PBA Bowling Tour Finals Championship Round 06 19 2018 (HD)

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This show was televised on CBS Sports. The USBC, PBA, and CBS own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those with no access to that channel available and would like to watch the show.


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Jul 24, 2018




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Gustavo Lara
Gustavo Lara 2 months ago
Who else play his 1rst time and came to watch this kind of videos
Red Robin
Red Robin 2 months ago
Dagnabit 😂😂
Kazue 5 months ago
Two handed bowling is the best!!!!!
Adam Jankowski
Adam Jankowski 5 months ago
Does that announcer not realize you can hear him in the background when he’s bitching? 😂
Adam Jankowski
Adam Jankowski 5 months ago
I don’t understand why people hate on two hands, like why can’t there be different styles? There’s different styles in all sports, it’s just a method of how to bowl better in my opinion. People are always figuring out ways to do things better so I don’t really see why two handed bowling would be any different.
Danielle Rickel
Danielle Rickel 6 months ago
i love watching bowling pba
Ethan Crumbley
Ethan Crumbley 7 months ago
I just bowled a 181 and this is my 1st year ever bowling
Did you have bumpers
Artistically Kaylee
Artistically Kaylee 6 months ago
James Edward
James Edward 7 months ago
Two hands 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ninja 19 days ago
James Edward there is nothing wrong about bowling with two hands. Every sport has different methods of doing the sport. Even if you bowl with one hand, you usually start with two hands, and change to one hand. Two handed bowling ISN’T CHEATING
Darren Gwin
Darren Gwin 6 months ago
@James Edward its just a different method. everyone still has to shoot behind a foul line 60 feet away
James Edward
James Edward 6 months ago
Niclas Bang Rasmussen 8B Søhusskolen what do you think about it?
Zachary Maneja
Zachary Maneja 7 months ago
Yesper has the most consistently broken pose
utah branse
utah branse 7 months ago
Do the bowlers and the crowd hear the commentators?
Darren Gwin
Darren Gwin 6 months ago
not supposed to because they are behind a sound barrier but if your close enough and if its quiet enough, you can barely hear them
RicePudding 8 months ago
I’m proud getting 90...
T M F 9 months ago
Played my first game of bowling for over 20 years. Got a 156 and thought I was king pin
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo 9 months ago
Who's watching this before or after going bowling with friends?
TJ Vlogs
TJ Vlogs 9 months ago
I bowled a 279 in December
TJ Vlogs
TJ Vlogs 7 months ago
Why do you not believe that
Vaggelz 7 months ago
I don't think so
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 9 months ago
I just bowled a 122. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Š ü ć ć ë š š Gãńg
Bella Rose I just got a 152 2 days ago
TheGapdu 9 months ago
ja gram lepiej
Thastreetsismine 10 months ago
Man these jokes are super dry😕
s1dest3p 10 months ago
They need to make it a rule that you can't bowl with two hands. Takes away from the class and skill from bowling and don't even want to watch.
ghosthunter 1331
ghosthunter 1331 5 months ago
@Kazue it does not depend on how much hands you use no matter how much hands you have it really depends in your skill think of it its actually logical
ghosthunter 1331
ghosthunter 1331 5 months ago
​@s1dest3p there was no proof that two handers have a better chance of winning it truly depends on your skill and if u hate two handers just keep it to urself instead of offending other two handers.
Kazue 5 months ago
Two handed bowling is better than 1 handed bowling
Wer Jobs
Wer Jobs 7 months ago
s1dest3p 2 handed bowling can be easier but it completely depends on the oil pattern. On shorter oil patterns 1 handed is easier however on longer and heavier patterns 2 handed can be easier. They both have their own pros and cons.
Simon Sed
Simon Sed 7 months ago
Seems like innovation to me. I'm a 1 handed bowler, but I don't see a problem with it. Still requires the same type of skills (versatility, accuracy, reading and adapting to changing lane conditions). I don't really get how it takes away from the sport.
Thugergnaut 10 months ago
The only Master Pro bowler I don't see here is Roman.
václav šlajch
václav šlajch 5 months ago
He's bowling with Nico.
