Plane Crashes That Nearly Wiped Out Entire Bands

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Traveling by plane can be dangerous, as musicians know. The list of music luminaries who we've lost in plane crashes includes true icons, but also partial or entire bands who were victims of bad weather, pilot error, or simply cruel fate. Here are the plane crashes that nearly wiped out entire bands.
In 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd were riding high on the release of their fifth album, "Street Survivors," as they departed on what was to be their biggest tour to date. Rather than using a tour bus, the band had chosen to charter a private plane: a Convair CV-240 operating out of Texas. According to History, the plane had been previously considered for this same use by Aerosmith, who had checked it out, but passed due to concerns about the crew. If they had made a different decision, we'd probably be writing about them.
On October 20, 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane simply ran out of gas on its approach to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The pilots (who would posthumously shoulder the blame for the crash) made a panicky request for an alternate landing site to Houston air traffic control roughly 13 minutes before going down in a wooded area outside Gillsburg, Mississippi. Although 20 people survived the crash, it claimed the lives of lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, and his sister and backup singer Cassie Gaines. Although the band would eventually soldier on with Ronnie's brother Johnny taking over lead vocals, they wouldn't release another album until 1991, and they never again achieved the stratospheric levels of success they did before fate intervened.
Watch the video for more about Plane Crashes That Nearly Wiped Out Entire Bands.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd | 0:18
Reba McIntire's band | 1:27
Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays | 2:36
Passion Fruit | 3:46
Chuck Mangione's band | 4:33
Patsy Cline and friends | 5:30
Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band | 6:43
Jim Croce | 7:53
The day the music died | 8:45
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May 4, 2020




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Comments 51
Grunge 2 months ago
Rest in peace to all the amazing musicians whose lives were taken in these accidents.
Mary Cornett
Mary Cornett Month ago
@Fozzie Pringleton Yeah the way they talk about it in this video they must not ever listen to Waylon they were just disrespectful to him RIP WAYLON
Fozzie Pringleton
@Mary Cornett That's right. Buddy Holly said I hope your old bus freezes and Waylon resaid that as a joke
Mary Cornett
Mary Cornett Month ago
You need to tell the truth about Waylon he said it haunted him for years for what he said about the plane crashing comment he wasn't just being an aho about it it was a joke when he said I hope your plane crashes
Christopher Stuart
Christopher Stuart 2 months ago
No offense, but Jim Croce actually died on September 20, 1973. www.nndb.com/people/192/000061009/
Jim Carter
Jim Carter 2 months ago
10:15 nice job max out that add rev for all the tards that dont have ad block. ROFL
Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown Month ago
Jim Croce's death was NOT October 20th as per this video. He tragically died on September 20th 1973. It was my mother's birthday. :-(
Fozzie Pringleton
The day the music died was awfully similar to the Patsy Cline one. Both had 3 passengers on board, 4 including the pilot all perished, both involved poor whether conditions, a victim who had previously survived an accident and someone ended up on the plane because of a favor. With Hacksaw Hawkens, another musician gave him his ticket because he had decided to take his private plane. Dion gave it to Richie Valens because the cost of the ticket was what his parents paid for his childhood apartment and he felt bad doing that so he offered it to Valens. Also, a few corrections. Richie didn't ask Tommy Allsup for his seat on the plane. They decided on a coin toss. I'm obsessed with him and the crash so I know this. And while its nice you mentioned Jim, the titles a little clickbaty on his story. No one in his band was on that flight. You didn't even say anyone he knew was. His manager was killed but that's not where I thought this was going.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Month ago
One of the great ironies is that Clear Lake Iowa was not on the original tour schedule it was a late addition
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Month ago
There was a book called Fallen Stars well researched and written, details many musical figures lost in aviation disasters
Kroonerguy Month ago
Umm...Justin Timberlake is no Rick Nelson.
A Google User
A Google User Month ago
Ain't that the truth!
SuperSix Delta
SuperSix Delta Month ago
2:50 "tragedy struck when Nelson boarded an old Douglas DC3 propeller plane". But Vox shows stock footage of a small, single engine GA aircraft. Credibility factor - zero.
