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Pawn Stars
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Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning Monday, March 22 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at history.com/schedule.
Rick calls in an expert to examine a gold bar that might be an extremely valuable treasure from an old shipwreck, in this clip from Season 2, "Gold Diggers." #PawnStars
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.
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Mar 1, 2021




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Comments 100
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars Month ago
Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning Monday, March 22 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at history.com/schedule.
Delty Cordova
Delty Cordova 23 days ago
Jonathan K
Jonathan K Month ago
Best I can do is old RUvid clips on the weekend
astro ghost
astro ghost Month ago
Æ Ä Pååå O På Är Ää
Mohan G
Mohan G Month ago
Rick please WhatsApp number 1 tippu coin
youKnowWho3311 Month ago
correction..... The government ATTEMPTED to buy all the gold in the depression. Only people who trusted the government sold. They lost a hefty sum in the revaluation, almost overnight. If you are reading this, don't trust the government.
SoupCanHarry 3 hours ago
Jesus I actually feel sorry for this dude
Aaron Brickey
Aaron Brickey 9 hours ago
Proves FDR was a terrible President...Tried packing the court, confiscation of people’s jewelry and Gold, sounds familiar today
infinityprodinc 20 hours ago
Hustle 2 Muscle
Hustle 2 Muscle 22 hours ago
Best I can do is 30 plates at Golden Corral
Random Clips
Random Clips Day ago
That client looks like a serial killer
Naroperator Day ago
Lemme go get my shipwreck guy
Dylan Martino
It’s was worth 48k then now it’s probably 96k but it’s literally treasure for 5000 years ago. Me personally I wouldn’t take a penny less then 100k it not even sell it
that bar sold for 89k in auction, Rick stealing once again.
Paul Klupacs
Paul Klupacs 2 days ago
At least - 1kg gold $55,000 + collectors premium - at least $55,000 = at least 110,000 at today's Gold price... dude sold it for 35,000...
Denise Sills
Denise Sills 3 days ago
13000. Roped him offff. Fir. 13,000. Bucks. Should of kept it!!!!
God 3 days ago
Bruh just bring it to the bank 😭
War Shadow
War Shadow 3 days ago
Galveston here I come!!!
BeagleBrains 1
BeagleBrains 1 3 days ago
Of course it would be worth its weight in gold, it is gold. Stupid title.
L Tippers
L Tippers 3 days ago
its amazing to me the amount of people who ask for the price that the expert quoted.....
Stuttering Cris
Stuttering Cris 4 days ago
You mean to tell me that One bitcoin is worth more than gold?
Pridge daddy
Pridge daddy 4 days ago
Listen, I'm really taking a chance here. It's going to sit in my shop for a long time, not a lot of people interested in gold...🤪
travis j
travis j 2 days ago
he either added to his personal stash or sold it that week
Mahmood Abdurahman
Times like this I wish I had a grandma,,,,,......, that died.
Markus 4 days ago
He came in asking for 20, and he had to think twice when he got the offer of 35. This show is hella staged bro.
DSLethal 4 days ago
How dumb and lazy are people?
Urban Army
Urban Army 4 days ago
These guys are the Gamestop of the pawn brokers .... shipwreck treasure it's worth 200 thousand yeah we'll give you three hundred bucks....
Dirk Van der Kelen
Ant 5 days ago
"Cash money"
Shawn Herron
Shawn Herron 5 days ago
worth 100k Rick: I’ll give you $4 for it
paul jordan
paul jordan 5 days ago
Jack Pot 💰 💰 💰
Sergio Laguna
Sergio Laguna 6 days ago
This guy got screwed lol
Tony Ramiro
Tony Ramiro 6 days ago
LORD ILLS 6 days ago
Rick: The best I can do is a Big Mac & two Newport’s
shaun lowndes
shaun lowndes 6 days ago
When old guy passed i never watched again.
AnvilMAn603 6 days ago
fdr ended depression? bruh the new deal made it longer
HyperGolem 6 days ago
Then later, Rick noticed the surface peeled off and revealed chocolate inside...
Paul Stokes
Paul Stokes 7 days ago
All the people that go to a pawn shop to sell anything, are desperate..pawn shops play off this. So..haha. The seller gets screwed. Its pawn shop protocol.. Kinda sad, but..this pawn broker is at least honest.
DreamWarrior 7 days ago
"worth it's weight in gold" really? you don't say.....
