotgun or even a pistol.
Pisang Mohan
Pisang Mohan Month ago
Damn the easter eggs for the ICONS
How can anyone rate this controller , I’m a long term PlayStation guy and it’s absolute garbage fails the most important function being ergonomic . It rotates the wrists too mush that your wrist hurts after half hour , the ps button isn’t easily accessible and by far the worst part is the sharpness on bottom pokes into the pinkies and hard to use more than an hour absolute garbage
Tavor Swoods RADIO
Hey everyone. Just wanted you all to know that I found a way to pair the ps5 controller to the PS4 without using remote play. I have the video on my page if interested.
Jathin S
Jathin S Month ago
Imagine kids from 2100 laugh saying “why these people are amazed of old controller with pretty much no gen in it”
ShadowOfDeth 2 months ago
So basically just gimmicks is why you like the controller. How is this guy a tech reviewer for a living?
Bud Do
Bud Do 2 months ago
ps5 controller is a killer for Xbox,, there is more about the controller you did not cover
القارئ عمر البلبيسي Omar Al-Belbesy
Who else came to see Marques do some moves in the intro of video??
O.M.A.R 2 months ago
Yeah lol
Dalton Jeffries
Dalton Jeffries 2 months ago
I’ve played on an Xbox since 2010, but I’m switching to the Sony specifically because of the controller, which sounds silly but hear me out. The Xbox One improved on the controller, overall processing, and I had a ton of games so I didn’t want to lose those. I ended up spending $40 extra dollars just for a rechargeable battery. However with this new generation of consoles, the X just seemed like another letter. The PS5 has similar processing specs, but the UI is new, the controller has components I’ve never used or even seen before, and it just looks better too.
Janak Brahmbhatt
Janak Brahmbhatt 2 months ago
"The controller has a feel that makes you feel..." Ah yes, the floor here is made of floor
hendrix 2 months ago
i dont want a ps5 or an xbox but damn do i wanna try the controllee
Louis Imp
Louis Imp 2 months ago
I really want to play tetris effect with this more than anything honestly
GutsRage 2 months ago
I miss the pre order window... out of stock already .... although it was like 115 dollars in my country that feels a bit of a stretch for a game pad lol.
Darren Chen
Darren Chen 2 months ago
I like that you gave props to Dave for his video.
xXgerbsXx1347 2 months ago
When PS4 realised their controller was that bad they changed it to an Xbox styled controller
Jawwwp [walter gang]
xXgerbsXx but damn it’s getting thicker each time...
Brick_Head 2 months ago
Let's cancel mkbhd for whiteface
Deng Ting Koay
Deng Ting Koay 2 months ago
looking for dave's comment hahaha
K Money
K Money 2 months ago
"Its a lot of hardwork" Lmao its just gaming 😂💀💀
Aqeel Ahmed // AqeelTheBoy
U know some games r hard
Deoxy360 2 months ago
Loving the CRT in the background.
Abe Assad
Abe Assad 2 months ago
Can you turn the adaptive triggers off?
Blizzard Basher43
Blizzard Basher43 2 months ago
iv done decided on getting a ps5 for a while, only when i get the money and it gets in stock im gonna get the ps5 digital edition😂
Blizzard Basher43
Blizzard Basher43 2 months ago
@القارئ عمر البلبيسي Omar Al-Belbesy thank you, im so close to getting it
القارئ عمر البلبيسي Omar Al-Belbesy
@Blizzard Basher43 okay, its okay. As long as you know the comparison between both, its your choice from here on. Happy buying :) enjoy your new ps5
Blizzard Basher43
Blizzard Basher43 2 months ago
@القارئ عمر البلبيسي Omar Al-Belbesy yeah but i dont have much money and you can upgrade storage later on
القارئ عمر البلبيسي Omar Al-Belbesy
NOOO, don't get a digital edition. When the storage will fill up, it will cost you money to buy another storage that it will come to a point that you will be paying more for the digital edition in the long run.
ARocketScientist 2 months ago
Love the TV lol
jack connolly
jack connolly 2 months ago
Changing the trigger resistance to give you the feel of tyre grip in driving games would be awesome. Think about the throttle trigger's resistance dropping off as you start to break loose.
Zarrkez 2 months ago
Back button attachment would be nice
FredDeveloper 2 months ago
Ordered one for my iPad Pro!
Math 2009
Math 2009 2 months ago
What’s the song in the intro?
Jerry Berglund
Jerry Berglund 2 months ago
Hmm, sounds like the haptic motor from Sonys Xperia 1/Xperia 1 II/Xperia 5/Xperia 5 II phones, that in sense seems to work the same way almost...Of course not all is there, but it seems like it comes from there
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