Lamarindo 10 months ago
Most boring thing to Watch evveeeeeeeerrrr
ghosthunter 1331
ghosthunter 1331 5 months ago
then watch something you like instead of booing other sports that people likes what are you even doing in this video go watch something else idiot
Vaggelz 7 months ago
Then go watch something else??
Jonathan Mayer
Jonathan Mayer 9 months ago
You must not be a golfer.
sean cuber
sean cuber 10 months ago
@Lamarindo the only reason for you to say that anything or anyone sucks is because you just not know oh to play or be someone where there are professional at something . I think you only know how to say to other people that they suck which is stupid and retarded also STFU
sean cuber
sean cuber 10 months ago
@Lamarindo I'm sorry but my comment has 3 likes and yours got 1 . So people think I'm more correct compare to the u think before you speak bro
Nick Ciminelli
Nick Ciminelli 10 months ago
Simonsen needs to chill he walks up and bowls so fuckin fast 😂
johncenameme 175
johncenameme 175 11 months ago
why does that one guy always go for the black ball
johncenameme 175
johncenameme 175 8 months ago
@cozzi67 you are right so i guess not
cozzi67 11 months ago
great player and is almost unbeatable if he finds a shot on the left with urethane ... that said if he doesn't find a shot with Urethane he´s pretty much an ave pro ...but is that such a bad thing
Nolan Pesh
Nolan Pesh 11 months ago
i love seeing all these comments on how people think they know how to bowl😒
Metzler18 9 months ago
Nolan Pesh oh dope. I haven’t qualified yet, not sure I want too though
Nolan Pesh
Nolan Pesh 9 months ago
Metzler18 i did not because i had to go to an award ceremony the day that i was able to go to the qualifying tournament but im going this year
Metzler18 9 months ago
Nolan Pesh did you go to junior gold in 2018? I went last year and it was a blast. Placed 388 out of 1496 in Dallas Tx.
Nolan Pesh
Nolan Pesh 9 months ago
Vexto but it really takes skill and some of these comments try to make the game seem simple
Nolan Pesh
Nolan Pesh 9 months ago
Brad Morgan okay and im going to junior gold so cool
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 11 months ago
Cool game. Enjoyed it
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 11 months ago
I am fairly certain after the tournament they jerk each other off with 2 hands. Just kidding. But I'm sure they at least use a thumb for the ass.
Nick Williams
Nick Williams 11 months ago
its boring watching 2 handed bowlers
Ninja 19 days ago
How about you stfu, and let them do what they want. If you don’t like watching 2 handed bowlers, then why don’t you just watch some other people bowl?
Zrn AJ
Zrn AJ 7 months ago
Alright, which 2 hander destroyed you last match?
RobVoyles 8 months ago
Oxy. Tfue
Oxy. Tfue 8 months ago
Nick Williams nah
Haceks 10 months ago
Nick Williams why
김경한 11 months ago
예스퍼 ㅈㄴ 잘생겨짜나
Steffon Dye
Steffon Dye 11 months ago
It’s crazy I remember when everyone bashed two handed bowlers. Now 3/4 are in the championship match on one of the greatest bowling stages in the world. My how times have changed. I represent for the no thumb and two handers. 💪🏾
Ninja 19 days ago
Everyone else is hating on the two handed style, but you. Respect
Oxy. Tfue
Oxy. Tfue 8 months ago
Steffon Dye no thumb for me
ernest the god
ernest the god 11 months ago
That's what my cuz does
Cloneorder66 11 months ago
No thumb two hand squad!
Dale Wiederholt
Dale Wiederholt 11 months ago
Pin carry in this dump is atrocious
Controversial Hunter
Controversial Hunter 11 months ago
Their bowling style seems to work for them, but I'm pretty sure that the ball was designed to be used with one hand ,and would love to see a rule that reflects, the design it was intended for. I've never seen a grown man throw a ball like a child, on a televised tournament! Just looks stupid n personal I just cant watch ! But that's just my opinion!
