PJ Tucker Returns For Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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PJ Tucker goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in New York City for the second time and talks about being a sneaker free agent, his thoughts on sneaker hype, and his top five everyday wear sneakers.
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Complex 11 months ago
What's your top five everyday wears?
Matt Nguyên
Matt Nguyên 18 days ago
aj1 royal off white af1 yeezys superstars 2017 flyknit hyperdunk or 97/1 sw
Moises troy Belandres
Jordan 1chicago
Moises troy Belandres
Jordan 1 off white unc Jordan 1 union Yeezy cloud white Jordan 1 Travis Scott Yeezy red october
akash Gogoi
akash Gogoi 21 day ago
Vans old skoool Nike af 1 Nike roshe run
Vidheyesh Prabhu
Wow all these replies made me feel broke af
Broken Label
Broken Label 9 hours ago
Check out the Holy Grail of sneakers www.broken-label.com . Check out our clothing brand .
Jetskii 2001
Jetskii 2001 3 days ago
So this man plays as a centre now???
mark jeffers
mark jeffers 4 days ago
Cashier was insane hot 🔥
Dylan Ochoa
Dylan Ochoa 5 days ago
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 5 days ago
Wow the air jordan 3 kobe Pack is like buying a car alone crazy..lol
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago 9 days ago
You would think (with the face he had at the register) that he wouldn’t spend as much being that he spent like 16k the first time. Smh he wildin
Truly False
Truly False 9 days ago
That cashier bad. What’s her @?
Hoe Say
Hoe Say 11 days ago
Fuck this "shoe store" fucking crooks. Ill round up some goons snatch up some m4s and ak74s...not ak47s. And bust up in there make everyone strip naked and then rob the joint. Those prices disrespectful Who's down lets go and keep this shit of my recommended yout tube
Pinoy Troll
Pinoy Troll 12 days ago
Tbh he ain't landing any sneaker deals HE TRASH!
Pinoy Troll
Pinoy Troll 12 days ago
Russia meaning CHINA!
Pinoy Troll
Pinoy Troll 12 days ago
Those collections are nothing compare to jimbo slice and big boy cheng.
Jack 13 days ago
Wonder how much the Kobe pack is going for now
Slow jams Hudson
Slow jams Hudson 13 days ago
His face after he got the total was like wtf did I spend all this money for on sneakers when I practically have a sneaker store at my house lol
Eduardo Velez
Eduardo Velez 16 days ago
$33,000 on sneakers 🤣 what a tool 🤣
Ishan Goti
Ishan Goti 17 days ago
What is Joe La puma wearing?
Sergio Jordan
Sergio Jordan 17 days ago
La neta yo aunque tuviera el varo ni loco compraba en esa tienda / muuuuuuuuy caro .......saludos desde mexico
chatahh yt
chatahh yt 17 days ago
those kobe’s going for 60 racks now
Ivan 21 day ago
33 000 $ for shoes.... Remember this next time NBA players protest about Black Lives Matter. Bunch of hypocrits.
Jiahang Su
Jiahang Su 25 days ago
those prices are tripppping
Raghuveer Dubagunta
The cashier was like "What the fuck is wrong with you man" 😂😂
nate duran
nate duran Month ago
seeing this 10 months later and laughing at him saying dunks are like $90 when now they sellout everywhere
Da34Box Month ago
pj was like, how am I going to explain this to my wife?
James Ross
James Ross Month ago
Wow $33,283.10 for shoes? That's what I earned in a month lol
RAZA9TIXX Month ago
What shoe is joe la puma is wearing
Zymfz Month ago
Lmaoo homie gonna go broke
TNapster Month ago
The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week A/W 2020 www.etsy.com/shop/themgbraceletstore
Deanza Duncan
Deanza Duncan Month ago
His heart broke 😭
Mahmud Abdul Wadud
imagine spending 14k only because a player name is there...
Zo Kay
Zo Kay Month ago
John Fitcherman
John Fitcherman Month ago
off white 4s a moive ju hurd
Barnaby Bourbon
Barnaby Bourbon Month ago
May I ask are the tunes used on Complex vids available to play or download? Thanks
Carlos Cardinal
Carlos Cardinal Month ago
Why did joe think Kobe gave him the Yeezy? Chill. Lol
Trill J
Trill J Month ago
This man got no drip lol
LTATJ's JaYs Month ago
spend that much for some garbage colorways lol.. and a Vans
Helium Month ago
his face looked dead when he saw the price lmao
uropy Month ago
This man looks like a peasant. No matter what shoes he put on, he is like a peasant
펜애뽈 Month ago
농구나 제대로 하고 신발쇼핑 하십쇼.
Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker Month ago
They jugged PJ 1000 for vans lol
sumanth achar
sumanth achar Month ago
Butchukoy Deleon
He been putting that green hoodie in the dryer for too long..
T K Month ago
These sneaker stores know they about to get a bag when complex comes 💀 jack those prices up
Michael unicorn
Michael unicorn 2 months ago
air Jordan3 kobe pace pe would be valuable
Camden Kross
Camden Kross 2 months ago
bro he ain’t complaining about the price tho like most of them do
2006sirignano 2 months ago
He didn't look to happy with the price
rohan selvarajah
rohan selvarajah 2 months ago
this got realeased on my bday
Hello Yt
Hello Yt 2 months ago
When you have a lot of heat but can’t win a ring.
