Pelosi's impeachment politics 'will blow up in her face': Ken Buck

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FOX Business' Edward Lawrence reports on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's call for Trump's impeachment, and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) says whether he thinks there are grounds for impeachment in this case.
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Published on


Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Cayla Murray
Cayla Murray 14 days ago
c.daniel Premkumar
c.daniel Premkumar 26 days ago
WhoTF is this nancy. She does not represent the US citizenry.
c.daniel Premkumar
c.daniel Premkumar 26 days ago
Bloody LYING 80 year old Douch-bag needs to be physically KICKED-OUT ? Further, I'm convinced that
Scott Desalvo
Scott Desalvo 2 months ago
Nancy Pelosi should be impeached and imprisoned for she's done
Ilia Iliev
Ilia Iliev 3 months ago
Luck this tiff and crocket position embarrass our country in the world.
Donald w
Donald w 4 months ago
Barbara Snyder
Barbara Snyder 5 months ago
All lies you would speak against God. You sure act like you hate everyone you are a selfish person . Shame her greed your own party wants you out
Nikita Seaton
Nikita Seaton 6 months ago
Is she drunk?? 🤔
Working Class
Working Class 6 months ago
If the United States had any brains they would cleanse the dem scourge.
wonton71 7 months ago
Pelosi is sickening
Aneila Seyie Keretsü
As much as I see America as my role model nation I feel sad that it is run by people like Pelosi and Schumer, degenerated politicians, who haven't been taught how to respect their leaders. The US will remain great as long as they keep electing sensible and patriotic individuals like Trump.
yorocco1 7 months ago
Hahaha!! A bunch of scared men. Go get ‘em Nancy!!
D.E. Jones
D.E. Jones 7 months ago
Jesus Christ will say I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity
jacob try
jacob try 7 months ago
How rude Pelosi are?! I could not understand; how demokrat play so dirty. Are they crazy? ??They believe american people are fool to listen these bunch of lies and do nothing. They play so dirty. These sort of things need to be end. This madness is disgusting. One leader who work for their people -insted of repeating bunch of lies -should be respected; the world need to revise their thought against people who are different from them. Omiting different people are not the only solution; it is the least, and the cheap once.
The Jason
The Jason 7 months ago
History,,, How the democratic empire was put down... All we are a Republic. A mob can infringe on our personal rights just a easily as a king... Hence the Constitution.
The Jason
The Jason 7 months ago
Do it... Do it... I'm watching the train cash. I cannot look away.
jan williams
jan williams 7 months ago
Nancy tries to convince herself that she's not a hateful person. But she is as hateful and wicked as they come.
Tresa Y
Tresa Y 7 months ago
I want her resignation! She and rest of her low life expose us to months of witch hunts & spend money at taxpayers expense! I bet she's not shelling any money out other then her mouth and I'm TIRED of this stuff controlling the channels over decent shows!! Resignation or we, the Americans will impeach you Pelosi & your hangmen! Get a life!
Jcapps57 Johnson
Jcapps57 Johnson 7 months ago
I can only hope and pray justice PREVAIL and she's removed_fired,. Bwhat a menace the Seema have become. So sad so scary, so sickening.
Jcapps57 Johnson
Jcapps57 Johnson 7 months ago
The Dems have abused their power incessantly. Trump deserves another term to make up for all crap the Dems are trying to pull. What crap. She's an insidious scourge and needs to be REMOVED ASAP. Trump 2020, 2024. Long live the Trumpster!!!
Jcapps57 Johnson
Jcapps57 Johnson 7 months ago
I sure hope so. This impeachment BS has gone far ENOUGH. Pelosi should be more specific in her charges against Trump. I haven't heard anything that he done wrong as president. But Posi and the AOC squad are guilty of treason. You can tell how much h she hates Trump. And as a Catholic, I find her rhetoric insulting to Catholics.
JOHN RAU 7 months ago
Democrats suck
K P 8 months ago
Lol she's drunk or took to much of her med again
Jerry Jyrkinen
Jerry Jyrkinen 8 months ago
Yes let's lead this in the truth. And sapina Paloci and Schiff and everyone else that has constantly lied and falsified documents to impeach the president. Only let's charge them with with Treason. And let the pieces fall where they may.
