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Instrumental by Homage


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Jul 10, 2019




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Comments 17 112
Cold Ones
Cold Ones 6 months ago
Like Pewdie's hat? You can get it at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/FLOWER using code 'COLDONES' for 10% Off. Like anything else we're wearing? You can shop it all at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/COLDONES, for the same Discount. Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)
JoyousRobbie 20 days ago
Try fire ball and lemonade and if you wanna make it a little better pour a little bit of sprite in it
OwenF Month ago
oki yo
Idk VEVO l
Synth 3 months ago
And that’s a great price!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 4 months ago
Spread the ads out more dingas
kennethlingad 4 hours ago
53:53 he mentioned it before, and yes he's on a break now
Whimsic 10 hours ago
51:05 BRUH. I KNOW they aren't watching lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to in the backround
upside93 20 hours ago
Weird vibes here. Very entertaining.
Kumbaja Day ago
I'm going to watch this every time I miss Pewdiepie during his break... Expect a lot of views!
HomeyPanda_ Day ago
Did they talk about the butt tattoo?
Ias Howle
Ias Howle 2 days ago
"Maybe if you get a 100 million subs" welp
Fresh Beatzz
Fresh Beatzz 2 days ago
Pewds talkin chop about gaming vids but still made minecraft
James Brincefield
I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Pewdiepie video and probably never will, but he seems like a pretty down to earth guy in this videos and a few others I’ve seen.
Mandar Garud
Mandar Garud 3 days ago
6:15-6:30 pewdiepie's handshake flashbacks
Humain Humain
Humain Humain 4 days ago
Is the guy blured sive?
soapy 6 days ago
Zeplar gaming
Zeplar gaming 6 days ago
I feel so bad for Idubbz
MrBlister TheSisterFister
I wish I could like this twice
just sailing
just sailing 7 days ago
I think the next trend is going to be just people being real and authentic, You kind of seen it here and there more recently than usual so I feel like in the future it'll be the biggest trend. That or nature shit.
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 8 days ago
evo moment 37
Ericka Jane
Ericka Jane 8 days ago
Max: Yeah I kiss George.
Nasu 8 days ago
best ep
Lolo Lopez
Lolo Lopez 9 days ago
the best thing about this podcast is that because of the drinks, all the akwardness turns into content, just pure genius
nick niazi
nick niazi 9 days ago
Lolo Lopez that’s pretty much liquor in every social situation. God bless liquor lol
Nasu 9 days ago
Nasu 9 days ago
42:01 im the only one who dosen't care of his phone like i spend more time on the computer than my phone wtf
xn0 10 days ago
Max is really star-struck. How cute. xD
sprinkles 10 days ago
sniff my wiskey
ALIEN JUSTIN Y. 11 days ago
Spoilers Not a month break.... It's a year
danon 11 days ago
Anyone else notice what an absolute dickhead felix was to chad the entire podcast or is it just me?
Alpaca Queen
Alpaca Queen 3 days ago
@dfsa90 You really should go outside and take a deep breath, kid. Keep hating all the time is not good for you.
dfsa90 10 days ago
Fuck pewdiepie. Stuck up prick
Adrian Trejo
Adrian Trejo 11 days ago
Pod casts will always be around, because of people like me. I love listening to you crazy shit heads on my long Texas road trips.
manny bobanny
manny bobanny 11 days ago
"non alcoholic cuz I had a real problem"
whably potato
whably potato 11 days ago
8:40 whoops
Sugar G
Sugar G 11 days ago
Three uniquely adorable personalities..... all hilarious!
TheMainBroski 11 days ago
I swear you already had this guy in the first episode
Joey Owl
Joey Owl 11 days ago
Sniff my whiskey
Ryu !
Ryu ! 12 days ago
Wait isn't this guy the guy that has a pewdiepie butt tattoo
Lalo Landin
Lalo Landin 12 days ago
Pewds being your average nord person and taking alcohol like a viking.
H0rren Nei
H0rren Nei 12 days ago
1:09:49 this turned really fast in a "boys support boys" situation 😂
Lil Squirt
Lil Squirt 12 days ago
It feels good having all these minds connect and talk in one😌even separately I thought they’re consciousness really matched eachothers and I just really enjoy them collaborating
The Nifty Guy
The Nifty Guy 13 days ago
When you realize how much of a insecure dickhead Pewdiepie really is.. I love it!
