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Apex, North Carolina Police Captain Ann Stephens totally schooled this phone scammer.
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In US news and current events today, Apex Police Department Captain Ann Stephens scammed a scammer and it was all caught on video. In terms of phone scams, 2019 has seen thousands of dollars lost according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Stephens got some scammer payback after this caller tried to get her social security number and home address in a faux IRS phone scam. For police misconduct and caught-on-camera police harassment videos, subscribed to NowThis News.
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Sep 7, 2019




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Comments 100
Gold3n Fight3r
Gold3n Fight3r 48 minutes ago
She dominated.
Ninjasoldier08 2 hours ago
Therapist: A Fake Karen Dosent Exist Fake Karen:
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 5 hours ago
The accent looks indian
Lakal Samarakoon
Lakal Samarakoon 7 hours ago
It's sounds like Indian voice
FBI 7 hours ago
"I'm not asking to confirm, I'm asking to verify" I'm not trespassing, I'm just walking on my neighbors lawn
Desmond Motau
Desmond Motau 8 hours ago
That my address
geener armzong
geener armzong 8 hours ago
Karen patrol
Golden Pepsi
Golden Pepsi 10 hours ago
I love how she's having a kick out of it
Yeetus Cleetus Yeet • 29 Years Ago
She looks like a karen but is the complete opposite of it
Karl Ashdown
Karl Ashdown 13 hours ago
Although this is hilarious the reality is these types of scammers wouldn't be so invested in the scam if they didn't expect a payday. People are gullible personally if i don't recognize the voice or if the person on the other end asks for verification of anything i will politely say i don't want what your selling & hang up if its a real thing they will call back
Crepspinboss 15 hours ago
Uno reverse card
fusion 17 hours ago
2:54 wE aRE TryINg tO HeLp yOu oUt oVEr HeRe, ok? correction: We are trying to scam you over here, ok?
holden burghardt
holden burghardt 18 hours ago
"I'm not asking you to confirm, I'm asking you to verify" The sun is in the solar system
FIXED 18 hours ago
Wolf boi :3 & XxMidnightCookieXx
Imagine what the dude did when he found out when it was a POPO
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker 19 hours ago
《A s h l e y》
《A s h l e y》 19 hours ago
"I'm not asking to confirm, I'm asking to verify." I'm not eating, I'm swallowing food.
Kristian andrei
Kristian andrei 21 hour ago
"Im now trying to confirm im trying to verify" I dont want the beef steak I want the meat
Avxry 21 hour ago
mobile legend ml
The man suond Lake a india
James Y
James Y Day ago
Look how the tables turn
•Marshmello .Wolf•
2:18 she use her Karen powers for good 👍
Franze Ashley Castillo
The hairstyle tho
toilet paper man
karen can i have the kids back
Pretty Mangle :3
ignore the karen haircut, Shes the best.
Ak Verified
Ak Verified Day ago
Michael Charles
Bro where was my mans
the good karen
IGNation HD
IGNation HD Day ago
I’m not asking to confirm,I’m asking to verify I’m not watching tv,I’m looking at it
Crouchy The Clown
1:50 my reaction
Zh Kamali
Zh Kamali Day ago
She such a Karen she asked for the manager
in the subtitles it says ''wrong'' person but the man is saying ''right'' person . whats that !!
Ren Max
Ren Max Day ago
This woman is savage xD
Freezedread L
Karen that not a karen *My logic has been turned upside down*
sok piseth
sok piseth Day ago
CYCquility Day ago
good thing this is an opposite of a karen.
Shrisharanyan Vasu
😂😂😂Lmao....that was so funny.
Sketchy Skies
Best Anti-Karen
Vijisha Sajeevan
Vijisha Sajeevan 2 days ago
she may look like a karen , but she's defiantly not :)
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 2 days ago
im not asking to confirm,Im asking to verify Im not sending memes im taking something that is funny
SHAZZ VLOG 2 days ago
michael li
michael li 2 days ago
My dad always scam scammers when I was young XD
jerrymegakiller games
You should never scam
Ori Day ago
Rҽʋҽɳɠҽ σϝ ƙαυƚισυʂ
"im not asking you to confirm. Im asking you to verify" Its not the law its the rules
alliexia 2 days ago
Wow, I'm surprised she spoke to the supervisor instead of the manager.
Tino Gaming
Tino Gaming 2 days ago
This is indian man
Jan Marvin Vistal
Nayara Paul
Nayara Paul 2 days ago
"I'm not asking you to confirm, I'm asking you to verify" I'm not throwing trash away, I'm throwing garbage away.
Kristian andrei
Kristian andrei 21 hour ago
She aint police shes a cop
Killer_whale YT
Killer_whale YT 2 days ago
“I’m not asking you to confirm,I’m asking u to verify” “I didn’t cry when Ironman died, my eyes just sweated”
epicshinji 2 days ago
"I'm not asking to confirm, Im asking to verify" *Im not fat, I'm just heavy*
PIEHUNTSME 15 hours ago
Muscular people can be heavy lol
Michael Song
Michael Song 21 hour ago
I'm not fat. I'm just big boned.
Maddie The twister
You have been scammed. *beeeeeeeeep* uwu
idk 2 days ago
redknight 3 days ago
That is an Indian speaking in the call, for sure
MonkeyLovania 3 days ago
the 1 time a karen haircut can be good.
