Playing Minecraft For The FIRST Time

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SSSniperWolf playing Minecraft for the first time! LIKE if you enjoyed and want MORE Minecraft Gameplay! Comment what you want to see! Watch Teachers you WISH you had ruvid.net/video/video-xzam-n5OQSU.html
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 15 539
SSSniperWolf Month ago
Playing MINECRAFT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! ALSO PLEASE comment advice / tips and tricks so i can get better :D
rayan Nagi
rayan Nagi Month ago
SSSniperWolf u r a really good player
Noah Saephan
Noah Saephan Month ago
SSSniperWolf you should do a video where we could all play with u
Fun Jokes
Fun Jokes Month ago
Leo Starr
Leo Starr Month ago
Faith Deleon
Faith Deleon Month ago
If you can do a part 2 plz do plz :3
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson 3 hours ago
Bruh you know a pickaxe is for stone then your like . Hmmmm aha thats much slower. Great!
K.jadeberney03 3 hours ago
s h i n i t a i
s h i n i t a i 4 hours ago
i love minecraft all i need is a pc and sum of that hospital money (my mom works in a hospital and takes care of sick babies =) )
Orion Hamblen
Orion Hamblen 5 hours ago
If you set difficulty to peaceful there’s no monsters and you never get hungry
Orion Hamblen
Orion Hamblen 5 hours ago
It’s not a duck it’s a chicken
Jonobrother03 17 hours ago
hi how are ya
hi how are ya 19 hours ago
26:19 of lai(don't know how to spell her name) asking digital next questions and her being a minecraft noub
Juinca Rieger
Juinca Rieger 19 hours ago
It annoys me how bad she is no offence lollll
Carol Ann Medina
Its okay for using pickaxe for cutting woods.. Cause its your FIRST time you know... 😉
Whitney Guillory
Tips and tricks so you can get better
Whitney Guillory
I can XD
Emily Staffo
Emily Staffo Day ago
watching her kill the wolf...
Wølfìe Gãming
gacha wolf
gacha wolf Day ago
It’s a chicken
lea wild craft
lea wild craft 2 days ago
You should do a chanel of you making mine craft vids the ne should be sss mine crafter wolf
iiZanner 2 days ago
*waiting for my meat* - sniperwolf, 2019
Smokin Nathannathaaan
Make more Minecraft videos
ah carp
ah carp 3 days ago
im not a minecraft expert... *but being honest i was getting upset when lia pickaxed a tree*
Aubree Raulerson
Aubree Raulerson 3 days ago
you killed your own kind how could you POOR WOLF
Prakash Budhu
Prakash Budhu 3 days ago
Last gaming done on this channel. Doesn't seem like she games anymore
The Sezenians
The Sezenians 3 days ago
First time seeing your channel, and the first thing I notice: that guy is very patient with you XD
Brothers Bro Bro 12345
SSSniperWolf: so you just gotta MMMM RUvid: demonetized
Ciara Kenny
Ciara Kenny 4 days ago
Its a chicken
Daniel Leyva
Daniel Leyva 4 days ago
colab with dantdm
David X gvcci
David X gvcci 4 days ago
Did u just say minecraft?? U deserve my sub
A cHilD b
A cHilD b 4 days ago
This was painful to watch TwT
The Mclaughlin Family
i am willing to spend 1:01:34 of my time watching minecraft
Victoria Jaimes
Victoria Jaimes 4 days ago
i’m so disappointed
Giovanny Gaming!
Giovanny Gaming! 4 days ago
I like how sniper didnt notice she had cobllestone in her inventory.
Misty_Chan Kitty's
Nu I'm the minecraft expert >:3 I play it every day :)
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 4 days ago
Minecraft is always hard
sapnu puas
sapnu puas 5 days ago
I've been playing Minecraft when Minecraft lite was still a thing lol
KOENSTER 2019 5 days ago
Yo i hate minecraft once u play it for years u like saying in ur mind hmm this game is starting to get boring
Andrew Kargol
Andrew Kargol 5 days ago
Your better at minecraft than me
Grace Bowman
Grace Bowman 5 days ago
It's a chicken
Grace Bowman
Grace Bowman 5 days ago
Foxes don't exist in Minecraft without texture packs or expansions
mags •w•
mags •w• 4 days ago
Actually, they exist in 1.14.
Lucille Bonilla
Lucille Bonilla 5 days ago
U can get a ender dragon egg from an ender dragon
PeachCobbler1337 5 days ago
Why was this so perfect 😂 literally me trying to play minecraft
Amie Bolo
Amie Bolo 5 days ago
Sssinperwolf pls do part 2
R T 5 days ago
Tips/advice. Minecraft got extremely boring. Which is why modders make a bunch of extra content for it. You can find modpacks which add everything from animals, monsters, aliens, magic, industrial stuff, sci fi stuff, jet packs and more.
Marlene Warren
Marlene Warren 5 days ago
its a CHUCK! chicken + duck = CHUCK!
KianGaming 10
KianGaming 10 5 days ago
try to sprint in water so you can swim
LBGamer - Fortnite
Sniperwolf i’m downloading Minecraft I guess it’s gonna be my first time I love your videos i’m gonna go download Minecraft it’s gonna be my first time that’s why am watching your video right now
Philip Ragueneau
Philip Ragueneau 5 days ago
Sniper wolf first try sucks at minecraft
Reality Mario
Reality Mario 6 days ago
5:04 its wooden pickaxe not axe
Jocelyn 6 days ago
You should build a sky city!!!
Mystical J Dog
Mystical J Dog 6 days ago
This is sad. I got Minecraft on my computer but I been playing for like 4 yrs but I just wanted it on my computer which I have now.
Krazy Katz
Krazy Katz 6 days ago
i think you are so good, i am so noob at games. i just tried gta and its in my channel:D you should watch
Ayy Its Mona!
Ayy Its Mona! 6 days ago
Wait you never played...
Tayah Avison
Tayah Avison 6 days ago
Sssniperwolf: omg it's a wolf ITS LOOKS SO STOOPID!! hahaha Also sssniperwolf: *breaks tree with pick axe*
Vertz 6 days ago
5:22 i need cobblestone when it’s in the inventory 😂
louloumecfi 6 days ago
Oh no!!!! Is this because of pewdiepie 🤪
King Johnson
King Johnson 6 days ago
RIP Perez LOL!
HeoZ D
HeoZ D 7 days ago
Yeah no. Btw, wtf happened to her face.
jazlyn cruz
jazlyn cruz 7 days ago
I thought this would be better
saif alkaabi
saif alkaabi 7 days ago
My first time seeing your videos and it THE FUCKING LAST TIME
Lucy Marie Castro
Your a gamer and you have never played Minecraft but u played fortnite Minecraft is better than Fortnite My opinion Not hating No offense
Randee Ochinero
Randee Ochinero 7 days ago
You torches
Randee Ochinero
Randee Ochinero 7 days ago
First make a bed
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