Peanut Butter & Jelly WORLD RECORD Challenge (1-Minute)

Matt Stonie
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Peanut Butter & Jellies!! The current world record is set at 6 eaten in 1 Minute by Patrick Bertoletti. I wanted to see how I'd fair against that number..


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Sep 27, 2019




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Comments 14 267
Aditya Auti
Aditya Auti 2 hours ago
Me: When the bus is here and you've got 2min left
Divya Sri S
Divya Sri S Day ago
I'm afraid that he would bite his fingers in the same force 😲
Suzy Snyder
Suzy Snyder 3 days ago
He left a sandwich.
Kris White
Kris White 4 days ago
Ain't a throat in the world bruh 😭😭😭⏸️ Hope y'all had medics on standby 😭😭😭
Yt SgtClovers
Yt SgtClovers 4 days ago
I wondered why there was no bread in my local shop
Mohammad Hamad
Mohammad Hamad 5 days ago
I do not like peanut butter
Jorge Zeferino
Jorge Zeferino 5 days ago
That's perfectly you're eating peanut butter & jelly 😄
Cody Zamora
Cody Zamora 6 days ago
You shit money
P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸
Bro I knew about this dude but how the fRIG dose anyone like pb&j sandwiches (P.S Aussie rules)
Brenda Lentsch
Brenda Lentsch 11 days ago
Why is there tape on the peanut butter just curious
Yloo233 12 days ago
How can he eat so much stuff and be so tin
VRboy101 13 days ago
he has the peanut butter fort cover with a peace of tape
sassino bello
sassino bello 14 days ago
bro jokes in this comment section are so fucking unfunny
Mariah Francois
Mariah Francois 16 days ago
I can't even look at a pbnj sandwich without feeling sick now
Martyana Davis
Martyana Davis 17 days ago
next time try to chew more before you put your next sandwich in that way you won''t gag or choke.
Marksman Playz
Marksman Playz 20 days ago
Deathly allergic to peanuts but i want this now
roblox_gamer52 20 days ago
u should vs joey chest nut
FK SQUAD 23 days ago
Egg chaling pls🖤😬
Elijah Batts
Elijah Batts 24 days ago
am I the only one who wants to know the rules
JACOB DUNN 24 days ago
TABI :| 24 days ago
Yo: mati, solo agarra uno El mati:
2445 Ego
2445 Ego 27 days ago
This just sounds dangerous haha 🥪
stud. ycloudx
stud. ycloudx 27 days ago
When people ask : how did Matt died ??? We : he ate jam with peanut butter but I guess a little to fast.... 🤡🔫✨
Paula Annan
Paula Annan 27 days ago
8 sandwiches
Flipper 28 days ago
The First video i didnt skip the Sponsor😂
NOOBRIDERR 28 days ago
Peanut butter and bread is one thing I'd actually be scared of speed eating because if something goes wrong it's going to be tough to clear out. I mean as you saw even Matt was choking and coughing
Rani Khokhar
Rani Khokhar 28 days ago
Did some one notice that he always wear Black 🖤
tdog 29 days ago
how does it work for workd record is it when you swallow or when it’s in your mouth
Tristano_ 227
Tristano_ 227 29 days ago
Do be honest i've never really had a pb&m. I've only had pb&j as well as my favorite pb&b (banana)
Anime J
Anime J Month ago
I have 3 a day
branza gamer
branza gamer Month ago
eat the all burger of mcdonald s
Goldberg Sam
Goldberg Sam Month ago
ate 16 sandwiches also Matt : "Little bit of calories"
urdett Month ago
Thomas Crier
Thomas Crier Month ago
Incroyable 😱
 Dark Knight ~[AMV]~
I am going to Beat the world record in 50s
 Dark Knight ~[AMV]~
An issue am going to do it in let it up bros channel bye see your channel soon
 Dark Knight ~[AMV]~
I am 12 and I am going to do it today I will give u a lot of credit because when u do it i want to do it so 1 minute I will do it in 55s ok bye
Krish As I Am
Krish As I Am Month ago
Watch Saapattu Raman channel... He can give a tough fight to Matt
Krish As I Am
Krish As I Am Month ago
Super easy for Matt
Ariana Phillips
Ariana Phillips Month ago
I like peanut butter and onion sandwiches, they sound gross, but delicious!!
Tails 64
Tails 64 Month ago
Matt stonie: eats a lot of pbj sandwiches in 1 minute me:infernal stomach pain after eating 1ml of peanut butter (don’t worry I’m not peanut allergic)
tt’s_flips Month ago
If you have a peanut allergy don’t even watch this video
ALEFE LUIZ Month ago
Gamze Ayas
Gamze Ayas Month ago
Not worth risking life health for more money
Z Shinobi
Z Shinobi Month ago
3:33 help
advait sahay
advait sahay Month ago
Me screaming ay my Laptop: DUDEEEE CHILLLLLL!!!
LaOx Hype
LaOx Hype Month ago
Bet he never goes to grandma's house again
Just A Watermelon
I loved the little shopping montage 😁
The Bat
The Bat Month ago
I actually watched this on full stomach and nearly vomited
Garrett Michalak
No he didn’t do it
Garrett Michalak
If it’s unofficial why you care so mivhu
TjvIogz Month ago
