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This is my home made perpetual motion machine. It started as a science fair project on renewable energy (powered by gravity). It is based on Bhaskara's wheel design which is a type of overbalanced wheel... very similar to several designs by Leonardo Da Vinci. I plan to add a small generator to it to generate electricity - free energy!
My overbalanced wheel is a homemade perpetual motion machine that I intend on turning into a generator in order to produce free energy by taking advantage of the earth’s gravity. It is based off of an overbalanced wheel model designed by Bhaskara (an Indian mathematician). There are many other designed made by people such as; Leonardo da Vinci, Brownian, Gedanken, Honnecourt, Taccola, Zimara, and Villard. This machine may also be known as a; water mill, Persian water wheel, Villard’s wheel, Brownian ratchet, mass leverage machine, gravity wheel, Bhaskara’s wheel, or even a magic wheel.
Below are links to my other perpetual motion machine videos.
HD and long run video:
Original video:
See how I made my wheel:
5 minute run time:
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Nathan Budzinski
Nathan Budzinski 2 года назад
for everyone trying to debunk this machine it does work. it moves perpetually in a sense. but sooner or later the bearings will wear out and the friction will cause it to stop so that's why it's not truly perpetual but you could keep this running for a very long time essentially creating a large amount of free energy if this was built on a larger scale
Joe-Susan Healy
Joe-Susan Healy 2 дня назад
+Aaron Nelson good argument. You almost have me convinced. By the way, how do people walk on water by believing they can do it? Which law of physics applies there? Physics as we know it, is only based on what can be observed, coupled with what can be extrapolated mathematically. Just because we can observe something, doesn't mean it is the only reality that exists. If we believe it is - we have already been brainwashed!
Joe-Susan Healy
Joe-Susan Healy 2 дня назад
+GoodRiddanceGooglePlus you seem fixated that this is a hoax. But there is energy - it's called gravity. And anyway, the "laws of physics" we know of are based on the notion of scarcity, because scarcity allows a good price to be charged for services. So, if there are any discoveries made that threaten this scarcity model, it must be knocked down fast, or the money will stop flowing into the right pockets. There is much more to this universe than we know (or are being allowed to know). So cheer up mate, and open your mind, and you might be surprised. By the way, a real magician doesn't need to use tricks, because he invokes a different set of laws than the ones we can see with our eyes. One law overcomes another.
Joe-Susan Healy
Joe-Susan Healy 2 дня назад
+Aaron Nelson , if you really believe that, I could give you a number of someone to see. If you are genuine, why not make one yourself, it doesn't look too difficult. Then you will know.
Deepak Bhuyan
Deepak Bhuyan 8 дней назад
Perpetual in mundanly sense not in eternal.So without any argument we salute the inventor.
Rocco C
Rocco C Месяц назад
+Born Ontheland I think the guy is a plant. Total propaganda artist with the goal of steering everyone away from this
meezocraft op
meezocraft op 7 минут назад
And why can I see soo many cuts in this video. I almost caught 20 cuts
meezocraft op
meezocraft op 10 минут назад
This will work but we need to make the centre bearing with such a material by which friction is
Edinson Rios
Edinson Rios 2 часа назад
Guauuuu hoooo yea yea no inglis pitinglis .....mejor dicho no entendí nada
Richard Reddering
Richard Reddering 6 часов назад
o look... bullshit.
Roman Chomenko
Roman Chomenko День назад
It's a gravity motion machine where the force of gravity making it turn all so PE=KE only friction will foul up and leakage from the bottles .
Это Жизнь
Это Жизнь День назад
NASA says: "and how do you like this, elon musk?"
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson День назад
@Joe-Susan Healy First, you need to change your RUvid reply settings, so others can properly respond to your comments. You said, "good argument. You almost have me convinced. By the way, how do people walk on water by believing they can do it? Which law of physics applies there? Physics as we know it, is only based on what can be observed, coupled with what can be extrapolated mathematically. Just because we can observe something, doesn't mean it is the only reality that exists. If we believe it is - we have already been brainwashed!" BUT we must apply logic, and logic says a random kid on RUvid CANNOT create "free energy" from Bhaskara's Wheel. Similarly, logic says a new born baby CAN NOT run faster than Usain Bolt. If you want to dream big and believe one day technology can alter newborn babies into running 30 MPH or a severe genetic mutation can occur and a newborn baby is capable of running 30 mph , go ahead and live in that world. Your argument fails because the burden of proof now falls on you! A random kid on the internet is proclaiming he has created "free energy" from Bhaskara's Wheel. This is similar to someone claiming their newborn baby is faster than Usain Bolt. Very little knowledge is required to understand a newborn is slower than Usain Bolt. It takes a lot of knowledge to understand physics. RUvid vidoe: A 5 minute old baby can run faster than Usain Bolt. Me: It's impossible, it breaks the laws of physics. You: "Just because we can observe something, doesn't mean it is the only reality that exists." Me: Okay, the burden of proof now falls on you. I believe a 5 minute old baby can not run faster than Usain Bolt, convince me other wise. You: "If we believe it is - we have already been brainwashed!"
