Petrol Pump Scammers! Delhi | Be Alert and Beware of such Scammers!

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It was like just another day at the fuel station until this guy tried to scam me.
The SOP of Gas stations for vehicle refuelling is-
1. Ask the customer for the amount and type(normal/unleaded) of fuel the need.
2. Input the value in the machine.
3. Show rhe customer "0" on meter.
4. Insert the nozzle. Lock it. And remove hand from the nozzle.
5. When the fuel dispensing automatically shuts off, they remove the nozzle.
What this guy was trying to do is-
1. He didn't ask me for the amount and straightaway went for a full tank even after me telling him twice to fill for Rs. 480.
2. He didn't show me the zero. Yes it's a big deal. If he doesn't show you the zero, you can decline to pay and talk to his manager. They won't charge you.
3. At 0:57 he pretends that he is giving inputs to the machine.
4. At He tried to distract me at 1:16 while inserting the nozzle into the tank so that I cannot see the zero and also that he has not given any inputs to the machine.
5. At 2:45, the timing on the slip that he gave me does not match with the realtime(IST).
6. At 5:34 he lies that he showed me zero when you can clearly see that he was instead distracting me.
Guys watch the whole scenario and please be beware of such frauds. I was in a hurry at that time so I wasn't able to talk to his manager at that time. When I went to talk to his manager the second day, he lied about the scenario without even realising everything was recorded. This is not the first time I faced such issue at this petrol pump, a similar issue happened with me a while ago and I caught that too.
Location- Delhi
These are my own videos so kindly ask me before using any of them. Drop a comment and we will talk.
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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 months ago
Hi Guys🙏.i had bad Experience in Indian oil in Tirupathi.i went to Tirumala last month on the way to Temple i decide to fill my car petrol tank in Indian oil which is located in the near foot hills of Tirumala. I ask to fill the tank to the working guy.he entered some numbers in the meter.i had an doubt and start to notice the guy.and went near to the tank he put the petrol pump inside the tank and start to run the meter. The meter runs near Rs-400/- I decide to see whether the petrol is really coming out from the pump. I ask the guy to take the pump from inside and put petrol from little high.but he not taken and told petrol running wait for few minutes.. I had heavy doubt and pull the pump higher from his hand... I shocked.... No single drop petrol came from pump. Still the meter running empty.... Crossing Rs-400/-..i ask them and fight... But they remain calm and asking sorry... So friends please be careful in petrol bunk...it's our hard earned money... They will cheat us easily if we careless...Be please Careful.. Thank you 🙏.
sushma rawat
sushma rawat 3 days ago
They are all scammers.
Amritsar Singh
Amritsar Singh 15 days ago
Salute paaji bike wale
Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana 23 days ago
Ye scam karte hai...Bc anand vihar wale petrol pump par saale ko bola 1000rs ka daal...Meter bc sidha 750 se 1000 paunch gya...Saala woh n uska manager dono alag alag excuse de rahe...Ek bol raha light chali gyi ...aur ek bol raha machine kharab ho gyi🤦
ENTRAPPED! 20 days ago
Bhaisahab ye to next level scam chal raha h inka...aur Anand Vihar vale ki sale bhi acchi hoti hogi buses mei filling krke.
Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana 23 days ago
@ENTRAPPED! Yes My Brother...750 se sidha 1000 paunch gya...Maine notice kiya jab woh driver wali side aake bola sir paise n maine dekha meter tab 750 pe tha n ek second mai 1000 ho gya...pakde jane par bole sir light chali gyi ..aur manager bola machine kharab ho gyi
ENTRAPPED! 23 days ago
750 se 1000 jump? This is something new and worrying. Agar aisa h to kisi ko bhi pta hi nhi chalega kabhi because mostly zero dekhte h bs.
SD Vlogs
SD Vlogs Month ago
This happened to me recently in lockdown and same this happned where there was time difference in bill and payment made through card...
ENTRAPPED! 28 days ago
They purposely change the timings so that just in case something happens they have a backup.
Surya Nagar Ka petrol pump Ka haal bekar h
Joe NeverLess
Joe NeverLess 2 months ago
Thats insane why does india have salesman/scammers at the gas pump?? in the us we literally pull up to the pump swipe our card ourselves fuel up and go why is this so complicated???
ENTRAPPED! 2 months ago
Well India is a developing country brother....also we have such huge population. It would take a lot of time for us to go self service. Also people here are soooo insane! that they will find a way to hack the machine the very next day it gets installed.
nongmaithem shitaljit
This is why we called our country as developing country 😎
ENTRAPPED! 2 months ago
Haha...We need to develop a lot.