What if he don’t drink no water only to eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich, he gone be threwing up by then lol.
Daniel jeffery
Daniel jeffery Month ago
Hell yeah.
Underrated Month ago
I have watched this 3 times idk why it’s just too satisfying to watch😫
Liam 1234
Liam 1234 Month ago
nicco mensch
nicco mensch Month ago
At some point there does have to be a physical limit though right? I mean this shit is not infinite. Like under no circumstances could you eat 700 of them in a minute so what is the actual limit?
amar gaffoor
amar gaffoor Month ago
normal people: cant eat 1 slice in under one minute. matt: hold my peanut butter jelly bread..
BLZRDD Month ago
You could’ve just eaten two sandwiches at once.. I wouldn’t know tho! I wish you would’ve actually read the rules. I was super curious!
Kaden :D
Kaden :D Month ago
Hey all you people hey all you people hey all you people will you listen to meeeeee I just had a sandwich no ordinary sandwich a sandwich made with jellyfish jellyyy
787 787
787 787 Month ago
Etienne Etienne
Etienne Etienne Month ago
Peanut butter is so 🤢how can americans eat this thing
Heidi Month ago
you made them to big
Heidi Month ago
you made them to big
does this man just never gets tired by eating
Raducel Boss1412
This dude water a sandwich faster then 8 seconds
Raducel Boss1412
I bet he can eat all of them in 2022 Matt: yea let's eat 103 tacos in 8 mins Me:WAT
Dandyplayzz Month ago
Somedudeonaiphone Chilling
The only rules should be: Each sandwich should have 2 tssp of peanut butter and jelly Each the world record amount of sandwiches or more in under a minute Eating is not school, it’s fun
Task Force 369
Task Force 369 Month ago
Ahmaris appling
Ahmaris appling Month ago
I love phj
*Matt talks about the rules* Me: *snores* What what? Did I just hear a countdown? Finally
Tommy Wolfe
Tommy Wolfe Month ago
PBM now stands for Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise Sandwich
Crqcked Month ago
Matt and his gf having dinner His gf: I will be right back I need to use the restroom Also his gf when she comes back: where’s the food? Matt: *burp*
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz Month ago
4:02 after eating 6 sandwiches super fast, the only thing he has to say is "sex"
Myles Stewart
Myles Stewart Month ago
I meant you should have with your peanut butter and jelly
Myles Stewart
Myles Stewart Month ago
I meant you should have milk with that being burned jelly
Myles Stewart
Myles Stewart Month ago
You know you said milk with that peanut butter and jelly
exzy PrOF
exzy PrOF Month ago
Man I did that in just 1 attempt😂😂
YTBR SosyalEmre
YTBR SosyalEmre Month ago
George Wrathall
George Wrathall Month ago
NintendoESPANOL Month ago
7:48 is where he starts eating. Thank me latet
Cloak Month ago
"I don't like how much I gagged, it's a shame because" "You would have been faster" Aye pause on that bro
Ahmad Sheri
Ahmad Sheri Month ago
I was cry in third attemt
The piggy bacon Man
Me in the middle of the night getting a snack
Nacarri Smith
Nacarri Smith Month ago
We all know that he got constipated after this video 😲🙄
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher Month ago
So am I missing something I have seen many of Matts videos and he always stops the clock when he gets the food in his mouth. Dont you technically have to finish chewing and swallowing? If so his times are very inaccurate for his challenges.
Observedset Month ago
No you don’t
Yajum Boje
Yajum Boje Month ago
U eat a lot of stuffs and all but Still ur not fat 😢
Observedset Month ago
do you want him to be fat???
Stacey McNae
Stacey McNae Month ago
Beating 6 in a minute that's 1 every 10 seconds
YD Animations
YD Animations Month ago
You are cool and stupid ✌🤘😃😁😆
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Month ago
Hello u try a Navajo Burgers. Or fry Bread 🍞 thanks
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Month ago
Sorry from the Navajo Nation. Hell yeah bro.👍👌🤟🤘✌️
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Month ago
Dude hell from Navajo nation
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Month ago
Dude hell from Navajo nation
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Month ago
Robert Nelson
Star ruler Gaming
It takes me 10 minutes to eat one of these ;-;
TITAN Swifty83
TITAN Swifty83 Month ago
With all the pain Matt goes through with these challenges he deserves so many records including this one
Diamond Of the realm
I have never eaten one
Carlos Month ago
you are an animal my friend
evan Month ago
My Parents Hate White Bread My Parents Love Brown Bread But I Looooooooooooove The White Bread
Jason Born
Jason Born 2 months ago
Matte sone dounsent need dinner or larch or brakfest
I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza