Pelosi: Impeachment has absolutely nothing to do with politics

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly press conference. This takes place after the House Judiciary Committee held its first impeachment hearing and after Pelosi asked House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment. #FoxNews
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 1 533
Dori Wright
Dori Wright Month ago
This woman is horrible. She should be impeached, taken out of any say, put on the streets with her constituents. She no more believe in THE Constitution than the man in the moon. She is DEEP STATE all the way.
Gary Connolly
Gary Connolly Month ago
Nancy is so full of Schiff that she can't focus on what she is not doing, like infrastructure trade agreements, health care and so on! I have to laugh that she says that the impeachment is not political, it's constitutional. I think that the facelifts are now putting a strain on her brain.
Joseph Knox
Joseph Knox Month ago
Wow, the president appealing court cases to higher courts is an obstruction of justice?
106060DV Month ago
She seriously makes me ill.
Dolores Cook
Dolores Cook Month ago
She's getting away w/ nothing but the most all crooked vile mean, meaningless worthless junk. Her time will come, & her punishment for the unbelievable lies she tells & twists. Her hand & arm motions are uncomfortable to watch. Even her fingers are strange. Her walk is strange, her voice & talking are also. And she gets on those rants where she rambles on & on making excuses for their abuse of power & position. For use & waste of American tax payer money, but she's just fooling herself. Alot of the American citizens are not buying it. She thinks we're all stupid like the Democrats.
First Last
First Last Month ago
Nancy Fontaine
Nancy Fontaine Month ago
she can fly over to Spain on a private jet at the taxpayer's expense. Pathetic Nancy Pelosi
Whity 458
Whity 458 Month ago
How the hell is Pelosi in the position she is in. She hardly makes any sense rambling and constantly sounds pissed and confused.
Sylvia Wernicke
Sylvia Wernicke Month ago
Such a shame-less cor-pse of a crea-ture!
JimmyDickens1 Month ago
I am a proud independent. I hold allegiance to no party. But after this fiasco and what the democrat party did to Justice Kavanaugh, I will never vote for another democrat ever again. If I can't vote for the republican candidate, then I just won't vote at all.
JimmyDickens1 Month ago
This impeachment has EVERYTHING to do with politics. This is the first time in my life I've every seen anyone charged with a crime and punishment and declared guilty (Jan 2017: Dems declare they are going to impeach President Trump) BEFORE the alleged event even occurred (25 July 2019). This whole thing stinks to high-heaven!!
David Edgerton
David Edgerton Month ago
Her father is the father of lies. It wasnt a vigil it was a seance.
Philip Buster
Philip Buster Month ago
She's a lying Dem
Rick Chapman
Rick Chapman Month ago
She's pulling your leg, it's all about politics!!
MrMelgibstein Month ago
This is a very sad day, I think, for our country," Pelosi told CNN's Jake Tapper. "It's something that I would have hoped we could have avoided. But the President's made it necessary. You cannot violate the Constitution in full view." - - -- You can not violate the Constitution in full view.Does Pelosi mean you can violate the Constitution not in full view? Is that the best way to violate the Constitution?
G G Month ago
It's hard to believe that there are people who actually vote for her.
Taj Mulhall
Taj Mulhall Month ago
She such a freaking joke how did she keep her job this long
ideaquest Month ago
What you are seeing is not an old lady. It’s a beautiful fresh flower, full of love for the whole world.
John Ferry
John Ferry Month ago
Yeah ok Nervous Nancy. And the weather channel has nothing to do with the weather. Stone cold liar and disgusting traitor.
Michael DeSilvio
Pelosi means hairy in Italian.
LUKE Stenglein
LUKE Stenglein Month ago
Cy Todd
Cy Todd Month ago
This impeachment attempt has nothing to do with reality or facts.... therefore it's all about politics. What happened to "bi-partisan" being a requirement? The vote against was bi-partisan, I suspect it will be MORE bi-partisan against impeachment. (like, anyone with a brain)
JBomb82 Month ago
Nancy, your party is responsible for this sham. Since the day the president was elected.
JBomb82 Month ago
Their "facts". Hahahaha
JBomb82 Month ago
She's so annoying. It's hard to listen to her talk. She's beyond old and just crazy acting. Someone needs to get her meds on check.
GZR RZG Month ago
This old lady is a liar and a hypocrite! She’s not even a Catholic! Catholic doesn’t support abortion which she Proudly support! I hope we’ll not see you again in TV!
Phyllis Sinopoli
Her heart is full of the same love a pregnant woman has for the viable fetus she aborts.
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers Month ago
Pelosis house needs a coat of paint...
You haven't done anything no matter how much you shudder you have!!
