Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi's Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Pete Davidson talks about not minding paying for Kid Cudi's birthday dinner with fellow "skinny" dude Timothée Chalamet until Kanye West and Kim Kardashian joined, and he shares his favorite Mortal Kombat 11 game character.
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Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi's Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed


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Apr 19, 2019




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Comments 80
vladimir ikic
vladimir ikic 9 hours ago
Almost laughed
Redd Tales
Redd Tales 4 days ago
Redd Tales
Redd Tales 4 days ago
Big BIG TIME RUSH. ⚔️🧺⚔️
Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman 4 days ago
Kanye looks like his crazy self. Everyone else looks normal in comparison
Ijoy Dumali
Ijoy Dumali 4 days ago
He sounds like Joey Tribbiani
Kaylee Hill
Kaylee Hill 4 days ago
the way he plugged for mgk🥺he a real homie def wasn’t paid to say that shii
Sijan Grg
Sijan Grg 4 days ago
Somewhere from 4:03 to 4:11 I think you can see jimmy is kinda pissed and pete gives him a look and shit awkward asf the heckk!!
Mitchell Sommers
Mitchell Sommers 5 days ago
Go bucks baby!!
jaeda lopes
jaeda lopes 6 days ago
pete’s literally soooo funny. like so unfiltered n honest
Aiden Scholz
Aiden Scholz 6 days ago
I love Pete XD
fraz zers
fraz zers 7 days ago
Johnny Cage looks exactly like Jimmy Fallon.. Jimmy *sweats profusely *
CHar N
CHar N 7 days ago
Pete looks like Tommy from Rugrats
Fandi Imanda Himawan
According to his eyes, did he do drugs?
uma masiliunaite
uma masiliunaite 8 days ago
I’m so inlove with petes and colsons friendship it’s so so genuine you can just see how proud he is of him 😩
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem 8 days ago
Why is he famous again?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
He plays Scorpion and is promoting the game? Yikes. No actual fan of Mortal Kombat likes Scorpion mains
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami 9 days ago
I know a couple guys who wear coveralls like that. They are painters. Why does Pete want to imitate a blue collar worker? It's weird.
da boiii
da boiii 9 days ago
pete is actually hella funny 😭
Arjun 8 days ago
@Arnold Schwarzenegger no one asked for your opinion, Arnold
Arnold Schwarzenegger
But he's not tho
James McAthie
James McAthie 10 days ago
At 3:54 Jimmy Fallon thinks Pete got the Scorpion costume for Jimmys wife to wear 😂😂😂
Mary Serrao
Mary Serrao 10 days ago
okay but like jimmy’s laugh isn’t fake i know it may seem like it but he laughs like that in EVERY interview and sometimes it’s different because people can laugh different and still have it bee real lmao i’m so tired of ppl saying how fake it is because if i were jimmy i’d genuinely be laughing like that too
Chloe Krueger
Chloe Krueger 12 days ago
As someone who lives in Michigan hearing that Pete Davidson hates Ohio State makes me so happy
760HaZelEyEs 12 days ago
I love that game !!!
Smdylan 13 days ago
Haven't seen jimmy in awhile, still want to beat him to death over that disingenuous laugh
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 14 days ago
4:04 when jimmy shakes his head and stops smiling you can see the look of fear on Pete’s face
dont_worry about_it
I know that Pete gets alot of hate, but I actually find him funny. Ik His sense if humor doesn't appeal to everyone, but u dont have to dog on him like that😅
Lena Avakova
Lena Avakova 18 days ago
When he said "hell yeah" I DIED
Khylind Kemper
Khylind Kemper 18 days ago
Bruh he’s funny af
Elian Coello Gonzalez
Whe he gave jimmy the costume he looked like he was thinking or saying to himself, omg,I messed it up.
Elena Ha
Elena Ha 19 days ago
First time I see jimmy not beeing offended by the cursing of his guest
Me me
Me me 20 days ago
Him trying to not make himself sound like one of those sad loser men who lives in his mums house has me losing it 🤣🤣🤣
resi 20 days ago
They have such an interesting dynamic together
xaci cassie
xaci cassie 22 days ago
Chad! 😍
Furry Jellyfish
Furry Jellyfish 24 days ago
Jesus Christ, is Timothée Chalamet friends with everyone???
lilG 2 days ago
i have not seen the first person to say they dont like him fr
Casa na Árvore
Casa na Árvore 3 days ago
dude, he is cool
Allyson Leich
Allyson Leich 7 days ago
FR lol he’s finally getting the hype from everyone and now he’s becoming friends with all the rlly big celebrities
Sophia Byl
Sophia Byl 8 days ago
kid cudi is like his favorite rapper
Alondra Mora
Alondra Mora 10 days ago
Furry Jellyfish I mean he is THE Timothée Chalamet 😂
brëu 24 days ago
This nigga looks like me after 2 days without sleep
Palace 25 days ago
That’s either the last time Pete Davidson is endorsing mortal Kombat or the first of many.
desiree 25 days ago
this is just a funny dude men
JB P 26 days ago
If you didn’t already know Pete Davidson was a Gen Z Tool, he thinks Kid Cudi is the “greatest musician alive.”