Chuckey Newkirk
Chuckey Newkirk 2 months ago
F*** him he didn't care about you why care about him
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
People are criticizing me for not doing anything. Just imagine what they will do if I would have taken an action.
Bobby Badfinger
Bobby Badfinger 2 months ago
ENTRAPPED! 2 months ago
I was a noob editor that time. 😅
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Mhnt kri h to is bnde n tere sath kuch bhi galat nhi kiya h
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Agr pta nhi ho to faltugiri mt kro
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Nozzle set kro chahe hand se dalo petrol brabr aega Zra bhi km nhi aega
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Helmet utar k clear bhi bol skta tha
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Zero dekhna tera farz tha
Samsher Singh
Samsher Singh 2 months ago
Abe chutiya bnde tum logo ko pta nhi to jyada bkchodi kyu krte ho Machine cut marne se petrol nhi hoga
Mr. Bass
Mr. Bass 3 months ago
Subtitles please.
Only Gaming
Only Gaming 3 months ago
ye dilshad gardern flyover se uter ke lift side walla hi h na .... harami h ye salle . ye sallo ne aysa hi kra tha .....half liver krke number chlate h but petrol nhi fill krte
ENTRAPPED! 3 months ago
Vijay Jaguri
Vijay Jaguri 3 months ago
अरे वो तो कर्मचारी है जो पेट्रोल भर रहा है असली खेल तो पेट्रोल पंप मालिक करते है सारा पैसा उनके पास ही जाता है
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 3 months ago
Uski Gand me thoda sa Tel dalo
Bot Gamer
Bot Gamer 3 months ago
Petrol ek sath dalne m or halke halke dalne m koi farak h qa koi btaoo yall muje nhi pta hh
Devender Singh
Devender Singh 3 months ago
Bhai agar pata nahi hai na Tho 1 din pump p kaam kar pata lag jayega, bol raa hai 9.45 ka Time dikha rhaa hai ,aur 9.51 hue tho time nahi laga tere ko Petrol lene me card nikala . Matlab camera hai tho kuchh.Aur tune khud ne 0 Zero dekha hai. Agar wo Laga k Chod deta agar uska Sansr kaam nahi karta aur Petrol bhar aa jata tho tu uska pesa deta nahi na . Kuch Achi cheeze leke aau ache Views milenge. Agar shak hai tho 5 liter ka majer check kar le.
ENTRAPPED! 3 months ago
Lagta h aapko video smjh nahi ayi...koi baat nhi mai abhi thode time baad uski case study ki video banaunga usse dekhna smjh jaoge.
Monika 888
Monika 888 3 months ago
Kas hamari sarkar aap jese insan hote
Spartan pocket
Spartan pocket 3 months ago
Bhai tera shuru mein xxx ka gana suna tbhi like or subscribe krdiya
ENTRAPPED! 3 months ago
Thanks mate. 😎👍🏼
Prashanth Sagar
Prashanth Sagar 3 months ago
There should be self kiosik...as in US
Ganesh K
Ganesh K 4 months ago
Fuck man imagine how much I have lost like This in last 13 years
ENTRAPPED! Month ago
Be aware mate...they will try to scam you in every possible way.
raaj tripathi
raaj tripathi 4 months ago
Thik h yr tu etne ki bike leke ghumrhanhe krdiya kuch to kya hogya ... etna kya he boldiya bs smg jyega vo ni to kon aj 2 pesa nhi kamta jyda
raaj tripathi
raaj tripathi 4 months ago
Vrna koi din din bhar kon kada rhega tumre bike me petrol dalne ke liye .khde hojama tum hi
Rayyan aamer
Rayyan aamer 4 months ago
Bhai unlog ka cut off hota hai agar hum sidha 200 ka petrol bole tho kam aayega agar 190 bole tho baraber aayega
Arpit Hanuman
Arpit Hanuman 4 months ago
Bhai yahan toh alag level ka fraud ho raha hai... Petrol Pump waale Coins accept hi nahi karte... Mereko odd numbers pe petrol dalwana hota hai taaki fraud na ho...Inhone to Coins accept karna hi band kardiya hai...Inko dekhke local shops bhi Coin accept nahi kar rahi...Local shop me 23 ka recharge karo tab bhi 25 dena padta hai 2 rupees wapis na karke apne pocket me daal lete hain...Complain bhi kya karoge pure area k shop keepers ye karne lage hain...Fraud isliye keh raha hun because jab hum Petrol bharwane jaate hai toh hame Coins dete hain...Aur jab hamari baari aati hai Payment ki toh Coins lene se saaf inkaar kardete hain 😠😡
Arpit Hanuman
Arpit Hanuman 4 months ago
@ENTRAPPED! Thank u 👍
ENTRAPPED! 4 months ago
I suggest you to record their video and post them on twitter while tagging all the local authorities and officials. You can use your phone to record but do it discretely. All the best.
