Playing MINECRAFT On ONE BLOCK! (impossible challenge)

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We're playing Minecraft on one block!
😎 DISCORD - discord.gg/slogo
JELLY - ruvid.net/video/video-LHAnmQlFeKg.html
CRAINER - ruvid.net/video/video-wKpov5gBz2k.html
Map Credit: ijaminecraft.com/map/oneblock/
🖥️ MY CAPTURE CARD - e.lga.to/slogo
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Comments 80
Jacob Young
Jacob Young 9 hours ago
Graham Watson
Graham Watson 9 hours ago
I love you slogoiscool you are the best at making videos but I like you trolling jelly and kwebblkop
Cory Feldman
Cory Feldman 11 hours ago
When josh called crainer jelly, they didn’t notice
Hadi Tedmuri
Hadi Tedmuri 16 hours ago
Jojie Lindo
Jojie Lindo 17 hours ago
wheres jelly?
Jojie Lindo
Jojie Lindo 17 hours ago
wheres jelly?
George Stapleton
George Stapleton 19 hours ago
You should do a series
rubix master sar
rubix master sar 22 hours ago
It is good
Rylan OBranovich
3:52 I am confushion
naman savane
naman savane Day ago
You can make a mushroom stev You need three oak planks
mini mouse God
You called the turtle turd 😂
Megan Frost
Megan Frost Day ago
Do another video of the one block challenge
Megan Frost
Megan Frost Day ago
Kaye and Kean San Juan
imagine in start u get obsidian hahaha u have no diamond pickaxe
Sarah Haron
Sarah Haron Day ago
Slow go with the best
Sarah Haron
Sarah Haron Day ago
You are the best in my love you are a good boy
Ella Claire
Ella Claire Day ago
I used code slogo.
NuKemLotZa Timez
NuKemLotZa Timez 2 days ago
Roses are red, violets are blue, I clicked on the video, looks like it’s true
Rocco Williams
Rocco Williams 2 days ago
Jelly smells
Nathaniel Anthony
Haden Smith
Haden Smith 2 days ago
Guys make a series of this
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 2 days ago
You can make your own end portal
יהונתן אלפסי
Ip adress plzzzzz
Mck Enz
Mck Enz 2 days ago
WTF is a diffent block
Crazycoolcash 2 days ago
If your watching this in 2020 0:00 social distancing
Mandy Brouwer
Mandy Brouwer 2 days ago
He broke a log with a pick
Steven Ware
Steven Ware 3 days ago
Daekwon Gerfen
Daekwon Gerfen 3 days ago
if you made biggest block by whole map and animal need space B) for tip bylord as cat cuz he smart
look at this dude
I think slogo and crainer are better together than slogo and jelly
Hannah Dupuis
Hannah Dupuis 3 days ago
Do you have tik tok
Wyatt Mginley
Wyatt Mginley 3 days ago
Me play tan beast slogan
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams 3 days ago
It wasn’t the dog it was the fox
Anthony Castellanos
They upgraded cuz u got bedrock and you know bedrock is indestrutible
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams 3 days ago
You are the worst RUvidr ever killing your friends
Tang Nhan
Tang Nhan 3 days ago
7:13 snow fox fall
hlaohnmar soe
hlaohnmar soe 3 days ago
Said one block and a lot of:)
Rafardhan Athalla
Im impressed becuse crainer and slogo did a good job
Valtanir37 Alves
Valtanir37 Alves 3 days ago
Unspeakable has played this
Molar Wings
Molar Wings 4 days ago
Sligo what is. That sky block called
gene miguel
gene miguel 4 days ago
Is the mod made by ijaminecraft
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy 4 days ago
How do I play this thing I want to try to survive 😑
Aristotle !
Aristotle ! 4 days ago
12:15 Slogo gets so excited
:._Leslie_.: The POtatO
😂 yea
william roblox gamer
unsub to slogo man hes bad
Byron Dugger
Byron Dugger 4 days ago
Josh:"I'll share" Flashback: he made himself a full set of armour while Craner and Jelly have nothing.
Zedienie Day ago
Byron Dugger what do you mean jelly he’s not in this
Sonia Queege
Sonia Queege 4 days ago
Cool I love sky blocks
nivash dindial
nivash dindial 4 days ago
I will love a part 2
Cindy Spielman
Cindy Spielman 4 days ago
the slogoman the cool
Maria Eugenia Solheim
Jack Gill
Jack Gill 4 days ago
Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen 5 days ago
Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen 5 days ago
Lorenasushs Velascosuekas
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:
Walter Torres
Walter Torres 5 days ago
In the next video I want you to show daddy a lot
Floyd Rouse
Floyd Rouse 5 days ago
Jelly is better than slow go man 😬
Jude London
Jude London 5 days ago
Alessandra Neligan
slogo looks at wolf says '' hey look theres a fox''
Luke Shermer
Luke Shermer 5 days ago
Josh is so mean to animals
Funtime Redbear
Funtime Redbear 5 days ago
10:54 slogoman is caught swearing
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 4 days ago
Slogo never swears
Jordan Bessler-Bly
he said flippin
Funtime Redbear
Funtime Redbear 5 days ago
8:59 bunny: I need to end this NOW!!!!!!! Goodbye slogoman and crainer
Brianna Hernandez
Josh you can milk mushroom stew from the mushroom cow if you had a bowl
kevin cuddlefish
kevin cuddlefish 5 days ago
mo shrooms are infinte soup if u use a boul on it
I like the video please make a anther video and put the block unther it
DRAKE PH 5 days ago
Hey slogo your vuds are super awesome i am watching it all the day all your mods is awesome
Jobelle Chavez
Jobelle Chavez 5 days ago
1 is yes
Lance Aldrick
Lance Aldrick 6 days ago
its like skyblock
Anomaly 665
Anomaly 665 6 days ago
He almost sounded like Dantdm
Debbie London
Debbie London 6 days ago
Slogo And Crainer:We Have NO Room For u turtle Me:I like turtles.
Izrar Khan
Izrar Khan 6 days ago
you noob
Saif Huraimel
Saif Huraimel 6 days ago
Slogo why you Btrad jordy
Helen Blackwell
Helen Blackwell 6 days ago
Make a series of this
Semajenae Ware
Semajenae Ware 6 days ago
When I pressed it my mouth was stuck together
Macsen Sorys
Macsen Sorys 6 days ago
I love this video
JellyBELLi BELLi 6 days ago
Arsenal Reaction Time
Megaton hates Octopus Prime Also Chelly is Le worst and slogo and crayne and kwebelkwop
Jonny Ak
Jonny Ak 6 days ago
Bram Leyten
Bram Leyten 6 days ago
Unspeakable made a series about this
The twin sisters Molly & Bella
You won,t get diamonds
Kharim The Vloger
I'm playing minecraft but my minecraft is poket Edition
Roshawnna Muse
Roshawnna Muse 7 days ago
Slow go man is dumb
emma ansell
emma ansell 7 days ago
It sounded like someone tooted
RyanTheMan 7 days ago
Small youtubers let’s help each other out
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