Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

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Jan 8, 2014




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Comments 100
Renjun Jojoanjun3
Renjun Jojoanjun3 3 minutes ago
this song never get old, am I right?
ジョーさん 44 minutes ago
Banana Watermelon
found this song 6 years later, i am indeed happy
Cotton BerryB
Cotton BerryB Hour ago
I remember when I was 5 years old my classmates and I were dancing so much that our teachers joined in🤣🤣.Now I'm 11 years old. Me:Searchs up happy😊 Me:starts dancing 🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️ My Jamaican mum:DO YOUR HOMEWOR- mum:hears song and starts dancing.🤾‍♂️ Well done you made her happy🤣🤣😊😊 This is a great memory thank you!!😊😊
YESSS LOVE THIS this used to be our "happy" bell in school when it gose every one dances to it.IM ADDICTED AHH❤❤❤
Kuanysh Mussayev
Who’s here after watching despicable me 2 again?
Mew ew
Mew ew 2 hours ago
Wally Evans
Wally Evans 2 hours ago
Why is this song still so catchy and not annoying after all these years
sparky Pro
sparky Pro 3 hours ago
everybody need happiness
Spandan Subedi
Spandan Subedi 3 hours ago
This song really helps to make us happy in 2020
Pocholo26 Croox
Pocholo26 Croox 3 hours ago
Damn, I wish I could clap along during this times...
barry b benson
barry b benson 3 hours ago
*ah yes, when times were much simpler...*
123feyhd Nguyen
123feyhd Nguyen 3 hours ago
Angelica Ledesma
Angelica Ledesma 4 hours ago
________ 4 hours ago
it been a wild since i listen to this song
Đào Tùng Skh
Đào Tùng Skh 4 hours ago
When everyone's in danger, Every one should remember: Falun Dafa is Good. Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance is Good! Pray for the world!🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜
Steven. 4 hours ago
oh shitt i share a birthday with this guy apparently (april 5, not same year tho)
xeviila 4 hours ago
I used to listen to this song when I was 6/7 and it never gets old
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 5 hours ago
This brings back memories😭
Luirose Pascual
Luirose Pascual 5 hours ago
ok 2020 some songs are trash compared to 2000-2019 songs
Noobmaster4237 ._.
Noobmaster4237 ._. 6 hours ago
Me when the Minecraft Cliffs and caves update comes
Clairvoyant DreamsXX
Positivity. One thing people try to take away from others 2020. Seeing how bad we are really makes me happy.
Kiian Alfonso Lopez
this dope
Jesus Is The Narrow Gate
Sir Lamb Chops
Sir Lamb Chops 5 hours ago
Ah yes, self promotion. Is this just a Jehovah witness over RUvid?
Braulio Flores
Braulio Flores 7 hours ago
Like su sabes españl
Ian TD
Ian TD 7 hours ago
all i can see is garfield dancing
Azad Mziri
Azad Mziri 8 hours ago
wow 👌👌
Yermos Damas
Yermos Damas 8 hours ago
WNM 8 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..
Yudelka mercedes Valdez
Yo solo tenía 4 años cuando salió está canción y hoy en día recuerdo lo feliz que era con mi familia junta😔
jaime luna
jaime luna 9 hours ago
When theres a cave uptade in Minecraft
DISCOVERY MORE 9 hours ago
Very happy, yes
Carlos 503
Carlos 503 9 hours ago
Quien la escucha 2020 octubre deje su like a este comentario
Талян Дукалис
зачем ты снова поешь? больше нечего петь? твое пение набило оскомину скоро тебя как и голос перестанут дергатьзадам один вопрос - ты глупый?
Stephen Hardy
Stephen Hardy 10 hours ago
Happy happy happy
関光 10 hours ago
I am studying English for exam. Is the phrase "bring me down" same as"beat me"?
Rosie 10 hours ago
1:26 🥺💕💘
Tessa Zunna
Tessa Zunna 10 hours ago
🌠💋🌈💖😃✨ LOVE IT!✨😃💖😃🎙️🎼✨HAPPY ✨🎼🎙️😃🌠💋🌈 KISS😃
señor x
señor x 10 hours ago
Destiny Stanciel
Destiny Stanciel 11 hours ago
They all must be high
Zainab the gamer
Zainab the gamer 11 hours ago
This song we never get old😊
bberries 11 hours ago
Im so glad im here.
ishan wagh
ishan wagh 11 hours ago
If you are listening to this in 2020, you are a god
Clove Jackson
Clove Jackson 11 hours ago
this thing is my jam
Des Go
Des Go 12 hours ago
When you find 1$
jack pit
jack pit 12 hours ago
nobody want to mention tyler the creator at 0:45
Gaspar Luis Marechal
Mudkip ,
Mudkip , 12 hours ago
lucas mello
lucas mello 13 hours ago
ItsXeno 13 hours ago
During times like this we gotta find the positivity and I found it right here
Yuviin 13 hours ago
6 yrs later, if watching you are a legend
Christian Cortez
Christian Cortez 13 hours ago
Christian Cortez
Christian Cortez 13 hours ago
I finds school
Uriel Torres
Uriel Torres 14 hours ago
Me gusto la canción. Me recuerda la película mininos.
