Playing Forbidden Games with my Little Sister

Zane Hijazi
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Hidaya and I play big boy/big girl games that she shouldn't be playing...or ever!!!!!
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May 18, 2019




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Comments 1 860
Michelle Barbeitia
*Zane* pulls her hijab off *me* replays 10,000 times
JOshua Gonzalo
JOshua Gonzalo 4 days ago
That intro tho LMFAO
Brie Sumner
Brie Sumner 7 days ago
I'm sorry, did you say raMsacked? That's not a thing.
Faith Hart
Faith Hart 12 days ago
She is the absolute cutest thing omg
Ken Augustin
Ken Augustin 13 days ago
Lol yall crazy ...n She is just beautiful
Rachele W
Rachele W 14 days ago
So Zane your saying 3 year olds can drive a car when a adult is in the car okay 😂
Nichole Amarante
Nichole Amarante 15 days ago
“If you see this, good for u” lmfao love of my lifeeee
kittyy conundrum
kittyy conundrum 20 days ago
she said SH-🤚🏻 mommas sleepin
MJM 29 days ago
1:45 Those count Zane. 5:00 That's extremely rude and not healthy.
Zia Torres
Zia Torres Month ago
Hidaya won
Mila Barnaby
Mila Barnaby Month ago
So my name is Mila and when he said that I almost started dying of laughing
periodt Month ago
I see rated r movies and I’m 13. Aka Annabelle
Husein Official
Husein Official Month ago
Just became his Subscribe , and i don't feel sad anymore , Love You Guys.
Jelly Jos
Jelly Jos Month ago
3:35 heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh 🤣 🤣
Isac Rivera
Isac Rivera Month ago
I respect that they know they have each other’s back, etc..
Bee Glaze
Bee Glaze 2 months ago
Hahaha why do siblings always insult each other's breath haha
Rim El
Rim El 2 months ago
« How about... some toothpaste »😂
DAVID molina
DAVID molina 2 months ago
Dude your sister is annoying
DAVID molina
DAVID molina 2 months ago
@angel I know I was saying it as a joke but people were taking it seriously sorry if I got you mad
angel 2 months ago
DAVID molina she's just exaggerating her sass
DAVID molina
DAVID molina 2 months ago
@Hehe Hehe cause I do wach his RUvid videos and when I clicked on this his sister was really sasy😂
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe 2 months ago
DAVID molina why you watching it then?😂
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih 2 months ago
Hidaya and Zane remind em of me and my big bro but we he difference between us is just 2 years😂😂😂
Alanna Menzies
Alanna Menzies 2 months ago
David : *watches this* Zane : fear of spiders David: okay ... *writes down on a notepad*
chocolate4life 2 months ago
I can't wait till hidaya gets her own yt channel. I only watch his vlogs when she is in them
Aisha Osman
Aisha Osman 2 months ago
hidaya reminds me of gina from brooklyn 99 in the best way possible
Maya. 2 months ago
Omg I live his sis. She savage hun
Aureliano Hernandez
Aureliano Hernandez 2 months ago
Zanes sister is such a mood
Lainey Goddess gurll
0:02. 👍= one airfreshner
Angelica Sam
Angelica Sam 2 months ago
I wish i had sibling relationship like theirs🥺
S’awesome Skylar
S’awesome Skylar 2 months ago
Amxterz 2 months ago
4:41 As A Muslim I-
Some Person
Some Person 2 months ago
"Yeah sure, take the card because that isn't funny, or doesn't make sense...PERIODT!!" Zane be out here talking like a badddddiiieee
Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez 2 months ago
Rotten apples is kinda like cards agents humanity
•Black Pixel•
•Black Pixel• 2 months ago
🍑💨👳🏼‍♀️ 0:02
Enz Di Cristofaro
Enz Di Cristofaro 2 months ago
Hidaya has gotten so beautiful 😭 MashAllah my girl
paola alvarez
paola alvarez 3 months ago
zane and hidaya is literally me and my brother lol
Celia Torres
Celia Torres 3 months ago
I love watching hidaya and Zane cause it just reminds me of me and my brother and how we act 😂 watching the videos takes away from when he’s not here and out of town working for so long ❤️
Caylee And friends
Caylee And friends 3 months ago
Zane talking about rated R movies makes me think of him when he’s drunk!😂😂😂
CRodHog GamerGuy
CRodHog GamerGuy 3 months ago
Your sis so awesome man! No lie!
Audric Adonteng
Audric Adonteng 3 months ago
hidaya not watching game of thrones at 17 me watching starting GoT at 12 and finishing after 8 years and i oop-
Annika McDaniel
Annika McDaniel 3 months ago
My favorite videos of your are with hidaya.
Rosaline Way
Rosaline Way 3 months ago
XxSunnie GamesxX
XxSunnie GamesxX 3 months ago
I swear he said fear of pickels
Lillian Cabrera
Lillian Cabrera 3 months ago
Rotten apples game seems just like cards against humanity
Lydia Reyes
Lydia Reyes 3 months ago
I was 7 when my grandmother accidentally took me and my cousin's to a rated r movie
Misgudied Megan
Misgudied Megan 3 months ago
Zane the card should’ve the card
Thee Black
Thee Black 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Can't stop laughing.... #SiblingGoals
grace dawson
grace dawson 3 months ago
Ruth Norman Vlogs
Ruth Norman Vlogs 3 months ago
Hidaya: “Can I explain” Zane:🧕🏽👌
Rebekah Bou
Rebekah Bou 3 months ago
“I’m a baddy I do what I want!” Omg I love that
Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia 3 months ago
fear of pickles ??😭😂😂
Vivita Matanimeke
Vivita Matanimeke 3 months ago
I loooooove this interaction
50,000 subscribers with no content !!
chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup 3 months ago
3:49 pacifically... what
nicholas dongo
nicholas dongo 3 months ago
at 3:52 zane said pacifically instead of specifically
Equality Peace and freedom
4:41 *I’m dead*
grasers babe
grasers babe 3 months ago
I wanna hang out with y’all so bad lmao
S K 3 months ago
vanessa miranda
vanessa miranda 3 months ago
Your sis is awesome👍
Madison Ali
Madison Ali 3 months ago
Make a prom for her 🥺💛💛💛with the vlog squad
Alisia Teraku
Alisia Teraku 4 months ago
Emily Louzao
Emily Louzao 4 months ago
Rotten apples are like cards against humanity but cleaner
H S 4 months ago
Santa claus is a RUvidr now?
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