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William Mark McCullough
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Love can drive a man to do crazy things.

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Jan 3, 2013




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starswitch 17 days ago
A horror clip binge brought me here. Watching the end of this i felt cleansed by the fact they were playing out a fantasy.
Braniya Willis
Braniya Willis Month ago
Waste of time
Panagis Vallianatos
How long you two bin married;
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane Month ago
Unsafe, no proper consent, non-communication, non-safty and non-AFTER CARE TIME!!! #50ShdesOfAbuse
hanieh mohtashami_asl
Why i like rude man🤦🏻‍♀️
teddy land candy
teddy land candy 2 months ago
What the hell she was his mom
Bob Cox
Bob Cox 3 months ago
Pornhub po
ROCK STAR 3 months ago
Hi girls
Lara Butler
Lara Butler 3 months ago
*hotslut.ru* 4:17
Leopardpaw Iceclan
Leopardpaw Iceclan 5 months ago
🙄🙄 did not see that one coming
Sharon T. Fowler
Sharon T. Fowler 5 months ago
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Nick Rex
Nick Rex 5 months ago
Hello vanilla. She needs to be blindfolded
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 2 days ago
@Nick Rex Thank you for puting up with my rant!
Nick Rex
Nick Rex 2 days ago
@Kerrie Jane Oh you didn't upset me or come across badly. I respect other's feelings and outlook on life or lifestyle without judgement, if different than mine. I enjoy intelligent conversation, which is sorely lacking in my life. I've enjoyed this. Thank you. I truly mean it
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 2 days ago
@Nick Rex Sorry to hear about that. I don't expect your forgiveness, but I am sorry. Sometimes I get carried away when I feel strongly about something, I forgot myself. No excuse, I know.
Nick Rex
Nick Rex 2 days ago
@Kerrie Jane I agree. It's ending is retribution for killing her sister. He took her away from her loved ones and she took his hands which he valued for playing concert piano. So, the abuser got his. How many people who were sexually or physically abused ,(or both) have fantasized about wounding or killing their abuser, at some point? I Know I did. Once I let go of the anger and grew up more, I left that behind.
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 3 days ago
@Nick Rex I do enjoy fiction, but not when it romanticize abuse. Yes, not every character has to be good. Eveyone has their flaws. But to romanticize sexual, physical and emotional/psychology abuse, as well as isolation, control and stalking, well that is horrific, and to also say that it takes a woman to save a man from his pass. It doesn't, What if Grey was a completely different man, who was older, fatter, bald, lived in a caravan, but with the same childhood trauma? It would be a whole different story. People who like this would want the Ana character to stay away from him annd for him to be in prison. In their eyes, it's okay because Grey is young and rich, so it doesn't matter. He can get away with it. I wouldn't mind if the books had Ana releasing that the BDSM she does with Grey is unhealthy and (tries) to get out of the relationship. That would be fine, as it would show that this is bad BDSM. But it doesn't. It shows that this is normal BDSM. It isn't. It misses out important things of BDSM, like aftercare. People are actually using this book as a guide for BDSM, and that is dangerous. Yes, this is fictional, but a lot of fictional things that deal with hard topics, like domestic abuse, can cause unwanted memories come flooding back. Yes, some people who had a passed like Grey's do go into BDSM. But what he lacks, like I said because, is intelligence. It looks like that he can't control his temper from his childhood, and takes it out on Ana in an unhealthy way. Like she is a punch bag. That's abuse. Lot's of quotes that shows that he is an abuser, but seem to skip over that part or try to defend them. As for the films, yes, they cut the rape part out, but he still abuses her. Also is Dornan really did go to a sex dungeon to watch a scene, then he didn't really pay much attention, which same goes for the makers of the film. Properly scared that the author would sue them if they didn't follow the (unhealthy) BDSM in the book. Sorry if it seems like I was attacking you, no excuse for that! Have a good day!
Vicente Hernandez
Vicente Hernandez 5 months ago
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SABRINA 5 months ago
SABRINA 2 months ago
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So young So far
So young So far 3 months ago
SABRINA 5 months ago
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Kariszavala Evgenia
Kariszavala Evgenia 5 months ago
Do it
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 5 months ago
What is this? Movie? Series?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 5 months ago
Nice... hot but intelligent
Roger Scott
Roger Scott 6 months ago
Well that could have turned out worse. Great job.
