[Play V] EXO - For Life (English Ver.) (Cover by. XIAOJUN)

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Dec 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Fara Jaewin
Fara Jaewin Minute ago
Yg dislike mukanya jelek fix
Kayla Husna
Kayla Husna 12 minutes ago
xiaojun ilysm
Aya Mho
Aya Mho 4 hours ago
تعقييمم كوفر السنةة
Firza Zarira
Firza Zarira 7 hours ago
i keep repeating this video omg how to stop it. his voice is so addicting
Lady Berd
Lady Berd 9 hours ago
I hope SM realizes what an ACE they got in Xiaojun.... Vocals, sweet as honey. Live singing: stable like anything. Visuals: top-notch, the man can carry any hair colour, any concept, and the brows win at life. Variety: the man is hilarious (princess Jasmine anyone?) Dancing: lead dancer material, from girl group dances to hard choreo. The man's got it all!
Tessha Edrianita
Tessha Edrianita 9 hours ago
Xioajun voice never failed make me falling in love
Azzahra Aisyah
Azzahra Aisyah 9 hours ago
Lio Alik
Lio Alik 16 hours ago
You may not know however your voice in this world makes me feel very good grateful for your presence
我是莲 Exo-L
我是莲 Exo-L 16 hours ago
Best cover
我是莲 Exo-L
我是莲 Exo-L 16 hours ago
Wao is is fantastic jun
Ruth Sanz
Ruth Sanz 19 hours ago
Me muero 😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
nada Isrina
nada Isrina Day ago
dejun ganteng banget
Gabriella Callula Putri Kurniawan
Oh my God, I repeat this song again and again 💕💕... I can't stop to appreciate the beautiful vocal of Xiaojun✨, his voice is so emotional, and less breathy which I love, and he's like reflecting Jonghyun for some moments 😭😭. Maybe I'm a bit late to be the part of the fandom, but I understand why everyone's here for them... talents, visuals, and dorks they all in NCT. Keep this fandom strong everyone... Love them all, and love you all ❤️
10. chae winmoon
aku mau cerita aja, adek cowokku suka banget dengerin cover lagunya ini wkwkwk. kata adekku suaranya bagus banget, dia suka ikutan nyanyi gitu hahahaha. btw adekku baru umur 2 tahun, he's very addicted to Xiaojun's voice🥺💚
Nadya Zhulfania
I never get bored to play this song
chich aria
chich aria Day ago
This cover made me fall in love with him and his voice. Now almost everyday do I cry over Xiaojun. Whenever he goes solo, I'll be here to shower him with love and support. I'll be by your side, Xiaojun. 💚
D Day ago
Xiaojun's voice is so magical! 🖤
rv lm
rv lm Day ago
i go here everyday to start my day
Andrew Im
Andrew Im Day ago
매일 들어요 음원으로도 나오면 좋겠다
Achwel Day ago
Momochi Day ago
Hanna Johnson
Oh...my...god... I'm in class *crying* literally- *THIS IS SO GOOD, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU LISTEN!*
Aisha D.E
Aisha D.E Day ago
this is really beautiful🥺💗
Chayanis Pholwapee
My ears be like 👂🏼✨✨✨💎💎💞💞
An Exo'l
An Exo'l 2 days ago
I now Miss exo more
Paulina Paulyna
Paulina Paulyna 2 days ago
wonderful voice ♡♡
Safa Safaan
Safa Safaan 2 days ago
I am done 🥺🐰🙆‍♀️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cherrypink.2 2 days ago
EXO_L forever
EXO_L forever 2 days ago
This is so awesome.. Missing my KINGS so much #EXO #wearoneexo #EXOSARANGHAJA
ANJELIZA 2 days ago
Farras Emilia
Farras Emilia 2 days ago
that's good, you did really well. Your voice really touched Xiaojun...🖤
Pxlarizd 3 days ago
tangled live action, with hapunzel and xiaojun sing the soundtrack
rohani aziz
rohani aziz 3 days ago
My exol/nctzen heart is so full
rohani aziz
rohani aziz 3 days ago
My exol/nctzen heart is so full
come onnnn
go go 2M,
Neng Susilawati
Neng Susilawati 3 days ago
Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun Jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun jun
Exo Saranghanda
Exo Saranghanda 3 days ago
Leggo to get more viewers,fighting!! Xiaojun's voice is an amazing in the world
Linzy Wang
Linzy Wang 3 days ago
His voice is one of a kind
俊俊ef 3 days ago
how it becomes my daily routine to be here
Listianing Elly
Listianing Elly 3 days ago
2 bulan baru tau kalo dia ngecover lagu ini😶
승붕이 3 days ago
idkwhat2name 3 days ago
I live for xiaojun voice.
