Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

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Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country
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Jun 3, 2018




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Comments 24 269
Scoop Year ago
Do you love japan? 😍 Follow us on Instagram: *@Scoop_gram* instagram.com/scoop_gram Don't forget to *Like* & *Subscribe* 💕😄
Prop ionity
Prop ionity Day ago
Scoop Daisuki Nipon
Iliana S
Iliana S 4 days ago
No the coronavirus🤮🤢 I hate it
wahyu hidayat
wahyu hidayat 6 days ago
Hey scoop i see another youtuber use your thumbnail here the video ruvid.net/video/video-CudbpkY9r08.html I wish you see my comment
Yes. I’m FROM japan.
Nyla Ikeh
Nyla Ikeh 11 days ago
@Kishore Singh Rajput you're overrated
bird Day ago
Kois live in drainages because the sewage water is so clean. That you can even DRINK from it! Fun Fact: Getting close to wild birds in japan will not fear them.
Edeline Jee
Edeline Jee Day ago
Have you been to all the countries in the world?
ShayminGacha 2 days ago
Media: TECHNOLOGY WILL TAKE OVER OUR JOBS AND LIVES! Japan: It already happened.
menuka upadhayay
menuka upadhayay 2 days ago
Yes yes💖💖💖💖🤑🤑🤑🍭🍬👩‍🏫
ruel almarez
ruel almarez 2 days ago
Still Blurd
DARK WOLVES 3 days ago
Too bad the corona virus spread to japan
Final Incept
Final Incept 3 days ago
7:39: I first saw those in Super Mario Sunshine!
Final Incept
Final Incept 3 days ago
1:06 Janitors don’t get much respect. This definitely should help the kids be considerate for lower classes.
free fire gamer noobest of all
Japan is on next level 💜💜💜
Mette Bjerg
Mette Bjerg 3 days ago
What is the name of the first background music?
Kaiwalya's Creations
6:42 we do this in India too
I’m japanese and i love japan
RosisM Plays
RosisM Plays 4 days ago
dont forget anime
IsmaelAbdelnour 4 days ago
One word to explain this... DISCIPLINE
GNshinn 4 days ago
Coronavirus: allow me to introduce myself
Shweta Jha
Shweta Jha 4 days ago
Japan and India best Countries
plānet_saturń 4 days ago
no. 42 m i n e c r a f t
Lovely Cute
Lovely Cute 5 days ago
Sometimes i wanted to live in japan i really love thier attitude
Nicole Chen
Nicole Chen 5 days ago
goes to Japan your boyfriend be like spending 2 hours in the bathroom tells your brother to go check and he spends 2 hours in the bathroom I wonder why...
Asero Gaming
Asero Gaming 5 days ago
Because they are advance in technologies and japan is the most discipline country in the world... Like this if I'm right
Rainbow Field Yume
I wan to live in Japan for ever
Lian Vung
Lian Vung 5 days ago
Japan is the best anime maker like naruto,luffy,dororo etc like if u say it
Your DarkSide
Your DarkSide 5 days ago
About Brail and watermelons it's not true, but Japan is still an amazing country
Josua Caleb
Josua Caleb 5 days ago
I want to go top japan not for this things but because im a fcking weeb
mick jagger teodoro
udilopcing odav
udilopcing odav 7 days ago
How I wish Philippines is like this.
SonicSprinter 55
SonicSprinter 55 7 days ago
Wow... Japanese people are more smarter, caring and considerate to others than I thought! Kind too 😊
Fergus GailaYT
Fergus GailaYT 8 days ago
Japan:We are The Only Country Who Have Children Cleaning The ClassRoom UwU Public School In PH:Okie...