Terry Cornett
Terry Cornett 8 months ago
Clean the color off your forehead!
eRmaC 8 months ago
Last time i seen someone move their hand like that it was a jedi doing a mindtrick.
Kelly Obrien
Kelly Obrien 8 months ago
And there always Stepping on the Constitution and please forgive me but they seem to wipe their butts with our American Flag; and for spiting on our Beliefs.
Kelly Obrien
Kelly Obrien 8 months ago
The Democrats never did anything unless it is to Benefit them.
Kelly Obrien
Kelly Obrien 8 months ago
Fred Hogan
Fred Hogan 8 months ago
I just want to hear Donald Trump tell her “you fired”
Fred Hogan
Fred Hogan 8 months ago
Look at her standing in front of all those American flags..... A true fake patriot!
ivgondef 8 months ago
With no actual crime named. Just talking points.
Esma Waldron
Esma Waldron 8 months ago
And the law professor said no crimes here , only abuse of power were the Democrats
James Renfroe
James Renfroe 8 months ago
The first words from Pepsi's mouth, "that the facts are uncontested"?? another Liar's soliloquy, going to lunch with Hillary?
Barny Rubble
Barny Rubble 8 months ago
All liberals are haters!! They love party over Country!!
Jeane Robles
Jeane Robles 8 months ago
A good Catholic ? Wow Pelosi,,, I'd hate to see a bad one if you represent the "good Catholic" Your hypocrisy is understated.
Freddy Rojas
Freddy Rojas 8 months ago
Nobody is going in pitch my president Donald Trump
Cynthia Burrus
Cynthia Burrus 8 months ago
What a hot bag if TRASH!
Freddy Rojas
Freddy Rojas 8 months ago
Pelosi you are full off sh********
Matthew Reese, PhD DC CN
I would like to know how Nancy can lie like that to the American people with out growing a huge nose.
betty davis
betty davis 8 months ago
Impeach Pelosi impeach Schiff. They are extremely evil people
David Silva
David Silva 8 months ago
Pelosi is hungry for power.
Jasper Jack
Jasper Jack 8 months ago
All of this time and money wasted...think of the many thousand homeless that Nancy could have helped.
Maria De La Hoz
Maria De La Hoz 8 months ago
the ones to be put in jail are Hillary abama biden son pelosi son and pelosi in mental house she is cracy old lady evil killer babys hypocrites
Maria De La Hoz
Maria De La Hoz 8 months ago
the next war be north vs south if will be americans vs DEMOCRATS you don.t have a choice get ready four our turn now
Alec McCotter
Alec McCotter 8 months ago
She is one Crazy b****
Jessie Villanueva
Jessie Villanueva 8 months ago
Pelosi dont disguise your a corrupt Democrat
Kate Hansen
Kate Hansen 8 months ago
If Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic, I must be the Queen of England!
souls cry
souls cry 8 months ago
Democrats produced NO facts, NO crime, NO evidence, NO accuser, NO due process protections for the president...TOTALLY bogus and harmful to our nation and national security! Everyone of them should be in jail for SEDITION/TREASON with intent to overthrow the government and incite insurrection!
Jessie James
Jessie James 8 months ago
She does look scared. She really should be !
Hugh Mcgarity
Hugh Mcgarity 8 months ago
Based just on the erratic hand movements she is suffering brain fog. The botox injections have penetrated her cranium and caused this.
Jessie James
Jessie James 8 months ago
I cant stand to look at her. Time for double standard Pelosi to hit the road .
Jessie James
Jessie James 8 months ago
She slurs too much. Shes got to be a sipper ...
Jessie James
Jessie James 8 months ago
So sad. Her plans melted right in front of her . All that free money is now accounted for. Now It's buisness as usual ...I feel so sad for her ...
paul childs
paul childs 8 months ago
She is religious she a methylated spiritualist
Jess Hatley
Jess Hatley 8 months ago
Nan-Pe's "facts" are not facts and the Democrats entire push for this farce is most certainly are contested...