Pat Barry
Pat Barry Month ago
Loaded with inaccuracies. Almost every item was incorrect. Reba McIntyre's band was out of San Diego, for example - and the plane was vectored by the FAA controller who limited it to 3,000 feet and forgot about it. The pilots did as instructed and they flew, at night, in cloud, into terrain. Ricky Nelson had a chartered DC3 - the cabin heater had been serviced, and the mechanic who installed it crossed a thread on a connection of the fuel supply to the heater, resulting in a fuel leak which caught fire. Jim Croche had to make a gig and the plane was covered in snow. He told the pilot to take off or he was fired, and the pilot tired and the plane crashed.
Foor Sandy’s Lilacs
You got it wrong. It wasn’t a Saginaw, Michigan concert for Reba. It was in San Diego.
Claire Mahony
Claire Mahony Month ago
Have got to half way through watching this and haven’t heard of any of the musicians. The only song I know is bc someone else sang the same songs in the 9”s.
Janelee Keller
Janelee Keller Month ago
EXCUSE ME - As I understood it, Rick Nelson's Plane was 'On The Ground' when it caught fire - and the Pilot & Co Pilot escaped out of the Cockpit windows ! The Plane You Pictured was TOO Small to accommodate - Rick's Band - His Fiancee - And the Two Pilots. The Pilots Certainly didn't crawl out the windows while in the AIR ! Those that Perished were found burned to death, all huddled at a door in the passenger area, Obviously trying to get out. And - NO DRUGS WERE INVOLVED ! (Contrary to Some Reports - 'Not This One' !). Also - wasn't there a coin toss involved in the, 'Day The Music Died' Crash❓ JaneLee 🤔 5/6/20
Fozzie Pringleton
There might actually have been 2 coin tosses. The first involved Dion Dumissci(sorry for the misspelling of his last name) who actually won the toss but decided against going after finding out it would cost what his father worked hard to help his family. The 2nd was between Richie and Tommy Allsup with Richie won to decide his fate
Pat Barry
Pat Barry Month ago
Incorrect. It was definitely in the air. The pilots managed to get it onto the ground, on fire, and the pilots suffered serious burns. Everyone else (in the aft of the aircraft) perished. The pilots evacuated the aircraft, as they were supposed to do. I think they landed on a road.
Jeff Month ago
Pasty was one bold lady... RIP
It's almost always pilot error
Pat Barry
Pat Barry Month ago
That's the usual copout. If the NTSB can't find a mechanical cause they usually claim pilot error.
DExXR 380
DExXR 380 Month ago
What's lost in historical value, is double stamped at 2:30 when 'art' imitates 'life' and a country western song writes itself.
FozzieatDetour BillNye
What about Waylon Jennings and Allsup of The Crickets and Dion and the Belmonts? They all came close to taking Valens and Big Bopper' s seats. Waylon gave has up his seat for BBs health, Dion didn't go for the high ticket price and Allsup lost the coin toss to Richie?
Pat Barry
Pat Barry Month ago
Regardless of who won the toss, the plane was a single engine Beechcraft Bonanza, had no de-ice equipment, and took off into a massive storm in icing conditions. There was no way in the world that the Beech V35 could have survived the trip.
Sage 2 months ago
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...if you're famous, do NOT get on a private or personal plane! Fly commercial or keep your butt on the ground!
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Don't ever say Reba is the queen of country...That title will always be Patsy Cline
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
@Janelee Keller Never
Janelee Keller
Janelee Keller Month ago
J S ; Not any More - Queen - Dolly Parton. JaneLee 🕊️ 5/6/20
Jim Trefethen
Jim Trefethen 2 months ago
Good commentary but the inappropriate visuals really suck.
justfadingaway 2 months ago
Someone needs to fact check. Reba McEntire's plane crashed near San Diego, Ca. Not Saginaw, Mi. There are no mountains in Michigan.
Steve Scism
Steve Scism Month ago
@baba yaga except Reba stayed behind in SAN DIEGO!
baba yaga
baba yaga Month ago
he didn't say that. he said reba stayed behind in saginaw. poorly written script though
How To Beat A Drum
How To Beat A Drum 2 months ago
You are showing clips from the movie "Airplane" when talking about the Reba McEntire band's plane crash?
