Petrol Pump Scammers! Delhi | Be Alert and Beware of such Scammers!

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It was like just another day at the fuel station until this guy tried to scam me.
The SOP of Gas stations for vehicle refuelling is-
1. Ask the customer for the amount and type(normal/unleaded) of fuel the need.
2. Input the value in the machine.
3. Show rhe customer "0" on meter.
4. Insert the nozzle. Lock it. And remove hand from the nozzle.
5. When the fuel dispensing automatically shuts off, they remove the nozzle.
What this guy was trying to do is-
1. He didn't ask me for the amount and straightaway went for a full tank even after me telling him twice to fill for Rs. 480.
2. He didn't show me the zero. Yes it's a big deal. If he doesn't show you the zero, you can decline to pay and talk to his manager. They won't charge you.
3. At 0:57 he pretends that he is giving inputs to the machine.
4. At He tried to distract me at 1:16 while inserting the nozzle into the tank so that I cannot see the zero and also that he has not given any inputs to the machine.
5. At 2:45, the timing on the slip that he gave me does not match with the realtime(IST).
6. At 5:34 he lies that he showed me zero when you can clearly see that he was instead distracting me.
Guys watch the whole scenario and please be beware of such frauds. I was in a hurry at that time so I wasn't able to talk to his manager at that time. When I went to talk to his manager the second day, he lied about the scenario without even realising everything was recorded. This is not the first time I faced such issue at this petrol pump, a similar issue happened with me a while ago and I caught that too.
Location- Delhi
These are my own videos so kindly ask me before using any of them. Drop a comment and we will talk.
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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 561
Ayung Shimray
Ayung Shimray Hour ago
The only site I believe in for weekly paychecks of $2891 is this *E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m*
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh 4 days ago
thers something called human error too. cut the poor guy some slack
Kaushik Gameplays
Can someone please explain to me that ......... why they should remove their hand from the nozzle ?
Rohit Manekar
Rohit Manekar 9 days ago
Bhaiya shi kiye video upload ki hai apne....aaj hi ek 10v fail 200 ki chapat laga gya thax
k k
k k 11 days ago
Translation would be great 🙈
k k
k k 10 days ago
@ENTRAPPED! English. I've tried to activate translation but it doesn't have one.
ENTRAPPED! 10 days ago
In which language?
Ashutosh kumar Dixit
7:20 The Himalayan Dance
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 12 days ago
Aaj bencho ..mene 900 ka dalvaya.. 10litre tank. 74 ka baav. 740 me tanki bharna chiye tha lekin i paid 900 fir b 1/3 tanki khali thi.....Now am getting angry 740 me jaha tanki full honi ho ..vaha besak 1200 ka dalva lo in maderchodo se..
Mani Singh
Mani Singh 13 days ago
ye surya nagar wala lag rha hai? correct me if i am wrong? I usually go to this petrol pump, i had never thought of this
ENTRAPPED! 12 days ago
Yes, you are right. I am 100% sure either you have been Scammed or they must have tried to scam you.
Ron Khan
Ron Khan 14 days ago
With that low paying job no one wants to work here and smell gas full day. Gas station owners are well aware of the scam but let it happen so these poor people don't leave. If you have guts go after the owners. Don't fish small fish from the banks go after the shark
Frozen Actor
Frozen Actor 15 days ago
Because when they see camera they feel nervous 😂 1:59
Akazi Aku
Akazi Aku 16 days ago
BC huwa kya hai? Samjha nahi kuch. Koi samjhau BHA
Big Vic
Big Vic 17 days ago
Subtitles would be nice
Chandan Dixit
Chandan Dixit 17 days ago
ye petrol pump wale poore ke poore mother chod hai. aur ye baat sub jaante hai. hai ye india yaha kuch bhi ho sakata. Jai Hind
Jack fire
Jack fire 20 days ago
Are yaar ye log wohi karte he jo inke malik bolate he pakadana he to asli kand karnevalo ko pakdo ye iske uparvalo ki nahi sunega to isko nokari se nikal denge jara socho bhai garib aadmi ko pareshan mat karo
Frankie Rizzo
Frankie Rizzo 23 days ago
Fukin dothead idiots
vaibhav samaiya
vaibhav samaiya 24 days ago
Mere sath bhi hua h
vinod kumar
vinod kumar 25 days ago
Gud bro sabhash in salon Ka chapad marna chaiye bro
Aryan Salaria
Aryan Salaria 26 days ago
7:21 what dance is that?!😂😂
Mithun Kartha
Mithun Kartha 26 days ago
BC ki gaand mardo with a bamboo stick, chootiyas.
