Perpetual Motion - Free Energy

Chase Chavez
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See my new perpetual motion machine here:
See my newest science fair project here:
I made this for my science project on renewable energy. Its a perpetual motion machine known as an overbalanced wheel... Bhāskara's wheel to be exact. It took a ton of work to get just right; I had to clean and grease the bearings several times, water wasn't heavy enough so we had to dissolve a TON of salt in the water to increase the weight, and then we had to tape coins to the wheel in several spots to get the wheel as perfectly balanced as possible.

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May 31, 2016

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Comments 3 106
Projector 2 days ago
It... It doesn't work that way...
Andrew Gong
Andrew Gong 2 days ago
There is no sound leaf blower???
ravi sankar
ravi sankar 3 days ago
MaxedOut 655
MaxedOut 655 5 days ago
You are such a fake
eduardo martinez
eduardo martinez 8 days ago
si en lugar de agua pone mercurio va a andar mas rapido CHARLATAN
Bryin E. Willis
Bryin E. Willis 11 days ago
> light duty...
Josep Valls
Josep Valls 12 days ago
Ha, ha, ha!!!
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
Conservation of energy:am I a joke to you
Adolph Reeves Nietze
Eso tiene truuuuuuuuuuuco.
Darley Juliard Pereira silva
tinha que aparecer um retardado,kkkkk
musa ünal
musa ünal 17 days ago
please dont shake it then it will stop as you know :)
Patrik Lindholm
Patrik Lindholm 20 days ago
Borcespid Koki
Borcespid Koki 21 day ago
if you see the boy thusurt was blowing a lot of directed air.
Dr Santosh Patil
Dr Santosh Patil 21 day ago
Hey....I need ur help....It was good...But u didn't show that energy is producing ...Will u show the bulb lighting...Or else tell me that how to prove that(put bulb)..Plz sir...I need u much.....Help...For school
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
I hope you realise this is fake
SurfK9 21 day ago
Somewhere there is a high school physics teacher crying.
Radha Gopi
Radha Gopi 21 day ago
ഈശ്വരാഈലോകംമുഴുവനും വിഢികളോ
Spencer PhilippineDream
shame on RUvid for recommending this BS. Maybe this was a social experiment to teach your son how easy people are to deceive? Well, hopefully he uses this knowledge for good instead of life as a con artist.
James Smith
James Smith 24 days ago
Three words; high school physics. Somebody wasn't paying attention during class. Enough said.
Shane Spicer
Shane Spicer 24 days ago
Ingo Knito
Ingo Knito 27 days ago
@@UCHcwfc2UPal0-P6jaMOG1rg: That's complete bullshit.
Ingo Knito
Ingo Knito 27 days ago
@@UCHcwfc2UPal0-P6jaMOG1rg: That's complete bullshit.
Johnathan Baker
Johnathan Baker 28 days ago
52memor 29 days ago
What a load of bollocks You can't get something from nothing
hrachya hambaryan
FAKE,With the compressor, the wind blows from the side.
dirtcruzer1 Month ago
That is so cool! I will build one to go in my Corvette! I will never have to buy gas!! Then I will make it more powerful to race at the drag strip!!! Their "top fuel" will be nitro methane, but mine will be just water! I will build an adapter to connect it to a regular transmission, I will be a millionaire!!!! The one in the video is very primitive but I will make mine spin at 10,000 RPMs with 200000 foot pounds of torque! I might be able to power a 747 jet engine so Nancy Pelosi can fly without polluting! This could change the world! I will make a giant generator that can power an entire city! I will have 3 models, one for poor people, one for rich people, and one to make Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez feel more like a woman than a man! This will relieve the U.S. dependency on foreign oil! I just hope our economy don't plummet with oil companies going out of business! Maybe if it is featured on an episode of "Two Broke Girls" , it can be seen by an audience with a higher IQ and I can make 10 times the profit, I can buy you an elementary school!
david clark
david clark Month ago
Once stopped, why doesn't it start again by itself? The off-center water balance aspect is still present.
John Wakefield-Smith
use it on mynew invention
pepe Month ago
clever guy who believes it, ha ha
jc JC
jc JC Month ago
There is compressed air blowing on it to keep it going from a distance, that is why the camera doesn’t back up away from the contraption. Its a hoax but its done nicely
Michael Goble
Michael Goble Month ago
It required the energy of the push to start. It would only be useful if it could do some work like running a fan. It would stop instantly if you put any load on it. It's useless.
Luit van Wees
Luit van Wees Month ago
owo are you sure
free energy??
Cleeve Hill
Cleeve Hill Month ago
Perpetual motion does not exist!!
Tomasz B
Tomasz B Month ago
0:55. This wheel has also the power to flap kids tshirt.