Logan Disabatino
Logan Disabatino 8 months ago
How is it bowling like a child? They innovated a new way to play. How is it boring? You have way more variety of players now that there are two handers and no thumb players. Because before it was almost exclusively 1 handers
Kieran McElduff
Kieran McElduff 10 months ago
I mean once you beat one of these guys on national tv then feel free to say whatever you want about bowling style... I’m 1 handed, classic style in my league and the top bowler in our league is two handed. Just think it says something about where the sport is going and I’m all for it
Justin Fremouw
Justin Fremouw 10 months ago
Higher rev rate and a harder hooking motion. Is there really anything wrong with throwing the ball to have it hook twice as much?
Virginian 10 months ago
It doesn’t make any difference the ball still spins the same way. 90% of one handers also have high rev rates like these guys.
Controversial Hunter
Controversial Hunter 11 months ago
Just because they are there doesn't mean that they should be. Look at mma and steroid use. Just because they make it to the dance doesn't mean that they should have.
Papa Frank
Papa Frank 11 months ago
EJ Tackett, repping the one handers
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris 11 months ago
Matthew Marin1512
Matthew Marin1512 11 months ago
cdn the third, anyone?!
Justin Y
Justin Y 11 months ago
G S 11 months ago
going to watch this, in the crowd, would be wild
준실장 11 months ago
벨몬트 2번쩨판에서 와저렇게 못치고있노ㅡㅡ
전현준 8 months ago
PEBStriker Year ago
Scrolling through my recommended at 1:45. Hmmmmmmm... alright I’ll watch it...
Mike Bird
Mike Bird Year ago
What do y'all think? Will Belmo be considered the best bowler ever when it's all said and done? Or will people say he's the best 2handed bowler and that's it.?
NickFrmCA1 Year ago
He will be considered one of the best bowlers ever. Trying to find the singular best bowler of all times is impossible.
준실장 Year ago
ㅋㅋㅋ역시 투핸드들 참잘친다.
Jae Hines
Jae Hines Year ago
dang nabbits that was an epic fail lol
Zorroh Year ago
37:37 The way it’s cropped it looks like the machine denied him from throwing 😂
PEBStriker Year ago
Jaime Saldaña
why am i watching this at 3.30 am
RubenP300 Year ago
Because you like bowling like me lol
John Kamperschroer
I get it, two handed is powerful, lots of strikes as well as one pin left rolls, but c'mon not how bowling was intended and it's boring watching knowing what's to come most of the time
mpup54 Year ago
Its the fault of bowling for changing the game. The players just followed suit. They tried to match the more powerful equipment with longer oil so they could exist together. Once you change the oil from short to long, more revolutions aare necessary to score higher and thus changed the game forever to the detriment of 2 handers who cant carry as well and their talents get overlooked as such. About the only guys who can compete 2 handed have tons of revs too. They have systematically taken out the accurate stylists from the game and some damn good bowlers from the tour.
who8mahbacon Year ago
Those piercing eyes from the brunette. cold shivers.
mpup54 Year ago
can you be more specific?
Jonathan Thompson
The popping is Their fingers Snapping when they realise the ball it gives them more rotation on the ball
Merp 9 months ago
The popping is their fingers coming out of the ball. It's like when you make a pop by putting your thumb in your mouth and pulling.
Virginian Year ago
Jonathan Thompson no it doesn’t
Dewalt Robot Studios
Jesper looks likes Machine Gun Kelly
Rayman Zhen
Rayman Zhen Year ago
Jason Belmonte won yessss
Thapelo Nare
Thapelo Nare Year ago
Rayman Zhen dont you just love when the top comment SPOILES THE WHOLE VIDEO
Aditya Dharma
Aditya Dharma Year ago
What is that popping noise every time Svensson throws it?
Papa Frank
Papa Frank 11 months ago
Armando Ortiz he doesn’t use his thumb
Armando Ortiz
Armando Ortiz Year ago
Fingers (typically the thumb) coming out of the hole.
Michael Cenzoprano
Best part was hearing Randy talking to people in background 😂
Doc America
Doc America Year ago
Simonson's carry was painful to watch.
