PBA Bowling Playoffs Round of 16 Part 1 04 22 2019 (HD)

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This show was televised on Fox Sports. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.


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Apr 24, 2019





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Comments 160
Adonis Chan
Adonis Chan 6 days ago
29:26 2-10 split converted
brandonisjango 21 day ago
Have the crowd shut up
Les Kraft
Les Kraft Month ago
As for the announcers comments on why Belmo hardly ever shows emotion, I just think it's because he is zoned in on what he's doing and he doesn't want his opponent, or maybe anyone else, to know what he's thinking while he's bowling. JMO
Kevin Doan
Kevin Doan Month ago
43:00 "Some Undertaker eyes" WHAT IS WITH ROB AND WWE????
Kevin Doan
Kevin Doan Month ago
41:23 “The 7-pin got RKO’d” 😂
Rob Daugherty
Rob Daugherty Month ago
I like that Rob and Daugherty have this friendly opposition with each other. Especially since my name is Rob Daugherty! Lol!
Skout Month ago
What's with all the people yelling while they bowl? Eesh!
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom 2 months ago
6:50...Never have you been more right Randy. GTFO, and let them bowl!
Matthew Koveleski
Matthew Koveleski 2 months ago
lol that troup guy was a little quick to slam that sharpie down after his first strike
Luis Rosado
Luis Rosado 2 months ago
Two handed bowlers should be considered cheaters
Matthew Koveleski
Matthew Koveleski 2 months ago
Khalil Farache
Khalil Farache 2 months ago
Hey dude, when are you uploading the latest matches from yesterday’s pba play off ? The wait is killing me 😂
bosoares 2 months ago
Just did :)
TullMachine 2 months ago
Hey bosoares, here is the Japan Cup in case you want to upload it. The stepladder final starts at 10:04 hours :) ruvid.net/video/video-TI1jOMIElxE.html
james borg
james borg 2 months ago
Thank You
Sean Bee
Sean Bee 2 months ago
skip and bayless are the worst, I turn the channel
Lenny Bruno
Lenny Bruno 2 months ago
the guy in the green coat at the beginning commentary is coked out of his mind. thought he was gonna rub his nose off lol
Marshall Yarbrough
Marshall Yarbrough 2 months ago
That generic Bob Ross sure is cocky for a guy that hasn't won anything all season. At least he was nice enough to supply Belmo with a sharpie to sign his name on the board with. Should have brought a paint brush instead though..
A. 2 months ago
It’s like being stuck in a frat house. Crowd is unbearable.
stp8yo 2 months ago
Glasterz Literally, shut the hell up. They used to be quiet, because it was basically a rule and people had common sense not to be such imbeciles.
Glasterz 2 months ago
fucking elitist... It's bowling, and it's constant noise, not sudden noise. Get your head out of your ass and enjoy yourself a bit...
LIQUIDMETAL 2 months ago
I'm surprised Troup never got more up the back of it. He failed to adjust.
LIQUIDMETAL 2 months ago
I'm starting to really hate Troup. He needs to wind his neck in a bit i think.
Peter t Nguyen
Peter t Nguyen 2 months ago
Troupe should just quit bowling and bow down to belmo
Maximus M
Maximus M 2 months ago
Anyone else mute these broadcasts that Rob Stone is on like I do? He says some really stupid things, this is not the WWE Rob.
Maximus M
Maximus M 2 months ago
Glad Belmo showed that douche Troup what is needed to actually advance to next round, how about striking and competing instead of wearing goofy outfits and hair and doing stupid shit that get you embarrassed on Tv, how did that sharpie thing work out for you Troup? Dumbass move. Belmo as usual did his talking on the lanes.
Emo Lok
Emo Lok 2 months ago
Can’t really enjoy the game with that kind of noisy background. I hope PBA is going to change back to the old setup soon...
Maximus M
Maximus M 2 months ago
Agreed, I have read other comments this particular alley is always this way and known for being "rowdy". I prefer a more quiet focused match, not this stuff.
Gaming With Ethan
Gaming With Ethan 2 months ago
Amityville is on Long Island
2 months ago
I'm loving all of the wrestling references in the commentary.
Richard Fallman
Richard Fallman 2 months ago
I'm a Troup and a Belmo fan, but it sure made me glad to see Troup leave that 9 after that stupid sharpie thing
ari neiman
ari neiman 2 months ago
@Maximus M was a pretty dick move on his part /
Maximus M
Maximus M 2 months ago