Duke Crocus
Duke Crocus Month ago
All energy is Free...you just transfer it from one source to another.
Евгений Ляшенко
Фейк ....
Евгений Ляшенко
Пацан подбежал , наклонился , а маечка от напора воздуха колышеться ,,, винтелятор за кадром...
barrie Williams
barrie Williams Month ago
People have been powering machines for years using air lol
Neo Korben
Neo Korben Month ago
Does this really work,?I have to try it thanks anyway
Neo Korben
Neo Korben Month ago
David M
David M Month ago
No, this Doesn't, are you stupid? Perpetual Motion is only possible on paper.
World Gamer
World Gamer Month ago
"Thats me! I built this with my dad (he is the one filming)" yeah right. What kind of a parent says to his son "lets go scam stupid people on youtube with some machine breaking the first law of thermodynamics so that we can get lots of hate 😁" Even worse, WHY DID THIS KID SAY YES?!?!
Chris Schmeitz
Chris Schmeitz Month ago
Unfortunately it has been proved wrong because COM is moved downward/also with the stream so it stops after a while
oceanbell Month ago
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Month ago
Hey braintrust. If you had a perpetual motion machine you would be the richest person in the universe. Yes the universe. And this world would go into universal hell. All the energy companies that would go under would bankrupt this planet. Where do they find people like you.
electronics help care
wow, what's a video. at first, I thought that it will be flying away.
LHJARS Month ago
it is fake. Free energy doesnt exist....
Костя Рыкав
Лапшу не вешайте людям на уши, не будет это изобретение работать
Anthony Barker
Anthony Barker Month ago
I have seen too many of these. What you have here is a load of rubbish. the over balanced wheel does not work. Energy is never created or lost. Patent offices don't even look at them anymore. All things considered you got over 3 million views so well done!
Martin Brandt
Martin Brandt Month ago
now try it without the fan
João Gomides
João Gomides Month ago
Gente vamos indica este grandegeniotolo para a Nasa
EndofUSA Month ago
try first running is for a week continuous... see if it stops. If it doesn't then you've got a 100% Perpetual Motion machine!!!
mark sk
mark sk Month ago
stop the wheel, then by hand let it go. It should start turning by itself. There is no need to give a perpetual motion machine a push start! Please show that and I will believe. and unplug the leaf blower
Samuel Cairns
Samuel Cairns Month ago
Daniel R. Markich
For a movement to be really continuous and profitable, the first thing that has to happen is that it starts its movement without help. Even if we stop it, releasing it must start again on its own.
KL CHAI Month ago
enrogel sinaga
enrogel sinaga 2 months ago
Fake lwkwkwkw
Mr11ESSE111 2 months ago
for making electricity out of that you must have 100x bigger size of this kind to produce electricity for few lights
Mario 2 months ago
Even *IF* this were actually possible (which it is NOT) you couldn't ever power anything with it. By definition, such a contraption would require 100% frictionless bearings and just _barely_ have enough energy to keep turning. The instant that you attempted to draw off any power, it would instantly stop. It saddens me DEEPLY to see that so many people don't have even the simplest grasp on BASIC SCIENCE to understand why this is NOT possible, why it NEVER will be and more importantly, that 100% of these types of videos are a hoax.
Charlie hughes
Charlie hughes 2 months ago
Give this to scientists and youll be rich as hell. If hell was rich, that is.
Hồng Sơn Nguyễn
Không quay được đâu các bác ạ,toàn bọn lừa đảo thôi
Dahni Uru
Dahni Uru 2 months ago
I spent 2 years as a research engineer for a scientific company. One of my jobs was to explore the feasibility of 'perpetual motion' machines suggested to the company. Within 2 weeks I found that I could see/demonstrate/control every such 'invention' by showing that unless I continued to put energy into it it wouldn't work. Usually it took less than 2 minutes... The more energy I tried to get out of the perpetual motion offerings, the faster it stopped doing any work. The reason for the research for the company was that some of the 'perpetual motion' machines had properties that could be developed into 'low energy' machines that might have some possibilities for items the company might want to develop further. After 2 years I discovered '3' such machines. All 3 are now on the market and have paid for the development costs and making profits. But still no 'perpetual motion' machine.
AZTL Month ago
What are the 3 called?
MIke McC
MIke McC 2 months ago
Intriguing, but all you have here is a rotating flywheel mass. Fill them completely with water and you well get the same results.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 months ago
These overbalanced machines are always such bull..... They want people to look at them as the weight on the left vs the weight on the right. Look at it as the amount of weigh above the center vs the weight below the center. There is always more mass down low meaning the thing wouldn't move.
Bernd P
Bernd P 2 months ago
Nice try but does not work from alone. We are near a mass, inside of a gravitation which is not a constant force but an acceleration. Means we are in a distorted area of space which accelerates everything near its center. So pulling things against this consumes more power than the other direction.
