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Merry Chris
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Peter Becomes Justin - Funny Cartoon Series




9 фев 2019




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Beast 123
Beast 123 10 часов назад
8:36 hahahahahahahahaha
Beast 123
Beast 123 10 часов назад
Think of it as two ten year olds you sick freak
The Custom Everything Channel
The Custom Everything Channel 2 дня назад
On this channel all the videos I have seen the editing sucks balls needs better editor
Yanelis Lozada
Yanelis Lozada 4 дня назад
Pickle BOI
Pickle BOI 4 дня назад
meriamx mabukele
meriamx mabukele 6 дней назад
Haha haha...' ok here's the field goodbye for ever.... Crash... Meg I'm injured 😂😂.... Lol
Lonzo BallisGoat
Lonzo BallisGoat 6 дней назад
Why does peter always terrorize his kids then in the process he gets injured he tells the kid to get help
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 дня назад
Its called comedy
marrymemaddie 7 дней назад
White cunt.
Cresent Moon
Cresent Moon 7 дней назад
Literally doesn't matter who edits, there is always people who say someone's editing is shit. G o d.
alvinraydj3 8 дней назад
I reported you under child abuse because you suck at editing.
alvinraydj3 8 дней назад
i'm reporting this channel for fuck tard edits.
Riley Chrysler
Riley Chrysler 8 дней назад
Agent 47
Agent 47 9 дней назад
Ok, yes I agree that the editing kinda sucked a little but the reference to ‘the general’ advertisement on TV was clever.
Ryan Grissett
Ryan Grissett 9 дней назад
"Don't think of it as 20 years, think of it as two 10 year olds" - This killed me lol
Silly Monkey
Silly Monkey 9 дней назад
*white trash rates from an army guy, here's a penguin don't know why*
default twinzz
default twinzz 9 дней назад
Bemd over touch your toes and say justin
Lkjneat 9 дней назад
3:41 Girlfriend: Oh that’s okay I will just take the school bus Quagmire: Wait, what? you-you drive a school bus? Girlfriend: No…. Are takes the bus, I’m in high school. Quagmire: What the hell, you said you were 23 Girlfriend: Yeah you said you love me Quagmire: Well, I guess you got me there
Darragh Gregory
Darragh Gregory 9 дней назад
Justin time haha 😂
I'M A LEMON 10 дней назад
I just got an ad where the first sentence was "Hey, it's me, Justin."
Justin Barrett
Justin Barrett 10 дней назад
Ron nnie
Ron nnie 10 дней назад
I thought that the mom was transgender
Ray the Beast
Ray the Beast 10 дней назад
4:55 lol 😂
Ypzilon 11 дней назад
4 mid rolls and the good parts have been cut out...
Monroe Parker CSF
Monroe Parker CSF 11 дней назад
My girlfriend wrote the long message without watching the whole thing my bad peoples ✌🏾
Sam Healy
Sam Healy 11 дней назад
Monroe Parker CSF
Monroe Parker CSF 11 дней назад
Wait. Did they really throw a "QUAGMIRE JUST HAD SEX WITH A MINOR OH WELL" joke? Yeah, he'll (Seth Rogan) say it's just a cartoon but what you're joking about is a real issue that have ruined actual humans. Not me. But damn, Family guy should pace themselves. It's not as whitty funny as it used to be. They been going over the lines with jokes for quite a while now so it's nothing new but this one they could've left out because they're not going into the Moral part of their every episode to give that point of the now 71 year old Quagmire humping a highschool student. Which has happened. In real life. The shows not bringing any awareness. It's okay. But laziness and creativity with amounts of money should not breed and do jokes or anything TV. Reasons Rick and Morty had to slow down. Their character's voice had a collapsing moment of actually drilling his emotions into the character. Imagine seeing your own sadness created as a seasoned TV show. Nothing to do with laziness but definitely creativity at it's purest. They had to take a break for this new season and maybe Family Guy, you should do the same.
Ryan Grissett
Ryan Grissett 9 дней назад
The girl in the show lied about her age. This has also happened in real life. Calm down. People like you are the reason why this show has so many restrictions now. It used to have an open range of humor, but now they can't do near as much.
Ryan Sean
Ryan Sean 11 дней назад
Has the girl had her blood.👅🍒
Danibles 1
Danibles 1 11 дней назад
this does bring up a good point about stagitory. If the minor lies, should the adult still be at fault? if the minor has a fake id? if they met at an adults only zone like bar or casino?
