Pixel 3 review: 6 months later

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Google's Pixel 3 launched in October and is one of the best phones out there. Here are some of the key takeaways we learned about the phone since its launch.
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Apr 17, 2019




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CNET 8 months ago
Who else has the Pixel 3? What's your verdict? Watch our hands-on with the Galaxy Fold: ruvid.net/video/video-4I5Fr5S6NGA.html
Woei Leong Chan
Woei Leong Chan 22 days ago
The screen flashing think is not fixed. My wife Pixel 3 is still having the problem even after all updates are installed.
Sean VanderMolen
Sean VanderMolen 23 days ago
I regret it. At first I thought it was cool how easy it was to get support. Then I learned how often you'd have to get support. Get's worse with each update. Never had an issue with my Samsung it just got slower as the years passed. Lesson learned.
iDuncan 25 days ago
I really don't like mine. Had it nearly 4 months and would take it back in a flash if I could. Had multiple issues with people not hearing me on phone calls, text messages that can sometimes take ages to send, screen that goes stupid leaving you unable to scroll as it just jumps around. Battery life is not great, messaging app doesn't even let you copy bits of text (it's all the message or nothing), signal shows good coverage yet data speed can be very slow. Wi-fi doesn't always work properly, the list go on. Oh yeah, but it has a nice camera... Great, really useful for a smartphone.
Gregory Y.
Gregory Y. Month ago
@ironhead37 use a passcode on front to unlock phone while it's in a car mount? Ive got the 3a and think it's pretty good for a $300-400 phone. Call quality is really good and most apps run smoothly. I do see some hiccups here and there and wonder about the longevity of Android phones in general but especially pixels but overall it's a nice device for the money. Hope it lasts for 3 years.
ironhead37 3 months ago
I just got the Pixel 3 based on all the positive reviews from different articles... and I totally regret it. I feel that this is a camera first, a phone second, and a smartphone third. I don't want to get into a big write-up here, but I'd say my biggest issue is the fingerprint scan being on the back, and all the day to day functionality linked to it (e.g. GPS app while on dash mount, I keep the screen off to save battery life, but turning it back on to see updates is awkward/inconvenient, and though they have smart lock, you can't use it on apps). It's something I just didn't realize until I got it and started using it daily. I suppose if all you care about is a camera, then it's great, but I need it to be a smartphone first. The only thing holding me back from returning it at the moment is the $50 restocking fee and that I already bought an otter box case and glass screen protector, so I'd be out a chunk of money just to dump this thing. Two thumbs down.
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson 4 days ago
Bad lens reflection for night shot, so no its not worth it. Plus artificial things on the night light with bad algorithm. Same affected from fireworks etc. Nikon camera would do a lot better for eg for night shot etc.
TukTuxedo Month ago
Nobody likes a bathtub notch and an Olympic swimming pool chin on a phone
Ryan L
Ryan L 2 months ago
Does have NFC?
Chriz Chriz
Chriz Chriz 2 months ago
Went from best phone to a useless slug with 80% of memory inaccessible for deletion
swumi mobile
swumi mobile Month ago
Suds7711 2 months ago
My neighbor has an antique phone and it's on ATT so lets says it sucks. When he calls me I know it;'s going to be challenge to have a conversation. But it's not my phone blaming pixel might be premature.
Julie S
Julie S 2 months ago
What is the flame icon in the status bar guys
Chaitri S
Chaitri S 2 months ago
Is call screening available in India ??
MVGR M 2 months ago
Julio Mendez
Julio Mendez 2 months ago
She's Beautiful
Durlov 2 months ago
You missed the worst mess up... The alarm volume sucks! The max volume is as loud as my Samsung S7 on 10%. I'm not even joking. Please try it out. I'm amazed they messed this up so bad.
Durlov 2 months ago
This just gets worse and worse they don't have micro SD cards on the pixel either... This international calling better be worth it. Although I feel like I'm going to be very disappointed overall.
Thomas P.
Thomas P. 2 months ago
I'm extremely tempted to ditch my s8+ and get a pixel 3xl. I love stock Android, I take a lot of photos on my phone, and call screening is something I would constantly use.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 2 months ago
I went from Samsung (Note5) to Pixel2 and back to Samsung (S9) and while I miss the camera on the Pixel2, that's it. There are soooooo many small inconveniences you have to work around compared to Samsung that makes for a much worse experience IMO. There was always a feeling of being a beta tester. I just want a phone that works, but YMMV. I would just warn you to consider your useage before making the plunge to a Pixel. If you mainly use your phone for taking pics and summoning Google Assistant then the Pixel might be right for you. But if you do anything beyond that I would recommend against taking the plunge.
Thomas P.
Thomas P. 2 months ago
@Durlov eh I don't ever use Samsung pay, the alarm volume is too low?
