Photos You Will NEVER Be Able To UNSEE..

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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 11 185
Infinite 4 months ago
Drop a 👍🏼 RIGHT NOW
grim_ Reaper_luckydeath14
Actually the hidden message in Wendy logo mean mom because the restaurant gives you the home style cooking
Linh Pham
Linh Pham Month ago
Infinite my mom is named Wendy
funtime mangle and nicolas
@Smol Bean why did you call him senpai his not your boyfriend (btw im staying calm not to yell at any comments with swear words in it)
Gacha Rix
Gacha Rix Month ago
My mom is name Patricia
funtime mangle and nicolas
Caylus i also have that but i pee blood and my mom helps me put on a period under my crotch at night but other girls have it like me so its heartbroken
Michael Milford
Michael Milford 2 hours ago
But ima kid under my dads account
Michael Milford
Michael Milford 2 hours ago
This video is so funny and also love ur video's ur a cool guy
michelle cooper
michelle cooper 3 hours ago
Patrisha is in danger!!!!!!! She is maturing with her period!!
Zephyr Brough
Zephyr Brough 4 hours ago
Ball sac
Sami Smith
Sami Smith 9 hours ago
Do not hit the real bell 🔔 I feel bad for you you can get hert
MGA GODBOYS 20 hours ago
First pick was blood of mens
Jesus Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes 23 hours ago
5.6 shut ur face lol
Craig Preston
In my country they spell mom like m u m and we don't have Wendy's so yeah (Btw) I love infinite 👇 👇 like if u agree 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 pls
MaryJane Cruz
“Ok shut your face” 😂😂😂💀
janina jasikowska
I can see a bit of the ladys boob from the lion king
ginvie galura
0:47 me when i listen to bts songs
Amoni Moore
Amoni Moore Day ago
Your funny 😆
rehlen cañoneo
stop taking you taking from 12 min
PROSKILLZ 2 days ago
Everyone know about the word mom on her shirt hek I thought it was a necklace
Reina Cazares
Reina Cazares 2 days ago
I have an LG phone
Haylee Sizemore
Haylee Sizemore 2 days ago
No way I have a LG phone OMG!!!!
Epicà Mindcraft
Epicà Mindcraft 2 days ago
N64 DD
Sean Dean
Sean Dean 2 days ago
I just ate kfc
Fortnite Yahya
Fortnite Yahya 2 days ago
Because I hit the 🔔
Fortnite Yahya
Fortnite Yahya 2 days ago
Dude my iPad is cracked
Lìłáč Kokie
Lìłáč Kokie 2 days ago
Has anyone gone on a infinite video and he says go SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON you go to like it but you already have
Oscar-Tazz Cisneros
I went to kfc yesterday and saw it
KIRA HANSON 2 days ago
Love 🙃 infinite pls like and tern this like blue 👇🏻👍🏻😺
KIRA HANSON 2 days ago
“Patricia” is on her period in the beginning of the video
Heaven Moore
Heaven Moore 2 days ago
Selena Gomez knees looks like thanos
Ava Cain
Ava Cain 2 days ago
Only girls would understand the first pic
janina jasikowska
Ava Cain i am a girl and i understand that mistake of the lady
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 2 days ago
The third one is hilarious
Addison Carney
Addison Carney 2 days ago
I see faces in everything like there is a painting in my church with three mountains and they alllll have faces!!! ( And cars ) 😁😁
Amanda Black
Amanda Black 2 days ago
I come from Australia it’s koala
Ashton Cain
Ashton Cain 3 days ago
I did
Lesly Ann
Lesly Ann 3 days ago
I have a LG OMG
Cassy Welsh
Cassy Welsh 3 days ago
I grop a 👍and subscribe and ring the notifications 🔔
Keira Spencer
Keira Spencer 3 days ago
On the first one I thought she was on her period 😂
Natalie Quaglio
Natalie Quaglio 3 days ago
For the Selena Gomez one I said,”That’s a real knee slapped”😂I got it from my sister lmao
ernestina osei
ernestina osei 3 days ago
I dont Know why but i can see a bird by the face of the KFC guy
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae 3 days ago
Wanda Martinez
Wanda Martinez 3 days ago
Patricia is on her period Patricia that is not a good idea
Isabella Manzano
Isabella Manzano 3 days ago
She's on her period
Drew.Southerton 3 days ago
i know patricia
JackBeanstalk7 3 days ago
How does he do smart infine list call your self il for I-infinite l-list
Sumiati Sumiati
Sumiati Sumiati 3 days ago
1.40 he should be demonized. 😐
Luke Silverstar
Luke Silverstar 3 days ago
ellie_gamer :3
ellie_gamer :3 3 days ago
*The Lion King* Your dirty minded. :)
Bella Wells
Bella Wells 3 days ago
It's called a period
Litzy Lacorte
Litzy Lacorte 3 days ago
You are cool👍👍
Sharon Blenn
Sharon Blenn 3 days ago
April Velazquez
April Velazquez 4 days ago
Infinite you have too see the comment so take away eors eyes away and look and the thing/wrinkles under his eyes it makes a face 😀
BelleLiv Pearson
BelleLiv Pearson 4 days ago
Ummm...... Patricia is having her period her foot isn't injured
brianna rivera
brianna rivera 4 days ago
Period attack at the beach
K Ad
K Ad 4 days ago
She thick with ten c's
Janice Lett
Janice Lett 4 days ago
My grandpa's name is Shelly
K Ad
K Ad 4 days ago
I know means of means life's good!
K Ad
K Ad 4 days ago
Caylus, 3:52
K Ad
K Ad 4 days ago
Now I can't unsee the Lion King one 😀
Me:mom I broke mah tablet Mom:how Me:because I smashed the like button Mom:god admit
Dotty Mittchell
Dotty Mittchell 4 days ago
It’s a frickin period stupid
elouisederby 4 days ago
U ruined ee or for me. And he is my Halloween costume
Abbey Briggs
Abbey Briggs 4 days ago
She has her period ya dumb dumb
kfoxy36 foxy
kfoxy36 foxy 4 days ago
The First Picture all women: Oh Helll No!
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