ابو العز الغامدي
ابو العز الغامدي 11 дней назад
We got all the awesome evidence that we need
steve beam
steve beam 11 дней назад
My ex-girlfriend tried to use her mom and her childhood for the excuses of why she's a piece of shit there becomes a time in your life that you realize that you should know right from wrong and it isn't when you're 40 you should pick that up by your mid-twenties if not you're just a terrible person
MasterJ’s_ K20
MasterJ’s_ K20 11 дней назад
Quagmire’s chest says 6662
Edson Gutierrez
Edson Gutierrez 11 дней назад
0:46 what was he doing while he left?
Edson Gutierrez
Edson Gutierrez 8 дней назад
Jacob Lester really? Cause it was blurred off
Jacob Lester
Jacob Lester 10 дней назад
Flipping the off
Youu Tuube
Youu Tuube 11 дней назад
Fucking shit video
Avaylah Kin
Avaylah Kin 11 дней назад
Anytime Brian speaks I just wanna punch my screen. I hate his character soo much.
Alan Tkalec
Alan Tkalec 11 дней назад
This is this cat This is is cat This is how cat This is to cat This is keep cat This is a cat This is person cat This is busy cat This is for cat This is about cat This is thirty cat This is seconds cat Read the 3rd word of each sentence
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 дня назад
Couple of mins for me
ohyeahyeah 8 дней назад
you kinda failed.... me and pretty much every one caught on by the first line....
Eehyn Mat
Eehyn Mat 11 дней назад
My name is justin
Danai Duma
Danai Duma 11 дней назад
Think of 2 10 year olds you freak
China Friend
China Friend 11 дней назад
China Friend
China Friend 11 дней назад
His editing
China Friend
China Friend 11 дней назад
Help me
Jim dela Cruz Vera
Jim dela Cruz Vera 11 дней назад
cool *K E W L*
Chris-Bong Water-Fuller
Chris-Bong Water-Fuller 11 дней назад
omg... not the wild things!!!! omg
matchoftheday yt
matchoftheday yt 11 дней назад
Chronolization 11 дней назад
Another family guy youtuber nice going keep up the work men
XO 150
XO 150 12 дней назад
HAHA my name is Justin 😂😂😂😂
Deemoney Da man homie
Deemoney Da man homie 12 дней назад
Deemoney Da man homie
Deemoney Da man homie 12 дней назад
Betim Mustafa
Betim Mustafa 12 дней назад
anarchyinthe uk
anarchyinthe uk 12 дней назад
These channels is so fck bad. There just using clips from familly guy and making money of them
Josh Carlson
Josh Carlson 12 дней назад
Brian is prob pooping on the lawn
Andrew Canese
Andrew Canese 12 дней назад
Your editing sucks like your mom in my bed on Friday nights.
max lex
max lex 12 дней назад
What exactly is a frosty jim?
max lex
max lex 12 дней назад
Rasmus Laugesen
Rasmus Laugesen 12 дней назад
Worst fcking editor to live on the face of the fcking planet.. You cut the jokes out!
COLTER MCPHIE 4 дня назад
Calm down
CallMeRed 4 дня назад
I swear people stupid asses like you should be raped by the black nibba
Makye Cole
Makye Cole 7 дней назад
You ruin child hood
Rasmus Laugesen
Rasmus Laugesen 7 дней назад
+Cloaked Mouse Either it's 'Spelled' or 'Spelt'. Since it's past tense :)
Cloaked Mouse
Cloaked Mouse 7 дней назад
Rasmus Laugesen it’s spellt fucking
Bossmartii 12 дней назад
nice work fuck face for cutting out every joke on this clip. jeeeeeeez -.-
Reese Jones
Reese Jones 12 дней назад
More like fat Justin fat man 😅
OfficialFranco 7
OfficialFranco 7 2 дня назад
Brent Draper are you gay
Brent Draper
Brent Draper 12 дней назад
Reese Jones are you retarted
ITZME ISAIAH 12 дней назад
1:05 you gotta ask yourself one question *hI wHaT cAn i dO fOr yA*
Izzy7006 9 дней назад
ITZME ISAIAH I was about to do that XD
jack margetson
jack margetson 11 дней назад
Hahah, beat me to it man!
drew stastic
drew stastic 12 дней назад
We got all the a some evidence we need
julius Jørgensen
julius Jørgensen 12 дней назад
he doesn't become Justin he has always been Justin he just didn't know until now.