Stickman - Production
%70: Talking about "I'm not asking you to confirm, I'm asking you to verify" %20: talking about her Karen hair cut %5: actual people who are saying serious stuff
blueberry 2 days ago
lady tron
lady tron 3 days ago
his voice sounds bangladeshi or indian. That's lame..
uchiha vinay
uchiha vinay 2 days ago
He's probably somewhere around Indian sub continent
theweirdoneshere 3 days ago
karen vs scammer.
Goku Black
Goku Black 3 days ago
Suprised pikuchu face
Xinnie Pig 2.0
Xinnie Pig 2.0 3 days ago
Bruh imagine the guy watching it on RUvid
Arif Sange
Arif Sange 3 days ago
He is asian
Bryan Butawan
Bryan Butawan 3 days ago
Do really some of Americans fall for this nonsense?
Gamingmadi 3 days ago
Dis guy stooopid so don’t scam it’s not good it’s bad u get arrested
Relecent 3 days ago
The only good Karen.
Jonadak 3 days ago
she straight up looks like a nice karren
Tom's world
Tom's world 3 days ago
I thought police scams scammer
Naya's Gaming
Naya's Gaming 3 days ago
I SWEAR TO GOD my dad told me this story that happened to him so there was this guy he said like in a very happy and loud voice: SIR U JUST ONE 200,000 DOLLARS My dad knowing he didnt sign up for znything like this and knowing its a scam in the same happy and loud voice: REALLY REALLY the guy: YES NOW WE JUST NEED YOUR CARD NUMBER my dad saying random numbers : 1234567890102983873631829293973 the guy: Sir are u sure this is your card number My dad: Yes The guy: *hangs up* Me and my mom and sister were dying of laughter
Lakal Samarakoon
Lakal Samarakoon 4 days ago
That guy has a accent
Prakriti Singh
Prakriti Singh 4 days ago
There is no fun in the comments in this video as every 2nd comment is.. "I am not going to... " even this is the same type(ˉ(∞)ˉ)
AlvaroVlid's cancer
Ngl she looks like the best karen than real karens.
Modesto Gonzalez
Modesto Gonzalez 4 days ago
Don’t listen that address she said It could be someone’s address
HoLa SoY dOrA
HoLa SoY dOrA 4 days ago
I'm not asking you to confirm... IM TELLING YOU!!
AltroG 4 days ago
"I'm not asking to confirm, I'm asking to verify" I'm don't scam people, I'm just tryna steal them
Kara's Art
Kara's Art 4 days ago
Summary of vid Scammer: give me the last 4 digits of your social security number. Police Captain: Bish you thought
XxcutievibesxX 4 days ago
Angelique Dixon
Angelique Dixon 4 days ago
1saac CW
1saac CW 4 days ago
Im not asking to confirm... Im just asking to verify I am not human... I am just a person
Eli Offutt
Eli Offutt 4 days ago
I’m not asking to confirm I’m asking to verify I s e e
Meow Gobo YT
Meow Gobo YT 4 days ago
a person with a karen haircut but not a karen *confused screaming*
worthless idiot
worthless idiot 4 days ago
Im just asking to verity Sounds like jail is just a room for this guy
Da Rare Peanut Gaming
The scammer that calls my dad is a Chinese scammer… Then he just says hello and then they just hang up
Oxy 4 days ago
Kazuichi trying to find sonia’s email address
Dog Gameplays
Dog Gameplays 4 days ago
Plot twist: She is a criminal with a police suit and the people on the phone are real cops that wanted to help Lol
Damien Williams
Damien Williams 4 days ago
Plot twist: He wasnt joking
HeavenlyPro5263 4 days ago
Finally we have hope against these idiots
Woofy DogG
Woofy DogG 4 days ago
I really respect her for not laughing in the whole conversation...
Jackline Ghassemian
Pure gold hahahahahahah!
Alisha Younis
Alisha Younis 4 days ago
Cheeze Poof
Cheeze Poof 4 days ago
sivam mantha
sivam mantha 4 days ago
One of the useful videos RUvid has recommended to me
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 4 days ago
The Karen actually scammed a scammer. PogU
Serious Lulu
Serious Lulu 4 days ago
“My blackmailer blackmailed me, so I blackmailed him” I’m getting that vibe
Potato_ DUDE
Potato_ DUDE 5 days ago
Hello This is Indian tech support, how may I help u?
Morrissey Nola
Morrissey Nola 5 days ago
Honestly, if they sound Indian or Nigerian its probably a scam.
Uncreeperble Gaming
Microsoft does hire real agents from there as it is cheaper labour
Lie Tshiu Hiong
Lie Tshiu Hiong 5 days ago
Lol Karma
hex ex
hex ex 5 days ago
Son of a gun You are talking with police officer 🤣
Op Saurav
Op Saurav 5 days ago
Charleston Saxl
Charleston Saxl 5 days ago
me watching this like: LMAOOO He is so gonna get his a$$ in jail
Naman Maheshwari
Naman Maheshwari 5 days ago
"I'm not asking to confirm, I'm asking to verify" I am not stupid, I am just very dumb.
random MARVEL fan
@Naman Maheshwari yes, we both be marvelous
Naman Maheshwari
Naman Maheshwari 2 days ago
@random MARVEL fan I am a huge marvel fan too bro!
random MARVEL fan
i'm not a Marvel fan, I like Marvel
Vishan Somal
Vishan Somal 3 days ago
Use truecaller. You can automatically get to know everything about the number
Yemaan2011 5 days ago
I hate scammers they are so annoying.
Thebloodborn 4 days ago
Same they call me everyday
Gh0stkiller 010
Gh0stkiller 010 5 days ago
She arrested Wraith and Mirage
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