Sharon Ballantyne
Sharon Ballantyne 2 months ago
Because Patsy DeCLINEd... her eerie premonition came to be about being her Time...The Songs themselves will Live for eternity because Fabulous Music Never Dies.👍
April Gosa
April Gosa 2 months ago
Narrator needs to watch his damned mouth that joke haunted poor Waylon for years after that tragedy Buddy was his best friend
joey morvant
joey morvant Month ago
Yeah. I heard Waylon felt horrible about it. Like, in a small way, he felt his joking comment caused the plane to crash. Impossible, but imagine telling one of your friends(jokingly, of course):" I hope such and such a thing happens to you.", and it winds up happening to that person. Poor Waylon. I think he eventually realized he was innocent, but he felt bad for years, afterward.
Sara Sarah
Sara Sarah Month ago
the narrator here is an absolute piss poor person, a complete jamoke he is.
randolph patterson
randolph patterson 2 months ago
While doing a gig at the Surf ballroom several years ago, I read in a display that Waylon had said he'd kept this to himself for something like 31 years, before he finally mustered enough courage to tell anyone.
J M 2 months ago
Wheres Randy Rhodes???
Sara Sarah
Sara Sarah Month ago
You Know It!!!!!!!!!!!!!.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
April Gosa
April Gosa 2 months ago
The Lynrd Skynyrd Crash was not the pilots fault and they should not be to blame that plane should have been destroyed melted down so it could never be used by someone as soon as Aerosmith said no it did have too many problems that was not in dispute
Pete Coppola
Pete Coppola 2 months ago
What? No mention of SRV?
James Ward
James Ward 2 months ago
Really sad, I was living in Dulzura California when Reba Mc Entire's band crashed just out side of Brown's Field literally 3 miles from my house. Really sad, I am a big fan.
Fozzie Pringleton
Luckily tho we didn't lose Reba but yeah that's terrible
Vint Guitarz
Vint Guitarz 2 months ago
Man you idiots will show ANY PLANE in the video that ISN'T what you referenced! You showed a single engine as a DC3 and more! You have zero Credibility.
dan sheppard
dan sheppard 2 months ago
All the ones that didn’t deserve it all the bands that deserve to die in a plane crash never get what they deserve lol
dan sheppard
dan sheppard Month ago
I’m a Terrible person Sharon I’m a musician and I deserve to die on my next plane ride
Sharon Ballantyne
Sharon Ballantyne 2 months ago
Lol? Deserve? Wt Actual....🤔
Kaid Gardner
Kaid Gardner 2 months ago
seems so unfair
Stephen 2 months ago
Fake bullshit most of not all of the time. Scripted
Lana Campbell-Moore
Lana Campbell-Moore 2 months ago
The good Tony
The good Tony 2 months ago
So nevermind about Aaliyah huh? Wow
Fozzie Pringleton
@Captain Nice What about Waddy Watchel? He wasn't there
Captain Nice
Captain Nice Month ago
Jim Croce AND Maury Muehleisen were both killed in the crash of Jim's plane. They WERE the entire band.
Fozzie Pringleton
@Captain Nice But Jim Croce isn't an entire band
Captain Nice
Captain Nice Month ago
The title of the video is "crashes nearly wiped out ENTIRE BANDS"
Fozzie Pringleton
Or Mike Todd or Stevie Ray Vaughn either
Bender 2 months ago
You couldn't have spent 10 min finding stock pics and footage that reflect what the terrain and A/C actually looked like?
rock crawler
rock crawler Month ago
like a video about plane crashes is not going to attract flying geeks. I gave it a like until he started talikng about the reba crash. totally false info there. just another video created to make some idiot advertising money.
Oldenweery 2 months ago
Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing about a lot of RUvid channels. They kept showing single-engine high-wing monoplanes for almost everything, even the venerable Douglas DC3, many of which are still going strong and of which there are hundreds, even thousands, of photos. Stay safe.
Brenda Isajiw
Brenda Isajiw 2 months ago
Thank goodness Grunge hasn't resorted to "robot" narrations. I'd have to quit the videos. This was interesting. So sorry for lives lost.
SurfinUSA 2 months ago
Although he didn't die in a small airplane, how do you miss including Stevie Ray Vaughan who died in a helicopter crash in 1989? Eric Clapton and Stevie's brother Jimmie identified Stevie's body at the morgue the following morning. Understanding that you can't include everyone that perished in a crash, SRV has the stature to be included in the most notable aircraft deaths in music history. Bad miss on your part.
