Playing Forbidden Games with my Little Sister

Zane Hijazi
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Hidaya and I play big boy/big girl games that she shouldn't be playing...or ever!!!!!
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May 18, 2019

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Comments 1 822
paola alvarez
zane and hidaya is literally me and my brother lol
Celia Torres
Celia Torres 3 days ago
I love watching hidaya and Zane cause it just reminds me of me and my brother and how we act 😂 watching the videos takes away from when he’s not here and out of town working for so long ❤️
Caylee And friends
Zane talking about rated R movies makes me think of him when he’s drunk!😂😂😂
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 3 days ago
Your sis so awesome man! No lie!
Audric Adonteng
Audric Adonteng 4 days ago
hidaya not watching game of thrones at 17 me watching starting GoT at 12 and finishing after 8 years and i oop-
Annika McDaniel
Annika McDaniel 4 days ago
My favorite videos of your are with hidaya.
Rosaline Way
Rosaline Way 6 days ago
XxSunnie GamesxX
XxSunnie GamesxX 7 days ago
I swear he said fear of pickels
Lillian Cabrera
Lillian Cabrera 9 days ago
Rotten apples game seems just like cards against humanity
Lydia Reyes
Lydia Reyes 10 days ago
I was 7 when my grandmother accidentally took me and my cousin's to a rated r movie
Misgudied Megan
Misgudied Megan 12 days ago
Zane the card should’ve the card
Thee Black
Thee Black 14 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Can't stop laughing.... #SiblingGoals
grace dawson
grace dawson 16 days ago
Ruth Norman Vlogs
Ruth Norman Vlogs 16 days ago
Hidaya: “Can I explain” Zane:🧕🏽👌
Rebekah Bou
Rebekah Bou 18 days ago
“I’m a baddy I do what I want!” Omg I love that
Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia 18 days ago
fear of pickles ??😭😂😂
Vivita Matanimeke
Vivita Matanimeke 23 days ago
I loooooove this interaction
Vo248382 578
Vo248382 578 23 days ago
Taylor 23 days ago
3:49 pacifically... what
nicholas dongo
nicholas dongo 24 days ago
at 3:52 zane said pacifically instead of specifically
Equality Peace and freedom
4:41 *I’m dead*
Makenzie Lynn
Makenzie Lynn 26 days ago
I wanna hang out with y’all so bad lmao
S K 26 days ago
vanessa miranda
vanessa miranda 26 days ago
Your sis is awesome👍
Madison Ali
Madison Ali 27 days ago
Make a prom for her 🥺💛💛💛with the vlog squad
Alisias LPS
Alisias LPS 28 days ago
Emily Louzao
Emily Louzao 28 days ago
Rotten apples are like cards against humanity but cleaner
H S 29 days ago
Santa claus is a RUvidr now?
Aarthy Sri
Aarthy Sri 29 days ago
the way he said hot sauce hahaha it was by far the funniest one
Namira Zinat
Namira Zinat 29 days ago
When I drink I can’t keep myself from hot sauce
Toti&Pipo Aguilar
Zane:don’t breathe the smoke Me:Zane r u dumb you are the smoking the Juul
Zumerjud Month ago
Why does he get to party with girls while his sister has to wear a hijab?
z_g Month ago
How come the sister is so religious but Zane is completely doing forbidden stuff?
chicken sandwich
Zane: *farts* Me: 😂 *likes video*
cesar martinez
cesar martinez Month ago
Is the game called dick in the ass. Just came here to rip on zane because hes the least funniest in the blog squad and he gets trunk just to get on the vlog and it is very noticeable think of jokes just cause you spin around drunk dorsnt make you a comedian it makes you a dumbass
aflying cat
aflying cat Month ago
I like your sister :DD soo funny!
Ariana Maldonado
Zane your sister should teach us how to make chicken curry
hina sofy
hina sofy Month ago
Seems like her sister is a practicing muslim and he's not.
Maddy Yates
Maddy Yates Month ago
Zane and his sister are so cute
ESSGEE Month ago
The social control is showing and it’s not cute
Izzy Avocado
Izzy Avocado Month ago
Lmao Zanes face of just pure disgust 8:26
Alyssa Byrd
Alyssa Byrd Month ago
I vote. For hidaya she’s beautiful
Alyssa Byrd
Alyssa Byrd Month ago
Hidaya: Zane I will knock you out💀🤣💀omg I’m dyin
Liza Z
Liza Z Month ago
4:40 Hijab snatched
ciera lewis
ciera lewis Month ago
I bet her glow up is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🙈
Rachel S
Rachel S Month ago
Zane is by far my favorite loveeee his vlogs
Rachael Sumner
Rachael Sumner Month ago
Zane: This is my body, I do what I want with it Hidaya: Obviously
Irma Gomez
Irma Gomez Month ago
Zane tell Hidaya she ain’t missing anything. Prom sucks, you pay a lot for a cheap ass venue and memories with people you won’t even talk to after graduation and she’s too real for all that fakeness Instead THROW HER A PROM
captain ari
captain ari Month ago
hidaya is never allowed to do anything.
Sandy B
Sandy B Month ago
''Im a new baddie i can do what ever i want'' the new zane lol
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