Seekingbuddah 8 months ago
What a weirdo self serving Pelosi is....a Catholic who supports abortion ...huh? The wealthiest dumocrate in Congress while homelessness and urine stench grows unprecedentedly in her home district of SF as she lives behind her golden walled rose garden gates. She has done nothing for the American people other then enrich herself....what a weirdo....it’s scary to think people actually vote for her
michael russell
michael russell 8 months ago
Donald J. Trump 2020 100 %
John Brown
John Brown 8 months ago
madtoytle 8 months ago
the cougar doesn't hate trump.....she DESPISES him!
Virginia Hughes
Virginia Hughes 8 months ago
Teri Matich
Teri Matich 8 months ago
Nancy, Nancy please step down.
Teri Matich
Teri Matich 8 months ago
The way many see it, the Democrats have abused their authority and should be removed from their positions in government.
Francesco Allevato
Francesco Allevato 8 months ago
Trump is going to win because he brought working people out of their misery
Francesco Allevato
Francesco Allevato 8 months ago
Ha ha ha look at Pelosi mouth go from left to right in a twisted agonizing way the dentures are not going to make it believable what she’s say about impeachment hahahahahaaaaaa
Jim Peveler
Jim Peveler 8 months ago
Poloski is sad And she looks as stupid as she is we already know she’s done and she knows it she’s a freaking idiot
Alphando Bushea
Alphando Bushea 8 months ago
This accusations is like turning democracy into Hypocrisy, hopefully they can get off these losing track. Helping on defending American way of life leading in technology, defense, medicine, infrastructures, let's human worship like when they see the silk road project completing.
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump 8 months ago
This is about a Catholic who supports late term abortion and abusing her power strictly for political gain. End of story.
Üte T.
Üte T. 8 months ago
Phoenix Rich
Phoenix Rich 8 months ago
Pelosi is a Demon Witch!
Sue Ginger
Sue Ginger 8 months ago
Nancy family Husband And All family of Nancy Newsom Getty's Brown s Feinsten s There Corrupt And Liars of Criminals ..In the House of Democrats ..Nancy Bloomberg ,, Schumer Adam Schiff Obama Hillary Biden Bernie Have Abused our True Americans And America& Benghazi Crap for 8 Years ..Sold Gov Guns too Mexico Bad People ..Sold Uranium Too our Enemies ..All these Democrat's Have done,, is Stolen Millions off our State Districts for Years and Selling America Down the Drain With Obama Hillary Biden Bernie Omar Tlabid Soro & His Son Alex AOC Harris Who all hate our Military America ....They are out too Start a Big Revolution War on our American Citizens ....
patricio amenabar
patricio amenabar 8 months ago
Pelosi, the witch of the Witch Hunt, say "Impeach with a heart full of love". Then she pretends to be ofended when asked if she hates Trump, because as a Catholic she resents the question -. What fruit bascket this old senile woman is.
Greg Carpenter
Greg Carpenter 8 months ago
She's a Evel nasty backstabbing lowlife who sold out the USA to the Cartel. Hell she can't even take care of her district. Look at all the homeless people who live on the streets. Term limits now get these nonworking lowlife backstabbing people out of office
BILL randell
BILL randell 8 months ago
As a Catholic!!.. Why has the POPE put a God Demon in the entrance of the Coliseum?? and not just a Demon..MULOCK the God of CHILD SACRIFICE!!! and Infanticide!!..For the DIRECT evidence Google "Statue in front of Coliseum" and read the article from "Pulpit and Pen"..Nice thing for the POPE to display after all the Pedophiles in his Church have destoyed so many young lives!!.. When are people going to rise up and Burn this Den of Pedo's to the ground???
James Semisi Tuineau
Nancy hates that Donald Trump won the highest office in the land and her Dems , lost government good Job Donald Trump ♥️
rossco henderson
rossco henderson 8 months ago
Keep running this impeachment , it's great for the President and his 2020 re-election . The Democrats are a dying breed of buffoons and how ignorance can grow out of control .
MsTienLong 8 months ago
Nancy, you and band Democrat abused the powers for longtime ago. You don't like our President because he has been loving this country so he is has been doing the good thing for our country and the people. On the other hand you and Democrat band corrupted, traitor and want keep the power just for your interests and your money.
6655321 8 months ago
why does she have 2 eyebrows for each eye?