Balqis Kazama Kinari_ 2A
Yeoksi dejunniee💚
Maya _Yunita
Maya _Yunita 4 days ago
I wanna cry😭😭
Dhea Novitasari
Dhea Novitasari 4 days ago
I love your voice
kyakya111 4 days ago
I know this is unrelated but, I wish Xiaojun and D.O would collaborate singing tell me what is love That's gonna be my anthem then
Fadel Muhammad
Fadel Muhammad 4 days ago
Adela Netania
Adela Netania 4 days ago
WE are One
WE are One 4 days ago
Xiaojun I love you and I love your voice more than anything else believe me
Gizme cizme
Gizme cizme 4 days ago
yüksek notasında tüyleri diken diken olmayan kişi yoktur herhalde
Gizme cizme
Gizme cizme 4 days ago
bu sese bu izlenme utanın laan nerde bu fanlar
Rey Bunny
Rey Bunny 4 days ago
Here again
Keynara Anisa
Keynara Anisa 5 days ago
kenapaaa baru liat huhuhu
Nakamoto Nana
Nakamoto Nana 5 days ago
A Xiaojun featured song in Kyungsoo's solo album please.
Seunghun Pan
Seunghun Pan 5 days ago
I just came from 'Home with Way V' and sir, the duality is insane 00
Dorota Pindel
Dorota Pindel 5 days ago
Wow ❤🙌
파이팅exo 5 days ago
Xiaojun's voice suit this song so much!
Lilangel Min
Lilangel Min 5 days ago
Great voice ☺️
Betül Keşdemir
Betül Keşdemir 5 days ago
She's beautiful like her voice
nericlary 5 days ago
Xiaojun is slowly climbing up my bias list. Idk what to do
وحدة تحب هيراي مومو
طالع من دزني-؛-؛♡
Mita Sari pertiwi
Yg versi koplo terngiang²😭
rayliur 5 days ago
01:33 ~~~~~~ whoaaaaa
sara 5 days ago
how do people not like xiaojun and his voice when this 3 minute 14 second video of xiaojun and his perfection exists
sara 5 days ago
hi xiaojun im back here streaming
live like Bella ღ
I want you to know that, you are a masterpiece.
zed.k. 5 days ago
the passion in his voice is so capturing
zed.k. 5 days ago
Sm give him a STATION
Beamnarrr 5 days ago
I love Xiaojun’s voice.
Rey Bunny
Rey Bunny 5 days ago
Dejun i will by your side for life
Zakirah Atcha
Zakirah Atcha 6 days ago
EXO For Life by Xiao Jun T_T
Дарья Семёнова
мой любимый поет мою любимую песню
Lina Schmidt
Lina Schmidt 6 days ago
Thanks for this.
Cherrypink.2 6 days ago
seulseul kang
seulseul kang 6 days ago
Windi Yuliani
Windi Yuliani 6 days ago
This song is nice and your voice is Very nice:))
Rose Aicel Villaraza
샤오더쥔, 사랑해 ㅠㅠ
Fairuz Salsabila
Fairuz Salsabila 6 days ago
I can't stop listening this everyday!
Love your voice.
Chadia Peters
Chadia Peters 6 days ago
not me playing this on repeat i be wanting to singing but xiaojun be like shush its not ur time
saint valentine -
ksoo would be so proud. at the behalf of a true exo-l
Shimaa Ben
Shimaa Ben 6 days ago
while listening to this i fell like i am in heaven
Shimaa Ben
Shimaa Ben 6 days ago
his healing voiceeeeee i am in loveeeeeeeeeeeee
Muhd zaidi
Muhd zaidi 6 days ago
One of my fav song
Muhd zaidi
Muhd zaidi 6 days ago
Xiaojun makes me cried 😪😪
axtrc 6 days ago
maap bgt tapi keinget kyungsoo 😭
Alee cute
Alee cute 6 days ago
Adoro esta canción, la escucho para dormir y me relaja bastante. Xiaojun tiene un timbre muy bonito, me siento como una princesa al oírlo. Ojalá tenga más de estas oportunidades en un futuro, porque aquí tenemos a un gran vocal ♡
Co-host 7 days ago
Xiaojun should thanks to himself bcs he makes everyone day better
Marie Ainin De Castro
i lost count of how many time i watched this. His voice is heavenly.
prince chogiwa
prince chogiwa 7 days ago
we love you xiaojun 💚
Winny Kho
Winny Kho 7 days ago
We'll be right here with you for life, Xiaojun
sara 7 days ago
still streaming this until now!! thank you xiaojun and xiaojun fighting! 💚💚
Nct Igongigong
Nct Igongigong 7 days ago
Everyday i came here🥰🥰🥰💓💓for listen a beautiful voice xiaojun ❤️❤️
Annisa Silmi Nathiq
Suaranya itu lohhhhh
fullsun 7 days ago
This is my fav song!!
Sani Hafez
Sani Hafez 7 days ago
I need another cover by xiaojun
Linda Nor Syifa
Linda Nor Syifa 7 days ago
Xiaojun suara mu tu ya ampun indah bgt
Gracia Ortiz
Gracia Ortiz 7 days ago
Can you explain to me why this video has so few views???
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