Sara Sarah
Sara Sarah Month ago
@April Gosa well then how about Randy Rhoads April goose....?👎
April Gosa
April Gosa 2 months ago
surfinUSA Stevie died in a Helicopter maybe that is why and this is about plane crashes
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 2 months ago
Robert Reed
Robert Reed 2 months ago
Finally RUvid recommendations doing something right for a change.....
uAreCool123 2 months ago
R.i.p lynyrd skynyrd members that died
A Google User
A Google User Month ago
I remember where I was when I heard about the crash. We were on the school bus in 8th grade and our bus driver had a radio we listened to. It was in the morning on the way to school when they announced it on the radio. We were so stunned! Not a good day for "southern fried rock."
Lionheart Roar
Lionheart Roar 2 months ago
PLease note that most of the bands and artists that died in plane crashes were flying private planes or in someone else's personal aircraft or charter. Stay off those little aircraft.
Pat Barry
Pat Barry Month ago
Rubbish! If the plane is up to the conditions in which it is proposed to operate it is safe. Flying by air travel is safer than driving.
Alec Zugcic
Alec Zugcic 2 months ago
I moved to hawaii a couple years ago and developed a horrible fear of flying and now I’m stuck here
joey morvant
joey morvant Month ago
I thought Hawaii was everyone's dream place to live. No sarcasm, I promise. I always hear people saying things like:"I'd move to Hawaii tomorrow if I could." I've never been, though, so I wouldn't know what you've been through.
Sage 2 months ago
There's always boat rides?
Dan McMullan
Dan McMullan 2 months ago
Moral of the story... Don't fly in small planes
Jayy Rock
Jayy Rock 2 months ago
Great video.....i love music documentaries and this one was great. I knew there had been alot of tragedy in music but not this much from the air. Very sad!
MetalRocksMe \m/
MetalRocksMe \m/ 2 months ago
Stop saying perished. Just sounds so formal and non empathetic.
Janelee Keller
Janelee Keller Month ago
Brenda Isajiw
Brenda Isajiw 2 months ago
The narrator couldn't empathize unless he was in an airplane crash himself but he could sympathize which I'm sure he's doing here. All-in-all he's doing a good job with the information on the misfortune of these entertainers, etc., that lost their lives.
Gary D
Gary D 2 months ago
A woman went to a pet store to buy a parrot. She found one for 20 dollars. She asked why so cheap. The clerk told her that it came from a whore house. She figured that was ok so she bought it. When she got home the bird looked around and said "new house. New Madame" the woman was a little surprised but let it drop. Her teen daughters came in and the parrot said " new house. New Madame. New girls" well they let this go too. Finally, the lady's husband came in and the parrot said "Hi Bob"
Janelee Keller
Janelee Keller Month ago
Sara Sarah
Sara Sarah 2 months ago
@Oldenweery did you listen to this jackjass and his stupid comments during his video?......this joke is more professional then this tosser called Grunge.
April Gosa
April Gosa 2 months ago
@Oldenweery Nothing this is a sad video and that was a nice way to shift the mod for a second no harm done and a very good one LOL Hi Bob! LOL I bet Bob flipped LOL
Oldenweery 2 months ago
@MsRainbow Brite Yes, but what does it have to do with musicians dying in plane crashes...?
Timothy Laviola
Timothy Laviola 2 months ago
I would like to go out in a nuclear blast. Ground 0. That's ultimate glory for my Father ABBA. Timothy.
Ronnie Mo
Ronnie Mo 2 months ago
I prefer to stay on the ground but when you gotta go. It would be terrifying to fall out of the sky.
joey morvant
joey morvant Month ago
EXACTLY why I refuse to set foot on a plane. That, and all the plane crashes you always hear about.
vivaldi -ett
vivaldi -ett 2 months ago
Quite scary to think of such talent going up into smoke may God Bless them and continue to keep them all safe 💞🤘😘✝️💕🙏🏻🤪👍💕✝️
JSpinler 2 months ago
Perfect Man
Perfect Man 2 months ago
People who said first in the comment's you SUCK!!!
Jason shiers
Jason shiers 2 months ago
Kevin Gallup
Kevin Gallup 2 months ago
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