People who think Attack on Titan is the best anime

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They might be right 😳 this anime is a masterpiece...
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Jan 18, 2021




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Comments 100
Actionj2002 XD
Actionj2002 XD 2 minutes ago
Ruling of the seasons S1:God Tier S2:Shits on S1 S3:Shits on S2 S4:Will eventually Shit on S3
Shef07 Jr
Shef07 Jr 2 hours ago
2:30 udo after Sofia gets crushed by a literal fucking boulder
Liam Hofmans
Liam Hofmans 3 hours ago
I was expected to be offended by jokes but what I saw was violence... Yes...
Rony Chan
Rony Chan 3 hours ago
Guy get stabbed in the neck: Other guy : you okay ? 😭😭😭
PJE 401
PJE 401 3 hours ago
All jokes aside, it really is the best lol
Omar Swanson
Omar Swanson 4 hours ago
NGL, AoT is the first Anime that made me tear up for half a second. Amazing show.
Logan Herbert
Logan Herbert 4 hours ago
plot twist..he thinks demon slayer is the best
Anita Higgs
Anita Higgs 5 hours ago
the ending tho..... sayonaraaa..
David Castillo
David Castillo 6 hours ago
So these dudes basically did an aot discuss in the aot way
Max Cruz
Max Cruz 8 hours ago
AOT is good...it’s just like I dont like how insanely quick they knocked Eager out Otherwise it’s pretty good
Jalen Bennett
Jalen Bennett 8 hours ago
Bro this is me 😂😂😂😂
Wars Lead
Wars Lead 11 hours ago
this video is sasageyo
Annotate 13 hours ago
Nothing but truth spoken. Greatest anime I've seen.
Timeshiftbaby 14 hours ago
Levi is overrated. And I pity him for how miserable he must feel.
nathan ricarte
nathan ricarte 14 hours ago
This is so good Hahahaha
LoneWolf Ranger
LoneWolf Ranger 15 hours ago
The animation is too creepy
Venkata Srikanth
Venkata Srikanth 15 hours ago
If you haven't watched it 3 times, you haven't watched it at all Christopher Nolan: *allow me to introduce myself.*
Cipher 16 hours ago
Levi just Captain Levi ❤️❤️❤️
Khan . Aico
Khan . Aico 17 hours ago
I can tell you're a real g, you're watching Venti Aureo
C. D
C. D 17 hours ago
Im as big of a fan as big as the collosal titan lol 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😁😁😁
Rekha Sharma
Rekha Sharma 17 hours ago
AOT isnt my favorite anime but it truly is a masterpiece
Prototype8 17 hours ago
"I know whats waiting for us over there" -ERIN
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 18 hours ago
Aot is trash
Ani ki
Ani ki 20 hours ago
I tought it was Hana Hana No Mi😅
Kitty In The Fridge
Kitty In The Fridge 20 hours ago
My sister has a good strategy,instead of telling which is the best she just tells top 5 and doesn't tell which she likes the most,everyone should do that in that way there would be no fighting.
Aden Sundaresan
Aden Sundaresan 21 hour ago
after reading aot chapter 138 i can confirm isayama is the goat frfr
MangoQuaffer 22 hours ago
im literally dying right now hahahaha
James Krown
James Krown Day ago
Theres a false narrative that tries to portray the aot fanbase as being toxic when in fact only a very small portion is, and its mostly the younger fans. Aot fandom for the most part is wholesome, manga or anime. And as far as the anime goes, there are a whole lot more "thank you mappa" statements than there are mappa hate statements.
Kermit Wants Death
Hackoru: mourning over his dying friend Cilvanis: _"See ya nigga!"_
Josuke Higashikata
This is actually a JOJO Refrence since he is hitting the other guys from a distance. Which can only mean one thing, he used his stand.
parth kalia
parth kalia Day ago
Nowadays people call everyanime GOAT , Watch steins gate
Kitty In The Fridge
Kitty In The Fridge 20 hours ago
Watched it was 🔥🔥🔥,it's top 2 after aot.
