Pitchers Getting Pissed Off

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Pitchers seem to get angry these days for little to no reason. Some of these pitchers were understandably upset but others just want the batter to be obedient. #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Comments 80
Dom Espo
Dom Espo Day ago
Don’t ever charge that mound like that if ur an umpire, Burnett was ready to kick some ass
lou minox
lou minox Month ago
3:51 gary sanchez hit it out without the help of whistles, a bat and a garbage can.
IGPX Satomi
IGPX Satomi Month ago
5:38 did I miss something? What the fuck, how did the Nationals score so many HRs?
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Month ago
25 runs??
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy Month ago
Chill out you're still up by 21
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy Month ago
Is that right ? NATS LEADING 25 TO 4?
BSMB Gotti
BSMB Gotti Month ago
1:28 thats 2 for flinching
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Month ago
Why do they get so mad. They still get 10 million dollars at the end of the year.
Ryan Mcwilliams
Ryan Mcwilliams Month ago
Why is everyone so upset about Bauer when people break shit in the dugout after getting taken out. He was pissed oh well
Alfred Nava
Alfred Nava Month ago
Bitch ass umps
OldSalt Month ago
Great role models for the young people in the stands.
Parker Leatherman
Ok how tf does it get to 1-25
Bronx Bomber1983
And after that throw would be Bauer's last throw as an Indian ,
BigBeauf _____
BigBeauf _____ Month ago
It's funny that pitcher's get PO over a batter hitting a home run off the pitcher. Maybe, the pitcher shouldn't have thrown bad pitches.
chromium jesta
chromium jesta 2 months ago
humans and their emotions... chill.
Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark 2 months ago
Baseball is ridiculous...goofy umpires who cannot call balls/strikes. BORING LONG INNINGS....do something!!! No wonder the stands are empty.
Dustin Surprises
Dustin Surprises 2 months ago
Nationals #27 should he have been in that game? Does he like pitching against the there? He is a baseball player. Play baseball ⚾️.
Dustin Vestal
Dustin Vestal 2 months ago
He does look just like the orange is the new black chick lmao 😂
Brian Hiedeman
Brian Hiedeman 2 months ago
Everyone needs to just "Go grab some pie."
Old Timer
Old Timer 2 months ago
I love it when they say "you can't do that" right after the guy just did it!
Al Swearengen
Al Swearengen 2 months ago
Actually, of all the 9 positions on the field, pitchers are only the 6th most likely to become frustrated.
Connor Regina
Connor Regina 2 months ago
Dang Trevor Bauer
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 3 months ago
announcer and its 25 to 4! me: oooh theyre makin a comeback!
tampajohn 3 months ago
If a batter swings and the ball hits him, it’s a strike and a dead ball. The second clip, the umpire was wrong.
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight 3 months ago
Back when I was young, if you did some of the things pitchers today are doing today, your ass was benched. If a pitcher would have yelled at me for anything while I was at bat, like some do today? That's when the bat accidently slips out of my hands and toward the mound. Respect is given only when respect is gave.
True Thought
True Thought 3 months ago
Pitchers and quarterbacks are snowflakes. Both should wear dresses.
Corona BeerVirus
Corona BeerVirus 3 months ago
5:38 the Mets are only down by 3 Touchdowns and 3 extra points.
CooperGGaming 3 months ago
Bauer scared the hell out of Mike Freeman 😂
Baseball 4Life
Baseball 4Life 3 months ago
2:27 he swung so why isn’t he out that’s stupid if he swung it’s a strike
Christopher or Chris/Critter C
It's a bit tricky the umpires miss call so in other words its strike three balls dead he out. However since umpire didn't see it hit him it's a pass ball and need to retainer runner at first
Anthony Cosentino
Anthony Cosentino 3 months ago
3:26 is an underrated play. I mean he wasn't even looking.
LukasDoesEverything 3 months ago
1O facts 1) you can’t count every string of hair you have 2) you can’t breathe through your nose while sticking out your tongue 3) you just tried doing number two 4) you looked like a dog doing number 2 6) you are 123,342,342,675,836,036,175,126 percent awesome 7) I bet you anything you didn’t even try to read the WHOLE number 8) I skipped the fifth fact 9) you looked at the fourth and sixth fact 10) when I put 10 facts as the title I put a capital o instead of a zero Bonus)you just looked at the title
Javari Quillar
Javari Quillar 3 months ago
Y’all see the score at 5:16
luvfreedom 3 months ago
Ken Giles was such a fucking nut job.
John Murray
John Murray 3 months ago
0:57 Big deal. He was just blowing off steam. At least he cares that much.
lıl ʞolɓ
lıl ʞolɓ 3 months ago
*this is fucking funny*
Foot 3 months ago
How is the second one a..... Never mind
James Tangman
James Tangman 3 months ago
The Nationals pitcher has a point. Why the hell is he out there when it's 25-1 in the 9th? They could pick a random fan from the audience to put out there and they'd still win.
Erin Stojkov
Erin Stojkov 3 months ago
And almost instantly, we traded Bauer
Joe Eads
Joe Eads 3 months ago
You miss so much live stuff because they worry too much about replays.
Cizzymac 3 months ago
The Burnett one is absolutely infuriating and AJ had every right to be livid. Even a little league umpire could make that call correctly. A professional umpire can't tell the difference between a ball hitting a player versus hitting the dirt?