Filip 36
Filip 36 6 months ago
Factory Reject
Factory Reject 6 months ago
How delightfully unexpected ☺
Fes Maro
Fes Maro 2 months ago
Alexandria Bryson
Alexandria Bryson 7 months ago
When he talks slow, it's so hot 😈
Sheila Nelson
Sheila Nelson 7 months ago
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SM vincent
SM vincent 7 months ago
i got exited at once. but i was relax finally. it was finished loving. thank you
Sara adam
Sara adam 8 months ago
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan 8 months ago
shara nasg
shara nasg 8 months ago
That was ducked up
rubi sparks
rubi sparks 8 months ago
This was awesome
charles siliwen
charles siliwen 8 months ago
haha haha😂😂😂what a turn
Cascadian Rangers
Cascadian Rangers 8 months ago
ahhhhhh, fucking called it! Very nice, love this
KIKI NI JUDCABZ 9 months ago
OA!!😆😆😆😆😆😆... .so u will let me go? no!!!!!....FUCK YOU!😜
lindaBelmont88 9 months ago
Lol yeah what I was expecting lol 😂
BYXAL SIDHEART 8 months ago
lindaBelmont88 hi
Classics Movie lines
Classics Movie lines 10 months ago
Hahahaha its just a bluff i thought his going to kill the girl.😅😅😅
Nyx lang
Nyx lang 10 months ago
I want this kind of a husband...😊
LaFlieria Robinson
LaFlieria Robinson 5 months ago
Ahao Sikhai
Ahao Sikhai 7 months ago
DARK ANGEL 10 months ago
Weird 1, cute chick tho. 😉
LouisaStone 11 months ago
Very unexpected, fabulous acting 👌
Mady Wood
Mady Wood 11 months ago
Did anybody else notice the pink tricycle
Molly 11 months ago
That’s not what I expected😂
Marco Lara
Marco Lara 6 months ago
Molly 😍
Sharad Shukla gt
Sharad Shukla gt 7 months ago
Malcolm Stephenson
Malcolm Stephenson 11 months ago
We like it👌
C- Dawg
C- Dawg Year ago
Now this is one of the most original things I've ever seen. Good work!
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 3 days ago
@C- Dawg Who said I've watched it!? I've only seen a few clips and read quoes. That was enough for me! Everyone is a hypocrite, darling. But not everyone can amit it! And, yes, people have been brainwashed; brainwashed into thinking that this is what BDSM is and that his type of behaviour is love. It isn't! www.theguardian.com/film/2015/feb/15/fifty-shades-of-grey-bdsm-enthusiasts Have a nice read! #50ShadesOfAbuse
C- Dawg
C- Dawg 3 days ago
Nobody's being "brainwashed." You watched it so that makes you a hypocrite.
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 4 days ago
@C- Dawg But E L James gets to brainwash people into thinking that this romantic and this is a proper way of doing BDSM; that is normal and health!?
C- Dawg
C- Dawg 4 days ago
OK. You don't get to tell other people what to do. Or what to watch. Or slander people.
Kerrie Jane
Kerrie Jane 4 days ago
@C- Dawg The end should be that she realises is in a abusive relationship (which should of clicked when she saw his former victim, sorry, Sub) and leaves him! But of course not, because it is written by someone who thinks rape, manipulation and stalking is romantic, and has no proper knowledge of BDSM! #50ShadesOfAbuse
Thomas Blaine
Thomas Blaine Year ago
thedirtbike kid
He wanted to hear "I love you" instead he got a big fat "fudge you" i do not cuss that all ur gettin so ya Also what??
njeroski Year ago
davon rimando
davon rimando Year ago
Palmer Swei
Palmer Swei Year ago
What the F🤯ck
Captain DeadPool
wtf she was his mom are u kidding me lol XD
Lucia Vintilă
Lucia Vintilă 5 months ago
She was not his mom lmao 😂😂😂 its a kink to call the dominant one mommy or daddy :)))))
DARK ANGEL 10 months ago
Doubt it, he looks older than she does, they should've used an older chick 2 play the part, if she was supposed 2 b his mum.
Ellie Matera
Ellie Matera 11 months ago
Captain DeadPool, Your joking right? If not, wow lol
SM vincent
SM vincent 7 months ago
yes indeed
Ariana Grande` stan
Wow that was definitely not expected
Kevin sisboy
Kevin sisboy Year ago
holy shit that was one of the hottest videos I've seen yet that women is smoking hot I haven't been this hard in years thanks you
ÆONSONE Year ago
stephen woolford so says the dude who’s obviously here scrolling whilst watching. There’s a word for people like yourself and it rhymes with dip-o-shit.
stephen woolford
That's really sad for you.
vapo write
vapo write Year ago
Superb acting on both parts..... Rollercoaster ride 🥰
ill will
ill will Year ago
Ken Corey
Ken Corey Year ago
This chick is so Hot and very sexy scene!!!!♡♡♡
James Anderson
Which movie ?
Jailin Blanco
Jailin Blanco Year ago
😂😂😂this was hilarious
Meandwonder Walll
Holly P.
Holly P. Year ago
Definitely not what I expected! Lol. Great video.
carioca motodenman
Sara Jones
Sara Jones Year ago
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JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Year ago
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Year ago
They have one Child. I Spy a pink Tricycle.
Ana T
Ana T 5 months ago
It's most likely for roleplay.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Year ago
I realize what was going on at the 5:51 part.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Year ago
Reminds me of something from Family Guy.
Matthew H
Matthew H Year ago
Naseba Nabbi
Naseba Nabbi Year ago
Mom the hell
سيهل رضوان
سيهل رضوان 8 months ago
Came here
Slanen Wosomo
Slanen Wosomo Year ago
Naseba Nabbi
Sonny Miguel
Sonny Miguel Year ago
yasin YouTube
yasin YouTube Year ago
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