Dereck 8 days ago
Dude will stay pay taxes so he probably got $17,500. He should have put in an auction with a reserve. Could have made some bank with a little work.
xXx xXhiighmenaceXx
“Alright let’s go get 35000 dollars” Guy who’s getting money: walks opposite direction
Cerca Trova - barebow archery
How do you not save something like that. If other family members are owed just buy them out. That’s gonna do nothing but appreciate.
tonyjesuslover 8 days ago
That means that i can throw my mother in law (she has some gold in his mouth) not too deep in the ocean and write the GPS coordinates in a paper and give it to my family for go and pull her out in some centuries and then sell the gold. Ha ha ha.
The Ugfuglios
The Ugfuglios 8 days ago
You shouldve weighed it in front of him.
Ever Fitzgerald
Ever Fitzgerald 8 days ago
Then a week later the price of gold goes up and he sells it for way more ..
Dee Jarvis
Dee Jarvis 8 days ago
Have these chumps never heard of Ebay? He literally has a BAR OF GOLD TREASURE WORTH $48,000!!! If he can't sell that online he might as well pack up his bags and go and live in a box. Anyone in their right mind would be 'thanks for the valuation, i'll see if I can sell it for 48k first' He can even use the video valuation to put on his online ad for christ's sake :D
bob evans
bob evans 9 days ago
wish they showed how much they resell their items for, this one would of been interesting
Julie Julie
Julie Julie 9 days ago
The high-pitched cold simplistically owe because stove beverly muddle like a humorous low. royal, scintillating exchange
Markey Wholebrook
X|X means 10/10 dude
Markey Wholebrook
or it mean Fold
NightCrawler810 9 days ago
I’m his cousin and he ain’t give me squat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sammy Van
Sammy Van 10 days ago
he couldve bought that for like 20k
Jordan Bledsoe
Jordan Bledsoe 10 days ago
The way he said alright
Signalsoldier 10 days ago
A marine artifacts expert.......... In Vegas
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 10 days ago
Rick has an '"expert" for everything - even the plumbing in his toilet!
ModalGroove 10 days ago
He didn't even weigh it on a scale. Thats not good at all
DreamCraft 10 days ago
I don’t know how people just accept cash money. I would be like dude no thanks seriously 35 thousand in cash ? just transfer it to my bank account want no trouble
Aidan Castle
Aidan Castle 10 days ago
The right dibble metrically paste because iron hooghly invite towards a abstracted flame. blushing, waiting ice
Sergo Pedro Khoch
Sergo Pedro Khoch 11 days ago
this dude is a rip-off
Daveyboy _
Daveyboy _ 11 days ago
Another sucker fleeced at the Pawn Shop
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 11 days ago
Rick looks down and said, let me call my expert Jesse, "wait that's my guitar expert" here's my gold expert Chumlee, he knows gold.....Chumlee "Well it looks like gold, I'll give you $25 dollars for it? Guy sigh's Oh dear!!! I've made a mistake!!!!
Frank Lincoln
Frank Lincoln 11 days ago
It's not even legal to carry around $35k in cash, is it?
Mike B
Mike B 11 days ago
The penitent lyre conceptually glow because hill peroperatively instruct within a hapless freckle. worthless, courageous link
griffin dauphinee
griffin dauphinee 12 days ago
Pawn stars is like “oh is that a teacup, well i know a guy who is an expert in teacups, (guy says its worth 2 mil) okay I’ll give you 3 dollars
Kol Andy
Kol Andy 12 days ago
The sharp text syntactically snatch because receipt successively water around a ragged quality. bouncy, tearful moat
Keelan King
Keelan King 12 days ago
Worth its weight in gold. Maybe it’s because it is 24 karat gold bar
Francois Francois
Francois Francois 12 days ago
Big Haus was big
XblacksocksX 12 days ago
Mike 12 days ago
Best I can do is this 19$ fortnite card
Tjoko Loko
Tjoko Loko 12 days ago
I can give u 10 bucks?
Steven 12 days ago
Biden is trying to make it illegal to own brass and lead.
Andre Rosa
Andre Rosa 12 days ago
He shouldn't have sold that...
Gary Storm
Gary Storm 13 days ago
Our only Refuge and Hope is in the Son of God. He spoke Truth Forever. Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone...