ניצן נשרי
ניצן נשרי День назад
Just watch Ted-Ed video about PMMs.
Lasy Ruiz
Lasy Ruiz 3 дня назад
A nacido un humorista
Joe-Susan Healy
Joe-Susan Healy 3 дня назад
Nice one! I suppose, if you could lengthen the axle, and have two or more wheels mounted on it, linked to each other and offset half way between the existing bottles and so on, then it would run smooth and seamless. Then, you could wrap the bottles with sponge rubber to make them silent. But surely it would have very little power output? I would enjoy seeing it turn over a load.
Yuri Bilderberg
Yuri Bilderberg 4 дня назад
Почти свободная инергия
Yuri Bilderberg
Yuri Bilderberg 4 дня назад
Притяжение земли и расчёт переливания
BOON 2548KUNG 4 дня назад
Good ider
dethklokful 4 дня назад
Вечный двигатель 😨
Aaron Shelton
Aaron Shelton 5 дней назад
I wonder if the bottles were blade shaped...or possibly the spokes...and it swiveled to catcj any availible wind as well if it would help as well ..hmmmm.. Really cool vid & project@!👍
Final Theory Games
Final Theory Games 6 дней назад
but we know that these machines have been invented over the last several hundreds of years and they don't work they violate the laws of thermodynamics.
Olga Gladka
Olga Gladka 6 дней назад
А якщо дати нагрузку на колесо то вож не зможе потягнути динамо машину чи зможе? І як за сильну і чи зможе воно довго працювати чому автор не продовжує свій експеримент?
rober bara
rober bara 6 дней назад
Vc deveria ser estudado pela NASA
TNT 6 дней назад
Лайкни, пусть иностранцы думают что это топовый комментарий
dethklokful 4 дня назад
Лайкни лучше ты меня
Guido Chianello
Guido Chianello 6 дней назад
e molto interessante
Билтто Нохчо
Билтто Нохчо 7 дней назад
Тиртхе нужно показать,пусть присобачит гену)))
Gilberto Temporal
Gilberto Temporal 7 дней назад
Blitherer Masterman
Blitherer Masterman 7 дней назад
"so you can see that there IS a kind of motor back here. . ."
Alan Hart
Alan Hart 7 дней назад
Brilliant , it will stop when the bearings ware out in 50 years time meanwhile free electricity AT LAST
jorge gonzalez
jorge gonzalez 8 дней назад
Esto es lo que buscaba para un proyecto.
Mr Poopy Butthole
Mr Poopy Butthole 8 дней назад
epic trolling
таиб рагимов
таиб рагимов 8 дней назад
moad pih
moad pih 8 дней назад
شي جميل
Akif Gulahmadov
Akif Gulahmadov 8 дней назад
Dostum sənə bir təklifdə mən edim onu yerdən 25mt yüksəyə qaldır və hər qabın arxasına külək çevirən bir pər tax o zaman gücünü iki qat artırmış olarsan və istədiyin enerji eldə edə bilərsən.demədi deme.
Akif Gulahmadov
Akif Gulahmadov 8 дней назад
Luigino Di Lenardo
Luigino Di Lenardo 8 дней назад
Vjlink Developovich
Vjlink Developovich 8 дней назад
Stupid thing, it doesnt work to give energy, it gives energy itself and works.Energy cant be lost.
MA RACE 9 дней назад
Watchinprogress 9 дней назад
Il lato positivo è che sviluppa anche una discreta coppia. Tramite una moltiplica si potrebbe creare energia. Usando bottiglie più grandi di avrebbe più coppia.
Desmond Bagley
Desmond Bagley 9 дней назад
........ assuming it's real, then it's doing good energy production to overcome the friction of sloshing liquid in the bottles.The friction from the bearings is not too much, air friction would be greater. Although you gave, initial impetus the wheel turned seemingly without slowing as I'd expected..In popular science magazine of 1930s there was no end to the attempts at creating perpetual motion devices for over a decade. Many wheel contraptions were in the mix...The criteria of being able to tap off energy from perpetual motion device is not the definition. If it runs perpetually then it is perpetual motion device.. Anyway I'm sceptical because of all the history about perpetual motion devices, but explaining why some of them Actually didn't work was tricky itself.
totti79 9 дней назад
So what if we can calculate how long it takes to stop ? Will that prove to you that this is not a perpetual machine?