Rasmus Bjørn
Rasmus Bjørn 13 days ago
i'm 6 minutes in and it feels very wrong watching pewds nordic kindness not fitting so well with the aussies
Maria 13 days ago
this was very disappointing to watch. i thought maybe after some alcohol felix would stop being standoffish, but it made him more of a dick. since he'd watched/listened to cold ones, i don't know what he was expecting, but clearly he expected a different dynamic--you could tell within a few minutes of the video. there were so many moments he could have laughed off but instead induced more tension and awkwardness. not sure if it was a god complex thing or he was projecting insecurity, but either way this episode was off-putting.
Xozona 11 days ago
This is literally their worst episode. Pewds is endearing on his own channel but makes for a terrible guest here
Journeys XD Calderon
doesnt wanna be a kid channel Pewdiepie: SVEN WERE ARE YOU SVEN AHHHHHHHHH
Tattoo Menace
Tattoo Menace 9 days ago
James Pilkington
James Pilkington 14 days ago
at 12:22 my mum walked in and i shit myself
Levideous 15 days ago
i really wish yall would just talk to Felix and treat him like a normal person. this was like watching 2 wet dogs trying to catch moths.. it sucks because i want Felix to do a normal Podcast where he just naturally talks about stuff. Nobody seems to actually genuinely TALK to him. Its unhealthy.
dfsa90 10 days ago
Good. No one needs to talk to that stuck up prick.
funny guy
funny guy 15 days ago
Harry Chen
Harry Chen 15 days ago
They gave up again trying to censor the swear words lmao
Yvng Inuyasha
Yvng Inuyasha 4 days ago
Harry Chen they only censor the first 10 mins or so because apparently the RUvid algorithm doesn’t check anything past that
thegoldminer9 15 days ago
56:01 Felix: I want to die
dfsa90 10 days ago
I hope he does, asshole
Bazaar Creation
Bazaar Creation 16 days ago
pewdiepie needs to play that twister game with them
Michael Bigg Boing
Michael Bigg Boing 16 days ago
PewDiePie is the most awkward person around other ppl.
Jesse De la garza
Jesse De la garza 16 days ago
Shekelton 17 days ago
I have a memory like 8 years ago of this guy asking me if I knew who pewdiepie was,
Daevectus 17 days ago
This group's chemistry is really pleasing to watch
KillerTacos 17 days ago
Petition for a re-host with PewDiePie
JoshBuhGawsh 17 days ago
Did pewds legit get upset at 16:40? I couldn't tell
JoshBuhGawsh 9 days ago
@Colin Taylor Can't tell if he was literally getting angry for real or just was trying to be dramatic to get a rise out of Max and Chad
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor 15 days ago
Yes. Pewds seems to have odd outbursts of emotion. He quickly warms back up.
Jayvon Webb
Jayvon Webb 16 days ago
He called him a "Autistic prick" seconds later so I assume it was
Elliott Miller
Elliott Miller 17 days ago
Chad youre oddly attractive with your hair down...
Ramón Salcedo
Ramón Salcedo 17 days ago
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie 18 days ago
Every time pewdiepie says "get the fuck out of here" I feel like a black guy that walked in a whites only bar
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie 18 days ago
Can we skin him?
jennie ina bottle
jennie ina bottle 18 days ago
Playing Lofi on the TV as ambiance I love I it!
make me memes
make me memes 18 days ago
Whats that one guy on the left name??
Zach rants
Zach rants 18 days ago
make me memes Chad / anything4veiws
Soviet Doormat
Soviet Doormat 18 days ago
DUIng_under_ the_ influence
Holy shit I realize how big of an ego this pewdiepie fuck has
Alpaca Queen
Alpaca Queen 3 days ago
@dfsa90 OK boomer.
dfsa90 10 days ago
He's an asshole. Fame got to his dumb fuck head. He will die soon, and I will laugh.
Steven Collins
Steven Collins 19 days ago
Y’all ain’t from Texas
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