Arpit Hanuman
Arpit Hanuman 4 months ago
@ENTRAPPED! Bhai it's in Odisha...U just tell me what to do when someone refuses Coins and tries to make more money by asking for Notes...After demonitisation this type of fraud has grown to it's peak
ENTRAPPED! 4 months ago
Which area you are talking about...let me take care of them.
Captain America
Captain America 4 months ago
I noticed what was written on your wallpaper. " I don't t lucky. I make my own fuck".
Pranab Satpathy
Pranab Satpathy 4 months ago
Bhai use petrol pump Ka id lekar IOCL and consumer court me complaint kardo.
Ragini Suryawanshi
Ragini Suryawanshi 4 months ago
Mechanical engineer i m
Ragini Suryawanshi
Ragini Suryawanshi 4 months ago
Thats why i say bhaiyaa 252 ka fuel krdo to they shocked but i dnt care 148 ka krdo 98 ka krdo.. They are so much tallented 😁😁😁😁but hum bhi kam nhi
ENTRAPPED! 4 months ago
Haha good...even I am a Chemical Engineer myself. 😎
Kunal Deore
Kunal Deore 4 months ago
Bhai mujhe nai pata kya hota hai agar bina lock Kiye dalne pe..! Plz let me know..!
Aditya Pareek
Aditya Pareek 4 months ago
Happened with my aunt.. she went to the petrol pump and get rs.2500 petrol filled in her car. During card payment.. he deducted 25000! Later we sat there for almost an hour till he returned rs.22500
ayush rawat
ayush rawat 4 months ago
Acha kra bro thanxc
Vinayak Shenoy
Vinayak Shenoy 4 months ago
Indian oil is a scammer... I got scammed 2-3 times by them... Got less fuel. Now I always check
Little mark
Little mark 4 months ago
Start beating these thieves ass, so everyone sees.
R Singh
R Singh 4 months ago
There was no such scam in the video. It seemed like a probable set up for a scam. It also seemed like a genuine mistake. Grow up man.
Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil 4 months ago
Again Indian oil they are number one smammer
Abra kadabra
Abra kadabra 4 months ago
No use complaining to manager because he is a partner in crime.
Prem Swaroop Official
every one avoid filling in these indane petrol filling stations, cz they are fond of these type of cheating.Same happened to me every time in Indian Oil Petrol Bunk , Quthbullapur Main Rd, Raghavendra Colony, Sri Durga Estates, Quthbullapur, Hyderabad, Telangana. please avoid this pump hyderabadis, if u dont trust me, google the reviews of that filling station.
Taruna Rawat
Taruna Rawat 4 months ago
Good job bro💝💝💝👏👏👏
Top 10 Everything
Top 10 Everything 4 months ago
Chor hai sale sochte hai haraam ka paisa aata hai hamare paas
Rīßh bøë
Rīßh bøë 4 months ago
Longlive ❌❌❌TENTACIÓN 🖤🖤
Mohammad Anish
Mohammad Anish 4 months ago
Bhai yo na bhul gya thaa
Krishan Prasad
Krishan Prasad 4 months ago
Yah scammers Gand Mein Chuna Lagate Hain
Asif Aj
Asif Aj 4 months ago
Petrol pump may scam hota rahey tha hai aur hoga sub jaghaa yahi kam hai salo kabhi nahi sudrygay saly petrol pump waly
Fayaz Khan
Fayaz Khan 5 months ago
That’s why in west they have self service machines with nobody around.
Pawan arya
Pawan arya 5 months ago
Video banayi lekin reading nahi dekhi 0 he thi phir kaise pata chala
Pawan arya
Pawan arya 5 months ago
Dislike this video tumhe pata kaise chala ki tumhari bike main petrol kaam gya
Astitva singh Chandel
MERI scooty mein bhi 432 Ka petrol aaya tha. Vehicle: Jupiter Cost per litre: 74. Something. In short 4.5 litre ki tank mein 5.5 litre petrol daal diya
Anu Bansa
Anu Bansa 5 months ago
ChutiyA sala petrol pump wala😡
FUN 4 YOU 5 months ago
surya nagar red light??
ENTRAPPED! 5 months ago
Yeah mate.
Anshul Jain
Anshul Jain 5 months ago
Bhut Sahi
Ronit Bansal
Ronit Bansal 5 months ago
Chutiyo ki kami nhi hai India. Main Sach mein
Steve Gad
Steve Gad 5 months ago
Talking Indian wearing a crash helmet too, isn't going to win you an army of English fans. Just sayin'.