CADZ Crew 26 days ago
He looks like ted moseby
Caz Miller
Caz Miller 26 days ago
Jimmys laughing kills me
Kaoru Akimoto
Kaoru Akimoto 26 days ago
Is he wearing mortal kombat 11 shirt?
Quix 27 days ago
Kanye should take Pete Davidson out, return the favour.
Brooks O'Dell
Brooks O'Dell 27 days ago
How silly are those overalls
Reflex _
Reflex _ 27 days ago
Only Pete Davidson would wear a mk shirt on jimmy fallon
Borna 27 days ago
This bitch not even funny, just goofy ass looking turd
daveamtwo 27 days ago
Pete Davidson looks like the kinda guy that might have a BLACK primer van with blacked out windows sitting in his garage with candy and little puppies in it. BA HA HA HA
Alexandra Sinclair
Alexandra Sinclair 28 days ago
Why is this guy not a Joker in a batman film? He doesn't even have to research, just tell him to be himself! He's a natural...
I want You to know
I want You to know 28 days ago
What a ugly talentless low life
Justbase 28 days ago
Pierre Sobarzo
Pierre Sobarzo 28 days ago
This guy is genuinely funny
Luke Meacham
Luke Meacham 28 days ago
"Finish her"
Dylan M
Dylan M 28 days ago
I thought he was a douche bag till I watched this lmfao
L Arnez
L Arnez 28 days ago
timmy ❤️
Scott Russell
Scott Russell 28 days ago
Wahhh I’m a millionaire & I pretend to worry about money, wahhhhhhh 😭
Kevin Shiflett
Kevin Shiflett 28 days ago
Lol no wonder Kanye became a billionaire. RIP Pete’s wallet
yuri ki
yuri ki 28 days ago
he is so cute
Gavo Morg
Gavo Morg 28 days ago
How the fuck dies Fallon have his own show hes shot just constant over the top fake laughs and repeats what his guests say
WorkshopPops 29 days ago
Finish the dinner story......
sly 29 days ago
What a name dropper
C We
C We 29 days ago
His speciality is "roasting". Though not alotta roasting situations on SNL. He'll find more work in *Kentucky.(Hear they're bringing back their *rotisserie menu.)😉
Racso88e 29 days ago
Fallons’ fake laugh is ridiculous.
Grace Kay
Grace Kay 29 days ago
Timothee. = also skinny
EYDuff 29 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is so unfunny it hurts. Pete is great though.
Travis Flesher
Travis Flesher Month ago
pete davidson is a character in mortal kombat 11. that'd be funny.
trowabarton101 Month ago
"Everybody I grew up with in staten island" yeah definitely and those guys all have "connected uncles"
trowabarton101 Month ago
Go CSI! D3 baby 😂
Furkan Akkaya
Furkan Akkaya Month ago
Gift givin part is so fake
Ted Y
Ted Y Month ago
Yeah there’s no mileena in MK11 so shit game
Joseph Kirisits
Joseph Kirisits Month ago
cudi isnt the best artist whaaatttttt
Shea Month ago
Pete fr plugged MGK’s album 🥺 cutee
ItzVital Month ago
Why he dressed like that
Dixon Bainbridge
As a fellow crohnie, I have absolute respect for Pete for doing so well with such a debilitating illness, for those who don't have crohns, you have no idea how lucky you are 😂😂
Jordan Sheehan
Jordan Sheehan Month ago
Pete looks like he’s gone be my first baby daddy???😓
Ghost Noodle
Ghost Noodle Month ago
Does anyone else hate that this is a glorified ad? Just me? ok
cm_xxvi Month ago
Greatest musician that ever lived? Not even top 100.
Tahje Isaacs
Tahje Isaacs Month ago
Pete I love you. I don’t care that you live in your mom’s basement
Ibrahim Tall
Ibrahim Tall Month ago
Pete's cool but unless you just actually got done painting a house get tf outta here. I hate that wealthy people "scruffing/dirtying up their clothes or shoes to make it look like they do activities that they actually don't" shit
Jacob Galloway
Jacob Galloway Month ago
He dresses like such a hipster douchebag.
Da Moose
Da Moose Month ago
Anyone is what he meant by mullanies?
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins Month ago
What happened to that guy's face? Is he dying?
ERNIE S. Month ago
JF laugh is fake AF
Jetskii 2001
Jetskii 2001 Month ago
He's lucky they didn't go to Dorsia
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