Playing Minecraft For The FIRST Time

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SSSniperWolf playing Minecraft for the first time! LIKE if you enjoyed and want MORE Minecraft Gameplay! Comment what you want to see! Watch Teachers you WISH you had ruvid.net/video/video-xzam-n5OQSU.html
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Aug 16, 2019




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SSSniperWolf 6 months ago
Playing MINECRAFT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! ALSO PLEASE comment advice / tips and tricks so i can get better :D
Brian Rybak
Brian Rybak 19 days ago
LPS Foxy
LPS Foxy 26 days ago
Use a picace to mine cobble. Other wise u won't get iy
Marshmallowmonster 66
I used too bury myself so the zombies couldn't get me
poppy boyd
poppy boyd Month ago
Renu Renu
Renu Renu Month ago
You can tame wolfs with a bone and name them and change the color of there coler and they can help you fight
Arsi Smith-mensah
Arsi Smith-mensah 2 hours ago
Don’t kill horses
MagentaTiger09 3 hours ago
It's a chicken
Donny Kennedy
Donny Kennedy 9 hours ago
My cousin has a crush on u and he is 8 or 9
XxAnniexX 9 hours ago
3:44 - 4:26 Sniperwolf: - Asking A Million Questions - Me: wOaH thErE thAts aLot oF quEstIoNs buSteR!-
Kaydence Nichols
Kaydence Nichols 11 hours ago
perez is a chicken
Undead Monolith
Undead Monolith 12 hours ago
Play roblox
Ashley Warren
Ashley Warren 14 hours ago
I have been playing this game for 6 years I started when I was 4.
Jeremy Heffner
Jeremy Heffner 14 hours ago
TuAn smith
TuAn smith 16 hours ago
Its a chiken
Pets Life And cooking chef’s lifestyle
Make more Minecraft videos please
David Wolfe
David Wolfe Day ago
When she then killed the wolf I almost considered unsubing. Also, that’s illegal, ‘cuz she a wolf too.
April Rodriguez
It is a chicken 🐓🐔
Death Racer
Death Racer Day ago
We don’t need strippers like you in the game
Sheila Parra
Sheila Parra Day ago
its a chicken cause you get raw chiken when you kill a chiken DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Sheila Parra
Sheila Parra Day ago
a trick is that you can go on createiv and you get stuff for free and zombies creepers sceletan cant hurt you also you press e and you see that you can get stoff for free
Myra Parrott
Myra Parrott Day ago
Ohh if you see tall black things don’t look at them if you do jump in the nearest water pool
Myra Parrott
Myra Parrott Day ago
Umm win you first get on a world make a house and kill sheep to get wool to build a bed
dragon master
Don't use golden thing's except clocks,golden apples or golden carrots
Aiko’s Anime
It took their intro so long it got dark at 1:38
Sheenan Qureshi
Heyyyyy sssniperwolf Love your channle videos and YOUUUU Keep up the AWSOME amazing work I LOVE MINECRAFT My favourite game Enjoy
Jerry Hutson
Jerry Hutson Day ago
I. Love. Minecraft sssniperwofe. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍☺☺☺☺☺☺👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻you
PhillxRKOx99 Day ago
President chicken
The Minecraft gamers LoL
And that that’s a pickaxe not Amax that’s a pig that’s not Amax
The Minecraft gamers LoL
That’s a big cat
Dimond Kid
Dimond Kid Day ago
I’m from 2020
Marsha Mangubat
When you play minecraft for the first time: (3 min later) *sees mobs for the first time*me:wat da freak is dis!!!!!
Belinda Hugo
Belinda Hugo 2 days ago
i made a stable
Mishel Piña
Mishel Piña 2 days ago
At 5:00 she loses her pickaxt
Harry08 2 days ago
Oh and btw why is she using a pickaxe to cut down a tree?
Destiny’s Animations
oh maw gawsh he was destroying trees with a stone pick axe lol you gotta use different tools to different things like an axe for mining trees, pick axe for mining ore sword for fighting, shovel for mining dirt n stuff, you can also make a boat with it
The EHive
The EHive 3 days ago
Love you
RaMarrah Camel
RaMarrah Camel 3 days ago
poor 2019
RaMarrah Camel
RaMarrah Camel 3 days ago
like new sssniperwolf now it's ssssniperwolf 2020
RaMarrah Camel
RaMarrah Camel 3 days ago
firt get a box full of things so you can get what ever you want and find a cow or duck or pig then kill it then you will have food
Mr Uron
Mr Uron 3 days ago
They are so cute but they are so week
Mr Uron
Mr Uron 3 days ago
I’m a god at Minecraft
Daria Krupa
Daria Krupa 3 days ago
It's a chicken
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen 4 days ago
I love how lia was finding cobble stone when she already has 26🤣
Alexa WolfX
Alexa WolfX 4 days ago
Hey since I’m watching in 2020 u should try out Minecraft 1.16 that’s coming up on Minecraft as a nether update, u guys should check it out!
Lennyn Paskemin
Lennyn Paskemin 4 days ago
It’s a freaking chicken lol
CloudiiMoon Tea
CloudiiMoon Tea 4 days ago
She killed the horses for no reason and hit the wolf and now I’m triggered
Royal B Nation
Royal B Nation 4 days ago
Perez (i hope i spelled that right) is definetley a chicken (im sorry out of no where i forgot how to spell definetley)
Royal B Nation
Royal B Nation 4 days ago
i love how many questions she asked, i dare someone to count!
Amelie Courval
Amelie Courval 4 days ago
Do a secret bas
Amelie Courval
Amelie Courval 4 days ago
Thos zombies on firerrrrrrrrrrr
Pine Tree
Pine Tree 4 days ago
“He can’t get me in the water, AHHHHH”
Anjinil Anjini
Anjinil Anjini 5 days ago
It is a chicken
Galaxy cat Meow
Galaxy cat Meow 5 days ago
Oh my god she’s playing Minecraft yay
loliquen 27
loliquen 27 5 days ago
It hurts to watch her play this
loliquen 27
loliquen 27 5 days ago
Not literally
Gaming with John o
Mine for diamond
Garry Gilmour
Garry Gilmour 5 days ago
welldone lia
itzAesthetic Shadow
Not to bluff I can build hotels, secret bases, and mansions, im kinda an expert in minecraft @o@ I was freaking out when u were punching trees with a pickaxe! No offence I also freaked out while u were punching cobblestone with ur hands,ive been playing mc for some years now probably 5/6, I have so much experience,I go out at night ;v;
Ciara Morris
Ciara Morris 6 days ago
A chicken
Swaldo Rios
Swaldo Rios 6 days ago
You can make a bed
You and Me
You and Me 6 days ago
SSSniperwoulf : how can the game just hurt flowes. Also sssniperwoulf: (beating tree with a pickaxe😂) 👇🏼
Sarina Sharma
Sarina Sharma 7 days ago
You can be a vegetarian in mincraft you eat berries
Everlynde Celestin
Spiders can go in the house
Gaming BlackBear_YT
They whole skipped a village
*{The Savage Angel}*
If you play on a laptop they is a hack that you can make it anytime of the day it is so cool I tried it ouy and it worked
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