Bucci Babe1
Bucci Babe1 8 days ago
Even in Kenya students clean their own school like the whole compound... And it's a virtue we are taught from. Grade one to High school
Economy UniverseGT
The toilets are really fancy
Pineapple Town
Pineapple Town 9 days ago
I’ve been to Narita Airport and they do let you take origami and can teach you how to make something origami
*Cocoa Puff*
*Cocoa Puff* 9 days ago
_I’d love to go to Japan, it’s just haunted there_
One Whisker
One Whisker 9 days ago
*In japan people are kind and not heartless.*
Myesha Jaliah Napay
People in Japan are nice if your asking why because my mom's classmate went to Japan and ride a taxi and left a camera and a phone on the taxi and the taxi driver look for her and bring it back untouched
Franco Fitzharris
Yes but they also kill and eat dogs soo....
tachin rikka
tachin rikka 7 days ago
That's China. Don't confuse between Chinese and Japanese.
Astaleade 10 days ago
7:37 I’m japanese, and just to not spread misinformation those ARE NOT for the better use of space in the fridge, they are for looks. Most don’t eat them, and while it’s edible they aren’t as good as the round ones.(obviously, if you take into account the fact they are molded squarely, they won’t be good..)
UnGuardable X
UnGuardable X 10 days ago
Philipines Is still the best🥺❤️
Itz_Rhêa 11 days ago
That is why I want TO GO TO JAPAN! But I’m still A PRE-TEEN!!!!
Lyle247 11 days ago
I did a report on Japan once for school
Chou Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu 11 days ago
Now I love Japan 😍😁:-) And I love Korea because of kpop TWICE❤️ My country :philippines
Francis Osuna
Francis Osuna 11 days ago
Japan is 2680 years old in 2020; the world most ancient "nation-state" and Democracy so unshakably stable. The country run by HONOR CODE SYSTEM. The people of Japan follow one of Bushido = the code of Samurai: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. The world 6th largest nation with its sea territory is where people live as part of great nature, accepting earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis, etc.
A Person Who Can
A Person Who Can 11 days ago
America, step up ur game!
Khusran Ahmed Khusran Ahmed
Korea for K-POP Japan for ANIME which will you choose? Comment : JAPAN Like : Korea
DYLOX 11 days ago
Japan: im perfect China: hold my virus
Trish Lilian Fama
Trish Lilian Fama 11 days ago
Ummmm in the Philippines Japanese are actually not the best people we've met
Trish Lilian Fama
Trish Lilian Fama 10 days ago
If it's MY opinion then don't mind
Trish Lilian Fama
Trish Lilian Fama 10 days ago
Murasaki Budou
Murasaki Budou 11 days ago
Are you seriously believing there is such a thing as “best people”? Of course there would be exceptions. It really depends on individuals you meet. Any people from any country could be “best people” for you.
SECR3TIVE 12 days ago
Long Story Short, Japanese people respect each other and themselves
Taro Zingg
Taro Zingg 12 days ago
I’m half japanese so I go to japan every summer but man I would happily live there the rest of my life
Air on Bicycle
Air on Bicycle 12 days ago
まあ俺らから見たら普通やけど 嘘
justawizard 12 days ago
Well is Japan clean though?
Sebastian Yang
Sebastian Yang 12 days ago
3:11 is Black-Black gum, a very very minty gum that is hard to keep chewing after the first minute.
VoltaZBolt 12 days ago
the REAL reason i love japan... ANIIMMEEEE
Nirjal Ghimire
Nirjal Ghimire 12 days ago
1:12 “As a part of showing gratitude to the school” Yeah right the school is teaching for free right?
Mr Taco Boi
Mr Taco Boi 13 days ago
The atomic bomb did work
Murasaki Budou
Murasaki Budou 11 days ago
Just like Pearl Harbor did work 😂
Andrae Sam Saura
Andrae Sam Saura 13 days ago
1:06 Why?? They are paying to go to school the school is not paying them to clean .
block city wars player 76
Japan is so poor like ew
Murasaki Budou
Murasaki Budou 11 days ago
You are not realizing this type of comment is the poorest thing, like ew
Ted'Aysyah Belcher
Ted'Aysyah Belcher 14 days ago
DEDEROY 14 days ago
Frying Pan
Frying Pan 14 days ago
My owner sent me to Japan. Best day ever
RIYASGYU 14 days ago
#6 , philippines handles cleaning very well.
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