Pitchers Getting Pissed Off

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Pitchers seem to get angry these days for little to no reason. Some of these pitchers were understandably upset but others just want the batter to be obedient. #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 306
Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith 13 days ago
Batter swings, for strike 3, is hit by the pitch, ball dead, batter out.
Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins 13 days ago
Bauer's last throw as an Indian. Mercado (CF) having his back to him, I always wondered what he was looking at haha.
goatedonmobile 16 days ago
Madison bumbgardner highlights sick 😁
AsSeenOnTV 17 days ago
All of these pitchers are mentally unstable. Good luck to their battered wives and gf’s
Curry Customs
Curry Customs 18 days ago
I can’t believe he’s no longer an Indian
Patrick Mccarroll
Patrick Mccarroll 18 days ago
25 to 4? Lmao goddamn
Mike Christiansen
Mike Christiansen 18 days ago
suck me with all these commercials
Dominic Colarusso
Dominic Colarusso 18 days ago
1:40 when the center fielder saw Bauer’s throw and he wasn’t looking 😂
Elijah Scott
Elijah Scott 18 days ago
Tony B
Tony B 19 days ago
Damn 1 to 25
samurai7411 20 days ago
I'll never get why baseball umps are so aggro (for the crowd?). How is it rude to just say "Are you sure?" They need to get over themselves.
Caleb Wildes
Caleb Wildes 20 days ago
Kelley was pissed off because he shouldn't have been out there and the 2nd base ump wanted to sit there and rush him because the score was 25-1 and the ump thought he should have been going faster to end the game
Cj 21 day ago
I told you collemore is right
Ron Brown
Ron Brown 21 day ago
and now its 25 to 4..
dbltrplx 21 day ago
Cleveland. City of losers
no doors
no doors 21 day ago
Mark J
Mark J 21 day ago
Don't know why Kelley had to get pissed when Nats were winning so badly
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 22 days ago
Geez Kelley, chill out! you are up 25-1! What you freaking out for?
Rob Earley
Rob Earley 24 days ago
Nothing like punching yourself in the face 😂😂😂
rbeforme 24 days ago
Bauer chucking that ball will be remembered until humanity is extinct.
Jim Gahn
Jim Gahn 24 days ago
Josh Beckett against Minnesota?
smokeslet'sgo 25 days ago
4:57 (looks at scoreboard) wait wut?
Griffin P
Griffin P 25 days ago
I will never get tired of watching Ken Giles hit Ken Giles
Christopher Newcomb
3:12 that George Bush behind the ump? 😂
yourmandom 25 days ago
Kersh had EVERY right to be mad
Yumi Jaymesme
Yumi Jaymesme 25 days ago
What was the official score at 2:35 a hit by pitch and a steal or infield base hit for a double.
GiDD 26 days ago
4:29 that dude is a psycho. Certified.
Ambrose Luu
Ambrose Luu 26 days ago
So you can destroy dugout stuff with your bat and that's ok but you can't throw the ball over the fence? Both are angry reactions...? The FK...
Dawn Christensen
Dawn Christensen 27 days ago
Ump charging the pitcher"? Wish a manager would give the your ejected sign to an ump!
Zach Engroff
Zach Engroff 27 days ago
Do the best AJ Burnett moments!
Mike_Eb_9 27 days ago
I just wanted to see where the ball went on camera in the first clip
Scott Mervis
Scott Mervis 27 days ago
Why wasn't Kershaw ejected after his histrionics? He is showing up the umpire!
Vinny Maye
Vinny Maye 28 days ago
I immediately looked at the thumbnail and it says 25-4 how the fuck are you gonna argue when you’re up 21
culam nguyen
culam nguyen 28 days ago
Ken Giles has mental issues
Matthew Calabrese
Matthew Calabrese 28 days ago
Just subscribed
The Real Char Aznable
Can we see players who got decked during a game who deserved it?
ironduke0775 28 days ago
5:42 You’ve never seen a pitcher throw his glove down? Is this the first fucking game you’ve ever watched? 😂
ironduke0775 28 days ago
5:25 Way to fucking go, Meat. Let them right back into the game... 😁
VoraciousSouls95 28 days ago
Can you do video(s) on balks?
Dublin O’Seven
Dublin O’Seven 28 days ago
Remember that time you spent $135 for tickets to the ballpark so you could watch the umpire do his thing?
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 29 days ago
honestly i like bauer throwing the ball
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 29 days ago
4:50 what year is that?
woah, at 5:00 the score is 1-25.
BigOlBoaner Gaming
BigOlBoaner Gaming 29 days ago
Grown overpaid babies. The most fragile of egos
Jack Camarda
Jack Camarda 29 days ago
Well, that was 8 and a half minutes of my life that I'll never get back....
blackhawks81H 29 days ago
Nice recovery by Burnett to finish out that inning like that after all the nonsense and adrenaline that comes with it... Ice water in his veins to maintain his composure and settle down and not have a major meltdown.
Michael Baseball
Michael Baseball 29 days ago
Me 24/7 on the mound
Christian Mancini
Christian Mancini 29 days ago
im a Gary Sanchez fan so when I saw the sanchez slide I was happy and pumping my fists
hitATK 29 days ago
vjm3 29 days ago
Body language lesson: When someone puts their hand on your shoulder, it's a dominance thing. Subconsciously, the one putting their hand on your shoulder means they believe they're better than you.
Francisco Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz 29 days ago
I've been trying to figure out whats that song
John Parker
John Parker 29 days ago
Old people freak out at Trevor Bauer but forget that Dave Righetti did the same thing back in the day
Carlos Matos
Carlos Matos 29 days ago
Lol, good point! Also, I remember watching the Cubs vs. (Brewers???) and Kerry Wood had a bad inning, fired his glove into the stands after walking to the dugout.
Jacob Richardson
Bauer had me dying laughing so hard. Even the Jomboy breakdown.
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis Month ago
Bauer just added me as a new fan to this somewhat boring sport.
E G Month ago
Pitchers refusing multiple catcher signs.
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson Month ago
25-1????? Nah fam, its time for everyone to go home
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson Month ago
Ken Giles play for the other team on God
Astro Gunz
Astro Gunz Month ago
Why are the Mets and Nationals at 2-25?
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Month ago
Where’s Madbum? He’s always pissed at someone
Jordon Huston
Jordon Huston Month ago
25-4???!!! WTF KIND OF A GAME IS THAT!!!!!
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