Yep, pretty dumb move on Troups part, if he is gonna be so stupid to do that, make sure he can back it up.
Don Webster
Don Webster 2 months ago
PBA action baby!!
mark hildebrandt
mark hildebrandt 2 months ago
So nice of Troupe to put a sharpie out there for Belmo to use.
Vaddimas 2 months ago
Cooper Gates
Cooper Gates 2 months ago
1:01:40 Oh come on, Tom.... "Talkin' to you isn't making me feel any better."
Cooper Gates
Cooper Gates 2 months ago
Way to go, @bosoares!! The quick FOX video left out a ton of crucial stuff.
King James
King James 2 months ago
"You walk almost a mile carrying that heavy weight" gtfoh Randy, a mile is 5280 Feet. The approach is 15 feet long, even if you used the entire approach, that's 352 approaches. Even if you're terrible at bowling and execute the maximum number of shots, that's 63. Do the math bruh.
Aine Lawler
Aine Lawler 2 months ago
Kyle taken out his pen after Frist strike belmo dosnt say anything or do anything silent champion
Charles Mortadella
Charles Mortadella 2 months ago
44:07 Ernie Schlegel would be proud about that one
Edmund Wong
Edmund Wong 2 months ago
Troop, does the hair help you knock down pins?
DiscreteCinema 2 months ago
I'm sure it's been said plenty of times already... But who was the genius who decided to have them bowl on two different pair of lanes?
5ivepdx 2 months ago
Announcers, please stop sucking Belmo's dick. He's not that great.
JD Spring
JD Spring 2 months ago
That's so Stupid with the Bawling of the Audience i don`t like that!
mark hildebrandt
mark hildebrandt 2 months ago
Agreed, what a circus.
AviatingMusic 2 months ago
33:08 is golden
Danish Haikal
Danish Haikal 2 months ago
Poor Tom,hope he have more success in the future.Rooting for him
keith wright
keith wright 2 months ago
He should have threw the pink hammer!!
Jointlock 2 months ago
Sorry, but I am old school. I miss Bo Burton and Chris Schenkel on Saturday afternoons. Serious competition without idiotic clothes, noise, music and chest pounding. Maybe they should just bowl in giant billboards.
PrimetimeBowler 2 months ago
Well it's bowling not golf anymore. Please get over it and just look towards the future of this sport and not the past. We all wish we had the past back, but that's not how life works. And people do stay quiet during every other telecast so please this is one tournament just deal with it.
GD803 2 months ago
Does the winner of the Playoffs get a PBA Tour title?
RICH CIRUELAS 2 months ago
Martin Khoe
Martin Khoe 2 months ago
"headpin goes to the sidewall, comes flying off and slams into the 10.. it says "hey where's the money you owe me"", "the 7-pin got RKOed", "Undertaker eyes from Belmo" haha i love the commentary.. btw are they also WWE fans? LOL
Lanturnite 19
Lanturnite 19 2 months ago
Why would it not be a best of 3 or go off total pinfall if they both take a game? Wonky rules for this one
PrimetimeBowler 2 months ago
@Aaron B Maybe because it's only the round of 16 and not 8 or quarter,semi or finals
Aaron B
Aaron B 2 months ago
Agree. I don't like rewarding for a small sample. Either of your suggestions is better.
Kyle Chupick
Kyle Chupick 2 months ago
How’s td on the tour
GhostDiver 2 months ago
I can’t watch these games in Maine with all the drunk screaming fans. Part of what I love about pro bowling is the stillness & quietness, like golf. This feels like a different sport.
GhostDiver 2 months ago
NeggaMawile Stop saying my opinion? Who are you, the opinion police? If you like a bunch of people yelling & screaming while a bowler is throwing, more power to you. I don’t. It’s severely distracting and annoying.
PrimetimeBowler 2 months ago
Please can people stop saying this. Bowling isn't golf and it shouldn't be let it be it's own thing. If you want quietness watch 70's-90's telecast..
Derek Albert
Derek Albert 2 months ago
So what is the story to why Tom is known as The Athlete?
Derek Albert
Derek Albert 2 months ago
1:12:25 oh. Haha
Derek Albert
Derek Albert 2 months ago
57:36 we can read lips. Lol
BAMCIS13450703 2 months ago
9pin gate
Scott Vansel
Scott Vansel 2 months ago
Kyle Troup the face of the PBA?thats funny..hes not even a top 10 right now..
Maximus M
Maximus M 2 months ago
The guy looks ridiculous with his outfits and his hair and his antics, guess he feels he needs to stand out to feel relevant, since his bowling doesn't do it for him. Never liked the guy really.
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