Mr Automatisme et domotique
Mr Automatisme et domotique 9 дней назад
Réglage d'un détecteur de présence ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-hn85Mm5ShwI.html
Кент Кент
Кент Кент 9 дней назад
И еще не пробовали баклашки конусом
Кент Кент
Кент Кент 9 дней назад
Мотор поставить индукции на пять минут или сколько нужно и рЯдить акб и от него же производить пуск
Valeriy Pushkarev
Valeriy Pushkarev 9 дней назад
Yakov Ya
Yakov Ya 9 дней назад
Херня негодная
Mehmet Kolcu
Mehmet Kolcu 9 дней назад
Aferin sana.bravo.great.super.
한성진 9 дней назад
해보니까 뻥임
Prasanna Sohale
Prasanna Sohale 10 дней назад
I understand the effect ...can you just let's know more about .the name of wheel ...and where.. how ..the idea was originated ... thanks
Zaman Yolcusu
Zaman Yolcusu 10 дней назад
Bunlardan devasa boyutlarda yapip elektrik enerjisi elde edilebilir
GreatNFun 10 дней назад
This is efficient, using gravity and the flexibility of liquid to continue the circular motion. Have you added the generator? And how long would it spin with a generator?
K Mystry
K Mystry 11 дней назад
pretty neat...
Burak Gökhan Solmaz
Burak Gökhan Solmaz 11 дней назад
Görüntü sahte .. Motaj yapmış ..
I like Tortoises
I like Tortoises 11 дней назад
You can’t get out more energy from a system than what was putted in, so you can’t extract any energy from it without it stopping. It would only spinn forever if there was no friction and in a vacuum. If you try to extract energy from a machine in these conditions would it stop too.
URI 11 дней назад
Владимир Варламов
Владимир Варламов 11 дней назад
Feik... враньё,ложь.
Blow Your Mind
Blow Your Mind 11 дней назад
You could probably use the Magnetic force field instead of bearings.
SunshineHurricaneMix 13 дней назад
Uniterrupted run time starts at 2:45
Android Odpad
Android Odpad 13 дней назад
Strč si do riti tú debilitu,pridrbaný anglo debil
Joshua Alameida
Joshua Alameida 15 дней назад
Why the negative comments? I’m no physics major, but just watch the wheel. Downward force greater on left side as mass within bottles shifts farther from center vs the right side where force is less as mass shifts closer to center. I get will not run forever due to construction, bearings and such, but he’s got something here. Scale it up to get more torque, put proper gearing in place to speed up rpm for your magnetic induction mechanism, there you have it. If you dont dream to defy norms, you’re just another number, which is exactly what our government wants 😊
Peter Rabitt
Peter Rabitt 13 дней назад
No physics major, huh? I never would have guessed it.
Mike Klauke
Mike Klauke 15 дней назад
Mike Klauke
Mike Klauke 15 дней назад
They already knew in the Middle Ages that this design does not work .
Ufuk Serab
Ufuk Serab 16 дней назад
Question: If there were no bottles and if i spin the wheel with the same force, would the wheel make same number of circles as it is spinning with bottles?
manish jain
manish jain 17 дней назад
this is bul*(&*t . left half of bottles will have downward force which will be opposite to right half of bottles also the set up is vibrating which means energy is getting dissipated so the wheel will stop eventually . looks like you are using external source like air to propel the wheel
Mahidul islam Mahbub
Mahidul islam Mahbub 17 дней назад
What is inside this bottle
hugo thomas
hugo thomas 18 дней назад
you flipping cheat a air hose realistically so obvious. Don't watch it
DEVANSH MATHA 19 дней назад
You mother faker
Telugu Tech Buddy
Telugu Tech Buddy 20 дней назад
Sandor Gyetvai
Sandor Gyetvai 21 день назад
Nice little mechanism which will help you understand some very interesting laws of Physics and how they apply in the real world. What you have done here is converted one type of Kinetic Energy (Linear Hand push) into another type of Kinetic Energy (Rotation of low friction wheel). At best, you have developed a simple energy storage system which has been used to store energy in a mechanical way. This has also been done with Flywheel's using Magnetic levitating bearings (Read article hear: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flywheel_energy_storage). Perpetual Motion Machines are not possible because of the First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation of Energy), which dictates that in any system, you cannot get more energy out of it than is put into it, therefore if there are any causes of energy Loss (bearing friction, air friction, electric generator etc..), then over time, energy is released/converted from the system and you will see the wheel slow down. I love to see people doing fun experiments like this because it helps to lead to the deeper physics questions.