Dylan Hogan
Dylan Hogan 4 months ago
3:16 The way AJ Burnett handled his anger was amazing he used his adrenaline to take advantage
Forrest Johnson
Forrest Johnson 4 months ago
You put the Red Sox and Yankees in the game together, it’s like oil and water Or water and electricity
Sharkie626 4 months ago
One thing I never understood. Who are those members of the batting team that stand outside the foul line by 1st and 3rd base, meaning what do they do?
HB 4 months ago
1:28 even his teammate flinched like he was going to hit him 🤣
Dylan Janos
Dylan Janos 4 months ago
calling for time as a batter down by 24 runs in the 9th inning is a dick move, just let the pitcher finish the game jesus christ
Yesh Naidoo
Yesh Naidoo 4 months ago
Ken, eat a snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.
Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend 4 months ago
1:23 that guy thought he was going to throw the ball at him lol
Stu Sargent
Stu Sargent 4 months ago
All Kershaw did was expose himself as spoiled little weenie. Yea dudes talented but his problem is is he’s little lord phauntleroy who can’t handle when things don’t come easy or go his way! Maybe that’s why he’s a post season FAILURE can’t handle the heat
Jordon Huston
Jordon Huston 4 months ago
6:05 YOU HAVE A 25-4 LEAD!!!!! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GETTING PISSED OFF?! Bunch of whining crybabies in my opinion lol.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 4 months ago
Wait wait does that say 25-1??? Jesus Christ
Thymekey 4 months ago
I threw my glove once. Flipped off my out fielders. My teacher got mad. Told him i was just gonna,,, gO GeT WaTeR 🤪🤪🤪
Tylet Harris
Tylet Harris 4 months ago
Lol kershaw sucks
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 4 months ago
5:01 25-1 wow
Richard Constantino
Richard Constantino 4 months ago
Holy shit I never seen a score that high. Lol
murphdc301 4 months ago
The nationals are world champions
Dylan Snyder
Dylan Snyder 5 months ago
4:58 I understand that you’re upset at something but dude you’re winning 25-4 in the 9th
Kuruma Uzamaki
Kuruma Uzamaki 4 months ago
Dylan Snyder he’s mad because he believes the lead is so large he shouldn’t be pitching
M1N1 RAGE 5 months ago
I'm surprised that 25-1 ain't a mercy rule HOLY CRAP lol
Duke The Rebel
Duke The Rebel 5 months ago
Get that fucking bullshit out of here umpires charging at the pitcher, This is why we need that electronic strike zone
David Jones
David Jones 5 months ago
I have to agree with Kelly, no need to have a real pitcher in the game when your team is winning by 24 runs in the top fo the ninth inning then he gives up a 3 run homers, ERA goes straight through the roof.
Isaiah Ruiz
Isaiah Ruiz 5 months ago
5:06 25-1💀💀
Cassandra Powell
Cassandra Powell 5 months ago
I don’t know why that catcher argued that it hit him. He swung the bat so therefore it become a strike.
Cmnsmoove 5 months ago
3:26 coulda been a hell of a play
stephen stylianou
stephen stylianou 5 months ago
Pitchers getting angry at their fielders
TheDCGuitar13 5 months ago
I felt bad for Bauer. Not many great athletes wanna stay in Cleveland but he did. Still don’t get how the Indians could be in such a tight playoff race and just decide to have a fire sale at the deadline like a rebuilding tank team. Very marlinesque...
James Burdick
James Burdick 5 months ago
He knew he would be traded
Mathieu C
Mathieu C 5 months ago
I'm 100% with Kelley on that one. It's 25-1 in the 9th, get in the box, I'm trying to fucking go home.
Austin Norton
Austin Norton 5 months ago
Yo. That's how you handle your shit when the home plate umpire blows a call. Send heat down the middle and get yourself out of the inning by yourself.
Booty Cheese 123
Booty Cheese 123 5 months ago
1:28 bro that guy flinched so hard lmao😂
dihydrogen treoxide
dihydrogen treoxide 5 months ago
rip eric cooper
guysmalley 5 months ago
Mad pitchers, my toddler is scared 😱
Joshua Cribbin
Joshua Cribbin 5 months ago
casually is watching then I see the nationals have a 25 to 1 lead wtf
Ouch Mouse
Ouch Mouse 5 months ago
These guys need orbit the mascot and phillie the mascot
Michael Poncini
Michael Poncini 5 months ago
RIP Eric Cooper
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 5 months ago
Pitchers and Umpires.
Rubba G
Rubba G 5 months ago
Kerahaw should be in the title
David Fish
David Fish 5 months ago
Freeman at 1:29 jumped back after Bauer turned around, 😂😂
My Own Wrld
My Own Wrld 5 months ago
6:00 “I’ve never seen a pitcher throw down their glove like that” Eduardo Rodriguez: hold my beer
My Own Wrld
My Own Wrld 5 months ago
Maximus Meridius it’s a sarcastic way of saying “ I can do better”
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 5 months ago
Hold my beer? Wtf does that mean?
Viewer 5 months ago
25 runs? Jeez.
Olympiakos Gate 7
Olympiakos Gate 7 5 months ago
How in the world do you throw the baseball that far like you just hit a home run?
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 5 months ago
damn thats rare to see a manager chew out a pitcher on the mound like that. embarrassing for bauer
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