Pixel 3 XL Second Impression: Notch City!

Marques Brownlee
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Pixel 3 XL in the hand. Here's some more thoughts and feelings.
OG Pixel 3 Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-LRh_iVXulXk.html
Dat wallpaper: i.imgur.com/Bwb7C82.jpg
From Walli wallpaper app: ruvid.net/video/video-LRh_iVXulXk.html
Sam's Podcast episode: ruvid.net/video/video-qkinZk7fwYo.html
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Phone provided by Google for video.

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Oct 11, 2018




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Comments 7 178
mannie Onochie
mannie Onochie 10 days ago
Just recently got pixel 3xl for $300 in 2019. Very new and loving it.
Chi Thi
Chi Thi 3 days ago
mannie Onochie I got a new one on contract for $120cdn, hard to say no to it at that price, awesome camera!
Raphael 21 day ago
Google didn't release the specs on stage because they were already leaked.
Charles Kim
Charles Kim Month ago
What do you call a phone with a completely bezel-less screen Notch your phone son.
Eliphaz TM
Eliphaz TM 2 months ago
The notch is too big !!
KAI 2 months ago
I told someone in my class that they could potentially remove the notch for the next iPhones They said that it would look ugly...😤
Aasheesh Goud
Aasheesh Goud 2 months ago
Where did the camera comparison mentioned in the video go?
Yousif Jamal
Yousif Jamal 2 months ago
Everything Apple does lately is stupid and what hurts more is those companies cloning that stupidity.
Naoufal Moudan
Naoufal Moudan 2 months ago
Just be evil! please..
Electro 3 months ago
Actually, the Pixel 2XL started lagging after a few months of use. But I think it’s because of some software updates before Android Pie. I did a factory reset of my Pixel 2XL and it’s buttery smooth again. Today I updated to Android 10 and it got even smoother. @MKBHD please do a revisit of the apexes 2 XL and confirm this. Otherwise you are sending a very wrong message about the lag
Hisham Abdul Hadi
Hisham Abdul Hadi 3 months ago
5:17 *What abomination is that!?!*
tommy brockman
tommy brockman 4 months ago
If they didn’t want the notch and always try to hide it then why did they copy Apple with making a notch? 😂
ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ
Y'all are exaggerating. Iphone notches are worse
____________ 4 months ago
then youre either blind or an android fanboy lmao fuck off this shit is hideous and thats coming from a s6 edge user
Paxton White
Paxton White 6 months ago
The thing with the notch and not noticing it when using it is like having a crack in the phone
Cameron S
Cameron S 8 months ago
I actually kinda like the notch. Not this notch specifically but other phones. Something about this notch just looks horrid.
CorporalHobnob 8 months ago
Watching on a pixel 3 XL. Before you ask, the notch isn't that big irl.
J 1
J 1 8 months ago
Storage doesn't matter to me because now that I'm more organised I only use 1 GB of it, instead of using all of it.
Logan 9 months ago
I ♡ Google so much
Muhammad Amry Sahrir
Hope Pixel come to Malaysia and have official Store
Logos 9 months ago
This could be the best phone in the entire world but I just couldn’t because of that damn notch. It just looks so bad.
Bryan Zhang
Bryan Zhang 9 months ago
Akshay Kumar T P
Akshay Kumar T P 9 months ago
I want link to wallpaper of pixel 3(not of pixel3xl) at 5:45
Aryan SATPATHY 9 months ago
Compare with oneplus 6t
EddyGraphic 10 months ago
Double notch for the win 😂😂
Mavrick Faust
Mavrick Faust 10 months ago
Hope pixel 4 comes in pink or purple
Tyler 10 months ago
Are you people really that stupid? This phone has front facing speakers. No shit it's going to have a notch & a chin. Front facing speakers are literally the greatest smartphone feature.
PathFinder 10 months ago
1 minute intro smh my head
Rasmus Gerling Thomsen
How many times can one man say "notch" in 8 minutes 27. Find out in this episode of Notch City!
Shellbullet 91
Shellbullet 91 11 months ago
Honestly the only good thing about this phone has everything to do with the Camera everything else is 2017 average performances. That noch and the fact that one speaker is louder the other gives me that OCD feeling. Im going with the note9 instead
basterfa84 11 months ago
Marques, please fix the panel gap on your logo on the wall behind you... Unless it’s an omage to Tesla, then touché. ...ahhh burn...
basterfa84 11 months ago
Welcome to notch city, population ... ...wait let me scroll down it’s covered up by something... ...ahh there we go...you.
Comrade Dyatlov
Comrade Dyatlov 11 months ago
So glad I'm using the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 = no notch whatsoever big or small
Anzar Zahid
Anzar Zahid 11 months ago
Saw no comment mentioning he saying: "At the end of 2019???" At 7:15 btw
Ravi Adluru
Ravi Adluru 11 months ago
I’m getting the smaller version
Avvenatoor 11 months ago
Mambutu O'Malley
Mambutu O'Malley 11 months ago
Google's phones are nothing but embarrassing to me.
Maxbartozs 11 months ago
Imagine a phone with a Samsung screen, apple face id, in screen fingerprint scanner, pixel camera but with a second camera at the back, the 2 front camera, oneplus 6t performance
Jonty Edgar
Jonty Edgar 11 months ago
Not as good as s9
B. tgla
B. tgla 11 months ago
The reason I brought the pixel 3 over the 3XL... THAT F**KING NOTCH!! I watch videos all the time on my phone, why should I have to change the screen option to downsize to the same size of the normal pixel 3 screens??.. no thanks.
Clint Curtis
Clint Curtis 11 months ago
You do you man! Lol
Dylan Cablayans
Dylan Cablayans 11 months ago
It’s a one trick phone I mean bitch it’s only feature is its camera besides that it’s a average android phone
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