Wolfman Rich
Wolfman Rich Month ago
Pelosi has ordered Alexandria Ocasio Cortaz, Maqxine Waters Ilhhan Omar, and Rashida Thalib and other left wing troublemaker-haters to disappear from the media. She doesn't want the American people to see who really is behind this impeachment.
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill Month ago
She should get on her BROOM & just fly away!!!
Yamaha Venture
Yamaha Venture Month ago
Nutty Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have created a constitutional crisis by misusing impeachment to remove a legally elected president because they don't like him and they to this day refuse to accept the 2016 election results. This is the biggest abuse of power by the house of representatives in the history of America.
The Brain
The Brain Month ago
Why does she pencil her eyebrows so high?....o wait....it makes her appear that she is saying something of interest. That's how she fools her followers.
heimatau0131 Month ago
She is a Catholic, so she never lies. Everything that comes out of her mouth is the gospel truth. Please leave her alone.
misty G
misty G Month ago
Can't believe she has the nerve to LIE straight to the American people! If NOT Political WHY did they say "if we don't impeach him, he will win 2020" and WHY the PUSH to do before end of year & stop him? WHY HAVE THEY SPENT 3 YEARS AND FIND O ON A PEOPLE ELECTED PRES SO HAVE TO TWIST & FAKE IT? WHY HAVEN'T THEY PASSED TRADE DEAL? WHY HAVE THEY OBSESSED OVER HIM & NEGLECTED THEIR ELECTED DUTIES??
Phoenix RC Crawler
Who lets this poor woman talk.
Vashti King
Vashti King Month ago
It's all about democratics Catholicism Satanism, it's failing U
David Orpwood
David Orpwood Month ago
Jack Peoples
Jack Peoples Month ago
Pelosi: my slurring has nothing to do with alcohol
Chookity Pok
Chookity Pok Month ago
The USA should be ashamed of themselves to use their currency that depicts the Slavers of Africans.
blind man
blind man Month ago
she is pure evil
Chookity Pok
Chookity Pok Month ago
I'm wondering if RUvid and Fox News has a deal to let advertising for Trump. Isn't that against their policy?
Bher Rabbit
Bher Rabbit Month ago
Nothing but Democrat generated BS for over 3 years and they refuse to look at any of the charges leveled against themselves. We have seen Democrats calling for impeachment since BEFORE any of this even "theoretically" occurred. Not political? Democrats have claimed how many instances of wrong doing by the "duly elected President" prior to any of this drivel? Your words are those of desperation, your actions those of a puppet.
Six Delta
Six Delta Month ago
Pelosi, Nadler & Schiff. The 3 Ringleaders of the Impeachment Circus = Turkic Khazars (Crimea/Ukraine origin). What are the odds? Probability = (0.0171)^3 = 1 chance in 199,992 = 99.9994% probability NOT RANDOM. Cosmic Coincidence???
Ludo Kressh
Ludo Kressh Month ago
What is she looking at at the beginning? If it's the time, her watch is on the other wrist....LOL!
Randy Roe
Randy Roe Month ago
I wonder if she really believes what she says...?
floornormal1 Month ago
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
ROTFLMAO What a clown.
radwizard Month ago
@15:56 the other News Channels on youtube don't show this.
Na Na
Na Na Month ago
What does Nancy Pelosi and Trump impeachment have in common ? Depends !
Christopher Rose
Politics is the means governments are (by the U S Constitution) staffed in this country. She's about money and power
Cary Wooster
Cary Wooster Month ago
Don't use God's creation as a backup for your heathen beliefs! You and yours are trying to erase Him, so try to use Him for your political agenda now!
Shawn Scannell
Shawn Scannell Month ago
Always placating the special interest groups that vote primarily demento-crap. To stupid to be let out anywhere without adult supervision.
P Month ago
Fix your volume.
Appen Zeller
Appen Zeller Month ago
Is there no one that can shut her up ??
Shana M. Dobson
Shana M. Dobson Month ago
So now the Constitution matters... just not the 1st and 2nd amendments. Pelosi is full of nothing but lies and bs.
Just Angie
Just Angie Month ago
Seriously, Pelosi sounded like x2 Xanax and dry martini 🍸
vk Month ago
she needs a drink reeeeeaaaaal bad , shaking and slurring wow that lady is wacky
Colin McWobbles
Colin McWobbles Month ago
It seems to me that The only person trying to protect the Constitution is PRESIDENT Donald Trump.....2020
Larry Long
Larry Long Month ago
Anyone Who Is A Blind Democrat And Believes The Lies Of What Nancy Pelosi Is Saying In This Video Is Just As Lost As Nancy Pelosi Is. I Mean Are You Serious Nancy?"We The People." Aren't As Stupid As You Might Think!
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