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The next stage in the evolution of noirwave is here; this time in the form of Petite Noir’s latest project: La Maison Noir, the gift and the curse. In collaboration with Red Bull Music and The Noirwave, the introspective visual album journeys through the formative stages of artist Yannick Illunga’s life with reference to the four elements of fire, earth, water and air. Evoking themes of resistance, migration and women’s rights, the four-part visual EP is peppered with imagery in reference to the four sections of the Congolese cosmogram (Kala, Tukula, Luvemba and Masoni), each of which serve to illustrate various aspects of life. www.lamaisonnoir.com #LaMaisonNoir #RedBullMusic
Find out more about Noirwave: lamaisonnoir.com/noirwave
La Maison Noir / The Black House out now: PetiteNoir.lnk.to/LaMaisonNoir
Follow Petite Noir:
Website → www.petitenoirmusic.com
Spotify → open.spotify.com/artist/4dGwtd1FYag1VY1vaR1U8y
Instagram → instagram.com/petitenoirkvlt/
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Oct 5, 2018




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Comments 80
Likangel Official
Likangel Official 28 days ago
Where was this video shot? Love it
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas Month ago
I believe Beyoncé wanted her audience to find this masterpiece. Her song Spirit/Bigger interluded to Petite Noir's video, who is the original creator of this video imagery. I think she's sending us a message through her music. Beyoncé is brilliant. She put us on an Easter egg hunt. It's sad to see negative comments about Beyoncé's copying. We live in modern day technology. Do we really think we can get away with stealing, nowadays? Especially, if we put it on camera for the world to SEE. But to those who understand her meaning of this... Me: "This is Pablo Picasso in music form. I understand her art and with that being said, Petite Noire's message in this video is The Masterpiece."
Moka LARE 2 months ago
Power is always right of the weak. Le pouvoir a toujours raison du faible. Sad truth. (Cf. Beyoncé and Co.)
I say say i
I say say i 2 months ago
Beyonce the queen b I think not! Beyonce the fly that steals yes!
Manuel Tourob
Manuel Tourob 4 months ago
Beyonce copied this
Lesego Tshomela Karim
Beyonce: I'm in charge... it's all me Beyhive: Beyonce is a musical director... she directs her own videos Also Beyonce: Copies Also Beyhive: It's her team... she didn't know about it #SitDown
Uriel Moore
Uriel Moore 5 months ago
Honestly, Beyoncé did this nigga a favor. Send her a fruit basket.
You Farted Bitch
You Farted Bitch 5 months ago
Bleachyonce copied this talented black African man. She has no shame.
grace johnson
grace johnson 6 months ago
Beyonce and the like should hire you for artwork instead of copyng your magnificent pieces, its so annoying. Anyway, you are very talented. may God bless your work
grace johnson
grace johnson 6 months ago
Your work is beautiful, they should pay you
Natalia Balli
Natalia Balli 8 months ago
I came after Spirit. Im a huge fan of B, and if spirit wins any award this guy deserves to get it.
nancy breaux
nancy breaux 8 months ago
It looks like Beyonce took that lady's hairstyle in one of her video scene at the end of the video in white. Beyonce's hair was just done thicker and lighter.
Sarai Juelz
Sarai Juelz 8 months ago
Hell, we can say he took ideas from MULTIPLE videos....these videos are not the same except the scenery which as been used over and over!!!!i can direct you all to several videos like this from not only Africa, but also Vietnam!!!.....beautiful piece tho!!!
Sookie Blackhouse
Sookie Blackhouse 8 months ago
Wow....this amazing artistry! It's so creatively innovative with an amazing message. Beyonce could have just featured him. Given the message a wider audience. Whoa imitation is not always flattery when the originator does not get the credit or profit.
ester186 8 months ago
Emir Ray
Emir Ray 8 months ago
This was beautiful!!!
Tuba Güner
Tuba Güner 8 months ago
The irony is that if you aren't powerful and you don't have massives to back you up, when you steal something you are a thief and you might even get jailed for that. However if you are a main-stream celebrity with massives and massives of fans to back you up , suddenly you can get away with it easily. So rationally, when the lion king music video makes millions, isn't it the fact that Beyoncé has technically stolen millions from this original one? and yet she can get away with it because she is Beyoncé. This industry is so shady and hypocritical. Nothing is real or genuine. I hope Petite Noir will get more recognition this way and get what he deserves in the end.