판타지 애니메 anime
판타지 애니메 anime 12 дней назад
3:50 your going to jail
TTDE 10 дней назад
판타지 애니메 anime you’re*
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 12 дней назад
6:21 "Look I know everyone's sitting out there judging me today" Yeah, I know! How crazy is that, people judging you *IN COURT* wow. That's just so terrible, how could this have ever happened to you? OH YEAH YOU COMMITTED A CRIME! 😁
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 12 дней назад
L: "Where do checks come from" P: "Uhh... when a mommy and daddy love each other?" L: "That's why" 😂😂😂😂 im fucking ded
The Witch King of Angmar
The Witch King of Angmar 12 дней назад
Dearest Misses Clause I hope this letter finds you well. Mr Clause has been very distant this year of Christmas, in fact we haven’t seen him since the year the universe fell into silence, I guess for a reason really writing this will achieve nothing but the plunge into the emptiness and darkness of space.
theAidster 12 дней назад
REALLY hating how Brian and Quagmire just act like pricks toward each other. One of the hundreds of reasons I hate new Family Guy.
theAidster 8 дней назад
+firesniperbullet2 Because I used to be a Family Guy fan and I want to see it be good again.
firesniperbullet2 9 дней назад
Why do you care?
Anish Raj
Anish Raj 11 дней назад
Then maybe you shouldn't be here .
wet stinky socks
wet stinky socks 11 дней назад
theAidster shut up meg
HermitCard 12 дней назад
way too many edit cut offs and the ads are wasting their money if no one skipped.
The Alpha Master
The Alpha Master 12 дней назад
This episode had a lot of unexpected plot twists
Esdynu 12 дней назад
fucking editing
trashy fortnite content
trashy fortnite content 12 дней назад
I eat glue
Jakob Sime
Jakob Sime 11 дней назад
u eat dick
Ahmed Rufai
Ahmed Rufai 12 дней назад
Oh yeah, boom!!!.take him away boys.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf 12 дней назад
He's editing out all of the funny moments
Gaius Julius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus
Why don't ur shelves have trophies on them?
Waldien 12 дней назад
Yea we got the joke we don't need a human caption
Ethan Hasan
Ethan Hasan 12 дней назад
so you r gonna upstairs,,??? Meg:- sure,, great Go,, 😂😂😂
Prod. Cxugh Drxp
Prod. Cxugh Drxp 12 дней назад
learn to edit you dumbfuck
Tia Kėnżø
Tia Kėnżø 12 дней назад
7:30 got me weak all the men knows glenn mom 😅😭😭
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 11 дней назад
+KredFX Yep, this is the sentence I was looking for.
KredFX 12 дней назад
+Tia Kėnżø Glenn's mom
Tia Kėnżø
Tia Kėnżø 12 дней назад
JMarceun Vollmund all of the men know Glenn mom?
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 12 дней назад
Tia Kėnżø you want to retry that sentence... ?
CallMeRed 12 дней назад
I don’t feel so good
Alfie Curtis
Alfie Curtis 12 дней назад
This channel should be removed from RUvid
hey daddy
hey daddy 11 дней назад
Stoned Economic Invincibility
Stoned Economic Invincibility 12 дней назад
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe 12 дней назад
Should it be Peter Justin griffin not Justin Peter griffin
Just 12 дней назад
I'ma Justin and I watch family Guy scenes on RUvid. I'm slacking.
Gabrielle Ugbome
Gabrielle Ugbome 11 дней назад
+JMarceun Vollmund I'm just now
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 12 дней назад
Rogersレイラ-ニ Welcome bretheren, change your name to just "Just" to join :)
Rogersレイラ-ニ 12 дней назад
Wtf is this comment section
Just 12 дней назад
+JMarceun Vollmund It's "Just." ;) a username
JMarceun Vollmund
JMarceun Vollmund 12 дней назад
Just you're just Just, not Justin. Then you'd just be just like everyone else, just. Just just just
Family God
Family God 12 дней назад
his editing man
Mopar564 9 дней назад
It’s supposed to be choppy like that to skip parts of the show for copyright reasons you fucking idiots.
Michael Herrmann
Michael Herrmann 12 дней назад
His editing SUCKS!!! This thing is SO choppy, and I hate to bitch!
Joshy 12 дней назад
Family God hurts more than my dick bro
reagan taylor
reagan taylor 13 дней назад
yo 7th commet and your videos are asome man
Jared white
Jared white 13 дней назад
Your editing blows
Random Guy
Random Guy День назад
Jared white it’s called copyright
YaboiChipTolentino 13 дней назад
Why the hell does this episode make perfect sense?
Super Sayian
Super Sayian 13 дней назад
"Glen is going to kneel in front of many men"
joshua ostapko
joshua ostapko 12 дней назад
XYN_ CoLoR more like he already has
XYN_ CoLoR 12 дней назад
Super Sayian sounds like something 6ix9ine is going to deal with
Ugh Ok
Ugh Ok 13 дней назад
I eat glue
Andrew Ryland
Andrew Ryland 12 дней назад
Ugh Ok same
orph an
orph an 13 дней назад
just ---- in
I play Roblox I make vids
I play Roblox I make vids 13 дней назад
Tia Browne
Tia Browne 13 дней назад
Tia Browne
Tia Browne 13 дней назад
You like your own comments u saddor
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