Maha Lingam
Maha Lingam 2 months ago
ohne Zufügen von Energie von außen lässt der Widerstand des Lagers bald anhalten. Kann sein das sie einen Blaser nutzen um das Ganze am Laufen zu halten. Kleiner Scherz....
B. Sarkar
B. Sarkar 2 months ago
*ठीक है तो फिर क्यों यह रुका रहा*
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 months ago
no torque.. if you put any means of generating power from that it would stop dead. second, its not perpetual simply by the fact the bearings will eventually sieze from the friction.
bill boyd
bill boyd 2 months ago
With 3 million views it may not make any energy but it does generate cash.
David Joseph
David Joseph 2 months ago
Unfortunately all these ideas were way off, but we have some good news. A new discovery and invention whereby we are now able to maintain a magnetic field when current stops, within a patented Magnetic field enclosure. This allows a motor to run on 50% less power without breaking any laws of physics. If the reader is interested, they should search 'David Joseph MEIM Motor'.
Timmy B
Timmy B 3 months ago
If you want perpetual motion, stick a red hot poker in you ass and run around the yard.
Timmy B
Timmy B 3 months ago
Stop already jackass, You cannot break the 1st law of thermodynamics. There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, and never will be.
1BD Monster
1BD Monster 3 months ago
He’s a fucking kid
Daniel Kowalski
Daniel Kowalski 3 months ago
My biggest concern is that the water will freeze in the winter and I will be loosing this free energy from this magnificent generator.
1BD Monster
1BD Monster 3 months ago
Put it inside
Michael Pananos
Michael Pananos 3 months ago
Losing. "Loose" means not tight. Lose means...lose.
Arno 101
Arno 101 3 months ago
You can clearly see a wind source at 0:55
Sutton Kotler
Sutton Kotler 3 months ago
poopy vid you suck chase
Hassan Rind
Hassan Rind 4 months ago
HushemFlupskluk 4 months ago
ItsGameTime 4 months ago
I mean, besides the fact that it’s completely fake. Good job
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos 4 months ago
Acho muito eterecante
Joaé Maria Greco Greco
Agora eu tenho um invento que dá, quem passar por aqui é porque gosta, entrar no google - digitar bomba hidráulica expansiva e procurar pelo site escavador - clicar nele, vai encontrar várias figuras de bombas hidráulicas, a minha ideia esta numa redação de pedido de patentes, essa ideia seria o ciclo da mesma água em queda com o motor da bomba que ainda tem que ser desenvolvida q tem grande poder de vasão, vamos ter energia sem custo nenhum e nem criar barragem.
Joaé Maria Greco Greco
Não tem como virar amigo, os pt que estiver subindo terá q ser mais leve do que as q estão descendo, já imaginaram isso?i isso
Paweł Nowak
Paweł Nowak 5 months ago
Taper ru
Taper ru 5 months ago
caspianc45 5 months ago
how long does it keep on turning??? sorry but their is no free energy.. all of them have price...
Tudy S
Tudy S 5 months ago
DEVIL LUKE 6 months ago
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed end of story.
Mr Meme
Mr Meme 6 months ago
Are we jut gonna ignore the fact that some random ugly ass kid ran up to the camera
redsoil5 6 months ago
Chevron, Shell, Arco and Elon Musk, we have a problem !
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 6 months ago
This was an April fools joke, right? If not then I guess you and your dad in the garage just won "Greatest humans of all time" for being able to change the laws of Physics. Do we bow down now or send a tribute every month?
Сережа Марченко
Эта хрень не работает ! , проверял , еще давно , лично ..не работает !
watch an earn every month
Do u think we are stupid? I am engineer not an stupid.
Kansas Kans
Kansas Kans 7 months ago
0:56 “Fuck off guys”
zulinda ayu zulkipli
you make water wheel of what????🤔
Gamal Guild
Gamal Guild 7 months ago
Perpetual motion and free energy are impossible. It's the first law of thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
iPhone 6 months ago
I don't believe in laws.
Андрей Вольт
Вроде и интересные видео есть, но эти fake рушат желание смотреть канал далее
Robert Manson
Robert Manson 7 months ago
did you see the blowing wind on the shirt of the kid if he steps near the mashine, thats the trick, this could never work
RODGERS ISABOKE 7 months ago
fake it till you make it😁😅
Urgence Pc
Urgence Pc 7 months ago
Nice! How about mercury?
Alexander Kim
Alexander Kim 7 months ago
I was there when he filmed it its all fake he used a leaf blower
seven teen
seven teen 8 months ago
0.55,. free energy?
Cody Stoddard
Cody Stoddard 8 months ago
1103 Musik Berlin
1103 Musik Berlin 8 months ago
very nice video thanks
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