Keisha 8 months ago
Ugh...this is great! 👀👀👀👀
Keisha 8 months ago
This is so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
KELO CHAN 9 months ago
Beyonce plagiarizing artists works better than Spotify's algorithm recommending me music. Not saying she`s doing the right thing here.
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 9 months ago
Bleachyonce needs to retire already. Black people need to stop worshipping that bleached thief.
Ahmakah TV
Ahmakah TV 9 months ago
Beyonce should've paid this man... she's such a copy cat..and she gets a pass because she's Beyonce... i don't like what i hate Mehn.. they keep stealing Africans ideas... not fair
Njeri Irene
Njeri Irene 9 months ago
Your art is beautiful.
Vannuge Jiiko
Vannuge Jiiko 9 months ago
Is it possible to like this more than 100 times? Seriously this is not fair to copy someone’s art this way she should give him some credit
Modern Day King
Modern Day King 9 months ago
When Beyoncé steals your idea... I’m tagging you on every Beyoncé spirit post or song
Keeping up with Momo
As a beyhive, i am very sorry that this was stolen from you. i just watched the whole thing and i absolute admire the message in this video especially in the beginning, i can tell you took so much time in this and a lot of thinking too for the message to come across.I also admire the location you chose. again, i'm sorry
Dani Bee
Dani Bee 9 months ago
I watched this actually looking for where Beyoncé stole concepts and apart from a few costumes which probably just had the same color as what Beyoncé wore and the dessert landscape I saw none.
Shanchan 9 months ago
Beyonce is a good entertainer but she has become so problematic over the years. She keeps looking for shortcuts instead of taking time off to come up with new, original concepts. Honestly, I like Solange better than Bey.
MeGaTrOn TiNGz
MeGaTrOn TiNGz 9 months ago
Beyonce a theif lmao ( now before yall behive come at me know that ima barb and we're just as fierce so try me and ima drag u lmao)
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 9 months ago
I always keep dragging Bleachyonce and her BugHive fandom on social media. It's fun to trigger those brainwashed bugs.
Nyah Olorunda
Nyah Olorunda 9 months ago
This is epic! World class!! The storytelling (poetry ), the attention to detail.....I’ve got chills. Well done. More power to you 👍🏾
J. Kola
J. Kola 9 months ago
A brilliant work of art🙏
Bars Team
Bars Team 9 months ago
I appreciate how us African Americans, Afro-Latino, and Black Europeans are trying to embrace our African side despite how our society has historically demonized and shunned that aspect of ourselves. Although slavery and its remnants has definitely had a huge impact on the generational trauma....we will never be able to understand how powerful the African spirit is. Even though west Africa has dealt with European colonization.....YOU CANT MIMIC MAMA! MAMA AFRICA IS THE ORIGINAL SOUL. Sadly we are forced to choose a side. Then again, I live in America in 2019....my African side has been such a joy.
Antonia Capella Borges
Bars Team Can y’all stop with the “West African” thing?! Do y’all think only them suffered colonialism?! Most Afro Latinos nowadays are descendants of Bakongo (Central Africa) which this video shows: Bakongo SPIRITUALITY!
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali 9 months ago
This video has left me confused n wonderingg 💯💯but icant ignore all the ART n CREATIVITY dzaaymmmmnnn
K. KK 9 months ago
Artist Yannick Ilunga 🇨🇩
leojay60 9 months ago
He was talking about Queen Bey before he even knew it. “ You love to hide the truth/that’s internal too..you did what you had to do.. to get to the top.” -Petite Noir 🔥🔥🙅🏿‍♂️
Jessika Quiroga
Jessika Quiroga 9 months ago
I'm mind blown...what did i just see/hear/experience...CREATIVITY at its FINEST
Stephan Edmonds
Stephan Edmonds 10 months ago
Beyoncé got me here and I like it!
Sophia Vogel
Sophia Vogel 10 months ago
Infinitely deeper and with better prose than that plagiarized trash
Triumphant 10 months ago
Beyoncé is probably online right now searching for the next artist’s work to steal. She’ll keep doing this until people start standing up for these artists
I’m Me
I’m Me 10 months ago
Never really cared too much for Beyoncé , but I love this video. I see why people are saying she stole it, but this video also reminds me of Solange video Cranes In The Sky with the landscape ,posing , and vibrant colors so I mean multiple people can have the same ideas , but I do think Beyoncé team ripped this off it’s a little too similar
marie phillippe
marie phillippe 10 months ago
Petit Noir done it better, Queen B just took something, but we need to know and understand that in Africa we wear strong and 1tone colours. Both visuals are great. Petie Noir done it better.