ツLance 14 hours ago
Ah, Yes, Back in the year where everybody is happy 😔😓
Jonny Silva
Jonny Silva 14 hours ago
hola like si hablas español para sentir que no estoy solo :'D
Od Nation
Od Nation 15 hours ago
World would be better if erri one was like this..
kristel ventura
kristel ventura 15 hours ago
Pm pum pum..
DENZEL RAY 15 hours ago
What a song
Diego Loaiza Lopez
Diego Loaiza Lopez 15 hours ago
esta cancion me alegra el dia
Roma Maseviciene
Roma Maseviciene 16 hours ago
love love love love
Roma Maseviciene
Roma Maseviciene 16 hours ago
im love dis song bravo
S B 16 hours ago
los gameplays de Pancho
Mr. Mrq
Mr. Mrq 16 hours ago
I come here everyday because very bad my days in 2020...
Noah Bowen
Noah Bowen 13 hours ago
XD UwU or ves
XD UwU or ves 16 hours ago
minios is amazing ys soy español soy de peru esa cancion de hapy se utuizo para la pelicula d elos minions
TheRennox49 17 hours ago
Liliana espino
Liliana espino 17 hours ago
Anyone remember this from minions?
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar 17 hours ago
Be happy 😊 Keep smiling 😁 Spread positive vibes 🤗 Show 🖕to the dislikers
Hiệp Tiến
Hiệp Tiến 17 hours ago
Vietnamese 😍
N K R 17 hours ago
October 19/ 2020
Flor Beltran
Flor Beltran 17 hours ago
beautiful 🤩 I love this song, I don't know but I love it, I was looking for it and I remembered its name and it comes out like if they see it in quarantine
Flor Beltran
Flor Beltran 17 hours ago
Geraldine Medina
Geraldine Medina 17 hours ago
My no entender english pikinglish Sorry yo no entiendo inglés , aunque si está shidoris la canción :3
mariana sanchez
mariana sanchez 18 hours ago
Yo mirando si hay un comentario en español👁️👄👁️
mariana sanchez
mariana sanchez 17 hours ago
Me alegro
Gonza Gallardo
Gonza Gallardo 17 hours ago
Si ahí😎👌
Henry Da SAM
Henry Da SAM 18 hours ago
@hennry_moraes instagram!
Андрей Леонов
Sebastián Moreno
Sebastián Moreno 18 hours ago
Anthony Adame
Anthony Adame 18 hours ago
Esta musia pegada
Sara Hussain
Sara Hussain 18 hours ago
2020 ru happy?
amir ice king
amir ice king 19 hours ago
i cried with this song... laugh with this song dance with this song yeah I live with this song!
Joe Murden
Joe Murden 19 hours ago
Why did 190k people dislike!? It's such an amazing positive song...🥺💕xx
Ishna Sharma
Ishna Sharma 19 hours ago
Who is watching in 2020??
Ishna Sharma
Ishna Sharma 2 hours ago
@Balázs Gyáni ok Noice
Balázs Gyáni
Balázs Gyáni 2 hours ago
Noah Bowen
Noah Bowen 13 hours ago
-Hikikoshirxi- Flamgo
I still don’t think this has enough Views I think they should have around 2 billion..,. Tbh
watashi no studio
watashi no studio 19 hours ago
I glad to see mj ❤️
Filippo Grosso
Filippo Grosso 20 hours ago
A rega se volete sentì npò de musica bona aprite sto link ruvid.net/video/video-LsFeLtWi1js.html
Fiona Gilman
Fiona Gilman 20 hours ago
Best cure for my anxiety and depression
I love this music
znaR okkiN
znaR okkiN 20 hours ago
Was that tyler the creator?
A 20 hours ago
Yesss he was in clib
Lucas Vitoy
Lucas Vitoy 20 hours ago
Cheguei, galera Pra estragar o jogo Começar a treinar? Cê tá louco Eu tenho hacks Pra quê me dedicar? Com isso daqui é muito mais fácil De ganhar! Porque eu uso hack! Você são todos muito lerdos Com speed passo como um Flash Porque eu uso hack! Ativo o meu forcefield Mato em Três segundos, sete Porque eu uso hack! Voo tanto com esse fly Que quebro até a barreira Do lag Porque eu uso hack! Se denunciar, eu desligo Então fica quieto e não se intromete Essa partida aqui Já 'tá gg Eu não tenho a menor Pena de você! Agora eu quero ver Você me derrotar Se não consegue nem Me encostar! Porque eu uso hack! Você são todos muito lerdos Com meu speed passo como um Flash Porque eu uso hack! Ativo o meu forcefield Mato em Três segundos, sete Porque eu uso hack! Voo tanto com esse fly Que quebro até a barreira Do lag Porque eu uso hack! Se denunciar, eu desligo Então fica
꧁༒•Masøn Xenøn•༒꧂
Has Anyone Noticed That This Song Keeps Getting 1M Views Every 24 Hours?
Martin Soltan
Martin Soltan 21 hour ago
I wish musics in 2020 would be like in those good days instead of listening to some fake rapper depression.
a SKELE-TON of memes
Is it just me to immagine that while i'm walking in the sidewalk litsening to this song, i see a kid/adult that dances in front of a cameraman ?
0:37 Miranda cosgrove icarly
Asmr Guy
Asmr Guy 21 hour ago
This song is a legend
BS Crazy_Max
BS Crazy_Max 22 hours ago
2020 Hi
KungFuVaVa 22 hours ago
who watch this in october 2020?
SAFWAAN SOHAIL 23 hours ago
2020 gang
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