Paying My Twin $10,000 Every Time We Argue

Dolan Twins
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We had twin probs...
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Comments 60
Autumn 26 minutes ago
I stan Gray😌
Josie Shepherd
dont u share a bank account
Sydney P
Sydney P 5 hours ago
can you guys do another surviving in the wilderness video/series? please!!! those were so entertaining and fun to watch
Underground Bleeb
Underground Bleeb 6 hours ago
18:12-18:18 that's a whole other person😂
youtube pictures
youtube pictures 7 hours ago
Hey grayson! (Or ethan) I just posted a video on my channel and in the video I put a clip where grayson said he was gonna have a kid. Alot of people are freaking out over this. So can you pls address it?
Deborah Araya
Deborah Araya 7 hours ago
13:44 I'm sorry but WTF IS HE DOING??😂😂😂
Anaja 10 hours ago
the enter galactic hoodie!!!
SarahGene Aucoin
SarahGene Aucoin 10 hours ago
love you guys
AA 11 hours ago
you guys re too cute, your bond is out of this world
Uswah Khan
Uswah Khan 12 hours ago
Ethan : I value our connection more than myself. Grayson : I feel like I could withstand you for the rest of my life.
Magic Clouds
Magic Clouds 15 hours ago
Sneaky Brand deal I see 😂💕
Lucy Tymczyszyn
Lucy Tymczyszyn 19 hours ago
I wish I could fight and win 10000
Avery Hinnant vlogs
Avery Hinnant vlogs 23 hours ago
I be Honored to sleep with gray
Kevin Burrell
I wish I could have this right now. I would do some online shopping and go shopping tomorrow
Anowar Mahmud
first vid that comes across as them flexing to me
Renāte Meldere
Omg, I get so mad when somebody is in the kitchen with me, like SAMEEEE
Michelle Yuen
Corntine..... haha 😂🤣🤣
Sharmarke Awil
Sharmarke Awil 2 days ago
is it still gay if there twins
Lexi Robinson
Lexi Robinson 2 days ago
“We need to use money to motivate us not to fight” ... then money is on the line and they try to piss each other off even more
Geordie Russell
Geordie Russell 2 days ago
rip all the water😭
Johedus 2 days ago
eathans like the layed back teenager and grayson is the uptight dad and honestly i love how grayson takes care of eathan and ethans makes grayson calmer.
Natalia Wittig
Natalia Wittig 2 days ago
Ethan's eyelashes look really good in this video WHAT?!!
sky lara
sky lara 2 days ago
“My feet are uncovered now” that freakin got me rollin lmfao 😂😂
M-M M 2 days ago
Isn't LA in a drought?
Lapin Coquin
Lapin Coquin 2 days ago
the smoothest add raycon earbuds ever!
inkyybear 3 days ago
remember the time they had to share a bed bc of the handcuffs? only OGs will know
shannon hedden
shannon hedden 3 days ago
I think this would have been funny if they played this in a longer format like for a full week and the winner is whoever has the full stack at any time.
Oscar 3 days ago
Honestly, Ethan is trying to get money while Grayson is trying to stop arguing. It’s kind of infuriating.
adria dr
adria dr 3 days ago
Losing your relatability
Vera Shek
Vera Shek 3 days ago
The twins: "Let's make a deal to pay each other an intimidating amount of money to stop ourselves arguing" Also the twins: -sets each other up to argue throughout the day- me: lol
ItsJust Jack
ItsJust Jack 3 days ago
Ethan where did you get that matrix jumper I neeeeed itttt
C0sm1cCooper 3 days ago
Whos Grayson? Whos Ethan? I get it
M Mu
M Mu 3 days ago
This was great lol
T_ygaaa 25
T_ygaaa 25 3 days ago
Anybody else notice he said 50% off but on the link it says 15% 😐
charcs_7 3 days ago
I didn’t expect that ending🥺....it’s refreshing to Stan people like u guys who are genuinely good people I’ve been v bogged down thinking about those in power and all of the wicked things they do in the world so it’s good for my mental health to see u guys just be good people like literally and I know it even if I don’t know u guys
Rosa Espinoza
Rosa Espinoza 3 days ago
“You sound like a walrus eating celery.” 😂😂😂
Dorian Birch
Dorian Birch 3 days ago
no one: literally no on: Ethan: CEO of getting chapstick everywhere but his lips 😂
Serena T
Serena T 3 days ago
the way they argue tho HAHAHAJAH
Simpy Bitch
Simpy Bitch 3 days ago
Ajay Tee
Ajay Tee 3 days ago
You should do more Sister squad videos
charcs_7 4 days ago
1:39 ahh😌 until I moved to the apartment I live in now with my family I had been sleeping with my sister in my moms and dads house and now I have my own room and don’t go with my dad but that was basically our fights and even worse cuz we would hit each other from pulling the covers💀💀
miley !!
miley !! 4 days ago
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez 4 days ago
I hope they never stop living with each other
youtube pictures
youtube pictures 3 days ago
It would be weird if they were living together with their kids running around
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 4 days ago
Isabella Fischelt
You are too good people for this world
Madysen Crutchfield
omgg i have misophonia too and it’s the worst!!
Chantal 4 days ago
This video made me laugh a lot! having siblings is so funny
Jace Malisauskas
Jace Malisauskas 4 days ago
Y’all were born in 2000
youtube pictures
youtube pictures 3 days ago
Caitlyn 5 days ago
Hunchback duckling
Yfg.m 5 days ago
I love that they show bickering and arguing because if you have siblings it’s soooo relatable😂😂😂😂!! It makes me like the Dolan twins more because they show the real real😂
Justin Roman
Justin Roman 5 days ago
Or you can donate it to black lives matter charity
sienna guptill
sienna guptill 5 days ago
Hey Grayson you shouldn’t be eating in front of your brother like that people can literally go insane from the sound of food chewing I have the exact same disorder as he does it’s not funny leave him alone I love you guys but not get the fuck off before bed can you both no This come from a 16-year-old who has an older brother who is 21 and an older sister was 18 and younger brother who is 12 thank you love you guys
angela 5 days ago
they didnt end with PEACE ?!?!
youtube pictures
youtube pictures 3 days ago
They never say were back anymore Ethier
Bhaavya Seth
Bhaavya Seth 5 days ago
not related but like they are so hot
michelle 5 days ago
gray be flexiiiiin. the noise gray made though. 😭😭 6:43 😭😭😭🤣🤣 6:51 - 6:56 south park vibes. ethan, bro. 😭 i love how grayson was just smiling and laughing. 8:00 MY DUUUUDE. 8:16 the pictures. 😂😂😂😂
tawanna2468 6 days ago
I SmElL a SeT Up
FeedmeJUice 6 days ago
Ethan acts like he barely works out yet his body is *chefs kiss* lol! Like how tf
FeedmeJUice 6 days ago
If this ain’t some rich ppl shit lol all my siblings get when we argue is a punch.
The Royal Dragon
The Royal Dragon 6 days ago
dude the transition to the earbud ad was absolutely insane
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