Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Clippers | February 11, 2020

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The 76ers defeated the Clippers, 110-103. Ben Simmons recorded his second straight triple-double with 26 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Joel Embiid added 26 points and 9 rebounds for the 76ers, while Josh Richardson tallied 17 of his 21 points in the 4th quarter to secure the victory. Kawhi Leonard recorded 30 points and 9 assists for the Clippers in the losing effort. The 76ers improve to 34-21 (25-2 at home), while the Clippers fall to 37-17.




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Comments 25
Baris Avanoglu
Baris Avanoglu Month ago
Furkan Korkmaz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jeff Soerohardjo
Christopher Noel
That's how you beat the clippers with size Lakers should take notes
Hasan Çiçek
Hasan Çiçek Month ago
Fırkanın 2 maç 30+ atıp 3.maç 0 atması :|
@Murat salih Acar bro Furkan yeterli sayıda şut denedi bence ama isabet bulamadıkça ritmi düştü.
Murat salih Acar
Adam atın diye elini açıyor bu ibneler bencillik yaptı bu maç
Spank Wire
Spank Wire Month ago
Poor LAC morris is idiot .lol
ttryyipp Eh allegedly
I have been saying this whole time . al Horford needs to come off the bench. obviously he is good enough to start no one doubts that . but he needa to play the 5 center spot. let the second unit run through Horford. Brett brown finally doing something right allegedly
jarrodcarter1 Month ago
Now they’ll come out and lose to the Nets
Ahmet ACAR
Ahmet ACAR Month ago
1:05 dream game from 25
Ofer J. Dafni
Ofer J. Dafni Month ago
When Joel Embiid plays with his full potential no one can really stop him! We must trust the process! Ben Simmons continues to step up and he's getting better and better game after game! Furkan Korkmaz is absolutely the real deal! Go Sixers!
Ofer J. Dafni
Ofer J. Dafni Month ago
@Hakkı AYDIN I don't think you're right at all! If Korkmaz is a consistent player, could you please explain to me how come coach Brown let him play the starting five??? Korkmaz is a great Shooting Guard who has proved in the previous games that he's an inconsistent player, by scoring more than 30 points a game and he continues to step up game after game! If Korkmaz really continue to play with this type of game, i'm sure it will be great for the Sixers and also for me, so meanwhile i don't have any complains about him! Go Sixers!
Hakkı AYDIN Month ago
korkmaz needs a partner who will wake him up and train him everyday. otherwise he wont be a consistent player
Loic Adiko
Loic Adiko Month ago
Embiid !!! 💪💪😂
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu Month ago
Apparently if you shoot an air ball but catch it before it goes out of bounds, the refs can decide if it's still in play or a travel since it was a shot attempt.
Kevin Raza
Kevin Raza Month ago
Since the beginning of the season, everybody sold them like an "unbeatable" team February they still get ko'd
Quality Month ago
@Kevin Raza like i said their fans do, but they are assholes and I expect that. also "everybody" wasn't saying the clippers are unbeatable. people were just talking about what they saw in the playoffs last year especially against the warriors where their depth showed and now they have kawaii and PG. the fact that they are top 3 in the west and haven't been playing anywhere near their best is impressive. they don't have anything to play for in the regular season and it looks to be certain that they will be in the playoffs. with all this load management whatever and something to play for when it comes time for playoffs, they'll be fresher than anyone when they want to impose their will.
Kevin Raza
Kevin Raza Month ago
Quality Nobody sais that Lakers are unbeatable. They just say they have a good duo. Everybody talking about Clippers depth on the bench and since the beginning of the season, we saw nothing impressive with their roster. Only speculation about what they could do. Same as Celtics when Kyrie was there...
Quality Month ago
LOL. no, "everybody", did not have them as unbeatable. you must be talking about the Lakers whose fans say that all the time.
Quality Month ago
Who are you even talking about?
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Month ago
Huge win for Philadelphia! If only they could perform entire season like that...
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu Month ago
At home only 👀😂
warpspeed Month ago
"The east is weak"...lol.
Royko Farm
Royko Farm Month ago
Morris is a loser. Always fight when his team is losing.
Royko Farm
Royko Farm Month ago
@a Ram of course. He is not foolish enough to fight right there.
a Ram
a Ram Month ago
That s not a fight that s Just acting up, I doubt Morris has had a real fight in his adult life
La lakers basketball club fan
True maybye
Marcus Spartan
Marcus Spartan Month ago
I saw home-cooking. Good job sixers.
Arda Yurdakul
Arda Yurdakul Month ago
Çocuk Oyunları - Kid Games
Furkan? 😠
Çocuk Oyunları - Kid Games
@Yasin Acarbaş sadece bu maç için söylemiyorum..
Yasin Acarbaş
Yasin Acarbaş Month ago
@Çocuk Oyunları - Kid Games 0 sayi ile oynadi Furkan
Çocuk Oyunları - Kid Games
@Ersin Aslan Dostum bu sayfanın videolarında furkanın basketlerine pek yer verilmiyor. Adam maçı sallıyor. Videoda Furkan yok?
Ersin Aslan
Ersin Aslan Month ago
Noldiki kötümü oynadi
Antonio Curatola
1:47 Lou Williams defensive disaster. What was he thinking? This is not the hood, lol. They better put more effort if they want to get the chance to win the champ
VIP KOREA Month ago
Who play with james harden before
safyat safin
safyat safin Month ago
The clippers needed a scorer but got marcus morris
mohammed Abdi Osman
@Mubu Mubu trow harrel shamet in the to
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu Month ago
As if PG, Kawhi and Lou Will aren't enough?
gdmclean Month ago
Simmons played 42 minutes. Give him more rest Brett
MrBeast Month ago
big up
MrBeast Month ago
kacchan calamba
kacchan calamba Month ago
HUGE BLOCKED! Load Management needs help
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