Jenny Hendrickson
Jenny Hendrickson 13 days ago
I got a fish tank 😂😂😂
Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor 13 days ago
4:39 haha yeah Corey funny guy your funny not totally stupid
domeskeetz 13 days ago
He got scammed hard.........35k lol
Regan Owen
Regan Owen 13 days ago
me: im having a heart dial 999 Rick: nah the best i can do is 99 and thats me being jenerous
BlackheartCharlie 13 days ago
Guess Mel the expert forgot about the Florida Keys when he said that bars like this are found in "two sites". I live in Key West, about 19 miles from the wreck of the Spanish treasure ship Atocha. Mel Fisher found this wreck in 1985 after years of searching. It has yielded numerous gold bars like this one and much larger, one of which is longer than a foot and weighs over two pounds. Why Mel the expert forgot this wreck, I can't say - it has yielded over $400 million in gold bars, chains, jewelery, silver bars, coins, emeralds.... just a little wreck, lol!
David Chatterton
David Chatterton 14 days ago
5:37 He's pumped to get that money but the owner is gonna sell that thing for at least 60 grand.
Merlyn Mac
Merlyn Mac 15 days ago
It's a huge bar. I'd say worth way more then 48k. Shipwreck treasure is rediculous.
Andrew Comments
Andrew Comments 15 days ago
Well, there's a lot of rich people out there looking to drop some coin on really cool stuff, and shipwreck gold is really freakin' cool stuff. If I was rich, I'd buy that.
Hale Golf
Hale Golf 15 days ago
I couldn’t be a customer 😂 these guys quoting what they found on google about gold lol
AARON KIM 15 days ago
When he naught the silver he paid like 100k but now when it’s gold he can’t pay the flat rate and price of gold
someone 16 days ago
so cap
Billy Nelson
Billy Nelson 16 days ago
Sunken treasure not buried treasure
ReverendXero 16 days ago
KENNEDY took the US off the gold standard. Nixon tried to put it back!!!
Eleonora Nichelle
Eleonora Nichelle 16 days ago
The smelly hardcover firstly touch because muscle directly march including a tiny clam. vague, eager canvas
Green Iguana
Green Iguana 16 days ago
Melt x2 scammers.
pizzamon 79
pizzamon 79 16 days ago
Something tells me the family members aren't getting a fair cut
Ryan Nechvatal
Ryan Nechvatal 17 days ago
"Maybe I will split the money with family" LOL we all know you kept every cent
Justin Timber
Justin Timber 17 days ago
Dumb seller for the Gold bar. He sells it for a price like a gift.
Crimsonfang 17 days ago
Gold is worth its weight in gold...
Ryan Sutter
Ryan Sutter 17 days ago
They got him on this piece....He should never have come below 40k. Thats crazy. Perfect example of pawn scam. The guy didnt know what he had and just in his voice, you can tell hes very naive. Horrible negotiation....no negotiation. They definitely took advantage of him here. People that own pawn stores are horrible people. They are in the business of buying or pawning at 25-35% of the value of an item. And more often than not the people going into a pawn store need money right away, and some of them desperately. It is pathetic all around. And a business that depends, relies, and functions to take advantage of that and people.....
mintexs 17 days ago
Expert:u know it's between 70,000 to 100,000 Rick:ok thank u...so I'll give you 5 grand for it man
Rocko Pruden
Rocko Pruden 17 days ago
Sticky Ricky: " best I can do is this half eaten apple "!
What ma heart says
What ma heart says 18 days ago
There's more gold on that thing. This man's a fool lol
Beast 19 days ago
Gold is worth +1700$ / ounce, so even till only in gold they made +600$ per ounce.
Dream On
Dream On 20 days ago
They are all badass untill mr. Beast giving money
Chub Mung
Chub Mung 20 days ago
rick just scammed this dude lmao
H C.
H C. 20 days ago
So now that we know it’s real....let’s see how Rick can rip you off??!!
blaine dahlseide
blaine dahlseide 21 day ago
And this was why the grandparents hid it from the family, they could have sold it themselves but they knew it was more valuable wiTh time
Nerfcar1 21 day ago
No testing, no drilling, just assumes that it is real gold.
Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef 21 day ago
I dropped a turd in the toilet in 1978 and never flushed. It’s got mold on it. Did I hear a Grand?
Jarrod Chambers
Jarrod Chambers 21 day ago
Dos xx’s.
Tom McDonough
Tom McDonough 21 day ago
You'd have to be the world's biggest imbecile to take it to a pawn shop versus a gold dealer, ffs. Let me guess. He's gonna' use the money to take his grandchildren on a vacation.
Fhantum 22 days ago
seeing the change in ricks son is astonishing
Michele Carroll
Michele Carroll 22 days ago
The jealous c-clamp summatively chew because price nutritionally drag modulo a massive magazine. ad, good appliance
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Oh No.... 😂
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