L. Hill
L. Hill 10 months ago
A lot of y’all aren’t even watching the damned video. You’re just looking at what’s familiar from SPIRIT and saying that it’s simply copy. What you don’t realize is that this is a Red Bull production. They’re probably hoping that you watch it several times looking for similarities. 🤦‍♂️
Charlie-Flower-Child 10 months ago
This is cool on another level!
QUEEN OF ZION! 10 months ago
So.. This is the song Beyonce stole? Shame on Beyonce. 😡
R S 10 months ago
This is one of most Beautiful video projects I have seen long timed, it gets deeper every time I watch it. Beyoncés cheap copy version is nothing compared to this . Love from India!
Gabriella Menzies
Gabriella Menzies 10 months ago
beyoce is just sad and this artist deserves more.
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 10 months ago
Beyonce is so unoriginal she's a thief and a fraud
goldenhoney14 10 months ago
1 minute in and I realize this video is 17 minutes long! 🤣
Tony Dante
Tony Dante 10 months ago
To know that I’ve walked those mountains as a child, rode motor bikes as a teen on those grounds... and now I see the magic purely and artistically, visually displayed... Namibia 🇳🇦 magically showing of its beauty...
Silly Kitty
Silly Kitty 10 months ago
The color schemes are very similar in Spirit but saying that the whole video was stolen is a bit far fetched. She would have had to stand in the desert wearing black thru the whole video for it not to be similar. The colors inspired the colors used in Spirit and the woman wearing red with her face half covered was similar to Bey in blue. But let's not make this into a plagarism thing because it isn't. This work inspired another. Be grateful for the exposure because otherwise most of us wouldn't know who this person is. Great video tho!!
Elroy Delano Aschendorf
I’m amazed at the quality of the video. WOW. Great work
Elroy Delano Aschendorf
Nah...someone sold this guy out. I don’t blame Bey, I blame her very well paid creative team who fell for the repurposed concept and didn’t do their homework. It’s a shame.
Paris Fenty
Paris Fenty 10 months ago
Who also came here after Beyoncé video 🤣
EmpressSQ 10 months ago
Yes she took bits and pieces but she didn't steal the WHOLE video. I would still give credit to Petit Noir even for the snippets that was taken from him.
EmpressSQ 9 months ago
@leojay60 agree
leojay60 9 months ago
EmpressSQ Yea, cuz in lawsuits it only takes so many snippets of a vid, book, or movie, or so many chords to look/sound like someone else’s work and it’s a wrap. Look at Katy Perry, she appropriated some chords from a Gospel Rapper to produce Dark Horse, and years later she’s coming out of pocket nearly $3 million
Leslie Paul
Leslie Paul 10 months ago
Congratulations, Beyonce just made you popular, and y'all don't try coming for me.. cos 90% of y'all came here after seeing SPIRIT
American Warrior
American Warrior 10 months ago
Your bleached fave is a copycat thief deal with it
Christian Woods
Christian Woods 10 months ago
I’m sorry they stole from you. This was a masterpiece. You deserve some Lion King money. 🦁
zweli mdlalose
zweli mdlalose 5 months ago
Asap ferg stole his cover too
Sam LSD 10 months ago
Are we suppose to watch this and go out and buy redbull? They're poisoning Africa with their junk food.Dude doesn't even have the right to his own music?
John Ross
John Ross 10 months ago
I honestly believe that Beyoncé's intent was for him to get the recognition that He's getting now for his beautiful artistry. First of all, she knows people would've seen the similarities and call her a copycat or thief, she was inspired by it and chose to include it apart of her LOVE LETTER TO AFRICA vision for the LION KING: THE GIFT album. Think about it...... She has been in this game to long and chastised at every step to not know people would've recognized. She is very intentional and strategic, she is putting AFRICA on full promo guys, think about it!!! Why would she promote so much african tradition and culture on the gift album and decide to neglect or steal another... This was her intentions because people will always go back to the original, she knows their is no competition there, think about it!
John Ross
John Ross 10 months ago
@MS. ILBB People don't think.. They just intend to respond
MS. ILBB 10 months ago
She knows people will think she stole it, yes, on that end it's strategic to help push NOIRWAVE, especially since this guy is signed to Solange's label.
Geri 0449
Geri 0449 10 months ago
Se Be
Se Be 10 months ago
This is incredible!
tremaine861 10 months ago
This is an amazing video
squishy0201 10 months ago
I don't see plagiarism as opposed to homage. I don't think this was done frame for frame. There are resemblances but nothing to the point where a lawsuit can substantiate
Kola The Cre8tor
Kola The Cre8tor 10 months ago
I would be honored if Beyoncé was inspired my work tbh. Plus look at all the attention he’s getting now.
