Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

Gabbie Hanna
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Song produced by: Lyre
Directed by: Spencer Sharp
Produced By: Michel Reynaud
Director Of Photography: Joe Lombardi
Steadicam Operator: Henry Gelhart
Production Design: Katie Gelhart
Art Direction: Arae Webner
1st AC: India Lausterer
Key Grip: Adam Unruh
Gaffer: Greg Lazcano
Swing Grip: Galileo Mondol
Set Dresser: Lauren Anderson
Key PA: Erik Schneider
PA: Yana Moskalova
PA: Paul Zlatin
VFX Assets B-Roll Camera Operator: Ira Edelman
Motion Artist: Hodja Berlev
Motion Artist: Kaipo Jones
Blemish Removal: Ryan Parma
Assistant VFX: Will Engle
VFX Cleanup: All of India
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 35 597
Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Month ago
Aarushi Kishore
Aarushi Kishore 16 hours ago
Did anyone notice that her middle finger of her right hand is painted red?
Karlina Maples
Karlina Maples 5 days ago
Do you remember when your biceps were noticeably different sizes? You've glown up well.
Jaylah Johndon
Jaylah Johndon 11 days ago
I love so much
AlexyzNizty 11 days ago
III_anmexia Hour ago
Normal People : RUvidr's cant sing Gabbie : HOLD MY VOCAL CHORDS
Mochi Gacha
Mochi Gacha 3 hours ago
You can tell this is Eilish approved.
Destiny Fruchey
Destiny Fruchey 3 hours ago
My 4 year old son loves this video and song loll He had me explain why you were in black water
Z0e 7 hours ago
this is so shit
Meme E.
Meme E. 7 hours ago
Gabbie, I found out about pillowcase while watching ur book clock video which after that went to the behind the scenes of pillowcase.. I must admit I am obsessed with this song. I get goosebumps everytime I listen. I love it and u are gorgeous and very talented. I would love to hang with u and irene one day. I love her 😘
I DONT KNOW FOOL 8 hours ago
balqees Khanum
balqees Khanum 9 hours ago
0.48 she only has one finger painted red
molly halimeh
molly halimeh 11 hours ago
wait is she in that cylinder thing with black water to represent her literally drowning in her tears and it's black because of her mascara
Callum Dennis
Callum Dennis 15 hours ago
Who else thought that the start said sponor
Callum Dennis
Callum Dennis 15 hours ago
Me x
KrYpt1c Crazyy
KrYpt1c Crazyy 16 hours ago
0:49 if you have subtitles on it says do you charge online okay bye mascara 😂
Lyfii 18 hours ago
so i get that all of this is just a traumatic asmr mv ok
ribug 556
ribug 556 23 hours ago
i loved this so much
J B Day ago
Powerful. 👏🏻
CJ Day ago
"I'm so fucking exhausted" that's literally me
MsDevoreMoi Day ago
What's the history ?
silke can i taste the Rainbow
Very good ! :)
Carly Brown
Carly Brown Day ago
I love the cinematics of her music videos
Chryssa Duran
1:40 beautiful sound and visual at the same timeeeeee
Emily Henain
Emily Henain Day ago
Gabbbbiiieeee this is.my new favorite song ughhhh
Kristine Abegail Servidad
why did you sound like tana when you said die...;-;
is this what having a period feels like? 🤔
OMG Gabbie is freaking talented and the video is visually amazing! *mind blown*
Stephanie Sapiens
R.I.P White Dress Died because Gabbie Hanna wanted a cool music video
meeeg -
meeeg - Day ago
what’s the point w the one painted fingernail
Taylor Crass
Taylor Crass Day ago
This got those Billie Eilish vibes
Warenai Day ago
*Conspirancy theory the black liquid is from her cleaning videos*
Amberjoce Castro
Samm Pennington
Cant wait to see how many people say this is a Billie RIP off....... dont listen to them if they do! Your awesome!!
Mavericks playtime vvvlllooogggsss123
This is super pony vlogs this is amazing GABBIE HANNAH I love this and these songs Honestly and Monster just now I listened to them (all three) on my four-wheeler after my homework (by the way fifth grade is really easy days feel like they go by in 10 minutes or 1-3 hours 😏) i ride my four-wheeler and listen to “honesty monster pillowcase” not in that order goodbye Gabbie Hannah please do not go to my channel it sucks
Turkey Dog
Turkey Dog Day ago
I didn't just notice the black being different but her red nail.. And i know what it means but i think it was just cool seeing something intently being out of place (did i word that right??)