Shivam Paliwal
Shivam Paliwal 5 months ago
Bhai conclusion Kya nikla vo bata...? Video to 1000 h yaha
Zunel Mhrz
Zunel Mhrz 5 months ago
you need to talk to upper level guys.. these bichara/small level staff are just there to work as instructed by upper level to earn for daily living
Ashok Kumar Guntakal
Zunel Mhrz How silly are your comments are, can you plz explain me how the owners calculate the sales and scams? It’s the staff who gets the money by these scams not the owners. Sales are calculated as per the meter readings, plz check before you post comments.
nakul gupta
nakul gupta 5 months ago
My suggestion to automotive manufacturer is to install a numeric fuel meter in all vehicles instead of analog meters so we can get exact quantity of fuel matched with the reading in the filling machine . Numeric fuel meter: ruvid.net/video/video-3qori_CBBV8.html
nakul gupta
nakul gupta 5 months ago
My experience about this. I have a Royal Enfield bike. When i went to the fuel station to get the fuel refilled in my bike, the person standing at the filling machine started greeting me in a way that he know me since a long by saying Hello sir, who are you ,you came after a long time and stood in front of the filling machine and filled my bike tank for 500 rupees petrol. I got suspicious but i didn't said anything to him that time by it was in my mind for whole day. Next time when i was there to get the tank refilled i was very active and keeping a close eye on that person's activities he did exactly the same thing. What he was doing is , he was starting the meter from 100 instead of 0 and was hiding the meter from my eyes by standing in between meter and me. I stopped him suddenly and asked him why he did so, he said i am not doing anything wrong. then I asked him to stop everything and match the whole day reading of the machine with the current reading and i caught him , he started begging in front of me not to complaint about this.Even he started crying.
Sukhjeet Singh
Sukhjeet Singh 5 months ago
Surya nagar petrol pump chor hai
Dj gaming
Dj gaming 5 months ago
Fuck bicker
AdIL 5 months ago
why are you so rude? Be humble ! Mistakes happen!
Vikas Raghav
Vikas Raghav 6 months ago
Sbse jada scam hota he ₹500 , ₹1000 ka dalwane me. Ye machine se show to kr dete he lekin tank me petrol nai jata in scams se bachne ke liye itne ka petrol dalwao jitna previous customers ne na dalwaya ho jese 525, 835, 910 ese me cheating krna mushkil hota he
anil diya
anil diya 6 months ago
Vo ladka to sidha sadha lag raha hii
anil diya
anil diya 6 months ago
Are bhai aesi Kya galti kardi usne Itni bhi kisi ko akad batana Acha nahi
Vaarun 369
Vaarun 369 6 months ago
Yeh laato ke bhooth hai bato se nahi manenge😡
T͙E͙R͙A͙ B͙A͙A͙P͙
usko gira ke maaro bhsdk wale ko
Miaos666 6 months ago
If you Gona upload this kind of videos put subs or something, I like scammer videos but lack of subs make it annoying to watch as wtf are they saying.
Biji Kurdistan
Biji Kurdistan 6 months ago
You should blur out the part in the video where you are entering your pin number. Just to be safe.
Imrose Ahmed
Imrose Ahmed 6 months ago
Bhai mere sath aaj hi dhoka hua hai 400 ka petrol liya par gaya ki tank me ulta dhamki dene laga online bill hai jaha bolna hai boldo
Paul Default
Paul Default 6 months ago
Whats wrong if they hold the nozzle while pumping petrol? Can I know
Paul Default
Paul Default 6 months ago
@ENTRAPPED! Oh okay Thanks (y) . From Hyderabad so, Never knew it worked like that.
ENTRAPPED! 6 months ago
Because instead of auto cut-off mechanism(installed in most of the Dispensing Units in Delhi NCR), when they have the nozzle in their hand they cut off the nozzle right after the meter reaches desired value, but the fuel takes time to reach from the machine to the nozzle and some of the fuel doesn't get poured. Assuming if just fuel worth Rs. 1.5 gets left behind, you can multiply it by minimum average sale of 50,000 Litres per month....you get the salary of 5 employes working there. PS- 50,000 is the least I have assumed, it goes upto 100-120KL
Vinay Patil
Vinay Patil 6 months ago
velle log
Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana 6 months ago
Love you bro..thanks for this awareness..
Technical boy
Technical boy 6 months ago
After seeing this . I subscribe your channel
Somraj Rana
Somraj Rana 6 months ago
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh 6 months ago
thers something called human error too. cut the poor guy some slack
Navneet Kaushik
Navneet Kaushik 6 months ago
Can someone please explain to me that ......... why they should remove their hand from the nozzle ?
Trippie 6 months ago
Ugly ass
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