Trill Josh
Trill Josh 2 months ago
Flight club rlly be scamming people 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Craig Whitmour
Craig Whitmour 2 months ago
he looked spooked when she said the price
Trey Nino
Trey Nino 2 months ago
$653 for a toddler sneaker 😂😂 wtf
Nexxt Lai
Nexxt Lai 2 months ago
I love his face at cashier, completely waxed LOL
Drediggy 2 months ago
The amount he spent hurt my soul. Imna sneakerhead and I have some heat but I could never thats a down payment on a house.
NBA LIVING 2 months ago
Can't touch him!
P L 2 months ago
Bro aint that hoodie a bit to small? It looks like a crop top on him lol
Aleks R.
Aleks R. 2 months ago
What a loser
Jovel Williams
Jovel Williams 2 months ago
Pretty sure I seen those shoes at footlocker.
jayrperiod 2 months ago
Is that excessive?
Ronny Jay
Ronny Jay 2 months ago
14k? And why are baby shoes $600
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka 2 months ago
PJ Tucker bank account was hacked by flight Club under his very nose lol 😂 vans for $1000+🤦🏿‍♂️
Felix Alonzo
Felix Alonzo 2 months ago
PJ was like Damn 33Gs? Fuck it, gotta impress dis fine bitch.
Elijah Halter
Elijah Halter 2 months ago
Anyone know what Jordan’s are shown at 8:58? I’m rly feeling them
Kian Varshney
Kian Varshney 2 months ago
Half of the shelf is empty😂😂😂😂
bacon not cripy
bacon not cripy 2 months ago
He got ripped off
bacon not cripy
bacon not cripy 2 months ago
imagine how much those kobe jordan 3s would cost today
DNL Yeet
DNL Yeet 2 months ago
How does joe know everything about everyone that comes on the show
Al Habibi
Al Habibi 2 months ago
Imagine giving $650 for a toddler pair
Lil Earl JR
Lil Earl JR 2 months ago
33k.... would of paid off the rest of my student loan(s)😐 daFuck
Yxng Sosa
Yxng Sosa 2 months ago
No offence but those kobe’s are overpriced
Sushain Bargotra
Sushain Bargotra 2 months ago
those kobe's going to skyrocket each year..
Shatadru Sensharma
Shatadru Sensharma 3 months ago
His face was legit "Oh shit, I did it again."
Hmangaiih 3 months ago
Pj said "my favourite part" just like this first appearance
Varun Batta
Varun Batta 3 months ago
He’s got a nice smp
dwheresmymana 3 months ago
I really don't understand this.... like what you like. Wear what you wanna wear. Spend how you wanna spend... but 14K for a pair of shoes? Are they magic shoes? Yeah I don't get it.
653 for a toddler shoe
Twxtch 3 months ago
This guy seems tall and athletic he should play basketball.
angeldust7777 3 months ago
Get refunds the next minute
Anshuman Roy
Anshuman Roy 3 months ago
bruh technically he just bought the whole tophy case
Kash Tc
Kash Tc 4 months ago
Look at his wrist he ain’t worried bout the shoe price yahl tripn 😂😂😂
RSLG17 68
RSLG17 68 4 months ago
Alex Von
Alex Von 4 months ago
PJ! this dude maney
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 4 months ago
Cant get over Joe's hand movements since seeing the parody videos
Best Head Game Doeiffy
Nike joyrides look like ultra boost
Best Head Game Doeiffy
Mont. Manii
Mont. Manii 4 months ago
That shit gotta be fake u can find any shoe in that store somewhere else around 100 up to 400$ ain’t shit should be over that amount
Cap Squad
Cap Squad 4 months ago
$1,600 for some Vans? That’s ridiculous
NijThaGod 4 months ago
Will always be the sneaker king of the nba
Dk is daddy
Dk is daddy 4 months ago
His face lmao
Oscar Egan
Oscar Egan 5 months ago
JM Jimenez
JM Jimenez 5 months ago
NewWorldRob 5 months ago
Nothin looked good beside Jordan III KOBE PE.
Michael unicorn
Michael unicorn 5 months ago
air jordon 3 kobe pe 14153.75
23codez 5 months ago
Complex chips in, right? They're making money off this, so I'm assuming they pay half or something. If not, these people are dummies for allowing themselves to be used.
DaDestroyer12 5 months ago
Flight club prices are retarded
Hidden Unknown
Hidden Unknown 5 months ago
There’s a reason they set up a pretty girl at the cashier it’s all mental.
Hidden Unknown
Hidden Unknown 3 months ago
JayDee yea bro it’s obvious, dudes usually got no problem telling a man at the register to put something back but when it’s a female you know how it is haha
J T Dehaney
J T Dehaney 3 months ago
Ohhh shit, i didnt even think of that🧐
Hidden Unknown
Hidden Unknown 3 months ago
Rel john Cortel Jr that too but it’s more about the fact that men are usually less likely to put something back or change their mind in front of a pretty girl to avoid feeling embarrassed
Rel john Cortel Jr
Rel john Cortel Jr 3 months ago
Hidden Unknown lmao they also want the people watching this to wanna shop there
Franco2k 5 months ago
1:16 they did exactly what he said they jackin the prices way up 😐
R2D2 02
R2D2 02 5 months ago
He could’ve check the reddit for trusted sellers lol
Leon Cameron
Leon Cameron 5 months ago
The prices of these shoes are absurd
ST Tracks
ST Tracks 5 months ago
Could of got so much cheaper on stockx 🤣
LardTard 27098
LardTard 27098 5 months ago
Shopping with Roy wood jr
-SME- Souba Man Entertainment
What a waste of money. I dont care how rich I ever got I could never spend 30000 on some shoes. Shit I have things right now that I can easily afford that are only a few hundred dollars and I keep having second thoughts lmao.
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