Playing Minecraft For The FIRST Time

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SSSniperWolf playing Minecraft for the first time! LIKE if you enjoyed and want MORE Minecraft Gameplay! Comment what you want to see! Watch Teachers you WISH you had ruvid.net/video/video-xzam-n5OQSU.html
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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 7 months ago
Playing MINECRAFT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! ALSO PLEASE comment advice / tips and tricks so i can get better :D
Brian Rybak
Brian Rybak 2 months ago
LPS Foxy
LPS Foxy 2 months ago
Use a picace to mine cobble. Other wise u won't get iy
Marshmallowmonster 66
I used too bury myself so the zombies couldn't get me
poppy boyd
poppy boyd 2 months ago
Renu Renu
Renu Renu 2 months ago
You can tame wolfs with a bone and name them and change the color of there coler and they can help you fight
Rachael Sama
Rachael Sama 2 hours ago
I’ll name you the mobs in Minecraft that fight back creeper skeleton zombie and not last but not least but not least WOLFS
Rachael Sama
Rachael Sama 2 hours ago
I’ll name you the mobs in Minecraft that fight back creeper skeleton zombie and not last but not least but not least WOLFS
Rachael Sama
Rachael Sama 2 hours ago
Per wolf you don’t like a chicken it’s not a duck it’s a chicken the white thing the white thing youSSSniper wolf
Rachael Sama
Rachael Sama 2 hours ago
Saying that you were hitting a cow with was the scenes what’s up wings or something not wings stop playing music whatever and sniper wolf you haven’t even played this much and you don’t it comes in the others Rogers whatever and when what when you attack one wolf all the wolves that are close do you attack you including Wolf you attacked no the wolf so yeah SS sniper wolf yeahSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSniper wolf
Kam Zanaby
Kam Zanaby 4 hours ago
Ice Playz
Ice Playz 5 hours ago
I love how lia breaks the wood with here pickaxe and she called the pickaxe a axe witch got me triggered
Eva Wamego
Eva Wamego 5 hours ago
It’s a chicken
Tomas Tanatchangsang
Imma go kill a cow a cow:😱
Collin Morris
Collin Morris 9 hours ago
Do more Minecraft
Milkshake Gaming
Milkshake Gaming 10 hours ago
you need to get there minecraft tip books they tell you what type of things are for and they tell you the mobs and animals how they can be killed i had one of these books and it improved my buliding,mineing,hunting and breeding skills try it out lia!
Cynthia Andujar
Cynthia Andujar 14 hours ago
Perez is a chicken AKA
Maxbelle Bonilla
Maxbelle Bonilla 14 hours ago
And also that digital said the nice wood we want to make it into nice wood 😕😕
Maxbelle Bonilla
Maxbelle Bonilla 14 hours ago
What i dont understand iz that giving wood is inapropiate
Sofia H
Sofia H 15 hours ago
I looked at this and said... Yes SSSniperWolf, break that tree with a pickaxe!!!
Your friendly neighborhood Minecraft crackheads
At least you can function in the game, ,y little cousin can’t even open a chest
Tanee Harris
Tanee Harris 15 hours ago
A chicken kill it read it
Pareeza Zaidi
Pareeza Zaidi 15 hours ago
I got triggered when she kept breaking cobble stone with her bear hand
Dana Choi
Dana Choi 15 hours ago
punches cobblestone me: there's more in your inventory!!!!!!!!!
Ameche Scheepers
Ameche Scheepers 16 hours ago
Summer Day
Summer Day 17 hours ago
Perez is a chicken
Marley Bentz
Marley Bentz 17 hours ago
She called a chicken a duck she knows nothing about Minecraft 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gebra Denkip
Gebra Denkip 20 hours ago
Angela Postelnicu
Angela Postelnicu 23 hours ago
Den youcen hav fri metiriooh for fri
Angela Postelnicu
youcen pidt itsi oni crayietiv
Angela Postelnicu
ino hauwidrpllayi Mincrft and mellidol breder tuw😁😂
Robloxterra Day ago
*_Her using wooden pick: Woah! Look how fast it is going!_* *_My thoughs: What will be her reaction to A Netherite Pickaxe with efficient 3..🤨🤨🧐🧐🧐_*
gaming with ariana and Hony
It's an chicken
unicorn melin
I washed it now it's fresh got me
unicorn melin
Pls make more vids
Wolfie B
Wolfie B Day ago
“I like pushing them in the water and then they can’t get out of the water”
Schumpp Fam
Schumpp Fam Day ago
Use commands. Search them up. Also break leaves for a chance of apples and surround them with gold In a crafting table for golden apples. Creepers make a hiss before they blow up. Keep game vol. high. That’s all for now
Lilliana Snyder
Gwyn Roll
Gwyn Roll Day ago
Chicken 🍗 🐔
Hey sniper what’s your Minecraft name
Warriorscats 132
Lia Smith
Lia Smith Day ago
Digitalnex: I just gave you some wood Sssniperwolf : That's inappropriate Me: REALLY LIA
Shelley Damico
I laughed so much I could no breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sydney K
Sydney K Day ago
She says: I need cobblestone. Me: looks in inventory and sees cobblestone
A.J Lynne
A.J Lynne Day ago
Floating trees are Minecraft logic
Bethany Humphreys
Can you please play roblox
Lightahrii Day ago
She has stone and she’s mining stone with her hands and it drops nothing MY MINDD
Koeimi Castle
I love Minecraft
Gaming With Tika
Omg this makes me want to FREAK OUT...oh wait I already am 😂 I learned how to play minecraft at four years old, and I am REALLY good at it...watching an adult fail horribly it so painful...I WISH SHE WOULDN'T MINE THE TREE WITH THE PICKAXE AND THEN SAY "HOW COME MY AXE BROKE?!?" It makes me want to die (not literally).
