People that have a million alarms set.

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People set a million alarms and ignore every single one of them.
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Aug 29, 2019




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Gabe Mccardell
I need this please help 😂
Ash456 2 hours ago
2:16 😂😂🤣 that scream is the best
Gab Chan
Gab Chan 7 hours ago
Whenever I hear my alarm clock, I almost have a heart attack because I turn it off too quickly. And my friends... I dont know why im still here. Just to suffer Zzzzzz
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 hours ago
Caleb’s sound samples are S-Tier Sadly I can’t even begin to find half of them
FrostWolf 3254
FrostWolf 3254 12 hours ago
Sammy the great
Sammy the great 12 hours ago
Tali nunya
Tali nunya 15 hours ago
as someone who used to religiously do this. I recommend a bight ass light alarm, or leave your blinds open to get the light to wake you in the morning
The Deathless
The Deathless 15 hours ago
Bruh drop that man's number in the description, imma need to hire him.
Lizard Skynard
Lizard Skynard 15 hours ago
J.I.D. had Dicaprio 2 sweatpants? thats awesome!!
Alex Stucky
Alex Stucky 17 hours ago
The stamina in his left arm though
Cosmonaut 17 hours ago
shrek's remaining braincell
title reminds me of that one spongebob episode where he destroys the alarm clock then squidward reveals his own military of alarm clocks in his closet
William Freeze
William Freeze 21 hour ago
This was my older sister growing up, she always set a million alarms lol.
Daniel Johnson
🥰 the hero we need
BillyIsNyeh Day ago
spider on the roof at 2:23 btw yw np
Quentin Massoni
That guy now has PTSD
Andrew Sutton
... yeah I'm one of them
sauce of might
My cousin does this dumbass shit, end up turning his phone off
Jbad11_42 Day ago
2:25 yo uh, u had a spider on ur ceiling there. wonder where it is now.
ESTAROSSA slaughterer of heroes
2:23 anyone noticed that there is something moving on the ceiling ?!
Gabriella Santin
I wish my alarm was that loud
Matron 2 days ago
Ah make that sound go away
John Howarth
John Howarth 2 days ago
spider in the background at 2:22
Poidny Jean philippe
He sent an alarm assassin 😂😂
Cyrus Magnus
Cyrus Magnus 2 days ago
It's weird that people use alarms. I just change my sleep cycle to match waking up at the right time, giving myself at least 2 hours before I need to be ready for whatever it is I'm doing that day, be it work, class, or meeting with friends.
rxspect 2 days ago
Look at 2:24 and look on the ceiling, you can see a bug crawling.
Spearz 3 days ago
I like how the music sounds like stranger things
Teddy Fresh
Teddy Fresh 3 days ago
We all have that one friend who’s the world’s deepest sleeper
Will Blackwood
Will Blackwood 3 days ago
I do all these things
1999 Mazda Miata nb
That’s me
TheFireMonkey9 3 days ago
Just use bedtime mode. It’s pleasant, wakes you up, and you can set which days it goes off.
Rahul Krishna
Rahul Krishna 3 days ago
My brother does this all the time and one of the reason I get pissed of in the morning. P.s he stopped doing it recently (•‿•)
Daniel Charles
Daniel Charles 4 days ago
He reminds me of "L" from Death Note, the character in the hoodie!
Daniel Charles
Daniel Charles 4 days ago
I'm that guy 🤦
Juil 4 days ago
Can I get this man's number?
Pyrite Code
Pyrite Code 4 days ago
I cringe every time I hear the alarm...
شويرت 4 days ago
2:23 can we talk about that insect in the top right corner for a second
Christopher J Saunders
i fell pushed
LocoFace24 4 days ago
Yeah, I cant sleep when the alarm is on but I can sleep like a baby if I heard the screams of my friend being kicked
Wars of the Blade
I have to use a million because I use the silent alarm that vibrates.
Liam Logan
Liam Logan 4 days ago
2:23 bug on the ceiling.
The Newbee
The Newbee 4 days ago
Caleb: sets infinite alarms Also Caleb: never stops sleeping Caleb Caleb: wakes up from alarm to get slept again Also Caleb: TIME LOOP!!
1:20 the way he talks here is so relatable 🤣🤣 my brother talks like this after I tell him to turn off his alarm all the time
noobishply 5 days ago
2:24 there's a spider on the top left of his screen lmao
I am a Tarot Card
I feel this one man, I feel it. Wish this black dude existed in real life.
Laddy boi Laddy boi
Its great because the more i set, the more stressed i get
Shivaprasad S
Shivaprasad S 5 days ago
His background music mashed everything perfect
RDraw ISketchIDK
RDraw ISketchIDK 5 days ago
I'm more focused on how he has a 100 dollar bill on his fridge.
Tariq Assaf
Tariq Assaf 6 days ago
Is that a wii 3:26
RORYUkEr1 6 days ago
Ah yes, music to my ears. 3:50
MrCrazybark 6 days ago
allex2256 6 days ago
If only
Minecraft Battles
Is how the next alarm started to make noise his eyes open like mad
Kingsolar 6 days ago
I got ptsd from watching this...roomies please stop this please
gasparsigma 6 days ago
Of course I know him, he's me
Zylo FN
Zylo FN 6 days ago
I just love this guy
Chevellehhdhejf Roxanne
Turning off alarms now
That one dude •-•
Ok cool, but like..... the snooze button is much bigger and easier to hit than stop. I have to actively search for the stop buttom
Crystal Eidson
Crystal Eidson 7 days ago
If this dude was real I would still be getting kicked well into my next incarnation
Blossom Thebunny
Blossom Thebunny 7 days ago
Its not that I don't hear them, they just get added into my dream until I realize wait why is music playing in my house bathroom?
Phantom Sans
Phantom Sans 7 days ago
That alarm makes my heart beat go from normal-100
Dante Williams
Dante Williams 7 days ago
I don't even have a I phone yet I found the alarm annoying😂😂😂 Cuz my sister used it
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young 7 days ago
I only have one set. But I hit snooze several times. Lol.
God of Dreamzzz
God of Dreamzzz 7 days ago
Ppl who set more than 1 alarm are fucking stupid. What’s the point
Cyn Loera
Cyn Loera 7 days ago
Lmaoooo my bf in my video 🙂🔫
YY Person
YY Person 7 days ago
I just realized I’m that person who has like 5 alarms to get up
God of Dreamzzz
God of Dreamzzz 7 days ago
Noah 7 days ago
I feel attacked
Jorge Rocha
Jorge Rocha 8 days ago
See what I do is grab the person phone and turn it off.
Koli 8 days ago
*gets kicked in the head* *nose bleeds*
Damn that RUvid money paying for surface books.
Kentucky Fried Children
When they get mad that you turned off their alarm that's been ringing for 2 hours and they were happily sleeping next to.
Reed Nichols
Reed Nichols 8 days ago
Me deleting every alarm I’ve ever had so people don’t hate me
L Meister
L Meister 8 days ago
He has so many friends to make these vids and they are all great actors.
Olivia Clay
Olivia Clay 8 days ago
It must of been a dream... Gets beat.😬😷😄
Call Me N
Call Me N 8 days ago
What is his number i need it
Cacti watermelon
Cacti watermelon 8 days ago
when your that one person that sleeps through your alarm watching this: ... i dont feel safe anymore...
Aaron Garlington
Aaron Garlington 8 days ago
The kicking guy sounds like Zavala
Sebastian Wall
Sebastian Wall 8 days ago
Mr.SoundTheAlarm:YOU KICKED ME Me:there's a spider at 2:22
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
“Yes, i suppose i dead 😗”
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