Durlov 2 months ago
I'd suggest don't. Get Truecaller. It's free and better. Filters messages also. Ads are annoying though. The alarm max volume is my main issue, but you also lose Samsung Pay. I just switched from S7 and I'm regretting it. Apparently it's highly recommend to use Pixel 3 to use Project Fi. Otherwise, I'd be switching back.
SM 3 months ago
I've had very bad microphone issues with the Pixel 2. And so according to this video, the Pixel 3 also is sensitive for mic problems? Damn Google... That seriously sucks
DARK DRAGONITE 3 months ago
ffs. The ‘daily driver’ talk that people have picked up is quite ridiculous. Just say it’s the phone that you use on a daily basis.
MRUBHIGH 3 months ago
Why do you let something so trivial bother you like this?
Shivan Anirudhra
Shivan Anirudhra 3 months ago
Beautiful device... I'd like it but my ones still ok
Vincent Falbo
Vincent Falbo 3 months ago
"Never happened to me." But it's soooooo annoying. ?
Tivoughn Smart
Tivoughn Smart 3 months ago
Camera King
Chris K
Chris K 3 months ago
I just got my Pixel 3 yesterday, August 21st after weeks of research. I debated getting a new iPhone, OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3xl, or wait for the Pixel 4. Lots of choices to decide from! So my first instinct was to ditch the iPhone. I have owned the original iPhone from 2008, the iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 was a harbinger of bad things to come for every iPhone released since from Apple. Horrible hardware and software. Also, because of the lack of innovation from Apple with their outdated UI, ridiculously overpriced product and a severely restrictive ecosystem, I finally got sick of the whole Apple iPhone experience and bought the Nexus 6p in 2015. The Nexus 6p literally had been the best phone I ever owned after the iPhone and the constant software updates from Google was so amazing. I worked at Samsung Mobile for a while and proudly showed off how cool the Nexus 6p was, not only because of the design but it ran stock Android. Samsung, as most people know takes forever to release system updates. Alas, my Nexus 6p battery finally went to crap a few months ago and I couldn’t justify replacing it with another Nexus 6p and no more software updates from Google. 4 years was a VERY good run for a Nexus 6p and it was time to find something new. So I considered the Samsung 9 and 10 but the price was still too high and their incredibly slow system updates was a no go for me. Having the. stock Android experience was just too amazing on my Nexus 6p. I also looked at the OnePlus 7 Pro but again the price was just too much.
angel0island0ninja 2 months ago
I wish they would just keep updating the Nexus 6, I don't think the pixel will be as good, but like you, I really have no choice anymore :( my baby keeps crashing
Jason Peng
Jason Peng 3 months ago
The pixel wouldn't be worth it but it is now because the price cut for a new one to $500
Kaden 3 months ago
I’m really hope they step it up in the next pixel. It’s the only phone I’ll consider besides an iPhone
Gregory Y.
Gregory Y. Month ago
@The Game Vids pixel 3a > 3
The Game Vids
The Game Vids Month ago
@Kaden Haha, I agree. I think with the price drop of the Pixel 3, it just makes the Pixel 3 a better buy
Kaden Month ago
Consider me disappointed
The Game Vids
The Game Vids Month ago
carol maslin
carol maslin 4 months ago
The Google Pixel 3 is by far the worst phone I ever owned. I have to reboot my phone about 2 or 3 times a day. When I try to use the internet via LTE it generally doesn't work, it's really slow even when I have full bars. Usually works better after a reboot. Camera also rarely works on the first try, I just get a black screen. Happens when just using the camera and when using it from with an app such as a scanner or a bank. Sometimes it takes 3 reboots to get it to work, then after 2 photos it stops working...Call quality also stinks. Don't buy it...Customer Service also stinks. They just keep telling me it's a third party app. I've used the same apps on my Samsung with no problem. They don't respond to email. Don't buy one!
Eddy Fernandez
Eddy Fernandez 4 months ago
Beautiful 😍
Tickles 4 months ago
Pixel 3 has never been worth it. The pixel 2 xl is the phone to get until pixel 4 gets released
chris irwin
chris irwin 4 months ago
I have had my Pixel 3--came over from Samsung. I hate it, I sooooooooooo regret getting this overpriced garbage. Its been nothing but trouble. I doubled down on my mistake and signed up for google fi--which sucks. My phone just dies when I am not near an internet source. Its slow, cost as much if not more than my old provider. As to the phone--yeah its garbage. I still mourn the lack of a standard headphone jack--it sucks. The camera is about all I have to say positive about this phone. Its glitchy--for awhile the microphone would not work and I can to call in and blew a solid hour getting it fixed. I would of been better off with a flip phone in terms of it being a phone. Really regret getting this phone never again.
little moth
little moth 5 months ago
3:00 are those two phones both pixel 3 or are they different? if they are different please tell me which is which. thank u!
King brad
King brad 5 months ago
Left is pixel 3xl and right is pixel 3
I'm a weeb artist
I'm a weeb artist 5 months ago
So should I get pixel3a or pixel 3
I'm a weeb artist
I'm a weeb artist 5 months ago
Lol I'm commenting on my pixel 3 (sorry about Grammer)
a student
a student 6 months ago
side note: your skin looks amazing 😮
Alexandru Jucan
Alexandru Jucan 6 months ago
Really? An “in depth” review from a person that uses the phone 2 hours or less a day? With no talk of battery life or performance? Dropped the ball on this one.
udon mask
udon mask 6 months ago
Would you guys get this for $510USD?
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling 5 months ago
@Blanca 'Bee' Quesada if they fixed all the issues
Blanca 'Bee' Quesada
night night You can find a 3 XL for around $440, so I’d definitely not pay $500+ for one right now.
Jeffrey 6 months ago
Absolutely, a great phone. I love my 3xl.
Ammar Arshad
Ammar Arshad 4 months ago
Jeffrey hahahahaha you must love that notch too 😂
Bremen B
Bremen B 6 months ago
I want to know name of the first song pleasseeeeeeeeeeee.
Steve Daly
Steve Daly 6 months ago
Didn't feel like a comprehensive review for me sorry
Olabinjo Adeniran
Olabinjo Adeniran 6 months ago
So does the performance still hold up after 6 months? This isn't much different from a week-use review
Jerry Ensor
Jerry Ensor 6 months ago
My Pixel 3 still runs very nicely, and it is very well optimized. I have had the occasional hiccup with apps loading or the phone getting hot, but nothing that was constant. It does struggle running snapchat, but that is the only app I've ever had problems with. I've had my pixel for about 5 months, not 6, but it is still running great and I love it. The phone stays well optimized, and it gets regular updates and patches which is nice. I've never had lag with opening any app other than snapchat.
goldeneyeforevercom 6 months ago
So...pay how much for a flagship? And...that flagship has some mic/audio issues? Right. And we aren't mad because why? We accept this because why? We can just return the unit? Ok....how about not buying it instead? Or, buy it, have this lingering issue knowing that likely you will eventually return it, or miss out on the warranty period. All this, on a top-price "flagship"? Wow, easy consumers to please. Lame.
Savij 6 months ago
Yeah...this is why I stick to Samsung. They're the best, hands down, no matter what piddly bullshit the others and their lap dogs try to dethrone them with. Best screens on ANY smartphone, best overall specs, because ladies and gents...you put WAY too much stock in cellphone cameras, let alone who has the best cellphone camera when there's a REASON why any REAL photographer, and someone who is actually knowledgeable about camera quality, invests in those $1,000+ professional-grade cameras out there if you ever want a REAL camera to swoon over, and...innovation, creativity, and consistency with all of that (if I'm not missing anything) is why Samsung will always be the best and most ambitious bastards out there. We've come a LONG way since the hand grenades from the "Note 7" days, among other things. The others attempt to compete, but fail to ultimately leave a mark because they only specialize in one thing for the most part (LuLz...BeSt CaMeRa On AnY sMaRtPhOnE gOoGlE pIxEl...HeRpA dErP!), and literally NOTHING else others haven't already done a million times, and done better, because they're too busy being shitty rip offs sampling others (Hi, ugly ass unwanted and absolutely unnecessary iPhone notch on yet ANOTHER cellphone vs. a real chill S10/S10e camera cut out.), rather than being any kind of original with something beyond one mediocre (camera) focus. Everyone isn't photogenic, by the way. Shit like this just keeps me rooted in good ole Sammie. They may not offer the best of EVERYTHING, but...they always knew how to balance out and improve what truly matters (except for Swype) and do their own thing.
mybuddyob 2 months ago
Well said.
Roger Arteaga
Roger Arteaga 4 months ago
Enjoy your moronic 15 cameras and 1,000 dollar terabyte useless on a phone storage. Congratulate Samsung for breaking a pricing record against apple for useless overkill features on their phones
yahataru 6 months ago
as a Chinese .u will get negative social credit for not promoting Huawei....
Herve Lebreton
Herve Lebreton 6 months ago
I would not recommend a Pixel phone. I bought a brand new Pixel 3 XL in March 2019 with a clear defect. Google support took me for an endless ride so far, 3 month later with no progress. Phone will end up in the bin. If your Pixel phone works, great. However if you have any issues, good luck with their dread-full support.
foxroano9t 6 months ago
After the buzz, the camera is good but defective parts and issues is not.
Ihosvany Rodriguez
Ihosvany Rodriguez 7 months ago
I love google duplex I use it almost always here in Miami, and it works great ,so far no fails ,
gmccmemberk 7 months ago
Like many others, I'd love a link to the wallpaper.
SSchithFoo 7 months ago
When looking at all the issues and the specs I do not think it is worth the money. I would only get it for the camera and unlimited online backups.
NintenTech Fan
NintenTech Fan 7 months ago
But now comes the Pixel 3a…
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