Mehmet Barak
Mehmet Barak 23 дня назад
Peki bu enerji elektrik uretirmi. Bostan korkulugu olarakmi kullanacaz. Rüzgar güllerine entegre edilerek kullanilabilir aslinda la ?
Александр Кудряшов
Русские вы здесь
V1 23 дня назад
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Rifky Fahrana
Rifky Fahrana 24 дня назад
*now everyone becoming physical expert here*
el yeyę guevara ff
el yeyę guevara ff 25 дней назад
Con 90 000 kulowats de pura aburricion you slep youslep
Iskandar Henry
Iskandar Henry 25 дней назад
i did try that 14 years ago.. yes it works.. but its not perpetual motion.. because it used gravity energy.. it surprised me when somebody else finally do the same.. lol..
Simply Robert
Simply Robert 26 дней назад
A perpetual motion machine would break the first law of thermodynamics and from the Big Bang theory , energy was made when the Universe started , slowly draining until it stopped ( mea ing that yes, everything in the world was once just a particle,a dense one , but a particle nonetheless)
Listen Truth
Listen Truth 29 дней назад
Fan off camera blowing wind on it use of different sountrack of bubbly water
Debagnik Kar
Debagnik Kar 29 дней назад
This is a edited one and thus fake
Rolf Berg
Rolf Berg Месяц назад
es dreht, es dreht, es dreht ... bis das Wasser in den Flaschen ausgetrocken ist. TOLL. it is turns, it turns, it turns ... until the water in the tubes is fully dry . GREAT.
Merrimour The Red
Merrimour The Red Месяц назад
cool beans
Bruu Mart
Bruu Mart Месяц назад
Marek Basovník
Marek Basovník Месяц назад
Perpetum Mobile is strong word. Overbalanced kolo is fine. Volna energie is missleading. You simply have to rename it :). If you want to keep free energy statement, you should show us any acceleration (even very small)
D B Месяц назад
I'm gonna zip tie a few bottles of beer to the wheels of my mountain bike next time I'm on way back from the off-licence thanks a bundle!
Clickbait. Месяц назад
Nasa is locating you
Luis Adán Rodriguez García
Luis Adán Rodriguez García Месяц назад
Nazım Nazım
Nazım Nazım Месяц назад
there is no limitless energy .sun too
Adam Raczyński
Adam Raczyński Месяц назад
It's a fake
王道の雑魚 Месяц назад
Technically Tate
Technically Tate Месяц назад
this is fake because if there's always a heavier side that will change the center of mass to the left so if it was real then it would go back and forward
Erke Bola
Erke Bola Месяц назад
*FAKE 🖕*
Peter Jurík
Peter Jurík Месяц назад
It is fake
유소장 Месяц назад
Acid Sulfuric H2SO4
Acid Sulfuric H2SO4 Месяц назад
Loli Angélical
Loli Angélical Месяц назад
A ciencia r clara Não existe energia infinita
Lucas Kochek
Lucas Kochek Месяц назад
This video was debunked by 13 year old. The guy has a fan blowing on it
Don Nadie
Don Nadie Месяц назад
No se mucho del tema pero no estaría usando la "energía de la gravedad" ? No es energía free, si lo pone en un lugar sin fuerza de gravedad y le da un empujón inicial se va a detener tarde o temprano
Frank Jahnholz
Frank Jahnholz Месяц назад
If it would produce free energie, you wouldnt have to give it push to work, right. If you do the same with just releasing the breaks on it and it would start, i would be impressed and probably build it too, one day at lunch break, just to confirm.
SERİ SERİKAN Месяц назад
danvers dante inferno
danvers dante inferno Месяц назад
Степан Дубина
Степан Дубина Месяц назад
Прикольно. Когда нибудь остановится?
Bill Gilroy
Bill Gilroy Месяц назад
I don't know how the water bottles conserve the energy. All of that splashing around of the water and you'd think a lot of the energy will be lost because of it.
GaegolMaster Месяц назад
all free energy is fake. it's impossible
nikki Alexander
nikki Alexander Месяц назад
I find out more things each day as i uncover things looking for clues to unravel the many mysteries of you
nikki Alexander
nikki Alexander Месяц назад
Wow mr colier thats neat stuff .
Bill Miles
Bill Miles Месяц назад
I get it now, your just making money!
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