Michael & Paulette
Michael & Paulette 8 months ago
The far left, no way liberal, members of the Democratic Party, should join the Green Party. This way, the sincere patriots, with common sense, & respect for our Constitution & country, can repair the Democrat Party. Hopefully the crooked members will be going to prison.
Janet Hibbs
Janet Hibbs 8 months ago
Dems are the ones who should be impeached they are abusing their power and breaking the law. The President has done nothing wrong and they will be sorry for what they are doing.
Michael & Paulette
Michael & Paulette 8 months ago
Good for her. Put 1 more nail in the coffin of the far left. I feel bad for the actual good men & women in the Democrat party. They are obviously the minority.
My World
My World 8 months ago
"His own political benefits" (Pelosi) Interesting line .... what benefits did President Trump actually receive?
Connie Ogden
Connie Ogden 8 months ago
She needs put out.
Tamil Maran
Tamil Maran 8 months ago
She will be call the Wicked Witch when this is over
Tamil Maran
Tamil Maran 8 months ago
She look on Drugs
Colleen McGrady
Colleen McGrady 8 months ago
Let’s face it folks .. a computer can do a better job of running our states than most of these strutting career politicians .. just look at the dismal state of CA and Detroit and other sad places in America and yet these talking head politicians really do very little to improve the lives of their constituents ...it’s time the narcissists like Waters .. Warren and Pelosis were drummed out Office .. well programmed robots would do a better job and cost the tax payers nothing .. hey how about it ?
James wood
James wood 8 months ago
TRUMP 2020
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin 8 months ago
Nancy POOPLOSAY has been playing with Bob MOLDER' S little weenee !!!!
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin 8 months ago
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin 8 months ago
With a fart full of love ? No flatus !!! Fart full of flatus !!!
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 8 months ago
Why don’t republicans send all this nonsense to the supream cort to end this hi cost to the tax payers and get it done for good we all no it’s one sided not bypardison at all shuemmer should be kicked out for stopen a bill that would help people with their perschripton drugs call him out now
Stephen Ostrander
Stephen Ostrander 8 months ago
who voted down the ss raise vote them out this wasting our tax dollars
Stephen Ostrander
Stephen Ostrander 8 months ago
who voted down the ss raise vote them out this wasting our tax dollars
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 8 months ago
You're messing with US Nancy! You swamp rot, vile, self-serving mongers will pay dearly oin 2020. Bu-bye and good riddance! I'm NOT Catholic and there is NO love or prayers in my heart for a woman so full of hatred and contempt. Enjoy your millions you have made off US and please KEEP YOUR TIRESOME MOUTH SHUT as you fade away from US the AMERICAN PEOPLE!
Bill Hooven
Bill Hooven 8 months ago
Pelosi should be impeached for up-staging Pres. Trump t the Climate Change Meeting...she really overstepped her position...Nothing in the Constitution bout the Speaker counter manding the President
Michael Or
Michael Or 8 months ago
Nancy, you do not hate president Trump because you are a catholic. Religion does not provide protection for long doing. You do not hate President Trump, but you want to impeach him before he was sworn in as president. You do not hate President Trump, you want to put him in jail. You do not hate President Trump, you want to put his children in jail. You do not hate President Trump, you want years of his tax return. You do not hate President Trump, you want to ruin him financially. You do not hate President Trump, you want to isolate him from all his friends and staff. Need l say more If this is not hate, what do you want to call this. Nancy, do not mess with all Americans, you are a disgrace to your faith
Jack Huffman
Jack Huffman 8 months ago
Pelosi thinks she is above the president but in reality she just want people to crap in your yard
TRUMPFOREVER 8 months ago
Come 2020 when WE THE PEOPLE strip these Communists of all their power, I predict a lot of things will blow up. If you think their Commie supporters have been insane these past 3 years, you haven’t seen nothing. They will become more violent than ever. Too bad Nancy’s Catholics never appeared when millions of unborn babies were slaughtered.
John Onda
John Onda 8 months ago
Lying big time Pelosi. Political hit job on the President by the Dems.
Jerry Busleta
Jerry Busleta 8 months ago
The whole Democrat party and all of their supporters are nothing more than Keystone Communists!!
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