Edward Hurlburt
Yes it's allowed, but I'll never get used to this goofy form of bowling. It's like using two hands on a glass to drink with. Sort of childlike. Just my opinion
Logan Disabatino
Logan Disabatino 8 months ago
@Keyser Soze' almost all 2 handers can throw 1 handed hook. Why dont u watch osku pick up spares. He throws much harder than tackett does. And belmo as a video bowling one handed and hes pretty good. Asthe childhood saying goes. If you dont have something good to say. Dont say anything at all.
Papa Frank
Papa Frank 11 months ago
bodus no it isn’t. I learned how accurately bowl two handed in a matter of minutes.
bodus Year ago
And btw 2 handed is just as hard. Try it out yourself at your bowling alley.
bodus Year ago
Ej tackett looks like a nerd and jason belmonte looks like a champion
Eric Best
Eric Best Year ago
Yea I imagined these 2 handed pro bowlers can throw 1 handed pretty good as well. If I were to imitate anyones style it would be EJ Tackets for sure.
Mnerd Year ago
Hey cousin! Let's go bowling.
한국인 좋아요
Denis Yefimov
Denis Yefimov Year ago
Just won my game against Little Jacob in GTA IV and came here to watch real bowling. Pretty boring sport to be honest.
Olympic Season
Olympic Season 9 months ago
Keyser Soze' definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. NASCAR, Bowling and even curling require skill and athleticism and compete against one another. It requires much more skill than you think. I’m not gonna argue against your opinion but it’s just the facts
Keon Heng
Keon Heng Year ago
Keyser Soze' nah nah nah bowling golf nascar and curling r all sports as they all require one to be athletic. I would love to see u drive a nascar or be able to do golf well or curl so pls shut the fck up. Ur as annoying as plp who say bowling shld be only for one handed
Nutty Salt
Nutty Salt Year ago
@Keyser Soze' How is this not a sport? People on the pba are working hard to keep themsevles in good form every day. Some people view soccer and basketball as games, yet we call them sports. The same is said for bowling. Consistent, active players who bowl every week
Keyser Soze'
Keyser Soze' Year ago
It's not a sport! To play sports, you need to be athletic. Bowling is a game, like golf, NASCAR (which is just driving a car!) or curling (shuffleboard on ice!). Not a sport!!!!
Brice Beck
Brice Beck Year ago
What do they mean by bad carry?
Eric Best
Eric Best Year ago
The best Best carry would be like hitting the pins anywhere and having them all fall, the worst carry would be hitting the strike zone everytime and still leave pins up.
Brice Beck
Brice Beck Year ago
@Cory C thanks
Cory C
Cory C Year ago
Basically means when you hit the pocket but get poor pin action.
Brice Beck Like in carrying the ball because it is too heavy to carry so it is bad. Good carry is with an 8 pound ball.
Ppark_FL04 Year ago
Im a varsity bowler
RCH45ACP Year ago
Had no idea Patton Oswalt was a professional bowler.
RCH45ACP Year ago
Well, good for you! Your parents must be so proud!
Ppark_FL04 Year ago
Im a varsity bowler
Hanri Luo
Hanri Luo Year ago
14:57 (10 pin get out of my face) 🤔 (The 7 pin was standing not the 10)
chk3092 Year ago
I think nerves got to Tackett on that last frame, ball caught got in his hand causing him to loft it and miss his mark by maybe two boards but that was all it took. Good tournament.
Benjamin Gaming
45:20 someone said shut up mike
Benjamin Gaming
Cole Reigel of ok
Cole Reigel
Cole Reigel Year ago
Benjamin Gaming randy said that
2 handed style used to be unique...now so many weak bowlers do it. Fuck that. I used to naturally bowl 2 handed but once Belmonte came to the PBA I decided to learn the normal style because I knew 2 handed would become a craze.
@Keyser Soze' Cool story, bro. Thanks.
Keyser Soze'
Keyser Soze' Year ago
See above on my 2 handed comment! I replied under Denis Yefimov (8 posts above)
Brice Beck Almost, yes. Thanks.
Brice Beck
Brice Beck Year ago
Rofl, you're one of those guys that just has to be different no matter what huh?
scott loiacono
That 2 handed bowling is crazy. But they have pretty good handle on the ball. Got 2 give them credit. Not a lot of players can bowl that way
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