Handle Godd
Handle Godd Day ago
"Just levi" this is actually facts 😂😂😂
Handle Godd
Handle Godd Day ago
😂😂😂bruh I swear this is to accurate
Colin Brewer
Colin Brewer Day ago
It ain’t the best tho just saying
Hj Day ago
Noones hotter than eren and levi. I fudjduurxhu
zakaria ainab
the fact that he had the guts to say he is a monster
Griffin Crump
Absolutely love attack on Titan, but if I were to rebuttal I think I would keep it to 2 words: *ONE PUUUUUNCH!!!!!*
f Day ago
Dylan Simon
Dylan Simon Day ago
I just watch it for all the killin 😃😃
Not Nerdy Noob Ted
Tommy Betts
Tommy Betts Day ago
This video is ok i guess but im not a fan of aot. Overrated in my opinion
i Sarart
i Sarart Day ago
Damn! Armin will not survive in this conversation.
revenge Day ago
im on 2x6 and its so fucking boring i dont care about anything else the story is trash i just wanna seee some fights thats the only thing this anime has going for it
Mine is one piece
Same 3rd reason wow !
3 things Calm,Composed,Cool
Replybait Day ago
0:06 what anime was it again?
Cocomellon Day ago
Jojo part 5 golden wind
When I was 8 , my karate teacher used to teach us japanese. I still remembered , ichi,ni,Sam,si,go,rukh,Sach,hach,ku,zu . Not only this much. My whole copy was finished. That day I still remembered but I left that school due to some problems. I am from India tho
Dark Kawaii
Dark Kawaii Day ago
No more in S4
Monke Man
Monke Man Day ago
Best anime ADAPTATION of all time. Honestly the best anime that came from a manga that I have ever seen, it has the god tier story from the manga without cutting out too much, god tier sound track and god tier animation. Doesn't mean it's the best anime of all time. I still prefer Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion over AOT
pauline Day ago
1:35 I totally relate on that smh 😌
User420 Day ago
Aot is trash
lelemoondae Day ago
I miss first season 🥺
gen 2 days ago
Clara Bat
Clara Bat 2 days ago
FMA brotherhood and Code Geass are sitting in the corner quietly
Your Doom
Your Doom 2 days ago
I would have argue
Mr. Abootoo
Mr. Abootoo 2 days ago
He's not wrong
Kitty In The Fridge
Agreed,the most thrilling and good thing I've watched,I would trade any anime in the earth if I can rewatch s4 or s3 again without memory.
Jadiin Dupree
Jadiin Dupree 2 days ago
I haven’t watched aot yet, but does it really beat One piece, Full alchemist brotherhood, Bleach, Demon slayer (haven’t watched), cowboy bebop, and Naruto
Kitty In The Fridge
In my opinion yes.
Devier 2 days ago
I like black clover more 😕😕😐
Prismatic Gaming
Prismatic Gaming 2 days ago
Because it is
EggLord24 2 days ago
JoJo fans: Are you challenging me?
Ahmad Raed
Ahmad Raed 2 days ago
A mangaka who cannot keep the level of his manga...the manga will never be a masterpiece...the ending is shit. Actually i'm hating shingeki no kyojin more and more day after day when i see these stuff.
Darth Misogyny
I already knew people were gonna be mixed on the ending. Shit gonna be tokyo ghoul re all over again lmao
Kiras Kiwhrbd
Kiras Kiwhrbd 2 days ago
Actually i love aot but the ending man the ending of chapter 138 eas shit i mean it was good but how the hell they saw eren in the mouth while the mouth was closed and some other shit man i just want eren back and everyone else hope isayama make another season for it 😢
_Bla cki_
_Bla cki_ 2 days ago
AOT is definitely a top, my favorite anime is Blue exorcist tho (it’s just a person preference) but I would say the best anime for me is Haikyuu, BUT- the people who watch AOT (me) we got insane sound tracks and god like powers✨ Sorry ya’ll can’t compete
__ 2 days ago
people who only watched aot be like 😂
Adriano Jovanovic
Y`all havent seen Gintama and it shows
L light
L light 2 days ago
Why I feel sad at the end ??😩😩
RYN AK 2 days ago
Monster and Ergo Proxy laughing at that story part.
RYN AK 2 days ago
@EshAn Hanan Have you watched Monster or Ergo proxy? Then reply to me
EshAn Hanan
EshAn Hanan 2 days ago
Chapter 121-123 laughing at all of them
King Dami
King Dami 2 days ago
Overrated ass anime
Muhammad Yaseen
Muhammad Yaseen 2 days ago
Attack On Titan is Indeed Masterpiece, But its Not The Best Anime Of All Time, Its "One" Of The Best
Johann Elijah Keene Serrano
Its real!