Vega Reign
Vega Reign 10 months ago
Us flooding here think is the most credit beyonce could ever done credit over credit
Jelecia Miller
Jelecia Miller 10 months ago
For all we know, this is what Beyonce wanted to happen. For all of us to see the similarities with this obviously very talented South African artist and support his art. Tbh, this video gives so much more context to her video and gives such a deeper and impactful meaning. Also, we dont know if Beyonce's team did or didnt talk to him about the video? This was the same thing that happened for 1 of her live performances years ago and turns out her team had paperwork ready for the woman who claimed plagiarism
cece dixon
cece dixon 10 months ago
What if Beyonce saw how great this brother was..and knew that the quickest and best way for him to get notoriety was to "steal" his video? He hasn't commented yet. Maybe they had an arrangement? If so..it worked. Beyonce is not dumb y'all.
cece dixon
cece dixon 10 months ago
What other songs were copied? I'm curious.
cece dixon
cece dixon 10 months ago
Not being delusional...I don't study Beyonce or know all of her songs or if they were stolen or not, I'm just offering another alternative and thinking outside of the box.
American Warrior
American Warrior 10 months ago
Lol stop being delusional. Beyonce has a long history of being a copycat thief.
David Bitan
David Bitan 10 months ago
lol there was no arrangement
Blue Flower
Blue Flower 10 months ago
I hope beyonce dont do this again. Please asked people if u can use their work
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 10 months ago
Beyonce will copy again and again that's what she does, she has a long history of being a copycat thief.
Nax B
Nax B 10 months ago
Maybe she gave him credit , maybe they contacted him before !! do we know how really artists work together !! Did you saw him complain about copyrights ??
Lebohang Machaba
Lebohang Machaba 10 months ago
Did Beyonce bring you here ?
phoenix 2008
phoenix 2008 10 months ago
this is beautiful, sheesh beyonce, just give credit to this guy, and hush it up!
Melody Duwariti
Melody Duwariti 10 months ago
Ok was there a statement released how do you if they asked permission
SUDY REACTS 10 months ago
I am happy that Beyonce copied if its true though and to Africans complaining ,what are you complaining for this is our system of life though we never apriciate our own until its taken then we look at it as the most big thing we should learn from this we have great artists out there doing great jobs but never seen or get a chance to be heard this must be a lesson and appriciate our art and culture
truebeefae357 10 months ago
neo somaliana
neo somaliana 10 months ago
It's ironic bc it wasn't even a month ago that Taylor Swift was given mad slack for copying Beyoncé when she was way more subtle than Beyoncé
leojay60 9 months ago
It just shows how cannibalistic Hollyweird & the Show Biz is
Blackberries12 10 months ago
IamChosen488 10 months ago
Fa 10 months ago
Beyonce done got caught !
johnjozefjacob 10 months ago
Peut-être qu'un jour les fans réaliseront que Beyoncé est l'une des pires personnes dans cette industrie... Toutes ces stars commerciales ne sont pas des artistes, ce sont des machines à fric.
Indianna Taylor
Indianna Taylor 10 months ago
Beyonce stole the hell out of this. In good news. This guy is about to be a lot more famous. This was beautiful.
GRACE H 10 months ago
I like this better than spirit , beautiful , Beyoncé stole the idea for sure
Mwalimu Seshat
Mwalimu Seshat 10 months ago
thank you Beyoncé, because of you i'm here, meeting this amazing artist. thanks 🇧🇷✌🏾✊🏾❤😘💯
leojay60 9 months ago
カナリアCanaria It’s a valid point. However, how long was Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse “was out before the original artist whose chords were plagiarized surfaced? At least several years. They’re just settling out to the tune of nearly $3 million with Flame, the original rapper. Time will tell
Mwalimu Seshat
Mwalimu Seshat 10 months ago
@Blackberries12 Plagiarism is when someone copies without giving the reference. Bey was allowed to do so or else she would have already undergone a public prosecution for the work. And you, why are you here?
Blackberries12 10 months ago
Getting views because someone plagiarized your work lmao
Mwalimu Seshat
Mwalimu Seshat 10 months ago
@soa amana so
soa amana
soa amana 10 months ago
This is exactly how I viewed it. had she not been inspired and nobody talked about it, I would of never heard or seen this masterpiece!
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