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Ping Pong Trick Shots are back & they're BIGGER than ever!
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Feb 16, 2015




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Comments 71 961
Preston Flint
Preston Flint 18 hours ago
Garrett wanted to DQ himself and he won
Atiq Ullah
Atiq Ullah Day ago
Gabriele Bocchieri
Siete fantistic
Android Games 2020
... I publish . car games, I hope to visit and watch the.. videos..
Who is watchin in 2020
Gerrit Cole SZN
Gerrit Cole SZN 2 days ago
I’ve been watching so much Dude Perfect today and I can’t stop
Joshua Sim
Joshua Sim 2 days ago
I’m surprised that these guys started from scratch and built there reputation to get better than the NBA and NFL channel you are all great as long as you’re positive in moments that are not great but as long as you put you’re effort and determination into you’re dreams every single thing will be reality as long as you stay positive and set you’re mind onto you’re dream. Edit: your likes and support will help me with my hard times😀👍🏻
Yusuf Bagong
Yusuf Bagong 2 days ago
Mamtap ngopi dulu
AsherBlox 2 days ago
2:33 no it dosent
rober 3 days ago
Hagan algo más provechoso, para la humanidad, los pájarones.
Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali 3 days ago
Waht amount does RUvid pay you
Tu Le
Tu Le 3 days ago
Có việt nam ko
Isaac Lillard
Isaac Lillard 3 days ago
can we respect how far he threw an *exercise ball?!?!*
Tiny Miracle
Tiny Miracle 3 days ago
What the name of the song?
Gabriel Ples
Gabriel Ples 3 days ago
Exactly 1 day past 5 years of ping pong trick shots 2 being a thing
Wyatt Croft
Wyatt Croft 4 days ago
Why is dude perfect always sponsored by someone
Rigor_Mortis 4 days ago
Tall man only spun 3 times yooooo
Branton McMahan
Branton McMahan 4 days ago
Ty, please I am begging you, stop NARRATING!!!
Анара Ерназар
Анара Ерназар
Raees 'the posh kid' Khan
I’m your biggest fan #1! Also please can I have some of your latest merchandise especially the gray hoodie that Tiler were’s!!!!!!!
Rajan Vora
Rajan Vora 4 days ago
making us fool
Pawandeep Kaur
Pawandeep Kaur 4 days ago
Misael Benitez
Misael Benitez 4 days ago
1:15 the Pringle guy dancing 😂😂😂
MrNyamko 4 days ago
Ниразу не монтаж 😁
Super Sonic Time
Super Sonic Time 4 days ago
This was 5 years ago today
Muhammad Minhaj
Muhammad Minhaj 5 days ago
Usaar usaar top top
Lydia Young
Lydia Young 5 days ago
Wow dude that is amazing
H J 5 days ago
뭐이리 오바를싸나ㅋ 누가보면 로또라도 터진줄알겠네
Vrushadwaj Gunjari
Which music is this ?
knight sabalan
knight sabalan 5 days ago
the laser shot thingy
Usha Darji
Usha Darji 5 days ago
Electric Skyhightower
We’re dude perfect welcome to ping pong trick shots 2
Matti Fleetwood
Matti Fleetwood 5 days ago
Anyone in 2020?
BLAZED 6 days ago
These must be on acid.
Dipak Acharya
Dipak Acharya 6 days ago
Hey is this real how is this possible?😱 Really!
Linja da ninja #sweg
Whatever happened to the overly complicated intro trick shots?
KylePh 6 days ago
This is the first dude perfect video that i ever watch
Joseph Fang
Joseph Fang 6 days ago
Who thinks panda is the best
🔥🔥🔥 1:31 💜💞 👇🔥💃
FatimA SyeD
FatimA SyeD 7 days ago
Amazing....... 👌🏽
Max Glad
Max Glad 7 days ago
sameer sharma
sameer sharma 7 days ago
No,no,no,this is made 2 years ago.Are you kidding?
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 7 days ago
I meant 1:36
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 7 days ago
Does any one notice ty at 1:56
Mohd Ayan
Mohd Ayan 7 days ago
Editing watch at 4:53
Anna_Two mOn
Anna_Two mOn 7 days ago
Please suscribe my channel , Please please , 😘
Gitartha Sarma
Gitartha Sarma 8 days ago
Me:What a Awesome Starting... Dude Perfect:This is only the trailer... the whole video is still to be started...
Debabrata Ray
Debabrata Ray 8 days ago
Николай Петков
Phantom YT
Phantom YT 8 days ago
Ich Ichmich
Ich Ichmich 8 days ago
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rouaa jeje
rouaa jeje 8 days ago
How much did they buy 1001k1m1b1t1q
Muhammad Ismail Kibriah
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