Ava Scott
Ava Scott Day ago
Btw Lia it is a chicken 🤣
Luke Murison-King
The creeper was practicing social distancing
*”I gave birth to a chicken”* *plot twist: I was the chicken and was ate alive*
Gotcha life forever Cookies
Do you know that you can make a wolf your pet if you just have some bones
Gotcha life forever Cookies
No go back to the animal but the best one is the panda
Bua Alexander
Hello people hehe lia be like this denies the laws of phsics lol
Rahim Ebrahim
Rahim Ebrahim 2 days ago
Who is pro in Minecraft and like if you went to the end
Crystal Sergent
Crystal Sergent 2 days ago
If you put in peaceful mode u have no zombie endermans,skeletons,spiders,water monsters
Manyu Chen
Manyu Chen 2 days ago
I swear u calling that pickaxe an axe and using it to cut down a tree I god
Dolores Francisco
Omg I just realized she recorded this on my sisters birthday lol
Dina Huerta
Dina Huerta 2 days ago
You gada distroi the wood yett wooden exe
Sweet Sunni Bunni
Lia: mtv welcome to my “crib” 23:36 me: you freaking have holes and so called windows in your “crib” 😂
Toni Tanner
Toni Tanner 2 days ago
Santa Limon
Santa Limon 2 days ago
Stop Now
•BLIИK • 2 days ago
This reminds me of when my sis and I were in Minecraft and there was a sheep who came up to me it looked like it licked me and so we put it on a leash and took it home
CrazyHarryPotterFan MudBlood
Sniper has sword normal people: uses sword to kill a pig Sniper: Uses pork chop to beat the pig to death.
RisingEagle 2 days ago
I can imagine Digital Nex just laughing in the back 😂😂
cameron simison
cameron simison 2 days ago
its triggering to watch her mine a tree with a pickaxe
Andress Gutierrez
Sssniperwolf: lets gang up on them Five minutes later Sssiperwolf:aaaaaaa there to many
*by herself*
i'd be suprized if she even got a STONE pickaxe
i know its your first time playing but... LOL
Devin Hogan
Devin Hogan 2 days ago
Wham bam yes ma'am
X ZxQUEENxZ X 2 days ago
I'm a mainecraf expert too 😂😂
When You Realize [YT] Hyde
sssniperWolf is mining a tree
Jessica Fraccica
Jessica Fraccica 2 days ago
As Always Gachaforever
Hard mode? Ir difficult thats why there is so many
Karen Shim
Karen Shim 2 days ago
Chicken like if agree
Christable Lo
Christable Lo 3 days ago
You do gaming? Can you play WildCraft? Btw sorry idk tips Lia........ : (
Firё gасча lifё
When she thought she was minning cobble stone with her fist she was getting nothing 😔. Sorry I have known minecraft like forever😌.
kawai lemon
kawai lemon 3 days ago
its a chicken 🐓
ItzAthena _Kun
ItzAthena _Kun 3 days ago
Her:where my axe go Me:thats a pick axe And she didnt know she had cobblestone 26 😂😂 in her inventory
Aleigha Michaels
Aleigha Michaels 3 days ago
cAn We BuLiD a LiGhT?!
Samantha Coleman
Samantha Coleman 3 days ago
Her mining cobblestone with her hand. All the triggered people. 👇🏻
cim851 3 days ago
It’s a chicken ....
Evan Juarez
Evan Juarez 3 days ago
I will make you a house
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