Kajiit Has Wares If You Have Coin
No one: Gabby: 🤝
Barbara Richmire
Am I the onily one that thinks gabbie looks amazing in this video?
gaming with T
2:19 the best headphone experience EVER
Miss Piggy Hiyah
Miss Piggy Hiyah 2 days ago
Im back again... Honestly i love the deepness of your songs and the fact that they all link in some way 🥰 Honestly so proud and please tell me the wall wasn't harmed in the making 👀 I watched the bts ages ago and forgot- Keep it up! Also the contrasting red nail kept making an appearance-
Shayne Emeney
Shayne Emeney 2 days ago
Who came here after monster I love your music Gabbie like if agree | | | \/
Ioanna Nikolaidi
Ioanna Nikolaidi 2 days ago
And I'll call you when the party's over…
Ryan James
Ryan James 2 days ago
This was iconic!!! Absolutely love it!! Why so many dislikes???
Jacob Parks
Jacob Parks 2 days ago
Okay the black water is mascara this is STRAIGHT GABBIE DOING HER DAMN THANG
Despicable Spoons
I can smell the autotune
jaquilin T
jaquilin T 2 days ago
I literally can’t stop watching this music video, so good
senorita_girl 2 days ago
Gabbie hanna Gabbie hanna Gabbie hanna Is the best youtuber
Alexis R
Alexis R 2 days ago
This is honestly great, I love it.
Brooklyn whatt
Brooklyn whatt 2 days ago
Nobody: Her: I got a drip on my pillow case
Tay 2 days ago
Kinda gave me Billie vibes with the white background and the black liquid...probe me wrong 😂
tom 3 days ago
This needs to blow up !!
Danielle Newton
Danielle Newton 3 days ago
Love this song. But I'm basically an old lady. (34) I wanted to buy your cd but theres no cd to buy on amazon. Is there a different place I can buy a cd?
KJM Retyold
KJM Retyold 8 hours ago
Danielle Newton you can buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify
Joel Solis
Joel Solis 3 days ago
She has a million dollar body with a food stamp face.....
Lanavv 3 days ago
Did anyone notice she has one single nail that's painted red?
StatueRue 3 days ago
I got chills from the window scene. Moody and edgy. Let me know if you ever wanna collab - I'm a designer xo
Purple Cinnamon
Purple Cinnamon 3 days ago
This whole album is the best music she has put out so far❕❗ I Freakin' Love It❕❗
Libby Leigh
Libby Leigh 3 days ago
omg I love thisss!!!!!
jo ali
jo ali 3 days ago
0:19 the part where Ricky Dillon was voice acting gabbing saying "I pray for his video to get a million in the first hour" xD
Jerrie’s Lyrics
Lyrics: I don't wanna come to your party But I want the invitation I don't need to hear you say you're sorry But I need the validation Really like the feel of being lonely But I'm desperate for attention Trust me when I tell you not to touch me But I'm craving your affection Our chemistry's irrefutable And I'll love you till you die I'll come to your funeral But I won't promise to cry Spilling teardrops on my pillowcase My mascara always goes to waste (always goes to) Drip on my pillowcase Drip on my pillow (my pillow) case Drip on my pillowcase Drip (drip), drip (drip) Doctors tell me medicate my heartbreak But I love to keep it macabre Tell him, got my problems solved and answer my prayers He answered but the answer was not Our chemistry's irrefutable And I'll love you till you die I'll come to your funeral But I won't promise to cry Spilling teardrops on my pillowcase My mascara always goes to waste (always goes to) Drip on my pillowcase Drip on my pillow (my pillow) case Drip on my pillowcase Drip (drip), drip (drip) Our reflection on my windowpane Shows the nightmare Call me by my name (What have I?, what have I?, what have-?) Drip on my pillowcase Drip on my pillow (my pillow) case Drip on my pillowcase Drip (drip), drip (drip) Drip on my pillowcase Drip on my pillow (my pillow) case Drip on my pillowcase Drip (drip), drip (drip)
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 days ago
That line: "My reflection on my window pane, shows the nightmare, call me by my name." such a incredibly chilling and powerful expression for the demons that Gabbie was facing. Good to see you're starting to push back against those nightmares and you're going to win! Everyone has different ones and expressions for them of course; I just enjoyed the metaphor in this particular case.
Shoshoni Lopez
Shoshoni Lopez 3 days ago
F guys gabbie is good at singing evan if you don't like it you do t have to be rude I love her siging I want to be just like he if you guys don't like that then f you guys gabbie is amazing
Maria Vojtov
Maria Vojtov 3 days ago
Billie who?
Miranda Gutenberger
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