Transposed Tesseract
Back here after reading Ch. 138 and crying like crazy. No spoilers, but let me say this: The ending is coming out to be cruel yet beautiful, just like the world in AoT. It's depressing, but brilliant. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Especially people choosing sides in the war at this point or shipping, the story never was about that!)
Kiras Kiwhrbd
Kiras Kiwhrbd 2 days ago
Mani just want eren back😭😭😭😭eren was the best chapter 139 better be good 😢
Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez 3 days ago
I don’t think it’s the best but it’s up there with naruto and one piece and it I haven’t watched aot yet trust me watch it
Mykahaia 3 days ago
Cynthia Estrella
Cynthia Estrella 3 days ago
the fact that i actually did the same move he did w his head when the aot song started playing-
The Gang-Star
The Gang-Star 3 days ago
Casuals: AOT is the bes Men of Culture: anyways, Fantasia is shit compared to the Golden Age Arc
Mr Anime97
Mr Anime97 3 days ago
I agreed with the 3rd Reason 100000000%
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami 3 days ago
Not ‘ 凸.】♀.】♂.】←巨人 ’ playing when the Shingeki No Kyoujin fan is introduced. 😭
primis 3 days ago
it is
Miguel Ribeiro
Miguel Ribeiro 3 days ago
This was actually so funnyy lmao, that's me right there
ROYAL SWAYNE 3 days ago
My dad
YasueYagami 3 days ago
everyone gangsta till aot fan came
It's only good because it's over rated af..
ApolloTheLeader 3 days ago
Third reason? Levi...just Levi.
HeavenlyEric 3 days ago
This is straight up me
ManicPandaz 3 days ago
Hunter X Hunter is better...
Weepin Angel
Weepin Angel 3 days ago
But Cowboy Bebop is even better
ManicPandaz 3 days ago
@Yu-no There is not even a debate X debate here. It’s just a fact X fact. Basically a fact squared... Yes, I’m joking...
SEN- sama
SEN- sama 3 days ago
Your a joker if u think that
Jimmy Alfapfap
Jimmy Alfapfap 3 days ago
Big joke
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati 3 days ago
I can hear my voice in the background at the start
Moisture 3 days ago
Attack on titan has to be the best anime because Levi.
Soras Karma
Soras Karma 3 days ago
vibrebe 3 days ago
@Soras Karma never watched...sorry
Soras Karma
Soras Karma 3 days ago
vibrebe 3 days ago
Yosuga who?
messynate 4 days ago
“I see you guys are talking about anime” gets me every time and the mannerisms 🔥
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager 4 days ago
Onyakopon family
Aryan Jadhav
Aryan Jadhav 4 days ago
Sauce lord
Sauce lord 4 days ago
That shit is trash jujutsu Kaisen is better and The god of high school
SEN- sama
SEN- sama 3 days ago
Ur a joker if ur 100 percent serious
meruem 3 days ago
Please tell me you're kidding or you're like 14
Lemy 4 days ago
Lmao you are trolling 100%
Coolioth 4 days ago
Mane AOT is mid y’all be capping
SEN- sama
SEN- sama 3 days ago
Coolioth 3 days ago
@meruem Idk Imo the middle was repetitive and the first season had horrible pacing. The deaths were also less impactful as non-developed characters were killed immediately after they were introduced. Even still it's still a 8/10 - Which is Very Good. And imo the greatest anime is probably Hunter x Hunter, the perfect anime. But if you take manga into the equation, prolly Berserk, Vagabond, punpun, monster and 21st Century Boyz are up there.
meruem 3 days ago
I excepted better from a guy with guts pfp
just a guy without a beard
0:52 ZA hando
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 4 days ago
Blocky-Olli 4 days ago
my favourite anime is aot but most animes are better ngl
Francesca Franci
Francesca Franci 4 days ago
I'm an AOT fan but the hardcore ones scare me
zenithXgamer 4 days ago
Steven Villaflor
Steven Villaflor 4 days ago
Who attack on titan
People who skip Anime Openings
Dream 300 IQ moments
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