Kian fung
Kian fung 27 days ago
Pleased make a English translation because I don't know what you guys talking about
Shivam Kataria
Shivam Kataria Month ago
bhai mere jb bhi esa kch hoye to sidha manager se baat kro in bicharo pe kya akad dikhani or batmeezi krni sara khel to manager k hath m hota h unse bolo jo bolna h or obviously ye to dekho hi ki zero se start kiya h ya nhi or agr nhi kiya to kro inki complaint lekin bhai thoda dkh k inke hath ki baat nhi h ye to bs kaam kr rhe h jo upr se inhe de rkha h
Alexswap Month ago
Chutiya tht guy looks gullible Why would he be doing tht job? Asshole. It's 9.30 somewhere bitch
Sree  Kumar
Sree Kumar Month ago
The best way to counter this issue 1) Obtain sufficient proof, if the dispensing computer is tampered or not. If you ask the gas pumping guy, he may not tell you, or even if he knows he may not divulge. For that reason get the LAW involved, seek help from a Lawyer or obtain a court order seeking inspection of the system. If the Gas Station owner obtains anticipatory injunction (Court Order) against inspection; then you know you got the proof that the owner has tampered the computer. So far so good. 2) Next thing to perform is very easy. Set the Gas station ablaze! This will OPEN EYES of all fraudulent Gas Station Owners. Cheaters will not be tolerated. What do you think?
Vaibhav Pradhan
Vaibhav Pradhan Month ago
Is this the surya nagar's petrol pump?
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
atul kumar
atul kumar Month ago
So we need to ask them to let the nob pour petrol in the tank on its own?
Sameerdg01 Singh
I think ye dilshaad garden se anand vihar jate h tab ye padta h tab padta h petrol pump. Ye baimaan petrol pump hai
Bharat ki Aawaj
Bharat ki Aawaj Month ago
Even though indian oil earns alot and govt. Earns by implementing 600-700% taxes ..these peoples are looting the public such a shame
Pawan Raj
Pawan Raj Month ago
Amazing video bhaai. Keep it up
Naveen Solanki
Naveen Solanki Month ago
Thankyou bhai ji for the awareness. Subscribed you .... Would you suggest me 200 4v? : I want to speed up, lean, do light off-road for touring. Any problem persists from itself? . 🙏
Naveen Solanki
Naveen Solanki Month ago
@ENTRAPPED! thankyou for the reply have a good day 😀
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
This bike is a complete package in itself. If you nearby TVS service centre is good, then only I would suggest you to go for a 200 otherwise its a very costly association.
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Month ago
Bhai sirf 1 baat hai meri ya isko sawal bhi smjh skte ho is incident mei pump owner galat hai ya 8k se 10k kamane wala attendent ??????? Plz bura mt man na
Piyush Rajput
Piyush Rajput Month ago
Tu ek baar muse baat kar le
NoMercy 24
NoMercy 24 Month ago
I phone vala bunda h isliye toh itni awareness h
Raj Aher
Raj Aher Month ago
Great bhai
Aj Singh
Aj Singh Month ago
Directly ask for the dealer's name & number instead of manager...
Roop Singh Avzz
Roop Singh Avzz Month ago
Kaun Sa Pump Hai Bhai
vijay Rawat
vijay Rawat Month ago
Q garibo k sath aisa kr rha h
abhishek bajpai
abhishek bajpai Month ago
Thanks brother for sharing this video....
Gajender Singh
Gajender Singh Month ago
Indian oil ke har ek petrol pump ka yahi haal h
Yatendra Mishra
Yatendra Mishra Month ago
Nozzle ko na chhodne pr kitna petrol chori kr lete h ye log
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
It's their SOP to: 1. Ask you how much fuel you need. 2. Feed the input. 3. Put the nozzle in the tank.(Show you the zero on machine) 4. Lock the nozzle and remove the hands from the lock. 5. Wait for the nozzle to auto cut-off. 6. Remove the nozzle. Ask any petrol pump manager. He will tell you.
Yatendra Mishra
Yatendra Mishra Month ago
Kya nozzle ko chhodna, koi rule h, pls reply me
Yatendra Mishra
Yatendra Mishra Month ago
Iski complain kha kr skte h bro , mere sath yhi krte h, kuch kho to bolte h, aise hi sbko dete h
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
Talk to the manager or ask them for 5 litre test.
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